Goodnigut (EUW)
: They either: 1. Don't do it often nor constantly. 2. Are way too good for the elo in which they are sitting. 3. They perfectly know their champions, the enemy champions and their mechanics.
1. he does it every game 2. he is challenger and plays in platinum lol 3. sure with some junglers like graves i can get 120-150 cs per 20 min but some junglers like shaco only 50-90 per 20 min thats in a normal game ofc if u're so good in that game u can farm lanes and camps easily with no pressure i can reach that cs i just wanna know whats the normal cs for a high elo jungler
Goodnigut (EUW)
: First of all you are dodging facts that are easy to be found out => Secondly, you missed out the role of {{champion:107}}. He's an assassin. He's specialized on deleting lone targets. Did you try to use your passive? I usually spam use it each time I get the chance to do so. Other than that you had only 3 assists which means that you didn't help your team with a lot and on top of it, your champ isn't a split pusher. He's a "let's delete that lone walking victim". Mid is the easiest for him to gank as he can go there and gank since level 3, let's say 4 for some, because of the brushes being so close to the lane and on both side, top and bot. Just sit in the brush and when the enemy is in range, hop on it and start deleting. E, Q, W, some AA another E and walk away, letting your mid get the kill. It should be easy as daylight to play him in team in plat and even so with golds as your team. It becomes a real pain in Bronze when no one knows what to do as basically it's a clown fiesta, everyone fooling around not knowing what they are doing.
the problem that game was nobody was ever alone xin zhao was always with orianna and braum was always with cailtyn and braum is a no-deal when it comes to assasination when my team is useless af what am i supposed to do ? if i engage i die instantly INSTANTLY i cant 1v1 xin he is too fed and i never give kills to my teammates cuz i'm assasin i died a lot cuz i tried to 1v2 or 1v1 and it turned out to be 1v2 again ... i've seen junglers like nightblue getting 200 cs per 25 min and 15 kills how is that possible ?
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: I am by no means an ADC master but i do main support and one thing i have noticed with those 2 is Lucian has a stronger early as he is a caster adc simular to Ez vayne is a late game hyper carry like Kog or Twitch. Lucian might beat you early but once vayne gets 3 or 4 items you get stronger while lucian falls off hardcore
thats not the case when in pre-nerf lucian he could kill u early mid and even late game if u dont play it righht i mean one hit late game is half ur hp even tho vayne aa is half hp too late game lucian is much easier to position with now luc is useless af
: Lucian is burst oriented Marksman,where as Vayne needs to auto-attack relentlessly.For the first 2-2,5 seconds of the duel,Lucian wins.If the duel drags on,Vayne wins. **->**I play both of the champions and I know their Pros&Cons very well,trust me.Lucian needs heavy gear to deal proper damage,where as Vayne only needs {{item:3153}} + {{item:3086}} to kill everything. Lucian is **more item&snowball dependent**,also can't burst down tanks even with his Armor Penetration build. If Lucian is set behind for some reason,then he's totally useless where as Vayne has **so much base damage** on her kit already. **->**I can kill any Lucian with Vayne after {{item:3153}} even he has 1,000-1,500 gold over me.**If you lose duels against Lucian,then you are playing Vayne wrong.**(Try to dodge Piercing Light with Tumble,it's the best thing you can do.) **->**On the other hand; **Lucian isn't broken,just fits the Meta so perfectly.**
a month has passed now lucian is useless af these nerfs and the meta has made him so useless
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: They aren't.
then why are their names writen as such ?
: What's exactly wrong?
Leona's name is Leona Brand's name is Brand etc... how is it possible that someone can be named after a champion and all 7 of them to be named like that ?
