: After reading everything I was looking something to give me reason why I report you and I have. 1) This is gameplay not off topic. 2) This can be player behaviour. I hate you.............. I belived you...... I'm living in a lie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Edit: Sorry boyz.
It' not gameplay cause i didn't talk about anything that relates to gameplay. I didn't want to be one of those flame his team thread guys in player behavior. This is a topic to just laugh at my misery so off topic :P
: Rito told me to post it, so I post it
Aren't you the very dedicated kata player who recently got his main account banned? :O
: Searching a good name..
Be Food Or Be Fed
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: Please help me get challenger ahri :3
Do u honestly believe in one of the worst online game communites you will find someone willing to spend their own cash for you so that you can get a purely cosmetic skin for your champ, when that person does not even know you? I am sorry to burst your bubble, but sorry mate. Never gonna happen.
: IM sooooo happy
OMG rito nerf plx. Jk Congratz on the first penta ( Hopefully outside bot games is what you mean )
: The ammo is no more of a mechanic than mana, it's just a balance thing for champions league with empowered autos. And graves benefits from AS, he gets more benefit from it in actual attacks and reduces the reload time, and jhin converts it into AD so it's still not useless.
Indeed, all i mean is that he is somewhat similar to the graves mechanics. Sure graves is even more niche with his low range spread burst. Just a healthy jibe.
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Sýrian (EUW)
: Your favorite snack while playing LOL or any other game?
Even if i have something there ready to eat, i will probably forget to eat it anyways
Kalle02 (EUNE)
: A Story about a master yi that got so tiled...
: when you quote katarina in school "Why?? Because i can..."
: How the hell do I play vs. Lux support as an ADC?
If you feel lux poke is bad, you have not faced a good zyra, karma or lulu. To fight off lux, you simply need to be able to ignore her poke, since she needs to land her Q to pose some real threat. Stand near your minions to make the enemy ADC lose cs or to psuh your lane faster. Lux can snare 2, in a gank your jungler will surely escape with one kill.
: Whatever are they smoking, they should stahp.
Video can have smoking, but graves can't have a cigar
Eambo (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=MonstaX,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=H1xlnv4Y,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-01-06T22:31:59.454+0000) > > And apperently unskilled enemy team helped aswell :) That can always work in your favour too! ;-P Jax terrifies me right now, I was already worried when I saw himn in the loading screen...
Jax without rageblade too? :O
: According to my enemies, Poppy is broken af, I'm unskilled and I can only play with broken champions. Good news is, they said they will stop playing league and go to Csgo because it doesnt have Poppy in it. They gave me their word. I trust them...
Real Ahri (EUW)
: Happy Birthday Ahri!
Happy birthday to one of the iconic champs of league. Shows how largely popular she is with cassio only getting a edit spot :P
Agidyne (EUW)
: What the poppy comic taught me.
Truly outrageous ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Agidyne (EUW)
: Amazing gentleman Azir concept
Why is this not in the game already?!
: [Suggestion] Cookie Jar
Cookies? flavor?! Take him away boys {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-rainbows}}
: First of all, if you lose toplane as Cho vs. Vayne, please don't blame the teamcaptain...Cho is actually a HARDCOUNTER to topvayne. I am a toplane main and have played this matchup multiple times. Secondly: So I am a bad person everytime my champ-lockouts did not prevent something from hardcountering any of my teammates? Newsflash: I only have 3 lockouts at my disposal. Something, somewhere will get countered. If countered: Play safe. I mean, what am I supposed to lock out? How about Olaf? Or Jax? Or Trundle? Or Swain? They all counter Chogath. And Thirdly: If you secondpick a counterable pick with an obvious lane position, then again, don't blame others. You could have asked for a trade.
Cho... hard counters vayne? Cho who stacks HP, hard counters a ranged % max HP shredder? Cho who has no gap closer counters vayne who has a gap closer and a ability to kite? ..... I can see what your skill level is. This discussion is of no use
Makså (EUW)
: Advanced Lux tip most people don't use
I have the laugh bound on my mouse button. Oh the ARAM games with lux.. i am sure the enemy players want to tear my head off ( tooviolentsorry)
: Only when you see it with your own eyes, do you realize
If i play league of legends, and click on that start button, i do so after i am ready to take atleast enough salt to make another dead sea, and enough flames to erupt a volcano. LoL is a battlefield. Not of champions, but of wills. There was a time when i used to easily win games by just typing stuff like " Man, gotta thank your ezreal for giving me easy farm " Which caused the enemy to flame him to oblivion. League is mind warfare as much as skill. You can call that passive aggression but sorry to break it to you pre made 5s players, but the majority of the community hardly cares.
