: 2 New Item Concepts
Definetly no. lethality needs to be removed from this item, there is just right amount of it in the game.(And it already is a small problem). Also, Talon needs to autoattack to apply the bleed effect. Now, the 2 bleed effects that are different, they will stack. This means he becomes quite a problem with just duskblade-chimera combo.
notmebtw (EUNE)
: Kennen's W passive should be illustrated like Annie´s and Jhin's.
on annie it was actually a nerf as well. It made annie easier to play but also easier to play against, causing her to pretty rapidly fall down to support only and then out of meta completely. Kennen is already out of meta a while...you don't want to nerf him more
Smerk (EUW)
: well, no point in talking about mejai here, it just looked like questionable decision, considering the state of game, but match history shows that it worked, so ok, it was fine. But overall it does look like intentional feeding. And that you tried to hide it by getting good stats in lategame. So let's look at all funny moments: 1. You had 9 deaths at 10 minute mark, barring first unintentional death due to misclick (I'll give you that benefit of doubt that you wanted here and believe that it wasn't intentional) that's almost 1 death every minute. That's just enough time to run to your lane and die. Sadly match history show only final stats, so I can't see if you did anything else than dying in early game. 2. You bought boots of swiftness as your first full item. Again I can let it slide, because it look like those are your favorite boots, you buy them quite often. But it does look like like another very questionable decision, considering that speed was the last things that you needed. 3. You have 4 deaths near enemy mid turret, turret that wasn't destroyed. Correct me if I'm wrong on this one, but your team destroyed only 1 turret and Neeko did that with Soraka, both of them showed no activity on the other side of the river on midlane, so I assumed that it was bot turret that fallen. But let's get back to those deaths. As we already know one of those wasn't intentional. Then it looks like another one was legit die with Yi and he got the kill. That leaves us with 2 more questionable deaths. What were you doing there? 4. At 27 minute mark you had 1 kill and 16 deaths, plus 2 assists I think. Then you reached your powerspike it seems, because you bought mejai and started killing people. You managed to get 7 kills while only dying once. Amazing, considering your performance up to that point. And suspicious. Couldn't you play just as safe before? So, again, it doesn't look good. I would call it bad decision making and overall lack of skill if you were in bronze or silver, but your rank is the same as mine, so explain yourself.
Pff...i'll just wreck you over and over and over and over till you leave the game to not get banned for intimg
Kyle001 (EUW)
: Goodbye
For once, upvoted. Ironicly, the best thing that can happen to you in this game is either 1) leaving or 2) playing with 5 premades
NoobStory (EUW)
: Zed doesnt make that much use of lifesteal though x)
Death dance? It's still useful xd
NoobStory (EUW)
: I liked the beginning, but it kinda falls off later on in your post. - Udyr can be rather easily kited and cc'd since he has no dash, far from being op (though I hate playing against one x) ) - Riven is far from being op, discuss urgot and kassadin and come back later. - Ap midlane has zhonyas + tabis (have to list those if you include merc threads) / Ad midlane has qss(/mercurial: same item) + hexdrinker(/maw: same item again) + merc threads. Call me when your midlane zed builds spirit visage and i'll personally fly off to riot's hq to protest - Honor system: you don't even have to be positive to up your honor lvl, I'm myself rather harsh and still achieved lvl4 - Ranked: I doubt it'll be harder to climb, and you have to at least try before complaining ffs For skins and chromas, I agree that riot puts too much emphasis on them and neglects a bit the stability of the client on patch/events. It's clear that there's a whole new politic to get money out of the game, one that I do not approve of.
