: Whole client is still bugged for me,and Reconnect to chat button is still there,cant connect to chat
You are lucky your client is working.My client closes by itself.I can't even login.
Lexye (EUNE)
: i hope so :/ i was really excited to buy the skin but then this happend its so sad tho. {{item:3070}}
Well, bugs can vary at their difficulty level to find and solve. So, i can advise you to play {{champion:412}} and improve, so you are ready to play awesome with the skin, when it comes back!
Lexye (EUNE)
: When Will Dark Star thresh be back?
It will be back when the bug is fixed. This means it may take even more days, cause the bug was seen in some specific devices and games. So, it could be quiet difficult to find it and solve it. It may even need partial recoding. I have to say that i don't think it will take more than a week, though.


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