Larry (EUNE)
: My problem is that i have 90 ping but i cannot move,yet i clearly see what's going on...And i've seen many more people having the same issues.This problem happens since the new season patch. On your situation though, it's reasonable on holidays for more people to log in to play league of legends, so the servers have to respond to more people connecting to them. That might be a case of higher ping during those days.
Ping should not be affected by traffic that much. 180 spikes to 200-220? fine. 330+? thats pure crazy :(
Krestek (EUNE)
: Yeah me too I used to play on 90~92 max sine the start of season 5 till a dew days ago (used to have 82 the whole 2014).. but now it is 120 supersteady and is not going up or down.. idk what's the problem.. I guess the ping will go up every year XD
Atleast 120 is playable man :/ 330 ping is plain impossible. I cant land skillshots on this ping :/ Will try proxyies and stuff now, hope it can be fixed otherwise league might not be an option for me anymore :/
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CarryAll (EUNE)
: [Suggestion] Support upgrade for Tear of the Goddess
: I detect sarcasm. So, let's see if I get this: * If I do what I want, I am lacking in terms of teamplay * But if I forsake that right, so another person can do what he wants, then that's teamplay? Because...no its not. Its just letting someone else do what he wants. And I simply trust my own decision making more than that of strangers on the internet.
Lets see it this way. I am in a game with you, and i want to play cho top. I plead to you to ban vayne because i am 2nd pick and can get hard countered. You do not ban vayne and ban TK, Yasuo and Soraka. I proceed to get mauled by vayne and jungler, and get 0/4, with the enemy vayne getting fully free cs. You lose the game because you were not the better person. Being 1st pick and banning for your team is the right thing to do. Even if others might not do it for you.
: Wow that's nice ! Almost makes me wanna play air ! Wp man :)
> [{quoted}](name=Soziflard,realm=EUW,application-id=jeJYsmwG,discussion-id=ABUnjs1e,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2015-12-10T17:35:14.918+0000) > > play air ! Go back to NA
019 (EUW)
: Bye Bye account? Please help me
If it means that much to you, Maybe you should take legal action then.
Hansiman (EUNE)
: > this leads me to the question, how is lol still able to get new consistent players? The system identifies smurfs and matches them up with other smurfs.
I told a frnd of mine that garen was stupidly good, he bought it when he started, and spammed normals with him. Obviously i had told him a build path and skill order and stuff for him so he went 14/2 in his first game and very well in his second one. Bam! He had to quit the game a week later because the system identified him as a smurf. So just normally skilled players who have some experience or watch some videos also get classified as smurfs? I am certainly happy i played bots till level 24
: Lets make something else perfectly clear: If I am teamcaptain, I will ban the champions I want to ban. I don't have to listen to your "BAN SORAKA OMFG!" - spam, I don't have to follow the current thoughts of the community (most of whom still think Riven is op, despite her 45% winrate), and I don't have to ban a champion just because its new, recently changed or because you lost your last game to him.
Shows how great a team player you are! Well done{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Hassi (EUW)
: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Minions QQ thread.
That minion who does not want to leave you, and hits like a truck... Sleeper OP
: Trollistar
All game i was wondering what that long blue line was all the time... Then i realized oh...!
: Funniest reason for being reported?
Game starts. i type " Hey guys, Hows your day going? " my team vayne " Report cho for spam "
Agidyne (EUW)
: What's heavier? 10 Kg of Pure Steel or 10 Kg of feathers?
If you were cold enough to weight how many feathers you had, you sure are heartless enough to not care about the birds that were done away with.
: Another bronze cying about what he doesnt know
: vlad and cho gath seem to be popular advices ur not the first to tell me to play them xD they are on my to buy list and ill add nasus as well :) thank you for ur time^^
My time is always free for helping fellow silver players :P You must also see what kind of playstyle you like. If u are more of a aggresive player, a top lane xin zhao can even destroy a riven at level 2 if she wastes her shield and get first blood. Dr.mundo top is also a great pick right now, and his Q spam is brutal. U can even farm with his Q due to the refund and his ult is free lane sustain with that low CD. You can try gnar top too, He has no resource, is ranged with a % HP based normal atk, has a free poke Q, can escape easy with jump and is scary in teamfights.
