: I'm saying Riot doesn't issue IP bans because a) they are easy to circumvent and b) They can affect more than one person even though they are targeted at that one person so it can have collateral damage which would hurt the game a lot. Banning other good people along with 1 toxic is not a good strategy.
They can make it so when you make an account you have to link it to your phone and you will have like 3 or 4 accounts limit IF they wanted to reduce toxicity/trolling/inting etc. BUT they won't since they are making money from the banned people.
: Are you trying to solve an issue that's already out of hands ? RIOT is actually winning from banning people, the game is just an addiction. New accounts = more RP charges from perma banned players. But the backfire is just showing up now, the game will be filled with toxic trolls and smart int and lose you the game by "not even trying to help", in this case the game will not be able to detect and inter from a bad player. You can literally farm your jungle then gank and die, then repeat 3-4 times, then don't help your team when the enemy is pushing and there u go, smart inting/"intentionally losing" by a "bad play". The system will never punish you by that, but yes you will ban few veteran players and they will come back to spend their money. For RIOT atm this is the perfect way to make more money before the game dies.
Well this is exactly what happened to me :) . 6 (nearly 7) years of dedication to this game . Used to play 7-10 hours A DAY. On my account I spent around 400$ and I had no job at the time so I was collecting my pocket money and purchased RP so I can buy skins. I probably had over 8000 games (in all of my accounts) from which 4000-5000 were ranked. I lost my temper TWICE to people that were intentionally loosing my games for stupid reasons like getting red buff and starting inting because you took few creeps (this is exactly what happened in my games and that was in High Plat). Am I the bad person for loosing my temper TWICE in over 4000+ games because people decided to int/troll in my games and were obviously left unpunished. Do I deserve to loose all this progress because I am not a casual player to not care about winning. What do you think happened after I messaged Riot support explaining what exactly happened ? ''Sorry but we don't really care about happened in your game but whats important is that you used meanie words against somebody else'', they don't give a %%%% that this moron lost the game for 4 other people. Is this how Riot threats the loyal players ? By showing them the middle finger after they supported them throughout the years ? Now I am playing on this account and few others and every now and then after someone annoys me I start soft inting/trolling because I know they can't do anything to me. Did the punishment reform me? No lol, because now I am worse than before. Did they kick me out of the game ? No. So what was the point of my punishment ? Oh yeah, to make another account and spend my money on it. But Riot can go %%%% themselves because I am not spending ANY money on such a scummy company
Atlas (EUNE)
: I can only think of the Overwatch system in CS:GO, its a good idea though and frankly should be implemented.
at least that way we can punish inters/trolls instead of leaving them to do whatever they want for ridiculous amount of games
Fendokil (EUW)
: Can we stop giving riot shit?
Riot are definitely not trying their best lol. Actions speak louder than words. In my 6 years of experience they turned from the best company that cared about the playerbase and was interested in our feedback to money digging loosers. Everything in this game is bullshit now. There are so many flaws that I don't know from where to start. And we are calling out their mistakes. Now tell me is this a bad thing ? The true answer is NO. In order to improve something you need to look at its flaws. BUT Riot are far too ignorant and delusional to listen to us peasants. I've learned so much about Riot in these years and I can assure you that they are not a good company
Febos (EUW)
: Doesn't make sense. Make a reddit post and also on NA boards. It's unfortunate when it needs to come down to this. Avadastro is wrong. You could try appealing again, but I think it would do more harm than good. Right now all you need is visability. If enough people talk about this, you may even earn an apology.
Apology from Riot ? Never seen that and probably never will.
: The only bad thing i saw was "i will kill your son" but i yeah i guess you didn't meant to be flaming by saying it. The thing is that autoban system doesn't cares if you were joking or not it simply marks bad sayings and if they are being said more often from the same player it bans him. I guess you already had previous restrictions so that leads to the 2 weeks ban. You can send a ticket to Riotgames and hopefully you will get your punishment removed but if you don't after the 2 weeks ban is over be very very careful because even if you say the least thing like "you are so silly" you can get straight permaban.
the words ''I will kill your son'' got him straight to 14 day ban. ''k-y-s'', N word (or saying racist stuff in general), f-a-g and so on will get you straight to 14 day ban. In his case its basically like k-y-s, the bot took is as like '' I will murder your child'' and so he got punished more harshly. But the support should care about context right ? Wrong... Check out this dude's recent comment to check out why
: Did you send a ticket to Riot? It indeed seems like a kind of misunderstanding, it's like saying "Kill yourself" in ARAM when someone in your team has 6k gold. The automated system doesn't detect that the reason you said it is that you want them to shop so they'll be way stronger.
