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: Camera lock mode
**Set the _lock-unlock_ button from "Y" to "Space". In that way you can have easy and fast access to the button so you can unlock your camera and lock it back quickly and easy! Try it! **
Strigina (EUNE)
: I actually prefer my ward from s4 championship, but from your list...nothing can beat Draaaaaaven.
{{champion:119}} - _Too easy!_
: We all vote for sad mummy amunu to make him happy :)
{{champion:32}} - _I thought you would never pick me..._
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Judge (EUNE)
: Hope soon and that will not be so easy hackable.
Nah it won't be cuz, ya know.. It's riot making it!
Perilum (EUW)
: So people can wish me cancer and autism on the go,
Its messenger app to talk with friends you have in lol ya know
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Dr Marulje (EUNE)
: Fix minions block on TT{{item:3070}}
That's just unit collision. I think it's the same at every map
Eeten (EUW)
: > P.S. Can one "Red" tell me the date when I created this account? Because this is a Security-Question, you have to ask the Support.
Thanks {{item:2054}}
Axelney (EUW)
: i think it's something with your hardware, twisted treeline doesnt cause me fps drops, i also have much more fps on twisted treeline due to being a smaller map.
I don't know if it's my hardware but i don't think it is because at all the other maps (SR and HA) the game its preaty fine. The only problem is on TT
Sco0oby (EUW)
: Got the same problem, but as others stated, i think its our hardware (i dont play SR at all tho, so i have no comparable data here)
At SR and HA everything is fine. Fine grafics (all at high), fine fps, it runs preaty smooth. The problem is only at TT
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: Genius Ultimate skin for warwick (from NA thread)
Logged in to upvote this {{summoner:11}} But the change at his form sould happen when he upgreats his ulty, something like kha, and not when he use it first time.
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: To all supports out there
The support actually is doing more things than the adc at bot. He got the second more "stressfull" role in the game, with the first place taken by the jungler (cuz he has to help every single ally player in the game and has to be everywhere, +farm and taking buffs, +ward and taking dragons). Going back to the support, it has to poke enemies, ward the lane for ganks and the dragon, protect its adc, secure kills for the adc, not taking farm, not taking kills (at least at early game). The adc and basically all the other lanes except jungler, all they have to do is farm, push and take kills. As a support main i believe that having a good supp in the team is one of the most importand things in the game. {{item:3303}} {{item:3069}} {{item:3097}}
: It really upsets me how mid and jungle are not in right order
There is not optimal order for the jungler. Jungle is everywhere.
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