: unable to connect
the same situation.
: 2.5K Elderwood Arhi Wallpaper
Maybe another skin for Lux? {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
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Vulpine (EUW)
: with TFT its around 15-18 tokens per hour. (based on queue time) Just start the game, wait 10min (you can play some other games meanwhile) then surrender and start a new game. It's slower (6,5h from 6h daily) but less exhausting to play a whole month. (but it's faster if you lose a lot, compared to losing streaks on aram)
You can be right, but TFT is exhausting for me aswell :d
: Yeah it sucks but we cant help it, have you bought this new lux skin btw
You mean lux or cait? Yes i bought this Prestige Lux from Battle Academia Event.
: 4200? Daaaayum. Thats like 10-12 games a day isn't it?
Yeah, something like that.
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: Cant connect to servers, then after it says my password is incorrect. Hey EUW....


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