Sometimes EVEN RIOT does not care about context
: > i ever got a reward or at least a good enough reward for staying loyal to this game. Riot seems not to care that much What would've you liked to have then? League is a free game, you already get free stuff from hextech crafting and from season rewards.
: I miss the days when teenagers never used to swear and even saying ass was considered a swear word. Dear lord I'm getting old! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!!
Internet wasn't invented then lol
: > you should be able to call the guy that intentionally lost your time and started inting because you pinged him too much a re-tard. Who is worse ? The person that intentionally lost the game of 9 other people OR the person that called this guy a re-tard ? Sadly, Both of them are not good. But, there must be looked at the whole situation in game and see what's happening. Most of the time, people are flaming because someone caused it earlier in the game. I've said this before aswell ^^
yeah, both sides are bad but as you said people are not always toxic unless provoked or other reasons like tilt (which is also caused by trolls or other tilted players)
Haze97 (EUW)
: You have every rights to say "%%%% off" to a troll in this game (who seem to pour in by the bunch). Especially in ranked games where idiots ban your champ, feed intentionally, or declare how they're going to go afk after their first death, you should also have the rights to tell them to 'go suck a %%%%'. This game babysits snowflakes a whole lot by catering to troll rights and it's no surprise these people have more fun trolling than actually trying to win.
you should be able to call the guy that intentionally lost your time and started inting because you pinged him too much a re-tard. Who is worse ? The person that intentionally lost the game of 9 other people OR the person that called this guy a re-tard ?
: Your logic is so twisted I don't get why I keep replying. Your friends are the exception not the norm. You use a very smalll percentage to justify this guy nit getting banned. The system aint perfect. But did theis guy deserve a ban? Yes he did. He broke the summoners code. Do worse people sometimes get away? Sure. There is a hole here and there. Does that make this guu less of a toxic player? no. // Close thread.
stfu > toxic said someone that was inting > toxic. end of the discussion (from my part at least). Won't bother replying anymore
: Lol. How do you know he is the only one banned? What's your age?
Because In the past 6 years I duo-ed with many people (most were irl friends) who typed even worse shit than this guy but w/e . I also have a friend that typed the N word several times when we were playing and surprisingly he is still playing. This is how inconsistent the system is.
Yraco (EUW)
: I play every day and while it's not 10 hours, I definitely understand that there are plenty of people that will complain but I also see that arguing back doesn't help anyone. If I make a hypothetical situation, what would happen if someone flamed and I responded i the same way > "Noob jungle, enemy 5 ganks ally 0." "You're so bad at the game" - mid "LOL mid complaining that I don't gank, I don't gank trash players that go 0/5." "report mid lane feeding" - me The answer is that they would get more annoyed at me, they'd probably "defend" against me where I would respond and eventually we spend more time in chat than in game. The time playing we'd be tilted at each other and play worse For the rest of our team, mid lane and jungle are fighting which will make them tilt and play worse, even if they don't decide to join in. The enemy team could easily see that our team was falling apart and take the opportunity to win the game. If I simply muted that mid laner and maybe encouraged my team to do the same then me and the other 3 quiet team members would spend more time playing, less time fighting amongst ourselves and the play we made could be higher quality; we'd have more chance to win by staying quiet and playing our best than if we argued all game about who needed to be reported. (all of us if we're all flaming) What positive outcome happens when you "defend" yourself by flaming back?
Please read what I wrote to Zanador, I am too exhausted to make another quote lol.
Zanador (EUNE)
: To be honest, i have no idea how far the law goes in this case. When it comes to video games or computers and IT in general, they are criminally outdated or vague most of the time. But from old posts from back when people could get thousands of matches long chat restriction, i'd guess that the permanent ban is Riot's choice not the law's. Personally, i just think that for a punishment to be meaningful, it has to affect the person in a way they care about. And there seems to be quite a lot of people who don't care about any other punishment but the permanent ban. If there was another way to get the point across to these people, then i'm interested in it. I've had some very informative discussions on this subject in the past, so i think it is a good subject to talk about.
