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Rıkkı (EUW)
: Game Crashing at 15 minutes every game
SAME I have the exact same issue.
: game-breaking bugs are ignored by riot for months. how is this game worth playing?
OMG Same thing happens to me, yesterday it crushed 4 times in 4 different games and it was Ranked! It is so annoying because I know for a fact there is nothing wrong with my laptop and it is riots fault and when I am able to reconnect( If I am lucky enough that it does not crush twice) when the game is over I get no loot because of AFK behavior. By the time I have gone back to the game everyone is flaming me and reporting me because they thought I did it on purpose. They should focus less on skins and new game modes and more on the ACTUAL GAME. As you can tell I am very pissed xD
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