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: if you have trouble farming, consider shiv instead of rapidfire or PD. Shiv's proc also has a crit chance, if you are planning on building more zeal items or IE, so when you tumble + shiv proc, it can do a ton of damage, if it crits. BF sword first, in to zeal item is a good way to have some damage early game, in lane, since the trades often don't last more than few hits and having bf sword + zeal vs a completed zeal item, probably does better
if i have 1300 or 1600 gold i always take bf sword but if i dont i take attack speed items i cant operate without attack speed items varus jinx tristana all have attack speed without attack speed items vayne doesnt i get from pd and botrk and boots 1.8 attack speed when i get to that i have like 100 ad and enemy adc has 300 ad so i take pd and ie then botrk but ie is expensive i'm just gonna look for janna support
: I belive that bad supports is the main reason for these. In Bronze and Low silver nobody have patience to not engage until level 6. So they enagage and that results in feeding and if it happens to many times you get useless midgame. So start with say something like these to the support: "Vayne is pretty weak Before level 6 pls dont engage Before that".
lvl 6 ? rly i need lvl 18 before i can do anything in silver they have no understanding that vayne isnt early game champion and when enemy lucian mf tristana cait sivir comes roam mid they say report vayne even tho we gave ss they want to carry the game themselves and they fail and i get one shott by enemy assasins
: Considering that the only thing that stops enemies from going ham on you early is your support, you have to have a damn good one to live through early. But then again, Vayne, Kog'maw and Twitch(and Draven, but not so much) are the marksmen that require support in order to live through early, and after the laning phase is done, your power spike is much higher than most of other marksmen. Also, it is not true that Vayne is much weaker early on than other marksmen. She is just weaker than some of them, like Cait (much more range and has means to keep that range), or Tristana (has much more AS early, and if she has the same items you do, she will outdamage you), Draven (but that guy blasts every marksman if played well). But in the end, you can probably outplay them 1v1. The problem is support. If they get something like Braum, Leona, Malphite (God forbid this one), you are going to have a bad time. Those are all hard engage supports that can keep you locked down for long enough for you to die (which is not really hard with that small HP pool), and if your support doesn't react on time you die. If your support knows how to deal with engages, you can counter-engage and make a trade in your favor.
tell that to silver supports most supports from silver pick one aggresive support regardless of their adc opinions and stick with it and some just take support because of queue times
: totally agree with you bro. rito , do something to solve this problem. I dont wanna play a boring game and juts face no skills tanky champion again and again.
i play easy champions but they get bored to me thats why i play hard champions and i lose a lot more games then with easy ones :)
: The Main Problem with Season 6...
zed , talon , fizz , diana are all op assasins hybrids like jax yi and xin counter them but good mid assasin will be always in lead and will take advantage of the game i've seen rengars take 20-0 on xins or yi's and its not that uncommon to have 25-1 kha zix against a decent master yi player
: the worst thing about tank {{champion:245}} is that he even has a better win rate then ap {{champion:245}}
there will be nerfs on ekko base dmg so ap ekko will be more op then tank ekko then they will nerf ap ekko and buff tank ekko then they will do that same thing 3 more times and then ekko will be reworked
: Well, Vayne is weak early and during laning phase, if you want to get ahead as Vayne then you need either at least a few kills and keep on farming or play Extremely defensive. You don't have to engage when your support wants to. Calculate the risks and item wise how you are against the enemy. One more thing, don't follow Challenger builds, they are completely based on farm-till-you-drop modes.
its not as easy as it seems the wave usually is in middle of the lane if i hit the minions too much i push the wave if i dont hit the minions i get pushed stupid silver adc push the wave to the tower and even more stupid silver junglers dont gank pushed lanes
: Laning phase: Different maxing depending on matchup. Mostly maxing q or w. One thing that helps a lot is getting {{item:3094}} first and use it's passive for poke or farm. Brother is a vayne god and he almost always maxes q and w paralelled. Also, don't underestimate Botrk.