> [{quoted}](name=Zanador,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=gALNfq90,comment-id=0004000000000000000000010000,timestamp=2018-12-04T09:59:21.652+0000) > > Personally, i just think that for a punishment to be meaningful, it has to affect the person in a way they care about. Exactly dude, this is what I am thinking as well. This is why I think the punishment fails REALLY HARD. The punishments usually have 2 purposes, to kick the ''toxic'' player or to reform him and the current system does not achieve either. 1st Why would this person reform after he lost his account on which he spent years grinding and shit ton of money? Its stupid to think that they will reform because you took something that they cared about for such a stupid reason (inting/trolling/cheating is fine). inc angry sjw : B-b-b-b-but if he cared about his account so much then why did he break the rules? Because these rules are made eventually to be broken (for the more competitive players which are the most addicted players). Lets say you are playing ranked to reach your rank that you were trying to get since the start of the season. Put this person in toxic environment every day and almost every game now put him with people that will start inting/trolling/going afk for childish reasons (like getting red/blue buff of pinging him too much, people actually throw games for such reasons). This person is constantly exposed to this toxic environment and in the end of the day he is supposed to stay chill and calm about everything... angry sjw: He can still let his anger out but not on these people because he will hurt their feelings!!!!!!! **OR** People don't troll/int/go afk for such childish reasons that often (said the casual player)!!! I prefer to let my anger out of the person that is holding me hostage for 20-40 min rather than my PC/Monitor/keyboard/mouse or whatever that's around me because I worked hard for it so why should I break it? Also people in normals/arams almost NEVER int/trolls for such reason but you'd be surprised how often that happens in EUW Plat-Dia elo (almost every game). 2nd We all know how addicting league is. And we also know that people that get punished are usually the ones that are most invested in the game . They won't quit league just because their account got banned (take me for an example). I didn't quit league. Did I reform ? If you think reforming is when I don't say anything and just go inting/trolling in games (which I never did before) as a reformed person then yeah :). At least I didn't call anyone a re-tard right ? I had friends that also got perma banned and did exactly that, made/bought new accounts and started inting/trolling or being passive aggressive so the system does not detect it (talking about flaming since inting will never be punish as long as you soft int)
: All these are good examples of flaming: > [{quoted}](name=ThatGuyKiko,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=gALNfq90,comment-id=000d0000,timestamp=2018-12-04T12:04:19.507+0000) >ThatGuyKiko: stfu >ThatGuyKiko: report his cho for flame >ThatGuyKiko: are you stupid You told them to stfu --> toxic You asked for them to report someone --> Bannable offense in summoners code You implied that someone in the game was stupid (not sure who. > [{quoted}](name=ThatGuyKiko,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=gALNfq90,comment-id=000d0000,timestamp=2018-12-04T12:04:19.507+0000) >ThatGuyKiko: yiour inting >ThatGuyKiko: plz report him for flame plz >ThatGuyKiko: report him for int and flame >ThatGuyKiko: spam ping is flame you moron >ThatGuyKiko: report him for troll aswell You told them they are inting --> toxic , flaming You asked for them to be reported multiple times--> Bannable offense in summoners code. You called them a moron. Do I need to explain more?
this is how everybody flames in league lol. And he is the only person that got restricted. Literally he got punished because he was unlucky, people are flaming like this every single game if you even consider this flaming
Zanador (EUNE)
: People get punished for saying words, because League is rated 12+ and so Riot is required by law to do so. If you want this to change, then you have to convince Riot that they'd make more money by changing the rating to 21+. 12 year old kids can play this game too, and you shouldn't act the same way towards them as you do among adults. It's that simple. And your IRL examples fall apart rather quickly. What to do when someone insults your girlfriend? Well, considering how moving away is not an option in this game, the IRL equivalent would be that you are at some place you want to be (bar, restaurant, etc), not just randomly on the street. So you can either silence the guy (mute) or call security (report). Never in my life have i've heard of someone responding to his girlfriend being attacked by looking for the attackers girlfriend and attacking her instead. But if you flame back to a flamer, then by your example, that is what you are doing.
yeah, this example wasn't that good, I rushed it too much instead of thinking it through. Also I don't think the law forces the punishments to lead to a permanent suspension (mainly when its so easy to get one). I agree with punishments in general but I don't agree that you should loose your account for it (except for trolling/inting/cheating).
: So if you asked him this you can find the conversation via your history?
Won't bother doing it since I've been in many discussions but you feel free doing it.