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Cryptidian (EUNE)
: Are champions with no resource (mana, energy, health tax) a good or a bad thing?
And everyone conveniently ignores talking about riven being manaless.
: Dear Junglers! Lets understand each others pings better!
The person you are ganking pings? {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-rainbows}} Its like i have been living under a rock {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
: Top Lane Noobie >.<
i would recommend you to learn playing nasus top. I started my top lane with him, He has a built in life steal sustain and is a passive farmer. His early level 1-4 is very weak, but thats true for most meelee tops if not the early top laners like panth, xin, riven and stuff. Nasus also has the benefit of the DO NOT TOWER DIVE ME ult he has. Once you reach 150-200 stacks, your enemy top who was bullying you, will start losing 1/4th of his health each of ur Qs while you heal up alot. Another great pick can be cho gath. Similarly he is a farm top laner with a weak early game, but once he starts stacking feasts, he forces the enemy to farm passive because they cant kill you. Vladmir is again another great pick with his ranged farm and free sustain. He also has a great escape and can pretty much win 1v2 if you know what you are doing. Sure nasus can win 1vs5 but thats late game... And everyone knows about the nasus late game... And it might sound bad ( and i am waiting for the pitchforks ) But top teemo is also great. He provides map control with R, has a free and reliable poke with Q and a very nice movespeed with has passive.
: You cannot define justice, but it is a common thing that justice has a correlation to light, or good. Justice in League of Legends, means to be part of the good side. To fight the good fight, to be a hero. Garen is definitely seen as a hero.
Garen is not really seen as a hero. He is simply a great warrior and pride of demacia. If he was seen as the hero, he would have poppy forcing her hammer to him all the time xD
: Having played poppy quite a bit , I think the new changes on her kit will be complete ass. Her passive is op yes, but everything else was good (maybe if they toned down the burst she gets with ult). But her new kit... she's gonna be like a melee top lane bard... potentially can make amazing plays but will more often than not troll harder than 4chan in 2008. RIP poppy, you will be missed {{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}}
Have hope. I am certain poppy support will see more play though. She has great new abilities to deny others. And bard ult is a pure skill based atk, poppy ult will be only bad if you are you fighting near the enemy base and the enemy nasus is pushing your mid. Ulting him straight into the TF might not be a good idea...
: How does illaoi work?
Think of illaoi as pantheon. She is a lane bully that will keep on harassing you, But if you do not let her get kills, she will fall off and you can kill her when you get 1-2 items. I like picking nasus into her, due to nasus early sustain and way stronger late game. Her tentacles being free stacks is another benefit :P
Eambo (EUW)
: A lot of the more minor (and this was pretty minor) bug fixes aren't necessarily documented (and not immediately). Today's was relatively minor, I believe fixing the (known issue) with black boxes in menu's, and an issue with Karthus' Voice Over in other languages. :-)
This might be minor, But going into the game and dying on my first tryndamere clear in a ranked match was not fun. Some kind of announcement can be extremely useful, maybe the Small exclamation mark can contain what was changed, or instead of the agreement that keeps re popping each change, their can be a change log which pops on.
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SeekerK (EUNE)
: Free Skin Contest nr 20 Christmas Special
This is a pretty good idea, Maybe i will try and have some fun in here too Dear Tristana I have once again found myself on a solo mission, even though christmas has drawn near to the league. I hide in the shade of the christmas tree waiting for my mark to appear, and my combat ability to kick in. This mission is harder than others for i have been waiting for 2 days already but my mark has not shown up, i fear i may have been given false information. Snow has settled on my hat and made my camouflage flawless, even rengar would fail to notice me in this place. I feel my senses slipping away, i feel as if i felt one of my mushrooms blow a certain distance away. I hope i can make it back in time to bandle city for the christman celebration Your fellow yordle Teemo * The mushroom was blown by a minion. Everyone else was partying. Teemo was tricked *
: What champs do you love the most?
What champ do i love? I feel like this question begs for a {{champion:103}}
Emillie (EUW)
: Read my name.
: BlackFrost Anivia WALL size lv1
Style being traded for effectiveness {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
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