i used to took botrk first but i saw challenger adc take phantom + IE so i started taking phantom first item then either botrk or infinity egde but either way i need attack speed first item its so mechanically hard to control vayne without at least 1.5 attack speed i max w always. always. what i hate most is lvl 1 2v2 i just need one cc its really weird and fancinating how one kill for enemy adc means 20-0 late game
archerno1 (EUNE)
: Well thats the issue with Vayne, she has horrible laning phase. Also after BOTRK nerfs her build changed drastically, she doesnt go for lifesteal on start so no sustain. She is in a horrible spot atm. Every ADC can outperform her. She needs serious buffs to become viable again.
i just went 26-8 with vayne i made 2 quadra kills ofc what game would it be if enemy yasuo didnt have 25-9 and fck me from the bush one q+ ult +q = dead i survived like 4 tf and that 5th i got killed unfortunately
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ShadWooo (EUNE)
: Yes he can avoid it. Xin needs to use E to get closer to yi in first place, at that moment, Q on minion or jungle and Yi avoid the Xin Q unless Xin flash of course. If he flashes, Yi needs to flash too or use exhaust and dodge it. If both flashed, Yi should take the advantage right now, ult and all in since Xins Q is now on - if Yi exhausted, exhaust will then recharge faster than flash which gives Yi advantage - and has easy 1vs1 on Xin. Unlike Yi, Xin cant follow up flash/dash with his E, while Yi can. This means that Xin can never run from Yi, but Yi can run from Xin and avoid fight when he is weaker.
dude u need god like reflexes in order to avoid xin zhao's q late game because of the devourer 1st attack is lets say 2.0 attack speed 2nd and 3rd attack happen almost immidietly cuz of devourer passive a.k.a when he has devourer passive it is impossible to avoid his q unless you q before his q then he couldnt hit you in the first place its confusing but the point is you cant avoid xin q late game and early game you dont need to avoid it you're already dead from him
: I am questioning why their {{champion:40}} has {{item:3147}} and {{item:3087}}
when u have 520 normal movement speed with your passive w u can have bloodthirster and zhonya and still dont give a fck
ShadWooo (EUNE)
: Not if Yi summoners will be smite/exhaust which is quite common actually. Also Xin till lategame is very dependant on the first burst. Yi can deny it easily with Q, and after Xin Q is down, there is till 40%cdr quite high window where Yi completely destroy Xin.
u dont understand one thing about hybrids not everyone can have guinsoo and called a hybrid hybrid is a champion that has in build attack speed steroids or ap scaling xin has 60 % attack speed steroid and yi has 80 % at full build thats not much difference considering that xin has q that deals a lot more dmg and he cant avoid xin's q its not a skillshot or a targeted stun its a fcking basic attack
Piotrzeci (EUNE)
: [Poll] Guinsoo. Do we really need it?
if u complain so much about rageblade then get a fcking leona which will stun them and adc will kill them
: Xin Zhao does not beat a full build Yi lol.
it kinda does yi has maybe 10-20 % more attack speed but xin has way more dmg early game yi cant do shit mid game cant do shit late game maybeeeeeee but i dont think so cuz of his q xin's q is like 150 more dmg on 3 basic attacks also xin after guinsoo and hextech builds tanky and has passive which reduces 15 % of yi's armor gg xin wins
Piotrzeci (EUNE)
: [Poll] Guinsoo. Do we really need it?
i dont mind guinsoo but i do mind when i play xin zhao i have 6-2 score and after 20 minutes master yi has 25-3 score xin zhao vs master yi full build xin zhao wins but not cool that i have 3 items while master yi has full build after 25 minutes
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: Full Tank Garen
garen's ult cant do 1500 dmg just because i get 1500 true dmg from garen's ult sometimes but that makes sense u killed you became his rival now u get 600 magic dmg plus 40 % of your missing hp if you have 3000 hp and you lost 2000 hp he has 1600 true dmg on his ult
: yi deserves a nerf
if u let master yi 1v5 you without any cc its your problem your problem that your team has 0 cc i mean if this was any other jungler u would still use cc to kill him late game he can have 3000-4000 hp but thats only 3 hits for certain champions burst or sustain
: And fiora... Like seriously,max hp true dmg,ridiculous base dmg,lowers attack speed and movement speed of enemies,2 AA resets,a dash on 2 seconds cd,and an ult that just can do up to 1200 dmg IF YOU'RE A TANK OR SQUISHY. Bloody fucking hell.