: What makes his post true? this is the internet mate. Don't believe whatever you read.
That's why I asked him to post a screenshot of his logs and discussion with Riot :)
Yraco (EUW)
: I've reported 1 or 2 people that way and the response was similar but not "we can't do anything about it", for me they said "we can't tell you if we do anything about it". If someone is consistently trolling multiple games they can be punished by contacting support (although I don't think they're allowed to do much over a single game)
The support tickets that I made were from last year. I will try to make new ones and check it they care or still don't give a damn. I honestly don't think they've changed from back then but I might be wrong.
Yraco (EUW)
: If someone punches me I'd punch him back because that is self defence. If someone calls my girlfriend anything I'd be quite surprised since I don't swing that way. (or any way for that matter) If someone typed words in a game I'd be angry because they're making us lose but I know that I can't affect the situation in a game so I'd wait until the game was over and report them, that's the most effective way of fighting back since they can be punished without the situation becoming worse for the other 8 players in the game.
For a short period of time yeah, but once you get these people game after game, day after day you will eventually break. I've played for far too long and played 7-10 hours A DAY and I know it better than you think. You can't be the nice guy while being provoked every day, almost every game.
: But this is not real life. Its a game, and you are not being physically attacked, so you can't compare the two scenarios.# If my wife was being attacked, sure I would defend her. But I would do so knowing that I am likely to get punished for it too. So, the OP must know that ANY toxicity will be punished, regardless of the circumstances. There is no excuse for not following the rules. If you break them, you get punished...its as simple as that.
Yeah, its a video game. This is the reason at why people have no other way of responding to them. If its just a game then why do you get punished for saying words ? They are words from random people on the internet that hold no weight since everybody (that has the ability to think) knows that most of these words come out of frustration. Why would you take words personally from somebody that you will play for 20-40 min (and you can mute with 1 click) and never see again. I chose to give a irl example since most of people on the boards compare these stuff to irl scenarios so I am playing your game.
: All of it. What evidence do you have to support this?
If you saw the guy's post you would've knew. But since the post was made 7-8 months ago I can't search for it. I won't force you to believe it but for the people that saw his post they know.
CliffiToF (EUW)
: Chat bans only serve to protect riot. They prevent critics from exposing their flaws and pretend it's "not nice" to speak up. They want people to insult you and you being powerless to reply, so you stay compliant and keep paying.
Yraco (EUW)
: Contacting support sometimes works out when people are consistently trolling, the punishment system finds it hard to figure out whether people are inting or just doing badly so it tends to go on the side of caution.
nah dude, even contacting the support is pointless. I made 3 or 4 tickets about people trolling/inting with proof (even tho they can manually check it but w/e) and got the same reply ''I am sorry for your bad experience but we can't do anything about it (they can) , please use the report button in the end game lobby and hope for the %%%%ing best since we are too lazy or don't give a %%%% to do it.
: Whilst yes I can mute chat as it more often than not its is used by people in an nonconstructive manner, muting pings is detrimental to the game. This is because unfortunately due to the size restriction of the screen and a lack of omnipresence, I and other players do not know the whereabouts of the enemy team at all times where pings can help to resolve that issue, by non toxic players letting their teammates be aware of incoming ganks, and when they are going for plays which would require team assistance.
you still can't do anything to people trolling/inting tho :). Neither the punishment system can
: I got chat banned because I defend myself from toxic players.
Welcome to league of legends. The pg 9 game. Remove the chat, mute pings, don't even try to communicate with anyone (not even your friends since you can still get banned even if you played only with your friends). There was a guy that played in twisted treeline and got banned for explaining how he previously got banned for saying the word ''k-y-s'', pay close attention since he was playing with his 2 friends so this was not aimed at anybody. But that's okay since the automated system does not care about context right ? But the people from the support should right ? Again wrong, the guy that made the post messaged the support and they said that he won't get unbanned since ''k-y-s'' has 0 tolerance . Do you see how little Riot cares about their players. They don't give a single fu.ck about context and its sad since this is total bullshit.
