Nopenguin (EUNE)
I just want to farm some more tokens pls riot
: Recommending a new game?
Hollow knight, enter the gungeon, my 2 all time favorites. 200, 300 hours respectively.
: chat bans are a HUGE contradiction and shouldn't exist imo
Rioter Comments
Dlnzu (EUNE)
: What triggers you?
To be fair, Taliyah was pretty fcking busted before the patch, and I'm pretty sure that she still is top 3 in the mid lane, so I expect her to be nerfed again.
: I was refused help by a rioter.
I don't know if this disorder is serious or not, but it is somewhat hilarious, that weird illnesses like that exist, like wtf honestly. No hard feelings though, and I hope you'll be able to let this nonsense go. Also, if you can't bear looking at your name in game, just hide summoner names.
Diamond Ace (EUNE)
: "rekting" is not a verb
Still no arguments, but a least you pointed this out, so it's done I guess. Typical solo player mentality. Also, you finish a sentence with a dot.
: Lol.
Guys, Hansiman is rekting you, it's time to come up with some real arguments. :D
ExpStealer (EUNE)
: Yeah, I have reported my best friend many times. Not that I even told them. But if my friends repeatedly do something they're not supposed to do, then they deserve to get punished for it. First offense - you try to speak with them. If they continue, then you take adequate counter-measures. True Friends tell you the ugly truth in your face. Fake "friends" only speak about you behind your back.
Fair enough, maybe it's just that I don't have friends who do that kind of stuff.
Goodnigut (EUW)
: Boosting and Getting boosted
So, you are reporting your friends huh? Glad I'm not one of them.
Ironboy (EUNE)
: zed/yasuo need nurf
The professionalism shines through the entire post, it almost made me cry. First, the title really got me good, especially that you didn't use capitals. Furthermore, I like how you left out all of the punctuation marks, including the dot at the end of the thread. However, you shouldn't use capitals at the start, it ruins the whole purpose of the post. All in all, it is a pretty well made thread, hpe we see similar ones in the future.
The plays are good (even tho I have seen some of them in other videos), but the editing gave me 5 different types of cancer.
Moody Jazz (EUNE)
: Why is Aurelion Sol so rarely played?
Because even if you pull off spectacular plays, they don't FEEL spectacular at all. Example: You activate you W and circle around a teamfight perfectly and getting a triple kill. Was it awesome? Sure. Did it feel awesome? Not one bit.
: Ranked Remake ( How stupid)
You can't be serious dude, might as well put this thread in the 'jokes' section.
kiwishrew (EUW)
: So Cassiopeia can't wear boots
Anivia, Aurelion and even Xerath has legs. Cassio does not. That's why.
: Status of Brexit
3 british men walk into a bar... and they can't afford anything now.
Icepaw (EUNE)
: @Riot: If you are so sure the playerbase accepts DynamicQ...
These kind of threads always make me smile, because I just don't know if I should laugh or cry.
Juusharou (EUW)
: Dynamic Queue suucks hard
Throws happened in previous seasons as well. I guess it is just easier to blame it on dynamic queue. If it doesn't get through to riot, why do you bother? :D Doesn't really make sense. Also if you write your thread like this (I mean full of caps, curse words, etc.) don't expect much anyway. Furthermore, you say you have to pay for champion mastery 6/7? That's weird, I have a mastery 6 already, without spending RP on it. I don't know, I must be a wizard.
Scrinnid (EUNE)
: Ryze, heca,ezreal,eve,nida, alistar, zed, fizz, lb, ~~yasuo ~~and fiora are worth a permanent ban from gamemode urf. Everything else is dealable Edit: Sorry, yasuo is just stupidly annoing in normals so I pretty much wrote him in to urf thread by habbit.
I am pretty sure that Yasuo is among the worst URF champions, if not the absolute worst. It is definitely in top 3 worst tho, thats for sure.
: Zed is just a tiny little bit ridiculous...
Zed is strong, no question about it. However, duskblade certainly did NOT make him insanely strong, since that item is garbage. Also, the qss change is understandable, because they don't have to balance certain champs around that item (Zed, Trundle), they can now touch on these champs' other abilities. Just wanted to clear this.
: Wtf is wrong with LB ?
I have read your post, and I just want to ask one question: are you trolling or not? Because the way you wrote this leads me to think that you do.