> Call me when your midlane zed builds spirit visage and i'll personally fly off to riot's hq to protest You called?{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}} I happen to build spirit vidage on any champ who builds lifesteal(or has innate one)
: Boxes are free , capsules are bought ( the 250 rp ones ) Chromas - less time balancing the game , more time coloring champions . I don’t care what you do with your money , but you can agree it could be spent better Honor - rewards are crap - no actual satisfaction. Depends on your team mates , meaning that , even if you play like a god , it wouldnt matter if your mates don’t honor you Rankes - just make the divisions smaller ( we dont need the extra ones )
Actually, no. I like ruby ashe more than baseline space skin. I like my diana with obsidian or sapphire. I like my lucian chromas alternating. Ranked: to maintain ranked integrity, smaller divisions means more divisions need to be included. Honor: it's just more of "stay at 2 to get season rewards" than get to 5 for rewards. Tbh it has been fair
: Riot lately
That moment when you post it in jokes and I can't take you serious{{champion:64}}
Ilovemobas (EUNE)
: The toxicity in nexus blitz is unreal high
It was same in urf. I wouldn't be surprised when NB get's cancelled
: Nerf This shi t?
Wait? Neeko? You do know her ult is pretty impossible to hit unless you are dumb enough to fight in jungle or get caught by enemy tank
: New champs, same problems
Has been suggested several times. Not implemented cause "reasons"
GHazey (EUW)
: Going Pro; How does the process from "Random Solo Queue Player" to "Pro Player" look like?
First up: TEAM. You need to join or form a team. Second: Paragraphs: A good readable text isn't a wall of text. Seperate them with enter key. Then post a topic on team recruitment thread asking for people willing to accept you into a team or form a team. Third: Scrims: Find master and diamond players(And preferably challenger players) who are willing to do a few practice games with you to help you analyze your mistakes. Also, practice certain things. You need to focus on overcoming your weaknesses. 4th: Practice practice practice. Teamfight micro is where most master players(Including myself) tend to fail the hardest. With so many things to notice in less than one tenth of a second, you need to know what info to block and what info to take in, WITHOUT TUNNELVISIONING. 5th: Search and take part in tournaments
Adama (EUW)
: There are actually a lot of smurfs in platinum and even when I was in diamond I saw smurfs with like 65% winrate. I guess those are high diamond/master tier players.
Those are mostly elodecayed diamond players. Those who don't play for a while then come back.
Adama (EUW)
: differences per elo are STAGGERING!
Smurfing is not good for matchmaking balance. So since low elo tends to get dragged around alot by all kinds of factors, including smurfs, it makes sense for those games to be snowballier than in plat+ where ranks become pretty stagnated
VortexV9 (EUNE)
: What do you start on Lee?
People start q so the buff has better chance to end in their hands even if enemy invades. Since a qq-lvlup-w is enough to get the buff. Or sometimes even well times q. Also since people may accidentky steal, qq provides more damage while w provides sustain.
: Look man im no expert, but when his drive is corrupted, then either it gets fixed by defragmentation (sound improbable) or he has to get a new drive, uninstalling and installing other programs than the client will do nothing here ... It does look like a hardware defect to me though, so youre right in that sense, he should check and probably replace his drive.
True, but if the issue is just in file fragmentatio due to numerous writinga, then removing all large data and then rewriting the same data may make it less fragmented. But it only works if hdd is not screwed. If there are bad sectors on hdd...you need a new one. Checkdisk program is good for that And the less data there is, the easier it for hdd to find optimal place for code package.
: What have you done ... ?
Tbh it's not that good. It's a good generalist, but not exactly broken.
JenShen (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=GonahtanuGepardi,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=AjVdmk3f,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-11-23T13:35:55.365+0000) > > Well i have noticed that ever since the new honor system came out and it affects rewards, the toxicity changed from verbal toxicity to being quiet and ruining the game in other ways that the system doesn't punish. Many of the high honor players are actually way worse than the ones on lower honor levels. Not to mention they do have that god complex because they think they are better than others with their high honor levels. I actually talked to one of those people here on boards and he was blatantly telling others how much better he is as a person. A bit ironic. Yeah, haha this is why i laugh when someone say stuff like "i haven't been punished cuz i am decent human being" and all taht are punished or banned are lesser humans and their opinion is always wrong, i haven't been punished so i am right be default attitude :D, so funny, but hey, they have honor 5, so riot loves them.