: Its the same old shit year in and year out. You're better of soft inting in your game's then raging at them. Riot logic if you can't beat em join them. Like i don't really care anymore, i play a few games now and then with my friend but that's about it. Like this game has drained every thing that used to be fun about it. I hope they do lose players just so they can fix the %%%% and improve the game for the better even if i ain't spamming 800+ games a season anymore. Unless riot take a huge plunge in revenue they ain't going to change their ways, its not like they ever listen to what people have to say on the boards. Ye sending tickets are pointless most of the time since its mostly read by a shitty bot. But hey ho if you don't rage you can get banned. So make sure you only die 5-10 over the course of 20 min game and don't make to ovs that you're trolling, or even better follow you're jungler around %%%% shit up for them. Just remember don't talk in chat guys.
All my friends quit playing league , I lost my account that I spent 6 years of evolving it... I had all the champions, I had 60+ skins (I think), I played 7-10 hours A DAY, I spent my pocket money buying RP (like 400$) just to get my account perma banned because I was a TOXIC SCUM (part of the 0.006% toxic scums) A number that surprisingly never changed over the years. Riot lost a loyal player because I couldn't take the fact that I had to face trolls/inters/afk's every single day and keeping my mouth shut for 20-40 min.
Gebba (EUW)
: I have an IQ of 82 (This is not a joke) and i'm diamond, sit down! {{sticker:sg-syndra}}
All jokes aside I read everything you wrote and I agree with it :D . This is how I think myself
Gebba (EUW)
: I have an IQ of 82 (This is not a joke) and i'm diamond, sit down! {{sticker:sg-syndra}}
If you're diamond then so am I, we are all EQUAL {{sticker:sg-shisa}}
: I know i'm D3 euw. Don't get me started on those people, i had so many game's where people went afk because they lost fb. I also got so many players who'd only play 1 game a month to maintain their ranked status. Diamond for climbing is pure cancer because its impossible to climb on skill alone. Also me being a diamond player is the reason this account go a perma, because it got to the point where i was losing 8 game's a row duo to trolls. 9 Seasons of game play down the gutter. https://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/off-topic-en/uifN7jtJ-perma-ban
I know your post :) I believe I talked in it as well. Also I am talking for my EUW account that also got permabanned because those re-tards managed to annoy me to the point of calling them out... I called them re-tards,fa-ggots,morons,handicapped etc. because the intentionally lost my time numerous times and went away with it. I've been tracking their accounts for few days and none of them got banned. I guess 1/21 with I quote ''good luck trying to win the game with me inting'' was not enough to get him banned + I made several support tickets with proof of how people were inting/trolling and guess what they responded me with ? ''We are sorry for your bad experience but we can't do anything about it''... they copy/pasted the same exact message in every support ticket I wrote. This is the moment I realized that Riot does not give a single %%%% about the real problem. Instead they punish the people that are forced to stay with the fu.cktards for 20-40 and expect them to stay chill the whole time. And do you know whats wrong ?? Some idiots right here on the boards defend them. They defend the fact that you DESERVED to loose your account because someone was constantly provoking you (not 1 game, for me it was over 20+ games IN A ROW). And all of them came with the same bullshit ''no matter what happens you should not flame anybody''. These players are the casuals, they don't really know how ranked works and how frustrating and stressful it can be. There are so many things that they don't get abut the more competitive players that's its ridiculous that they act like they know it all.
Gebba (EUW)
: **VERY LONG POST GRAB A CUP OF TEA** I know this is kind of a meme but i could add real reasoning behind this. The bellcurve that distributes among the rankings in League is very similar to the bellcurve of IQ (Although to be fair that's just how a bellcurve looks naturally). The farther down you go, the harder it is to find players (Bronze 5 que time supposedly has 3x the que time of challenger). The closer to the middle you get, the more people you find. All these become ever more drastic the farther you move from the middle. According to LS and a few other coaches he knows, all of them who tried coaching a bronze player who had more than 2-300 games in his ranking seemed to suffer some sort of mental problem that was stopping them from climbing- Depression or BPD for example. Along with myself as testimony i've met very disturbing people who are long-time hardstuck bronzies, but also some very kind-hearted passionate souls that just play the game for fun. The point here is that if you are below an IQ of 80, you are labeled mentally impaired with a learning disability because your intelligence hinders you from being successfull. Almost seemingly