: because you're surprised when you realise the legendary is only 975
BucZOtwocka (EUNE)
: it does not matter. multiplication is commutative. that should have been tought in elementary i think
Yeah you are right. I was confusing this with adding and then subtracting % where you have to do them individually. Thanks for pointing that out to me.
BucZOtwocka (EUNE)
: flat increases first, percentage increases second.
I know. But i meant do the mastery that give % (for example Unyielding) apply first or does Poppys W passive % bonus apply first?
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: if i remember well, he must be in an area of 1250 units if you want to be able to see the indicator, i believe something like this
The indicator color depends on his form, and when it's blue in certain parts of the river it is hard to see if you aren't looking for it.
Rioter Comments
: Zilean q and recall interaction
Because its a damaging ability. It might not damage immediately but it does do damage.
Rioter Comments
: Will you guys ever consider about making one of your servers in balkan area ?
I know the feeling. It's really annoying when my game suddenly lags hard for no reason in the worst possible moment. A server in the Balkan area would be a godsend.
: Given that you can get roughly 100 CS per 10 minutes, your relatively low farm is definitely part of the reason why you didn't get a higher score. In addition your KDA isn't really extraordinary. It's good of course, but not at all an unusually good KDA. Those are rather normal stats for an ADC on the winning team. You also didn't really place a lot of wards. 5 wards in over 20 minutes is not exactly a lot. I hope this info helps you.
Thanks for the info, I will try and improve on these things.
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hir0ki (EUW)
: Jhin W-Spell || Problem with rooting enemies
That's interesting. I'm want to buy Jhin next and knowing about this bug is really helpful since i will be able to prepare for it. Also how often did you get the bug? The more often it is the higher chance it will be noticed. You are just lucky Jhin is popular. I main Mordekaiser and the list of bugs on him is insane. And they don't get much attention because no one really plays him. My advice is play around the bug, make it so that it doesn't matter that you cant root him. Good luck and have fun {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Jackom1 (EUW)
: Is Udyr never going to get a VGU until his spirit guard is outdated?
Yeah, i agree completely. He really needs a visual update, the only problem is that a lot of champions do and riot can't work on them all at the same time. Right now they are busy with the urgot rework and probably the evelyn one too. They might release some visual updates for champions alongside the new urgot though, but i wouldn't get my hopes up.
: There isn't any. Everything related to the old lore of summoners and the institute of war has been removed from the story, as it limited what the authors could write. No matter what kind of a champion they would think up, it would always be weaker than the summoners who control them, and at one point it just got ridiculous. I mean, Xerath is the most powerful being in all of Runeterra, and Aurelion is to date the most powerful being in existence. It's already ridiculous with Xerath, and champions like Aurelion simply wouldn't be able to exist in the old universe. And by removing the institute, the summoner's rift, etc. from the story, it allowed Riot to be a lot more creative and expansive with the settings of the lore.
Don't forget kindred who are the literal embodiment of death.
Vòrtéx (EUNE)
: Why Did Kayne Go To The Dentist?
I just laughed at this. What the %%%% am i doing with my life?{{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
: yeah and make his w give some extra armor and mr to him or some sort of defense when hitting more than one people so it makes up for his windwall remove,I just don't want him to block shit for no reason with an ability that requires less than average skill. Or keep the wall but make projectiles that go throught it move slower or deal a reduced significant amount of dmg, anything is better than just blocking everything.
I think that the wall should last a lot shorter. Right now it lasts for 4 seconds which is ridiculous, it should last 1-2 seconds so that it forces him to use it more wisely instead of just throwing it down and blocking half the enemy team damage. They should also do something about his passive shield. I can't count the number of times it has saved an enemy yasuo from ignite or a damage over time ability.
VI Radio (EUW)
: Nasus tweaks
No to the first yes to the second. Nasus wither slows for 99% and reduces attack speed by 50%, he basically breaks you limbs kills your cat and uses its guts to tie you up. Giving him bonus movement speed for using it would just make it broken since you literally couldn't escape him without a cleanse.
Alex3995 (EUW)
: agree on the first 3 points. However its not exactly forced. (atleast not more than it is in overwatch). there is an arrow thingy in them bottom center that allows you to leave. For someone like me who wanted to honor someone but often forgot because i press "play again" to fast this isnt to bad.