Not always like that. I ended up with honor 4 this season. Never been banned, got a couple of more chat restrictions than usual tho. I have to agree tho, a lot of people at high honor level tend to be the ignoring types.(not the silent types. Those actually play the game)
: i dont get this one
When udyr kills you and you dont expect it, you be like "Oof". Basicly a reaction dyr xd
Paker (EUNE)
: This is why i get suspended for afk in games
You might want to uninstall any and all programs you have installed(make a list), exept antivirus, run defragment disk, check disk and then defragment free space, and then quick defrag disk, then reinstall everything. Then your files wont be split up so much that client cant read your hdd.
OBS Okami (EUNE)
: 1. get roasted and can't come out with a comeback 2. assume player of boosting LOL
Close enough.
Kaluchii (EUW)
: How To Climb As Support By Avoiding These Mistakes
You need to contribute to botlane vision as well. This means buying control wards when neccesery. When blue side, control ward in tribush doesnt hurt, control ward in wraith bush helps a lot as well.
: How Op is DH really?
It depends on builds and agressions. Onhit burst builds are favored far more than dps or caster-fighters. It's broken on diana, if circumstances allow it, broken on talon, can be deadly on warwick, renekton, darius(like that guy needed more scaling damage), illaoi and good on a lot of other champions, who usually use atleast 1 auto in their combo when enemy is at 50%hp or less. The reset helps a lot. On dps and burst-autoattackers(jhin, kog, varus etc) it's decent and can compete with other masteries. It can become bonkers on mf (q+lovetap+dh) and cait(headshot dh proc). Keep in mind DH was also hotfixed after release. It used to be 1 proc 1 kill after 10 minutes of agressive laning. I do agree it's overhyped. Shield bash is much more scarier on anyone building bt or steraks, not to mention those with innate shields.
Ηuawei (EUNE)
: So im guessing i should try dark harvest shield bash instead of aftershock for tankiness, hmmm
Not always. There are matchups where aftershock is good, however in that case it would be toplane diana against some heavy lanebully(hi panth)
: For your info i'm playing this game for 5 years and i have never, ever got any kind of punishment or restriction. I am honor level 5 as well and i highly doubt that i'd get PERMABANNED for saying "shut up". Keep trolling with your comments all you want.
Ηuawei (EUNE)
: Diana with aftershock and shield bash
It's good, when you need a tankier diana. Hell, shield bash is always good on diana since it also synergizes well with his passive. If you get lb proc, shield bash proc, passive proc, nashor proc and naturally high amount of ap in assasin build, and mix it with dark harvest proc, you know the true meaning of one hit. And bonkers broken. Tho getting it right isn't exactly easy, dark garvest is kinda broken on all champions, but especially good on assasins and divers(looking at you, jax)
: to all the people working retail on black friday
Meanwhile in estonia black friday means regular 10-20% discount and absolutely noone is in the stores.
Skizz0r (EUNE)
: Lissandra Spell Timing
It's part of the skill. Look the claw
: Looking for a Udyr Main Name
I keep reading udyr main meme, so I offer you the name "MemeBear"
: Also dark harvest is programmed Wrong, it does not deal 8 bonus dmg per stack. Instead its bonus dmage only goes up by 5
It was hotfixed, tooltip isn't corrected
: K Y S in every club tag ever... please stop this trend
It should be bannable for all club members. (you need minimum amount of members for it to appear. Sadly riot prefers one ineffecient system instead of multiple ineffecient systems.
: I do consider them control mages as well. Together with the burst mages etc. If it's medium/short ranged, and has CC in the kit, I call it a control-mage.
Ok. Thats where we differ a bit
: You're VERY welcome. Lemme know if I can help you in any other way.
You forgot dps mages(cassio, ryze) or didnkt mention them?
: Is it hard to learn the midrole?
Easy to learn, hard to master and even harder to carry.
Mr Struggle (EUNE)
: What I really liked are the animations between games and in scouting and everything, it really was neatly done, kudos to Riot for Clash, 10/10 would play again!
