Akaśhí (EUNE)
: Champions Riot will not fix because LCS
It is not like that; They just don't want to fix them. That is how the business works.
: It affects the game quality very much. Either if the leaver is on my or the enemy team, its the same. The game is pretty much over and its wasted 30+mins on somwthjng that originlly should hve been a fun game.
This is partly what others pointed out in that post too and it is correct... BTW, just played another game where we were in enemy base trying to close the game while our leona decided to go stay in base and throw the game and we lost. Even when I started surrender vote, that leona pressed no. Everyone thought she was afk but... all my team reported her but I didn't get feedback on her being punished.
: What can you do when someone goes afk at 6 mins?
You can just lose your LP and be about your business. Just like my top lane jax rage quit after 10 min and we the rest of us lose LP. Riot logic (I read it in another post like this) is that this does not affect you that much cause in another game someone on the enemy team goes afk and you win.
: 14 day ban because I got trolled
Detecting verbal abusers and afks is much easier compared to other sorts of "trolling" behavior. So, you get punished faster if you verbally abuse someone. They do claim that all trollers eventually get punished...
Hansiman (EUW)
: Because personal effort isn't something you can automatically check. Base it on personal score, and it's super easy to pad the numbers in your favor, while also ending up hurting your teams ability to win. Any system that has been proposed so far does not tackle the problem of rewarding those that are not playing to win.
League is less than a decade old versus sports like soccer etc. that are way older. Even they have not much "personal efforts" being rewarded. Still, league, and generally the e-sports domain, has a better chance of landing on a theorem for personal rewards due to its context. Recent changes such as shut down gold indicate this. Keep up the good work.
: haha just played game with no talking with riven that didnt care about game and i was 7:0 mid and we lost in 19 minute couz she was not helping and jungler was going 1vs5 after 3 of us die . And u just cant tell them anything.. u just need to watch that pathetic people that dont even try.. but its ranked game not normal and riot dont do anything to prevent that
There has been a lot of discussion on how personal effort should be rewarding in this game (e.g., losing less or no LP in case of a defeat, changes in some mechanics, etc.). Riot, however, I suppose, maintains that it is a team game and therefore LP gain/loss is mainly based on win/lose scenarios (you can check with them for a clear response on their approach to this).
Hansiman (EUW)
: For extreme verbal abuse, 14 day bans are a standard first penalty.
Very well then you mess with the bull, you get the horns :)
: I got 14 day suspension for only 2 games where i was tilted becouse i lost 5 in row
I think the system's sensitivity may has been increased cause getting 14 ban on the first go is a bit harsh right?!
: I identify as a Boeing AH-64 Apache attack helicopter. There are no Boeing AH-64 Apache attack helicopters in the worlds videos, I feel very sad, and unrepresented. Me and the other players who identify as helicopters, AKA helisexuals, we need at least 10 seconds, no we don't need, we DEMAND 10 seconds of helicopters in the 2019 music video, or we're done supporting the company. We're warning you, Riot !
You make a great teacher my friend! quite the point
Gaetz (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Satrap,realm=EUNE,application-id=N9uP9Byj,discussion-id=j9EdBieY,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2018-10-05T20:31:23.050+0000) > > I haven't seen any ads where it says: only boys can win; have you? Well, when you are not represented in a ad, you can assume that only what is represented in the ad can win.
Your mindset is wrong. Don't burden yourself with such unproductive thoughts. We don't live in the dark ages now. May the better, more skillful players climb no matter the gender, age, etc.
Gaetz (EUW)
: Girls in World's anthem animation
It is not about gender, race, weight, height, favorite music band, etc. It is only a matter of your ability to win. Nobody motivates boys to go ahead and play or at least I haven't seen any ads where it says: only boys can win; have you? It is just whoever likes the game, plays the game. I don't imagine that even all boys play this to compete or have that much interest in championships; many players just want to have some fun. BTW, as someone else noted here, Riot is releasing, reworking and buffing up many female champs so that might help with what you want...
rr sable (EUW)
: Which Windows is better 7, 8.1 or 10?