familiar to that of people who are at the skill level of bronze (Note i did not say people who _are_ bronze, only those of that skill level. Many people end up bronze because they're beginners to the game and get out sooner or later). Something else interesting about the lower end population (of both reality and League) is that the personality is typically a close-minded one which focuses on justifying and defending the actions of said person to disconnect themselves from the responsibility which then hinders their ability to climb or succeed in life (Because with power comes responsibility, but you can't have the power to change anything if you never claim responsibility for it). When coaching it creates a huge barrier where you are fighting a destructive mentality rather than being able to proceed with the teachings. This didn't always apply though, only more so recently when League became more defined and grew large because previous seasons bronze were much more populated and common. Okay but what if this is a coincidence then, i mean this doesn't prove somebody who is hardstuck bronze actually is mentally impaired or is limited by a low IQ. Well, you're right. That's why LS specified people who have upwards of 200 games or have played multiple seasons that're still stuck in bronze while actively trying to get better. There is an observable pattern Now let's talk about higher elo instead. The higher elo you go, the more consistency in your skill you require, as well as on-demand adaptation to be able to respond apropriately to not suffer bigger consequences. The higher the intelligence, the more likely you are to be good at adapting to your environment because you have an increased consistency in all aspects of life due to higher understanding, as well as being able to cope better with your emotions and have larger patience. Point being, you make the right decision to suffer because you know you'll be rewarded. In League this translates through being able to adapt using different champions while having more consistent micro and macro play while being able to disconnect yourself from your feelings such as greed to avoid making misplays and focus on what it actually takes to win the game without being distracted by all the things that happen in a League match. With higher intelligence, or higher elo, you'll go against your own nature to increase your odds of success- Kind of like a scientist who has to disconnect himself from his biases to make an objective report. You can also specialize in just one champion and become incredibly precise and innovative with it. To conclude, bronze is the lowest end of the bellcurve where unfortunate people typically reside in. Silver is the average human person, whereas master-tier and up are highly adaptive people who are overperforming an insane majority of people **consistently.** That is a very similar curve and behaviour to that of the IQ bellcurve. However, this is a game. Most people play games for fun, rather than compete and climb. Having that said you could expect more exceptions than should be, but regardless of that there still remains and observable and familiar pattern. I'm not an expert on intelligence but i do have a passion for psychology. This is very poorly articulated because this isn't a science report, just a comment so i hope you can still grasp the bigger picture and fill in the blanks as to what truly differs between all these types of people. This is why a lot of people judge by your rank. You still might be a very smart individual, but if you only play for fun and have no intentions of grasping a higher understanding of the game, your opinions from those who use ranking as a criteria is seen as inferior when somebody from the top has made a comment that conflicts with you. Even if they don't play your role, they are still more consistent in most areas of the game. It's actually an expert fallacy of sorts. You trust the one who has a degree in engineering instead of the opinion of some random guy down the street.
-reported How dare you call people with lower IQ than you stupid :@@@@@ . Its nearly 2019 everybody is equal nowadays
DutchPro (EUW)
: It's not really rank related, you get flamed in plat and diamond aswell trust me. People will flame u no matter what in this game, just accept it and ignore it
Plat-Dia is hell fam, %%%% the flaming... These morons will int/troll just because you stole 1 minion, or their blue/red buff or for even more childish reason. Not even over exaggerating sadly
Tarolock (EUNE)
: really? because thats what i got flamed 99% of the time, i never got "randomly" flamed out of the blue, always after ppl going into 3v1 while i pinged i have no mana, or when i kill the fed enemy while im low hp under tower etc, and the only context where my rank came into play is when i tell ppl that they should build some defensive items too and thats where they say "you dont know what are you talking about silver noob"
How can you constantly be so wrong at so many things and never admit them... ffs
GreenKnight (EUNE)
: Why does rank matter in interactions with players?
Depends on the topics tho, in some topics Casual players have no idea wtf they are talking about.