she is only countered by jax tryndamere udyr xin zhao master yi malphite renekton anything that can burst/sustain her
: It's just gotten to that point now. This anti-nerf stigma attached to such a "noob-only-garbage-higher-elo" champ can't be held up much longer. With all the junglers around him being nerfed (Xin fell 16 places and doesn't even rank top 20 anymore) he's just going to get stronger until Riot finally notices he's become a problem. Looking at it, he's consistently been in the top 5 junglers with Shyvana for almost a season:
nothing about him has changed he has been like this for over 6 months why now nerf ? jax has 51 % winrate and he is counter to master yi have you ever tried playing lux morgana taric ? renekton pantheon nasus ?
SaleDaBro (EUNE)
: Gratz man, but i think Silver 5 is like another Bronze tier, lel.
for me its gold 10 :D
D1nzu (EUW)
: This cant be a challenger game. This is most likely challenger vs Bronze. What kind of challenjour plays a useless lee sin top? XD
this Rapisher is 2nd best EUNE challenger player with over 1000 lp this is challenger ranked game
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Faca4 (EUW)
: We need SOLO-QUEUE !!!!
5 premades play against 5 premades 4 premades play against 4 premades 3 premades play against 3 premades but 2 premades can end up against solo q players like in normal solo queue
Etherim (EUW)
: F**k ranked and play normals, This game is meant to be fun for most of the players, Others took it to the next level.... Good job bruh. I did my placements and stopped there, i Don't give any f**ks about ranked tho. I only wanna have fun
you cant have feeders every game i mean if you have feeder every game then thats your fault u cant say omfg this yasuo 0-10 when you have 0-2 even if you are top and you have 6-0 and other 4 of your team feed and it ends up you losing the game just call it gg wp and move on if you win your lane 6-0 every game you will win more then you lose because you win your lane no matter what and if champion you are playing is a carry champion then its gg izi for you also i dont like normals because i play with people trying out free2play champions and if you go 20-0 which is kinda easy you cant say i'm pro when you play against 5 first time players its easier to learn in ranked because people play seriously ( at least a bit seriously )
Etherim (EUW)
: F**k ranked and play normals, This game is meant to be fun for most of the players, Others took it to the next level.... Good job bruh. I did my placements and stopped there, i Don't give any f**ks about ranked tho. I only wanna have fun
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: Oh trust me, I've been called a feeder as a support a few times. Its stupid. Quite often my deaths as a support are due to ganks or dying to save someone on my team. If I can throw myself in to someone as Braum or Alistar and get the carries out alive I've done something good. But all they see it as is intentional feeding. The funny thing is though... IF that person was to die because I did nothing. They still throw out reports are needed because of not doing the job right.
