bmlevi (EUNE)
: Please help me! What champions did you play at your placement games?
Scen (EUW)
: Plat adc looking for a plat support. (Was dia last season and season before.) Have a mic.
Don't %%%%ing duo q you gonna ruin your life just get a smurf and sky rocket with insane mmr
C9 Jensen (EUNE)
: [EUNE] Low elo Silver SYNDRA main looking for coach/friend.
Just ward my man if you want some draven help hit me up
: Silverish lol player looking for team.. hmu disc Biffy_32#6779
Grind solo q don't duo play meta champs or just play top splitpushers and split the whole game silver is not the elo you want to look for a team
: What if...
You gonna get silver, than you gonna grind get gold by the end of the season and keep grinding till you die
Infernape (EUW)
: Try building a few armour items.
armor vs lethality don't make me laugh its like building hp vs draven
TrustEdY (EUNE)
: Officer Leona Skin
No draven no deal
EUKosyen (EUW)
: LF other smurfs atleast diamond on main to play placements on my smurf!
1. you ain't dia, no dia asks to duo q 2. grind solo q 3. don't lie and never duo q
Shoredux (EUNE)
: Plat 2, Jungle Main LF Team on EUNE
Plat searching for a team what is this season 3 ? get atleast masters this season and than season 8 search for a serious team
SonaMiku (EUW)
Abbasfire (EUNE)
: We Need URF... (RIOT PLS)
: Adc main LF a DuoQ Support.
Don't duo q just grind ranked /mute all
ShadWooo (EUNE)
: Show in post-game lobby high champion mastery milestones.
It would be better if you had 2mil points on Draven instead of unicorn
: Kayn match history.
But Rhaast and Shadow is in the same champion Kayn.... it would be better if it showed {{champion:119}} for every champ in match history
l Yuno l (EUNE)
: EUNE blitz player :D
: Lethality
or just play mf/draven and build yoummus and duskblade and 1 shot
: Please, fix it riot, pls
Greetings, greatscarie It doesn't matter if they feed or afk (aka botting) it matters how do you lose a bot game you can just ignore them and splitpush top or play with friends than you won't get botters or play aram if you want to play vs botters and easy lvl up -Alpha {{champion:119}} Main
Febos (EUW)
: None of his skins are limited, so you can get any of them. Don't believe me? [Watch this](
yeah ik over 5 accounts i lvled up to buy draven and open hextec chest i only gotten glad on this skin just now
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