titana10 (EUNE)
: Permantly Banned
You should have received an email that goes into details about your punishment.
: Border removed
I'm fairly certain you can get your border removed if you contact Support.
: If you attempt to buy a chroma with a skin that you don't own it will either not let you or will add the price of the skin onto the chroma price so you buy the skin and chroma at the same time (I can't remember which one it actually does, haven't looked at the chromas in a while).
The shop will add the price of the skin to the purchase when you buy Chroma _bundles_. When buying the Chromas separately it doesn't let you without owning the skin.
: I MADE IT! :3
Man, I wish *I* had "amazing hooker" to add to my résumé.
Mangekyu (EUW)
: Why are people looking up to tyler1?????????????
I won't deny that some people genuinely look up to him and believe his skill as a player justify his behavior However, I'd claim that a large part of his viewers, if not most of them, simply see him as an entertaining person to watch, not someone whose behavior they want to imitate.
: Chroma skins question
You do need the skin in order to use the chromas for it, yes.
: How did your team manage to get your dick stuck in a ceiling fan? o_O
The instructions to using the toaster weren't clear enough.
Safari (EUNE)
: Potential Zilean rework.
>How about making his ultimate ability revive a dead ally champion instead of putting a weird thing around them that tells the enemy team to wait before they can kill him? Wouldn't really make much sense. If there's no respawning effect at the moment of death, _the enemy team gets gold_. So when you make the ultimate revive people _after_ their complete death and giving enemies gold, how do you stop them from getting double gold off of 2 kills? How do you make them get only 1 kill's worth of gold without letting the revived ally just run into the enemy team without fear of giving the enemy team more money?
xxcrazyxn (EUW)
: I got that punishment too, and i'm really sorry but i wasn't flaming just a few racist words that came out for a reason because the guy playing mid lane just insta locked after i called mid lane first, however he was using the smite to take the farm away from me, and acting like a 12 years old... however i'm not here to appeal my punishment, but i also have the same issue as this guy has which are the following: 1. i got punished for the next 10 games and i served all of the 10 games in the bots game. 2. after i served my punishment i'm still not able to get any loots ((You are ineligible to earn loot due to previous behavioral restrictions)). 3. i would like to know how to appeal an admin. action and how long this loot restriction is going to take. Thank you !
The length of the loot restriction depends on your behavior! If you play nicely, you'll get loot back sooner than if you start breaking the rules again. There is no set amount of days or matches, it varies from player to player. Typically, you should expect loot restrictions to last at least **a couple of weeks.**
: Why em i getting pared up with Plats and dim?
One, your normal match mmr might be rather high And two, the players you meet have a lower normal mmr because they don't play many normals. That's assuming ranked and normal mmr are separate, I'm not a 100% sure about that somebody correct me if I'm wrong And for a third, the system is gonna look for players from lower and higher mmr's and match them together if que times get overly long. Typically happens when you play at a time when there's not too many players online.
vladz2k (EUNE)
: Is Teleport even a good thing now?
It's still good, just less lenient aka requires some more skill to pull off.
BlâckLotus (EUNE)
: this man said that leavers only affect a small portion of the community i just told him more than 1/10th of my games include a leaver or an afk,he is just misguided into thinking that just because he is looking into riot statistics where the 80% of the accounts in league of legends are inactive,so yeah it only affects a small portion of players the 20% of the community left.......
So you _are_ claiming that your persona experience represents the entire community... Which is pretty much objectively false. Leavers are rare, and getting 2 of them in a row doesn't make that untrue. It just means bad luck. Also I'd rather trust Riot statistic than BlâckLotus statistics. At least we can trust Riot to actually do research rather than pull numbers out of their ass in a salty fit.
BlâckLotus (EUNE)
: i stopped reading on the seconds line,leavers are not frequent? my last 2 games http://matchhistory.eune.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/EUN1/1458624309/21808565?tab=overview rumble left at 25 minutes http://matchhistory.eune.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/EUN1/1458630780/21808565?tab=overview lucian left at 7 minutes maybe 10 im not talking about afks i believe riot handles afks well leavers on the other hand people who abandon the game and are recognized by the system as leavers are the ones getting away with it,if i can leave 10 games out of 20 this week all i will get is a 20 minute prolonged queue for 5 games no extra lp punishment no mercy to my poor team.
So your last 2 games topple all claims of leavers not being that frequent because your personal experience is of course applicable to the entire playerbase of League?
vladz2k (EUNE)
: Is this considered against the rules and can lead to suspension?
The answer is no. 2 and 3 are pretty much harmless. Somebody might get annoyed but they don't cross the line into punishable territory. Most probably don't care anyways. Number 1 is the closest to the line, but still not crossing it. It'll just be viewed as more grimy than the other examples.
