: Nope, gotta wait for another key, but with this new system it won't rly take long if you are a friendly player
from the start of the new honor system i've got no fragments even though i got 2-3 most honored player of the game, other of my friends get 1-2 honors per game and one of them received 4 fragments, either something is broken or im just really unlucky.
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Shiwah (EUW)
: Did you check your purchase history?
Yes. It shows that i have it purchased but i dont.
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Solicitude (EUNE)
: Teemo hasnt been strong or relative till season 3. Truth is he can be annoying because of his poke early and his shrooms. But thats all. Nothing more than pure annoyance. And most champions can easily beat him after lvl3, he needs a few items before he can deal any damage after levels 1-2, he is squishy and the only thing he has to save him is trying to run away. He is very weak. Think of this, if Teemo was so strong, dont you think that he would be used in pro games? But the only time ive seen him, except from 2 times was was accidentally picked, it was on a game that didnt even matter. P.S.1. there is no champion in the game except tanks that have scaling MR. P.S.2. RIOT said that with the tank update they want tanks to benefit more from tank items than other classes. But with a 100MR everyone gets huge value, so i dont think there will be any items that give such huge amounts of armor or mr.
There is an item with 100 MR, have u checked PBE? Think not. And also, teemo maybe be annoying but I ASK TO BUFF HIM JUST BECOUSE THESE MR ITEMS COMING TO LIVE SERVERS. RIOT NEED TO HIGHER HIS AP SCALING, DID YOU EVEN READ THE WHOLE POST?
: Teemo is really easy to counter if you know how to play him, he doesn't need any nerf, imho he needs a little buff. First of all you can counter him in champions select: - Irelia - Pantheon - Jayce They all works good vs Teemo. Even Garen, if he manage to farm under tower, can kill Teemo at lvl 6. With any other champ: - wait for Teemo overpushing and call a gank - buy (and use it properly) sweeping lens - buy (and use it properly) control wards - buy early magic res Don't feed him (like any other champ) and he can't bully you too much. Plus, even when behind in kills and farm, you can kill him easy because he's squishy af.
... I mean.. its not how to counter teemo i made this post for... its to buff teemo becouse alot of magic res items are coming to live severs to riot should buff his AP scaling... Read my post..
drymonkey (EUW)
: i realy think teemo is fine where he is now true he can be anoying as hell but he has weaknesses and his kit can be worked around
He is fine but again, after the tank rework comes to live servers, alot of magic res items will appear (Some 100 MR) So ramping up some AP scaling for teemo wouldnt hurt.
: Yes but you can't be sure to have a good concept if you don't even know how the changes will play out
I dont say its a good concept. I say its "JUST A CONCEPT" Maybe a bad one. I dunno.
: teemo rarely gets changed, he has a lot not going for him as well, the most important being no cc, he's naturally squishy and there's no real mobility or ways to outplay someone, it's just him and his q stopp him from dying. he's fine
Teemo does get rarely changed but also commonly played. If teemo gets weak, people wont play him. So this is kind of a back-up buff for teemo.
: We will see the balance vs tanks and if he is way too weak he will be buffed. But first wait to see the result of the changes.
Thats again just a concept. I dont want the buff/nerf balance thingy appear RIGHT NOW.
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Sw4g3tti (EUNE)
: This is the real reason you ban Yasuo :^)
neither teams did and our yasuo made my team not to ban yasuo as he sayd he knows what he's doing.
: the better question is why do you have Yassuo support and an ADC with TP instead of heal Also from my experience it could have been worse, like 3 afks every single game in a row till you drop to a lower division cuz why not.
Well... this ranked i did get a lower rank.. It was my 10th ranked game and if i won i would get gold 5 - 4 but i lost and got silver 3
: Ekko did better than you. Maybe he thinks the same about your performance. No player are better than the team he is put on. A horse carriage will never be faster then what the slowest horse can run.
Ekko did not do better. More farm / more assists, yes. But the gold ammount we had was equal ( 11 k )
Sarvuotys (EUNE)
: Playing ranked is fun.
Im the warwick.
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: What do you want to post about?
my match on match history and make a joke "the real definition of my team holds me back" joke board one doesnt work. Got deleted instantly.
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Hansiman (EUNE)
: Greetings. Riot did run a test such as this a long time ago, where some players that had gotten permabanned, but had shown good behaviour for an extended period of time on new accounts were granted access to their old permabanned accounts again. This test was a huge failure, as nearly everyone that regained access to their old accounts quickly reverted to their past unwanted behaviour again, even if they had behaved perfectly since they were permabanned. The end result was that Riot wasn't going to ever attempt this again, as it's irresponsible for the rest of the community that have always behaved well.
Alright i see, well thanks for the response. #FreeTyler1
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Sarvuotys (EUNE)
: Slumber party
Annie isnt the one i will pick pff.. that was an example. I would mainly pick gnar but i know he's gonna be instalocked so maybe alistar top or udyr? Maokai isnt bad so might get him into a game or two
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