: Well, did you expect to get a free skin? lmao. Look at the gold chromas for champion events. You dont see players unlocking a free skin just by using their tokens on the gold chroma do you? (I do not mean the Prestige edition of skins, Im talking about the golden chromas).
no, i didn't expect to get a "free" skin. I just want my chroma to be available to play, not just shown as unlocked in my profile. Also, those chromas u are talking about, you would obtain one for free basically so it makes sense that you can't get them when you don't have a skin. But in the case of LCS/LEC chromas, you have to actually buy a Team Pass to get them so it kinda sucks that it's necesary to pay even more for it to actually work
: It should auto unlock it... that’s usually the case with reward chromas... try asking support
i've tried but they sent me here to talk it through with others since they can't do anything about that
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