DerPunkt (EUW)
: And you know that I and nobody else cares ;-)
yeah, nobody cares . I know that lol
DerPunkt (EUW)
: And thats why accounts get banned. No but wittiness aside. I have seen his work for years and have the utmost respect for what he is doing. You see, I tend to lose my temper when dealing with such cases, and tend to become kinda mean. I have very little respect for people unable to control their temper, which is weird since I lose mine with them so easily. And I respect that he never got tired of writing the same stuff every time somebody comes and claims his ban was unjustified or the system is broken. He genuinely tries to explain how the system works, that it indeed works as intended and is not skewed against "innocent people with a little harsher tone" but that the community as a whole in general condones such language and behaviour.He has helped countless players to prevent they account from getting permabaned by going over their chat logs to see what behaviour it is exactly. Just by explaining people that they will lose their account if they don't change he might have saved a few hundreds from getting permas. I simply respect that. You wouldn't understand if you haven't seen it for years and years and years. This is somebody who really cares for the community and who has critizied Riot on several occasion and tried to improve the system by discussing it, and taking part in the tribunal. So what is wrong about showing some respect for that? Just look at the threat. OP clearly has something to hide, does not want to show his chatlogs, because it would hurt his argument of "the system is to harsh, I never insulted anybody, I just have a foul mouth that should not be punished" And still he took the time to go over everything there is to explain why this is indeed false. And that, fully aware that OP knows exactly why he was banned, since he hides his wrong doings, but still he treats it as every other case. That has to be respected. Humpel earned it. Call me a brown nose on that, I am not moved by that in any way. I have seen this for years, and am impressed by that calm and focused dedication for people who clearly can't appreciate how much work he puts into them and after all the ungrateful people he meets on this board on a daily basis, he is still here to help. I respect that.
You know that nobody will read that
DerPunkt (EUW)
: >but my statement is, that I'm not the extreme kind of flamer, and eventhough the whole thing of swearing etc. is wrong, but I don't think it's fair that I get punished when other players are way more offensive than I am and they don't get punished. That's what they all say. I assure you, when Mr Humpelstilzche takes time to explain it to you, you should listen. For about 7 Years I have a on and off relation with league. And everytime I comeback mir Humpelstilzche is still here and doing what he always did, explaining how the punish system works, explaining why somebody got punished, explaining why it won't get taken back and explaining how you can rescue your account. He has seen literally hundreds if not thousands of cases exactly like this one. People claiming they are not as bad as others, people claiming the system was unfairly skewed towards them. Also Mr. Humpel was around when the one who created Riots approach towards Toxic behaviour. Riot Lyte was still working at Riot as head of the player behaviour team. Mr Humpel saw how people claiming all this got who, same as you refused to post they Report cards got SMITED that is Riot Lyte would occasionally enter a thread just like this and start a discussion with the OP and if he refused to accept that his behaviour was actually banworthy by all means he would look into their files and post the necessary evidence. I have seen one case, where Riot Lyte would take back a ban, and that was a peculiar case, where the offender literally flamed himself for bad plays. And he would get unbanned this is the only case. Also he had to promise to from now on just refrain from such toxic language even if it was directed at himself, since other players might actually take offense on the flaming itself and now who it is directed at. So listen to Humpelstilzche, he knows what he is saying he as told it so many times. Otherwise he knows what will happen to your account next, because he has seen it happen so many times.
Mr ? You might aswell call him Daddy
: For OLD LoL players... its so... :'(
: He said "This game is about competing and not skins." There have always been and there'll always be people who enjoy collecting stuff, either irl or in-game. There are probably many people who play this game to collect skins and stuff. He didn't say either that "I prefer competing more than collecting skins and champions", so why should I reply to him in a subjective way if he was being objective? He sounded like some closed minden person who thinks the only purpose of the game is competing and thinks that everyone who plays this game for other reasons is wrong. Once again, I understand that a lot of people play this game for the competition aspect, and I have no problem with that. I replied in a way saying this game is not about competition, but rather having fun with friends, because that's my opinion, and he stated his opinion as a fact too, so I have to get down to his level to be able to talk to him. And yeah, we can say I'm competing with other people, but that's not the reason I play the game. Honestly I enjoyed the Odyssey PvE event more than PvP, even though I wasn't competing with anyone.
And again you are repeating the same shit over and over again even after I explained everything....
: That's not what I meant. I know how casual players and competitive players play but what I meant to say . I wanted to say is that no matter which of these two types of players you are, you are still competing with the other players to win the game. No matter your intentions since this is the main point of the game.
My only problem was that he said ''This game is about having fun with your friends, not about competition.'' as a fact instead of saying ''I prefer playing with friends more than competing. He is saying it like the game's main purpose is playing casually because you can't have fun while playing competitively
Yraco (EUW)
: Competition is a key part of the game but do keep in mind that some people play simply to mess around with their friends. I normally play competitively but do things like Bard jungle, Rakan mid and Yas/Riven bot when I'm with my friends because even if we don't win it's quite fun to play and we have a laugh. They aren't wrong to say about how they enjoy the game and that doesn't mean other people can't have fun for different reasons.
