Lovrothekid (EUNE)
Whatever seems tastiest. Gnar,Darius,Rengar,Syndra. Pick your poison.
: Need tips, ANY is appreciated, im desperate
Go top Rengar,get early bling,massacre the enemy team,get all the barons and finish 1v7. That is 100% effective and will get you out of challenger for sure!
: 1380 Riot Points Giveaway at 100 Subscribers
There is only one way for the to win. Create 88 accounts and make them all subscribe to you. But it's not worth it. Oh forgot that I am perma banned.
Shiroe x (EUW)
: I like you {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} --Not creepy at all, i just get your sarcasm--
: That's something you need to learn yourself... you know, like any decent, not-totally-evil person.
Do you really think someone like me,who falls asleep to slipknot,can just take and change. Well actually yes,I got permabanned and THEN lucian decided to purify me... I am different,and just because I am different does not make me useful. I calmed my mind with power of ancient god,and now my mind and body is one.
: How can we help you?
Teach us to stay calm.Teach us self control,purge the evil within us and show us the true path of light.
kurnubego (EUNE)
: How often do you report people? (Few more questions inside, just interested)
I don't report. I tell others to report. I,for a reason got permanently banned. I'm banned and I am proud of it.
Demoyer (EUNE)
: Most of the toxic people are also "noobs" they rage because they don't understand the situation and the only way to deal with it for them is to rage and blame aka the "WHY" people
Then help us. I need help. I just got unbanned from a 14-day suspension Being banned* I have a problem.
: Plat 4 player looking for a STABLE silver/gold team to coach
People like you. Make this community better. You sir,have my respect.
: Hi guys i need your help about school project ^.^
Could be a bit slower,but really nice.I love the music. And that slide effect,yeah that one,it kind of disturbs me. Could use better skins for each champion. Kinda enjoyable.
: Q and W have a rather mediocre range. Only RQ is rather long. The speedup? 60% for 1.5s? that's too much? Would anything less even be noticeable? Or disproportionate to what E does? _"And limit her AoE snare,it's like AoE version of LeBlancs"_ AoE snare? Her snare/root is single target.... do you mean her RQ slow? It's weaker than Lulu's Q and Zil's point-and-click slow.
Well then enemy Karmas have a thing for me... They always focus me. Like the rest of the team. I'm not even adc... It was my skill that annoyed me all along...
: It seems you find her too... strong? Or just too "annoying"? Anything in particular you want to have removed/changed?
I want : Lower range on most of her abilities Decrease her entire team speed-up Add her some actual damage to cover up the range and speed, Give her a heal that actually heals, And limit her AoE snare,it's like AoE version of LeBlancs,and that is frustrating. Like decrease duration...
: REALLY SHORT: All of The Problems in Karma's Kit
Yeah,change her. She is too annoying,literally annoying. She can speed her whole team,make them steamroll you,and her Q can really hurt. Then she just roots everyone,like she is morgana or some shit,that is really annoying to play against.
Rioter Comments
: banned for one game
Fix your net and git gud. I leave intentionally,and I am proud to admit it. I get bans,and I am happy to swallow them all just to shit out more bans.
Oh My Zed (EUW)
Softcore. I'm lucky that I play with noobs who don't even know how to report,I'd be perma-banned on the first 3 months of my LoL.
: Had the luckiest snowdown shop :D (show yours)
Nighthuner rengar 30% Nightmare trindamere 40% Blood moon tresh 50% Highland tryndamere & toy soldier gangplank 70% Marauder warwick 20% Riot,may I have highland tryndamere and night hunter rengar,alongside with marauder warwick and toy soldier GP switch their discounts? I find my lack of luck disturbing
: golden one, please, at least that much otherwise the enemy midlaner will get not skin
Are thou trolling or ...? Please tell me you are kidding,calling the jungler secondary support... The jungler is the real top of the food chain,and all shall hail the overlord Rengar and his Youmuu's ghostblade and blue buff.If you wanna take it,fight me.
meowsuo (EUW)
: comment-based survey about favorite champion/s for each position
{{champion:14}} {{champion:14}} : Top {{champion:14}} {{champion:14}} : Jungle {{champion:14}} {{champion:14}} : Mid {{champion:14}} {{champion:14}} : Support {{champion:14}} {{champion:14}} : ADC
: Dont know if anyone can answer this but.. [Snowdown Shop Disabled]
Same thing happened to me. I logged on,opened em' all,do my stuff,come back and see that it's disabled. After a few hours it's back,then some more time and it's gone again... Pls
: He said "Essence Reaver is now CORE on Rengar"
Am I the only one here who goes 100% crit rengar,then soloes baron? Well I guess I am that different... Well since everyone is suggesting builds,here is mine:{{item:3074}} {{item:3031}} {{item:3087}} {{item:3094}} {{item:3117}} {{item:3078}} But sometimes I don't even get boots,when I get level 16. {{item:3072}} is the first thing on my mind. Warning : the build above should be only tried by proffesionals.If you are a noob then I suggest you don't play this build,it's made to kill the adc in 0.1 seconds,then tear up anyone who steps near you.
: i have an acc on on EUNE too :) But i think that there are a lot of other girls on EUNE too.
Okay,the plan has been cancelled due to me being banned. Teemo isn't the only one who has toxic shot in LoL.
: I'm a Girl LF 4 teammates to play fun normal games with and skype


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