i'm not like that i protect my supp as much as i can but if they dont come out soon i am saying bye bye i'm not gonna give them double kill trying to save my adc and at the end of the match i end up with 0 or 2-3 deaths and we win if we lose i die a lot cuz i wanted to help but couldnt
: its allways so annoying and hypocritical that people want to be the best at the game, they copy pro builds, play difficult champions try to make sick plays, but one thing these players never copy is never giving up. pros never surrender, even if theyre 18-0
they never surrender but in high elo the winning team usually wins there is no "late game" in challenger most of matches dont even get to 20 minutes
: There is a thing with Pantheon. Get gromp/blue then gank top for first blood. Then go red and mid keep doing that until 6 then ulti bot. I was in bronze last season and carried alot with Pantheon jungle. Good luck tho
i have seen him snowball so many times in ranked mainly cuz he was top and got feed on enemy nasus but i seriously dont see any other way to carry with pantheon if you snowball gg izi if you dont hope that your team will carry you
: There is a thing with Pantheon. Get gromp/blue then gank top for first blood. Then go red and mid keep doing that until 6 then ulti bot. I was in bronze last season and carried alot with Pantheon jungle. Good luck tho
ye and when any champion that isnt nasus comes 1v1 with pantheon they destroy him completely
: {{champion:80}}
i see a lot of hybrid junglers against them pantheon is useless while jarvan isnt i play a lot of jax and xin too
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: The best way to find your main is one very simple question you have to ask yourself... which champion do you find the most fun. Completely ignore if they are currently strong or how good you are on them... that comes later. Just focus on this fun aspect of the game. The champion (or champions, nothing wrong with having more than one main) that you find the most fun to play should be your main... if you have fun then you can play them a lot (which you are gonna do, no point maining someone if you are gonna get bored of them), and if you are enjoying yourself then you will be much more open to improvements meaning that you become better faster. Another important factor is playstyle. Everyone has a different play style they like to do wether that's initiating, adcing, blowing people up... Everyone is different. If you know what your play style is then focus your main around that (although it might not always work out like that... being fun is more important), in theory you should do better on them. Once you got this sorted out then you will have a champion to main, from there pick a lane... you like all of them (more or less) so this would be pretty easy for you, just go where you usually take your main (for example I'm a sion main, so my main role is top lane as that's where I usually take sion). And one more tip... Completely forget about balance when you do this... it might be easy to fixate on the really strong champions but if those champions aren't very fun to you then maining them is gonna be painful. Not to mention strength can change every patch, so picking a main based on something that might not even be there next week is not gonna be very effective. Hope that helped, good luck in finding a main... And don't let anyone get in the way of your main, if they don't like you maining that champion they just have to live with it (back when I mained old AD sion before his rework I did get quite a few insults ranging from sion being useless and a troll pick to accusing me of hacking due to sion's mechanics... I just ignored them and continued doing what I loved to do).
but its so hard to find someone i like its a weird feeling but yes
: >when i start somehow losing i notice flaws in their kit. Every Champion has flaws, you can spend years waiting for the one perfect Champion that has no weaknesses, but that's not gonna happen. I believe maining a champion means noticing the flaws of a Champion, and** learning to overcome** them. This is probably harder for some players who haven't "fallen in love" with one specific Champion yet. Maybe you just need to stick with a Champion you like next time, and when you start noticing their flaws, think of a way to overcome them. However, maybe maining one specific Champion is not the thing for you. That is fine, and you can definitely still climb the ranked ladder even if you are not a 'one trick pony'.
the problem is that when i start to like a champion later i start to hate that champion because of weird reasons i dont really have a favourite champion for example i like playing katarina and yasuo but they are not my interest because they are hard to master and just simply doesn't fit in the meta i like playing vayne but that doesnt mean i want to main him i like playing garen but playing him doesnt make me feel good because its an easy champion
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: "but its more likely that i will end up with team of noobs then team of platinum smurfs" so do the enemy players, if youre as good as you state(not up for debate i dont know you) you should be the only good player in the game, hence you should climb eventually sinc you should be able to carry "i win 40 % of my games" thats less than half of your games, what results do you expect if you win LESS THAN HALF of your games?
ye dude nevermind now i win more games then i lose cuz of this premade thing i'm not a gold or platinum player i need to improve i'm just saying that i'm better then these b5 players b5 is new s5 being silver means you're gold
: and in the enemy team there are 5 people that suck according to your logic, whats your point?
omfg i win ofc sometimes but its more likely that i will end up with team of noobs then team of platinum smurfs i win 40 % of my games but other 60 % are pain in the a.s.s
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