I agree with all 3 points. I really wish they would bring back honorable opponent honor.
: 3 man ganks is meta?
Try playing champions who have a lot of cc, so that if they do dive you at least one of them will die. Preferably the jungler.
Riddarn (EUNE)
: The best thing you could do is ward and try to survive. When these things happen it's up to the rest of your team to take advantage of the situation and go for objectives or counterganks when most of the enemy team are somewhere else. If your team don't do that, then that's when 3 man ganks are the most effective. Really, it's more up to your own team to do something to counter it rather than you, because there's not much you can do about it by yourself. This is where playing as a team becomes important.
Playing as a team is a nice thought, but people in this game below high platinum don't know that this is a team game and will try to do everything on their own. I really wish it weren't like this but unfortunately it is.
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Voidner (EUNE)
: ADC2K17
This probably won't be a thing. This would make it so that ADC can't kill ramus. And Poppy can abuse this too with her W passive.
: Add me as a friend. I am trying to climb as well. maybe we can fit nicely as a team
Sure. I will most likely be playing in about 5 hours give or take.
: If your friends played on your PC and they have item sets, they will save to your account aswell.
Thank you for that. I was afraid my account was hacked.
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WWthePro (EUNE)
: when's urf coming?
When pigs fly. That's why i plan to bring one on a plane with me. XD But seriously though URF/ARURF is the most wanted game mode of all and it comes about once every blue moon.
: Poroking.... WOOOOOO.... <.<
I know right. As much as i love poro king this game mode has been spammed so much I started throwing poros in my dreams. Give us ARURF or One for all not this.
: Bug from Syndra.
lol wtf. How does that even happen? I mean I've seen some weird shit happen, and I main {{champion:82}} who has as many bugs as there are champs but this is some next level shit.
: Serbia
Iz kog grada si?
: It kills the game when I'm constantly solo while the support is off being mid with jungler and the midlaner, then I ask for some help because I cant keep the tower alive or my myself and farm safely then I get the 'I'm supporting the team' which just %%%%in' tilts me so many good games I;ve lost from not having anyone to protect me, if I'm fed doesn't mean I can solo everything, just means I deal more damage, not that I take more damage
I know this happened to me to when i play ADC every now and then, so i make sure to not do the things that i hate other people doing. I wish that was the mindset of every player but sadly bellow high diamond that doesn't happen.
: To you aspiring supports
I agree mostly. But its kinda hard to do so when your ADC is a complete and utter potato. I main support and i try my best to do exactly what you say. I just have to mention that when I'm not playing support seeing the support without {{item:2049}} tilts the absolute %%%% out of me, which happens way to often.
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: Play more, you barely have any ranked games played, it takes alot of games played to climb. Main a role, sure at the moment it does look like you maybe main a support, but with sucha small amount of games played i can't be certain. Play as small champion pool as possible, so don't worry about counterpicks or teamcomps or anything whatever, decide on a set of champions you will play and play them.
I recently decided to try and climb. I want games where my team doesn't have people who run in to a 1 v 4 expecting to win, though i will admit i did that my self sometimes when i got too cocky. Thanks for the advice.
: stick to 1 champ. <-- this must be done as learning the game and learning different types of champs is very confusing. if you stick to 1 Champ than you can learn the game itself and hopefully that 1 champ aswell to a higher level than most low elo players u meet. if you want the quickest result than learn teamfighting champs Like Sona + ammu or even Malphite. You can literally in all options just win teamfights over and over and your team will eventually reach nexus. Dont worry this works fine and well even in Plat. Second Option Use split push champs Like Jax + Nasus + trynda + fiora + swain, And kill and kill and keep splitpushing to the enemy inhibitor. It is always handy to take Rift herald and dont forget even as a Toplaner that you can Rotate to mid or TP to bot and gain even more towers that extra gold helps you get massive. you can rotate if minionwave is pushed to the enemy tower or you have nothing to lose, because the enemy toplaner is no visible threat and doesnt know how to push and is passive. Also if your strong than dont be afraid of taking Enemy Jungle camps as that helps you also make him weaker.. but they also offer toplaners alot of XP... Finally easiest option ?? Sona and im not even Joking.
Thank you for the advice.
: I have acc on eune if you want to duoq And i will tell you your mistakes in game when i see them :)
OK thanks. What country do you live in? I'm asking for time zones.