That's not what I meant. I know how casual players and competitive players play but what I meant to say . I wanted to say is that no matter which of these two types of players you are, you are still competing with the other players to win the game. No matter your intentions since this is the main point of the game.
: Just read it. You literally said "Don't forget that you are the one that started it." No, I wasn't. I asked a question, someone asked why I thought that, I told them why I think that way, and then that guy came and stated his opinion as a fact. I wasn't the one starting it. About the hate: "I'm wondering, doesn't the game feel boring now that you have all champions and all skins?" A simple question. A "yes it does" or a "no it doesn't" would have been enough answer. But the question got 5 downvotes for some reason. Can you tell me why a simple question that I'd like to know the answer to gets downvoted? Like I didn't say anything offensive. I even said "I'm wondering" because it expresses that I personally would maybe feel a little bored if I had everything unlocked. But everyone can have their opinion, I wouldn't have made a problem out of it if someone just said "no, the game still feels the same" or anything like that. But apparently people didn't like that I had an opinion and a question so they downvoted me. You may be competing with people in this game, but that's not the reason I enjoy playing it. If it was a PvE game with the same champions, I would still love to play it with my friends, even though I have nobody to compete against. And honestly, when I'm playing with my friends, sometimes I have way more fun losing with as a 2/6 Talon support than winning as a 21/2 Diana. But for example in ranked, where the main focus is competing with people, I get stressed and can't enjoy the game. Like who likes it when the enemy invades and steals the buff, then your toplaner gets mad at the jungler for missing the smite and running it down all game long, ending in 0/17? Or when in a totally average ranked your Nasus has 9 stacks in 9 minutes? I can't enjoy the game when I'm playing with random people. But when I'm playing with my friends, we can have good and fun conversations even if we're losing, we can still joke around and keeping your sanity doesn't feel like a challenge. So for me, fun is way more important than competing. But according to that other guy "This game is about competition". Yeah I get it that there are championships and all, but take football for example. There are many people who just go out with their friends and have some fun time, while there are also championships.
So basically no matter how many time I try to explain something you will repeat your words over and over again without thinking over them ? If that's the case then why do I bother replying to these discussions ?
: Yeah, he stated his opinion as a fact, so I stated mine as a fact too because it was obvious he didn't know what opinions are and thinks his opinion is a fact. "Ah you are one of those people that has no friends. Sucks for you." I literally copied his message "Ah you are one of those people that thinks competing is not fun. Sucks for you.", and replaced his argument with mine. Again, I did the same thing as he did AFTER he did it. And the third one... I was really pissed at that point, because I told my opinion, and the reply coming to it was just that it's nonsense, but it didn't have any counterargument or didn't tell me where he disagreed.
Its a fact that this game is about competing... why are you so ignorant
: Nah, honestly that comment chain on that post started really stressing me out.
: No idea why he said that to be honest. Like I enjoy the game because I can play with friends and because I can get skins. I don't see why he judges me based on why I like this game.
Did you read my last comment on the other post ?
: Got passive-aggressive saying "Ah you are one of those people that think competing is not fun. Sucks for you."
so he said that because he was mad ??
: I have no problem with someone liking the competitive aspect of the game, the thing that annoys me is when they get pissed at me for playing the game on a casual level. Like in the post you mentioned, I didn't say anything offensive before they did. I literally just wanted to know whether the game felt more boring for them now that they've got everything, because I know that the only reason I'm playing solo is getting shards, keys and chests, and the only reason I play otherwise is having fun with my friends. So for me personally, having all champions and skins would take away the reason to play alone, hence I would only play with friends. And the guy got mad at me saying the game was for competition. Like I don't have any problems with people who prefer to be alone and not have friends, but what annoys me is when they despise people just because they have friends. The reason I really enjoy this game is that I can play it with friends. Ranked literally stresses me off and I can't enjoy it even a slight bit. So as for me, I only enjoy the game casually, with friends. And that's why it pisses me off when someone OBJECTIVELY says this game is about competition, and it sucks for me that I don't like competing. I didn't find your answer offensive at all by the way, honestly I liked it. I can see that you have some common sense and don't only look at things from the competitive point of view. Honestly people on that post tilted me so much that any time I check the League Boards and see I have a notification, I feel really stressed that it may be related to that post and people may still be writing hate comments.
Adama (EUW)
: You were pretty toxic too, I remember. I guess, some things trigger others and some things trigger you?
Idk why he even took your words as an insult tbh .
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