: We want solo-queue back
I don't really know what is the big deal. People that actually play ranked are just a minor part of the community, so these posts probably won't get much attention anyway.
: I lost my way.
TL;DR: If you care about your rank, don't be like OP and don't play games when you have irl issues (or any issues for that matter), do something else. As a sidenote, tilt is made of losing matches, or random in-game mistakes, and you just need some time before jumping into ranked again (go for a walk, watch a video or something). What OP mentioned is not just simple tilt, it is a more serious problem.
Narimasa (EUW)
: I've gotten THREE accounts permanently suspended. How can i improve myself?
Maybe think of the game as a fucking GAME, and not real life. that might help.
Catchdown (EUW)
: Am I the only one...
Rift Herald says hi.
GH BK201 (EUW)
: azir should i refund him or train more
Hey, Azir main here. DONT YOU DARE refund this champ, he is so good, and by far my favourite champion to play. 1st of all, after the passive-W attack speed change, its more beneficial to build nashors tooth first, rather than other ap cdr items. Also, you need to max your cooldown cap, that is why i use CDR/lever blue runes. To say the least, Azir is HARD to play. No matter what people say, he is hard, no question about it. If you want to maximize your potential, i recommend you to use quick-cast on your spells, which lets you do some fancy combos. As an azir, you need to focus on autoattacking with your soldiers, and be "mobile" at the same time. mobile means: AA then move, AA then move. this will allow you to kite enemies, while effectively dealing damage. For increased kiting, i recommend you to buy {{item:3116}} for 2nd item. One of azirs main combos is called "drifting", when you use E on your soldier and while you are flying, use your Q to close a larger gap. this move can be used as an initiation, or a slick escape. If you want further details, ask me ;) {{champion:268}} {{champion:268}} {{champion:268}}
: How well did you do in season 5? (Legit players only, no boosters or smurfs)
First of all, I got to diamond. Then I got demoted to plat because I didn't play for about a month. 2 days ago I finished my promos to diamond again xd
: Last Day! What rank are you climbing for?
I got to diamond yesterday, after i won my promos from 0-2 to a 3 win streak, Am I happy? Answer yourself :D
Dr Sup (EUW)
: nice done :D {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
Azharidan (EUW)
: Thank you to share your emotions to went diamond with people that maybe are still silver ... lel . Just joking , i will say good job only if you let me know that you didn't flame at all in all the games ... so tell me {{sticker:zombie-nunu-hearts}}
Im not a flamer, but I didn't really have to flame anyways :DD My team new what they are doing, I just made some calls :)
Rioter Comments
: Azir Buff
Well, you take ignite on azir, no surprise you are doing bad with him.
: Guys, do you think report calling is not punishable any more? Because, you are wrong.
: Guys, do you think report calling is not punishable any more? Because, you are wrong.
So should I get a report for saying "report xy for afk" at the end of the game? I love this community :3
Akkey (EUW)
: Ranking system
Don't troll here please, go somewhere else.
Grammos (EUNE)
: Why not OG vs FNC ? ;-;
Because OG and FNC are trash for finals.
: Im bronze IV and ive earned my place
derlio (EUNE)
: Anivia, lol. Mine: Patience, summoner!
That's LeBlanc "Some mistakes you can't make twice."
: Dear botlane premades ^_^
Manners maketh man.
: Fiora "nerfed"?... Really?
Fiora's kit is desiged to make her a duelist. someone who can win 1v1 fights more easily than others. However, her ult was functioning as a low effort teamfight tool, which goes like: "i ult him, u kill him,fight won". That should not work like this, and the nerf fixed this issue in her gameplay. theres no need to nerf her damage, thisis waht makes her good at what she can do: 1v1-ing.
Silisa (EUNE)
: > To be honest, from what you've just said, you genuinely sound like a toxic player whose hatred fills the chat as soon as a person does one thing wrong. So, I am either a liar, a living contradiction or have a bipolar disorder. Or, maybe I'm just an idiot? Flaming someone won't improve their play, it will most likely make it worse. So, if I want to win, flaming would be counterproductive. Do tell, which part of my comment did you draw that conclusion from? Yes, it's pretty aggressive, but I get like that when I'm talking about a subject that interests me. Also, I barely ever type anything in chat. It's distracting and a waste of time. I've seen people die while typing in chat. > Might want to try changing that attitude, because trust me, it's not going to help you in life. Of course maybe I'm wrong and you possess self control, but from all the people I've spoken to with the same attitude, they don't. Thank you for showing such concern for a complete stranger's life. All the people around me that I abuse on a daily basis will be very grateful to you if I end up following your friendly advice. Maybe I'll even keep a job, since I've been booted 3 times already for yelling at my boss. One can only hope.