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: [Help!] which champ should i buy for 4800 ip ?
Play {{champion:111}}. He sucks the life out of every game. XD
The Arcus (EUNE)
: Bulls do have nipples though. Every male animal. Even if they don't serve any purpose they are still there.
That moment when you realize you are arguing with someone on the internet if bulls have nipples. XD
: You know you can make her vitals reset by walking out of vision range of Fiora.
Yeah i know but the problem is in extended skirmishes. The heal and movement speed makes it way to easy to hit vitals. So either give it a cooldown or remove the movement speed to make it harder to hit vitals.
Rioter Comments
: Yasuo Rework: Thoughts And Suggestions
I think the double crit chance isn't the problem since his auto attacks and q do less crit damage, the problem is that {{item:3031}} lets him ignore that penalty. They should make it so he cant use that portion of it. His W should have its duration reduced to 2-3 second and the size should no longer scale with level. His e should have a longer cooldown like 1 second instead of 0,5. And his Q shouldn't scale with attack speed.
The Arcus (EUNE)
: Alistar
Because humans are the only animal species where the males have nipples. Bulls don't have udders so Alistar doesn't have nipples.
jonisen22 (EUW)
: The only adc's I think are too strong are {{champion:119}} {{champion:29}} {{champion:51}}
{{champion:51}} Will always be at least somewhat strong purely for the fact that she out ranges every other adc and can use that to bully them out of lane if played right. {{champion:119}} passive is ridiculous and needs to be nerfed since his Q now scales with bonus AD and it lets him finish items twice as fast. The nerf doesn't have to be to great, i would make it so he only gets stacks for catching axes. The fact that he gets them for killing minions kinda makes it to powerful. {{champion:29}} is indeed powerful late game but to offset that his early game is weak.
Celestina17 (EUNE)
: Why S ranks Are hard to get for lvl 7
I think the games you have already played also have a small influence. Like if you get an S in one game then the next S will need a slightly higher score. Nothing too big just a couple of more cs or 1 more kill.
Omniarch (EUW)
: Heya! I mainly play on EUW server, and I'm from Finland (: But I do have an account in EUNE, though it doesnt own too many ADC champions. Only problem is, that the EUNE account is Platinum, and lowest it can duo with is Gold 5 :/
That's OK. I wish you luck with your search. If you can you should try duoing with a friend and playing Mordekaiser adc in a normal, just make sure that your support is either leona, nautilus or blitzkrank. It's really fun.
Omniarch (EUW)
: [EUW] ADC Looking For a Night Owl Support of Any Rank!
Which country do you live in? I'm asking because of time zones. I'm in silver since maining support makes it a lot harder to climb if you are below diamond so now i decided that i would either duo for supp or play top since I generally prefer tanky champions . How does the duo system work with elo? I know you can duo with a rank lower or higher than you bit what are the limitations. If i by can't duo with you i wish you luck on finding someone who can.{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Rioter Comments
: Because these champs are even more useless in the CC meta
Have you played against a {{champion:82}}? As soon as he gets a small lead he can 1v3 unless the enemy have {{champion:111}} or {{champion:89}}, and even then if he can ult and burst someone down he wins.
Wen294 (EUW)
: Well that item was already available for quite a while. My bigger problem is the fact that Morello is now a must buy on practically every mana using ap champ ever. There's literally 0 tradeoff for them to get grieveous wounds (aside from the 40% hp requirements but then again it stays for 8 fcking seconds...) because even if the enemy has 0 healing champs they STILL rush the damn item. They practically counter healing-reliant champions without having to sacrifice ANYTHING for it. At least most champs in lane that get {{item:3123}} have to spend some money on a not ideal item that they'll probably have to sell later on anyway. Additionally it isn't very usefull against champs other than the self-healing one. If it's possible to rotate lanes (mid/top) then you can kinda make the opponent feel bad about buying it. There exists no way of making an ap midlaner feel bad about morello. Oh and ignite support meta is annoying as well for healing type champs.
Yeah. I don't get why morelo even has grievous wounds. The item is already powerful enough. It gives 20% cdr 100 ap a decent amount of mana and it restores mana on leveling up. The grievous wounds seem so out of place on this item. Like it was slapped on at the last second.
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