Does your lap top come with an original version of windows? If it does, you would want to use that version or anything newer (up to a certain point in time) but never some older version! If it doesn't come with an original version, then you should check the manufacturer's web site for the compatibility. Considering that you say it's three years old and win 10 was released 2015, I guess you should be able to install both win 8.1 or 10 with not much difference (home premium).
: Nice balancing LOGIC
That is how it has always been; it used to be more subtle though...
VIT Laati (EUNE)
: D or F for Flash?
It has become kind of funny how some players argue that some key should do something and some other key should be used exactly for something else. Oh please... everyone can have their favorites and adjust the keys however they like. No one can prescribe this. You like flash on D go for it, on F no problem! By the logic of having flash on F cause it starts with F, then you must put Ghost on G; and, considering specific champions, you should put vayne's Q on T cause it reads Tumble and so on. Do not bother with this as it is pointless. Play however you enjoy and think you can do better. One key binding may work for some but not you. Adjust your settings to your liking and however you feel more effective. Just go ahead try different sets and find out what works best for you.
: Riot said some more things. F.e. they said that they changedhow minion scores affects support grades. So we know that minion scores are important. Somewhere I also saw a rioter saying that wards are part of the formula, I don't know about other parts though.
Everyone knows that it all revolves around minion score, kda, objective control, role specific issues, relative performance to others in the same role, etc. but noone knows exactly HOW!
: Where is the turkey server located ?
I am in Iran and the turkey server gives me higher ping than eune!!! I have no idea why
mitzi (EUNE)
: how to get s?
Riot likes to be mysterious and not reveal the trick to getting a better score hiding behind the excuse of "we don't want players to play for score". Well if that is so, why do you even assign a score to players in the first place? Don't bother with what people say here cause they are all speculations - although could be true to some extent. Riot has only said that your play will be compared to other players of that champion in that role.
Cypherous (EUW)
: Because you don't get demoted until your MMR is gold 5 and you go on a losing spree, it also means your MMR might be above gold 4, but as you don't know your actual MMR its hard to speculate, but the matchmaker will match people within a certain set range, ignore the ranks unless its some bronze 5 being dragged in to a gold game by a duo
thanks for the explanation
: to be demoted from p5 to g1 you need g5 mmr ;)
Really?! wow nice. So that plat 5 must have done so bad recently to be paired with us.
: it means all players in your match had almost the same MMR even tho they are not in the same league.
how can some one who is plat 5 have the mmr of a g4 like me and still have not been demoted to gold?
: It's all about MMR (which is hidden, because rito prefers LP over transparency)
So what? the higher mmr u have means that u should experience bad games with worse players than yourself vs far better players up the division ladder? is that what it means?
Rioter Comments
: Zoe is a legal loli. That's all {{champion:117}}
This whole process is legal! zoe is just a taste
noob infant (EUNE)
: I'm not climbing, I care less about my rank or any sort of rewards. there are many ways to deny tr ult. simplest is to burst before he can react, works very well against low elo players and even challanger 1 trick trynda players sometimes don't react fast enough. another way is to kite, slows tend to work very well or dashes and any sort of cc. unless trynda is very far ahead he is very bad at teamfighting because his ult is so bad in teamfights and there are lots of champs that can outplay him in 1v1 or just completly destroy in laning phase. he is definately not op and is actually quite bad at the moment.
Boy O Boy... - I didn't say he was op... - cc and slows don't work on his R... - we didn't discuss his team fighting potential You talk about things not related to this... well, if you don't want to climb, then have fun in the game I guess XD
: Is this for real?????
Zoe is broken and camile is not => more people play zoe => higher chances of making money off zoe => all about money
: RIOT! Fix your CLIENT!!!