SlenderSoul (EUNE)
: Toxic players still roaming even when we report them.Why?
Confirm to me that these people don't receive _chat restrictions_ and you'll have a point. Go on, I'll wait.
ezeewins (EUW)
: Question about league of legends?
The skins you see in your shop only change when it's re-opened.
: Should I main Ezreal or Kog maw
Ezreal will be a more accessible pick. Kog'Maw is always very risky, and requires a lot of cooperation with your teammates to make him work efficiently.
Altiverse (EUNE)
: How to fix the grade system
Pretty sure that's what they're doing when they're improving the grading system for supports in 6.13
DurexXx169 (EUNE)
: Well they dont need to personally check they can create some kind of system to make it faster like for AFK bans
You can't automate a system that checks players for definitive proof of their reforming.... And even then, accepting those players back is still a risk. Again, Riot's tried this, and it burned them. The failure rate was **_95%_**.
sparpo (EUW)
: Does Riot even care about our champion concepts?
Because for many, creating their own champions isn't for the purpose of somehow getting them into the game but rather express their own creativity and share ideas for the fun of it.
DurexXx169 (EUNE)
: Pernament Ban
Riot has already tried systems where permanently banned accounts were allowed back into the game, and the results were disastrous. And they simply don't have time to check for unbanning appeals personally.
: > [{quoted}](name=The Noble Poro,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=UeIMi4a6,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-06-16T16:10:42.814+0000) > > Overwatch will probably be the best FPS around. League is still a brilliant MOBA compared to its rivals. Games are too different and appeal to different audiences. You can't really pit them against each other. Games are different I agree but, WoW was the big game before league. Its hardly even significant anymore compared to league.
Warcraft died on it's own, not because a different game "killed it". And even then it's still far from dead.
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: They gave a new effect, if i remember correctly, now it decreases attack speed.
On monsters, yes. It allows Kindred to survive in the jungle without them gaining ludicrous sustain outside of the woods, balancing them at least somewhat.
LEON1137 (EUW)
: Item: Aegis of the Legion - Fake stats?
Because Aegis actually gives 30 magic resist, 10 of it coming from the aura...
natsiganix (EUNE)
: Ezreal can E out of Blitz's Q
Not a bug, just an odd-ish interaction caused by the surprisingly long cast time Ezreal's E has.
: Does Athene's Work With Galio's Shield ?
Athene does not work, as Galio's Bulwark is _not_ a shield or a heal, but a stat buff. There's a difference.
: > [{quoted}](name=Savage Devi,realm=EUNE,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=AKlrzV5Q,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-05-31T17:57:08.570+0000) > > You yourself admitted to breaking the rules, then state Riot didn't look at your case, implying you're innocent? > Hm. > Also, re-read your 14-day restriction message, it should state that the next punishment will be a permanent suspension. > Besides, why is the fear of punishment the only reason for you to follow the rules? oh yeah it did the last sentence at the very bottom of the freaking leatter where nobody reads great...
>nobody No, just you. The information was clearly visible, the fault is yours, and yours alone for missing it. Much like your permanent ban.
: 14day ban-------> perma ban?
You yourself admitted to breaking the rules, then state Riot didn't look at your case, implying you're innocent? Hm. Also, re-read your 14-day restriction message, it should state that the next punishment will be a permanent suspension. Besides, why is the fear of punishment the only reason for you to follow the rules?
mystipisti (EUNE)
: Which Quinn Skin, Phoenix Quinn or Woad Scout Quinn?
The phoenix skin will probably do more for you. There's just so much more flare to it.
Should be, though I don't believe Riot has the power to do so. Sadly enough{{champion:32}}
mystipisti (EUNE)
: Is Taliyah bad?
In what way? Kit or numbers? Kit-wise, she's alright. She does what a control mage is supposed to do, and seems like a lot of fun to boot. It's the numbers that are a problem, leaving her underpowered.
: and how i can show it?
Well, just by being positive. Don't insult people, say your ggs, no report-calling, basic stuff. Depending on how you behave, getting back loot can take from a week or two to a month or more.
: In my experience tho, that only happens in short games because while they might have a high KDA average (something like 7/0/3) They don't have the time to rack up the really large numbers I know roughly when im going to get an S based on my KDA. If i die >4 times, its unlikely that ill get one 4/2/20 is what i try and aim for
But match length is also a very likely factor, I can say that from my experience. Scores similar to other games have been given higher ranks because we ended the match so soon. You're ignoring surrounding factors and only looking at the deaths when you make that statement. When you die 4 times, of course you're more likely to gain a lower grade, but not simply because of the amount of deaths, but what happens as a result of those deaths, such as loss of gold, minions, kill participation, objectives and whatever else the grading system looks at. Many, many things.
nasko0222 (EUNE)
: Why? Because the reported guy would get offended? So he should be let free because protecting 9 players is less important than not offending 1 guy?