You should use the chat filter. You have to make calls to win games, examples: lets group, push sidelanes, go for dragon/baron, go back now, etc.
: That the same way i think, if you want to play for fun get out of ranked and play normal, some people will never understand it ;(
I hope you are just trolling. I really do.
Eveninn (EUW)
: Who is your main and why?
{{champion:268}} it is. You are a god AND an emperor at the same time. Like wut Bird is the word i say.
Puckab (EUW)
: To people saying (You are an retard ; Get cancer)
In the title: *a retard In the thread: *a retard, *did you call, *bullies Don't say harsh curse words like that, it offends me. Last time it happened in my family, my brother said "fucking" and "bullshit", and I cried, I never say curse words to somebody, what if the person I say it to has curse word-allergy? I don't even wanna think about it, what would happen then. :C
Agidyne (EUW)
: You want a point? fine. Nearly half of the list of "counters" the other guy provided is invalid as they either beat nearly all other top laners by default(Darius/Pantheon) or they actually get destroyed. The others all go even, but nearly none of them are actually, just like he said "counters". They simply are champions who can stand laning against her without dying right away. The guy is fucking clueless. The guy mentions Aatrox as a counter, Aatrox can't beat a fucking Teemo in the top lane. Brand and Cassiopeia both get their shit pushed in. Especially Cassio with her extremely weak early game, Riven can pretty much wipe her ass three times before she gets her tear. He mentions Rumble, FUCKING RUMBLE. Riven is picked in the LCK specifically to counter fucking Rumble, and he dares mention his name in this shit, lmao. And don't even get me started on Nasus. lmao, rly... He did mention Garen, Garen can lane against her and beat her easy. Yes, but so can Cho'gath, and where is Cho'gath in that list? How comes he mentions fucking Nasus but not Cho'gath? Or Renekton. Although a lot like Darius and hardcounters everything melee, is still a valid pick. But no, "Aatrox counters her" lmao. How can I even take him seriously?
How is Cassiopeia's early game "extremely weak"? I don't really get it. She has infinite mana, sustain, consistent damage from decent range, and her w can stop riven in any kind of hard engage. {{champion:69}} <3
: People will you ever learn...
I'm diamond, and i never upgrade them... i guess that means you are better than me right?
Rioter Comments
: Please for the love of Teemo learn 2-3 champions for each role
I played 3-4 champions on mid lane, and Kennen on top lane in soloq. Couldn't play any other role properly. But I didn't quit ranked games. I'm diamond now. Have a nice day!
: > [{quoted}](name=Schlachsahne76,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=jN5M317x,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-06-27T21:37:44.878+0000) > > Kata is very risky. > Her laning phase is everything than strong. When she is played as the OP depicts. Just harrassing with Qs her laning phase is very safe. Combine that with a very good escape with E she is extremely hard to gank if she plays carefully. > Azir cassio for exaple are so much more safer. Both of these can be poked to death by many champions, Kata can dodge alot of skills by simply pressing the no-resource E > Kata is okay She is okay, but she is too strong. The whole enemy team needs to be basically build to counter her at some extent. You have squishy mid with no escape (Lux, Veigar, Zyra, Karthus for examples) or an adc with no escape or immediate stun (Ashe, Twitch, Jinx for example) and if she plays smart she can do alot of well worth dmg to just snipe these key players from enemy team. That becomes ridiculously easy for her if her team has even a decent frontline. And to be honest. In almost every game that a Kata is played she will get fed to a point. Sometimes less sometimes more, but there simply is not a champion that can shutdown Kata completely in a team fight. A champion who has the best possibilities to this are probably Diana and Malzahar. And they certainly do not shine in early or mid game as Kata does. She isn't broken. But something should be done to amp her potential down. The introduction of Ludens Echo just boosts her Q harrass alot and makes it even harder to lane against her.
> Both of these can be poked to death by many champions, Kata can dodge alot of skills by simply pressing the no-resource E > I think I laughed more than i should've. Azir and Cassio are the definition of poke, both have decent range and impressive damage early on. Try to outtrade cassio with kata in the laning phase. You will have a bad time. Have a nice day!
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