My emotes dont load in game my client lags in champ select at random while net is fine
Earrl (EUW)
: It is, sadly. Ive complained about this before and I just think that against a champion, which only counterplay even COULD BE CC, he just kinda ignores it.
noob infant (EUNE)
: trynd is a very old champion and his ult worked this way always, so by your logic riot run out of idias right after making the game. there is another old champion that does nearly the same thing you just proposed - {{champion:30}} . it is possible to oneshot somebody with an ult standing in the fountain.
By "running out of ideas" I was referring to a more recent issue; taking huge unprecedented measures is a sign that feel like having exhausted many ideas... These are are two separate issues I wondered about... At least Karthus cannot do it right after level 6 and there are counterplays to his R as you know full well. But how can you stop trynda from benefiting from his R ... GL to you in your climb
: upcoming Ryze nerf
what about its rework? didnt they want to rework it?
Eveninn (EUW)
: He has to do it preemptively would be the idea, similar to Kayle or Kindred. But as I said, if they did that he prolly would need some compensation buffs elsewhere, so I'm mostly fine with how it is due to his overall powerlevel. ^^
How does this make sense then? well I guess they should make some other champions be able to cast their abilities while in cc. the only point of hard cc like stuns is to stop everything right? But on the other hand, I guess riot is running out of ideas and does illogical things like giving towers true sight then having akali able to bypass that too. nothing means anything anymore. I suppose their next champion would press r in their fountain and everyone gets executed right
Rioter Comments
Kalvix (EUW)
: how are you meant to deal with Illaoi?
you just cant win it unless there is an overfed veigar or something in your team with high damage good cc - league of legends design...
Kintaros (EUNE)
: Now talking about matchup i think its %%%%ed up.And riot have to fix it. I think the system calculate only your mmr but not your teammates.And in enemy you get the lvl of your mmr. Look i got 3 games 3 wins..so obviously im around gold for now..But i got in my team 2 silvers 2 gold and enemy team 4 gold 1 plat.. I dont understand this fact.But i believe only your mmr have to do with this.YOu get enemy of your mmr but your team is around your elo. Thats %%%%ed up.{{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
If that is as you say, well then riot needs to attend some courses in logic, statistics, etc.
Porumbar (EUNE)
: yes, that means your MMR is at 50 percent loses 50 percent winning from the total matches, so it's something that players say " hardstuck " . It depends of how many games you have basically ... let's say u have from around 100 matches, u must have something like 50 matches W ( win ), 50 matches L ( lose ) ... and because it's not a balanced ( THE RATIO OF THE TEAM FORMING MATCH ), it depends on how many matches u have. If you have 5000 match it will give you a aprox. elo number and team accordingly ... that breaks the game, bur JEEEEZ if you tinfoil that, and have a stupid computer compete thouse nombers ur a math Euler troll. This happens to me olso, because i have many matches played and it's harder to have a streak of Winnings or Losing, the stupid riot algorithm will forever give you L / W / L / W and so on, until more players with many matches will appear .... so you basically stuck your account ... there is no point in playing. (( one fix for this, is to play when servers have more players, si it's around 19:00 / 23:00 hour of the game ))
So thats how it works. In the meantime, I went ahead and played with a friend of mine in the same division. It was way easier to win! XD
: > [{quoted}](name=Legendsofthedark,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=tABhiIE4,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2018-08-31T10:18:34.150+0000) > > Tinfoil hat moment? XD You missed a very amusing thread(s) some months ago. There was this lunatic who was swearing that RioT forces LOSING streaks on players because, following some warped logic that now i could not grasp again, this would encourage players to spend MORE mons on the game instead than, say, getting mad and leave it. Of course some of the players that can enjoy a functional brain around here were doing their best trying to make the guy realize that, maybe, WINNING streaks are more useful to encourage players to invest in the game. But it was useless, because, quite logically, since WINNING streaks are none's concern while LOSING streaks are always a concern, the mission of the guy was to find the rigging in LOSING streaks, because WINNING streaks happen only because everyone involved is, of course, a pro player :D. That was a very funny time :D.