That's still fighting toxicity with toxicity. If a player has no confidence in their report value, then their best option is to simply have faith that someone with more value does it. Even if going "Hey, my report value is shit, somebody fo it for me" in this specific case would help, we still can't make the system any more lenient on it because that simply isn't always going to be the case.
nasko0222 (EUNE)
: So he actually had a reason to ask people to report this guy since obviously the ,,1 report is the same as 9'' is not always true.
: Link me a dev post and ill follow it. But its a system
[Dev posts](http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/bZL8vAWw-champion-mastery-qa?comment=00800000) aren't going to help. I'm talking about learning from the community, as people are working together to figure out the metrics themselves. And so far, we've had tons of people wondering why they didn't get the rank they deserved with impressive KDAs. So rank being tied to more metrics than just KDA has pretty much already been concluded.
: Because he was spamming flames that game after doing the same. Chat restriction means u can't chat often. And he was not banned according to my premade who saw him a couple of games later :) but I don't care. Going go play Dota or something
It still takes multiple games for punishments to occur. Part of why it's taking so long is because, just looking at the type of person you are, your report value is in the dumpster for filing false reports.
: Playstyle Change because of Mastery
If you actually knew how rankings worked, you wouldn't have to change your playstyle in the slightest. I suggest actually learning the system thoroughly.
Goofle (EUW)
: If people report you a lot and you have used the chat in the game, you will get a warning or a ban soon after the game. That's what the "justice system" looks like right now. It doesn't matter what you typed, as long as you typed something and you got reported a lot. I've seen a guy post logs with just a "gg" on his final ban. Yeah, he probably trolled and got reported a lot, but the system banned him for "verbal abuse", so you can tell it's 100% automated. Since you're just one step before getting permabanned, you should by no means use the chat at all from now on. At some point your infractions will reset, but I don't exactly know how long it takes for that to happen.
Objectively false.
: my account got perma ban
And why do you expect people to believe you without substantial evidence again? Post your logs.
: that jungle was farming lanes when enemy as at our base finish game... he was mid map trolling not helping just to end the game. Also... he is still playing unpunished. Now im not sure what Rito are doing... but for sure, you gotta change your attitude and see the context and stop your "banning"-bots. Because this is silly. now bye
>Also... he is still playing unpunished. And you know he never received a chat restriction, how exactly?
: What champ fitts me
Try Jayce, he'll definitely fit your squishy-ish ad toplaner style. Not the highest burst, but still more than enough damage.
: Ninja Tabi counters Nasus too hard.
You can't counter Nasus too hard. _He deserves it allllllllll_
ChrisKayMan (EUNE)
: Gemstone Looted ?!
To add to Hansi's post: Alternatively Gems can simply be turned into a chest + key if Hextech Annie doesn't interest you.
Eambo (EUW)
: These are not the logs you were sent. They are a small excerpt of them, but it seems to have left out the more toxic parts. If you legitimately didn't get the log in it's entirety, and have no idea why you were suspended - please [contact support](http://support.leagueoflegends.com). If you received the full log and were hoping that a modified log will get you unbanned, please remember that support have full access to the logs. Confusing and misdirecting the community doesn't change this.
{{summoner:11}} **ALL HAIL THE REDS**{{summoner:11}}
: my point is, boards is a place for everyone including 12 years old kids. and sex shouldnt be a subject here, same goes for drugs etcetera.
And I think you're being too sensitive on the matter. When it comes to Boards rules, no rule is taken to Nazi level extremes, so ** there exists a line**, and you just have to use common sense to figure out where it goes. And currently, the majority of Boards seems to agree that Chosen's comment is within acceptable boundaries. Moving on.
: here comes the 'riot banned you u must have deserved it' brigade. if this is legit theres no way this is justifiable for a permanent ban and anyone who says he deserves it need their head checked out and probably need to remove it out of riots backside before they stain their nose brown
Is it really worse than the "let's dismiss the possibility of lying and not investigate further"- group?
chill22518 (EUNE)
: Tribunal exists?
It's the name of the automated system we have in place.
: I want to Report/toxic behaviour on pre-match players.
Report those players as normal. Champion select and post-game chat are both investigated when a player is reported.
Deeze11 (EUNE)
: If mugging could be avoided by anyone without any effort just like flaming can it wouldn't be punished. Mugging is punished because it's dangerous. Flaming is dangerous for what ? Hurting someone's ego ?
It doesn't need to be dangerous to be against the law. You wouldn't necessarily get away with verbal harassment outside the web either.
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