: The best skin ever (Must see)
Thank you for all the possitive feedback, I really appreciate it, I never expected it to get this much attention and possitive responses, Thank all of you who supported this idea, Hopefully this idea becomes reality.
Iron Will (EUNE)
: But if he's an old man, how will he q without breaking his back?
: I can imagine it. Haha it will be hilarious great idea it can be a legendary and they can change his movement style to fit the skin! nice idea!
: holding a walking stick and strolling down your lane like hes just going to work reminds me of Swain. xD PS: ur idea is rly brilliant.
: When he heals then he should drink wine and the green aura should be wine color(redish or smthing) Nice idea btw
Oh yeah I forgot about the heal, thats is a real nice suggestion for the w, I really like it!
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Bombardox (EUW)
: buff kha'zix please :( ( qq topic )
Idk I main KhaZix aswell, and I used to play him a shit load back in season 2-3. But then I stopped the game for a few months and when I came back he was nerfed to the death. His q, I cry everytim, they removed missing health dmg... and for his ult I need to wait 2 seconds to use it again, that in my oppinion killed him the most, just put it back to 1 seconds pls, thats all I ask for. With my build I usually end up carrying and wrecking everything, even Rengar, Ive never lost The Hunt against him, I max and evolve my q first which makes him a strong dueler against isolated enemies or in a 1 v 1 scenario. But bad thing is that evloving it only buffs the dmg if the enemy is isolated with makes him pretty weak for enemies that arent isolated or have a unit placer in their kit, those are etc. Shaco,Yorick,Malzahar,Annie and others. Kha Zix has recieved a lot of Direct and Indirect nerfs but he deserved it actually, Did you see KhaZix when he was released back in season 2? I agree that he needed some nerfs but this current nerfing of him is too much, he didnt recieve a few minor and almost unnoticable bugs, but I know the perfect buffs that willl make him fun to play and not op. His ult after re-use should be on a 1 second cd instead of 2 second cd. Evolving his q also increases the dmg when the target isnt isloated, because its very hard to find a isolated target in late game. And the most important buff of all: Update his emotes because they are fucking attrocius.
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