Dude i'm not saying anything is rigged. May be they are testing some initial changes regarding the next season's que changes you know
: I like when people seem to imply that the way they play the game is completely irrilevent when it comes to win or lose because, you know, RioT may be enforcing these patterns. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
How did I "imply" that
: Or in my case. Bad game > Bad game > Bad game (Repeat 30 times) > Good game > Bad game..
yeah the streaks are there still lol
HitYourHead (EUNE)
: ***
You could be right in some circumstances but I don't think here. Actually, if you look at my history, you see that I have pretty good kda and dmg but i get teammates with 10/18. So none of us may carry. Plus, I dont think win/lose in a single game would affect mmr that much. Moreover, I have been to g2 few weeks ago so g5 is not my elo i'm sure XD.
Rioter Comments
Oh yeah lets make champ with almost no cd, mana cost, insane dmg, way too much move speed, insane range, etc. even the text describing her kit takes too much characters; so remove some of that too. nerf it already.
Kraycat (EUNE)
: Need gameplay tips for jungling
Only this: "/mute all" right at the start if you see losers!
: Jax e nerf
as many others have noted, Jax should not be able to auto attack when activating E. just like any other champ when they are channeling. Nunu R; Vi Q; Irelia W (I guess); etc.
SirBlues (EUW)
: Honoring Enemies
It is really a good question to consider: How does riot come up with some changes it implements?
Kalvix (EUW)
: yep... they push to hell die non stop whining that you didn't gank enough (even if they are dead so often you can't) then proceed to rob your jungle. It's already bad enough that junglers tend to end up behind the curve now anyway this just means you really will end up being 1 of the lowest level and farmed people in the game unless you gank non-stop which puts a stop to a lot of the champions that aren't gank heavy early on as you need a kill in the lane you gank for it to be worth it
Yup. Sadly most players do not realize that a jungler cannot gank a lane with 0/4 cause even if you gank that lane, chances are you both end up dying and putting the enemy further ahead. So, your loser teammate starts crying that you useless jg; you didnt gank; better jg wins; etc. Dude its not my fault if you dive at lvl 2 and and die or if you don't listen to my ping. I may not be able to gank you cause I am taking the drake at lvl 3-4 for you. All you have to do when you are behind is to stay safe and let us scale then we may be able to win. On top of that, I feel it is much better to camp an already winning lane so he will be freed from his lane and can help you as a jg to deal with the overfed enemy in other lanes. Unfortunately, many players do not realize how to play their lane if they are countered or behind, etc. and blame the jg for it. I don't say us junglers do everything right, but you losing your lane is mostly your own fault not the jungler's.
Furiranda (EUNE)
: Jungler Gold Penalty is a mistake
There has been much debate over this too. Personally, as a jg main, i find that there are many cases that your own team decide to farm your jg too... and guess what, they are mostly 1/7 or something... who have lost their lane and go about lowering your chances of success a well.
: HELP i have an issue
You could contact support for that. In the meantime, check these: 1. all your drivers are installed and work. 2. use the repair tool 3. see if any program in your computer interferes with league (since you said it's a new pc) like an antivirus etc.
: i cant carry my team any help
I think there will be room to improve forever but we have to agree that sometimes you get feeders and afk players game after game. In that scenario, you cannot do much no matter how good you are.
: I think that would also actually make sense, unlike attacking while countering attacks simultaneously
almost every other champ works like this. I main Vi and when I charge Q i cannot auto; Irelia w (im not sure which ability it is); garen e; etc.
: jax
The point that "Jax should not be able to auto while E is active" has been pointed out many times but no change so far and unlikely to change...
: can we nerf ZED? he gives cancer in lane
he needs skill to play but he scales really well outdamaging many midlaners
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