Youä posted this in jokes xd
: do we get anything in return for our disappointment
: {{champion:420}} - Her damage scaling and base damage is stupidly high {{champion:157}} - passive shield AND double crit, dashes for days {{champion:67}} - no champion should be doing % max health damage as an adc, at least with varus he has to land abilities. vayne is literally point and auto attack {{champion:76}} - Dont see her often, but those spears are unnecessarily high damage
Man oh man oH man, spears are the least of your worries. Thank god people don't know her most broken strat yet
: The worst champs in the game are easily {{champion:17}} & {{champion:74}} where is the fun in designing champions who’s main purpose is simply to shut down a lane and force the opponent just to “survive”. Idgaf if the zed can one shot me. If he was that much stronger I shouldn’t of stepped up. But getting poked out under turret by a teemo is the least enjoyable experience. Yes he’s generally useless later, I can roam and we usually win the game. But what does winning count for if the game wasn’t fun...
{{item:1054}} x2{{item:3194}} =teemo killer. {{item:3047}} {{item:3194}} is also teemo killer {{item:2010}} +{{item:1054}} try to push me out punk {{item:2010}} {{item:2033}} i'm a %%%%ing pantheon punk
Yraco (EUW)
: Don't forget that windwall to %%%% over every single ADC
Every single ranged projectile spammer, not just adc
Boolhya (EUW)
: Wich champions are unfun to play against? tell me your list
{{champion:142}} {{champion:157}} when they are fully mastered {{champion:10}} {{champion:75}} inting {{champion:14}} in general. {{champion:163}} just broken. You have a dash? She damages you more. You don't have a dash? You're cut off. However my worst experience was against season 2 version of kassawin {{champion:38}} {{champion:9}} and this guy in right hands can be just busted
: Dedicated healer balance (simple Soraka tweak)
That health cost could use a small decrease. But it can't be anything major considering that if played correctly, soraka not only grants health, but also hp regen. Whe grevious wounds were not present in game(too ineffecient stat wise), soraka even with her health cost was incredibly overpowered.
: Yeah but i feel minion aggro got worse which makes lvl 1 all ins kinda risky. The problem is that you cant push and trade with orianna or youll go oom fast until you have a mana item.
Using the season 2 start of e and cloth armor i dont seem to have any problems with it. However i do tend to keep my minions pushing, not the wave freezed.
: So how many times did clash break since it was first announced?
Every %%%%en time so 4? Lol. It's gonna take a while since spaghetti code
: you and everyone else on EUW
It's always like that when clash comes out. Spaghetti code= it's gonna be a while until it finally can be implemented properly
: Athenes gives magic resistance which is useless vs. lots of harder lanes, zed, yasuo, irelia, etc. The 3 choices named by Dreadlord are way better.
Zed aint that hard. Zed's weakness is lvl 1, thats when you can even all in him or just straight out zone him. His 2, 3 are also not that good, but can be deadly if you get into his shadow range. Also, against zed, i tend to go zhonya and rilay and I utilize the mana rune instead of the other 2 sorcery runes. Yas..well..kinda rough, but this is where you can play around your autos and e. Seekers armguard and roa is usually my midgame destination. Irelia...never had problems with her. She is mobile, but she can only get to you through marked targets or nearly dead minions. I usually rush ludens or tear + spellbinder here. It's just outclearing and outroaming her.
: Would still go for Archangles , Rod or Ludens with Ori tbh, once you have 1 item finished mana shouldnt be a Problem at all if you manage it right.
I do have a bit different playstyle. Since I tend to pick ori into aoe teamcomps(and most of the time enemy is ap as well), it works well for me. Still, all 3 are solid choices. Lost chapter is mostly enougu if you manage your mana and abilities well.
Exdominator (EUNE)
: zed is trash tier anyway... They should find a way to buff him without breaking him
Thats because of duskblade. It's the midlane version of feral flare, exept you dont have to farm it up for massive utility and damage spike
: Orianna due to her being viable in almost every match up, strong poke, good damage, potential game changing ultimate. Her lack of mobility and mana problems when facing manaless push champs is getting more and more annoying though, especially with decreasing game times.
Try a athenes unholy grail start. Gives a little bit of everything and that passive doesn't exactly go to waste either.
: > [{quoted}](name=Aoneko Yume,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=fle1elfZ,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2018-11-18T03:32:57.190+0000) > > My favorite champion is Poppy {{champion:78}} > > She has the ability to protect or save teammates, which I like. I also read her lore and liked how she's naive but in a cute manner, and very determined. I didn't really like being easily killed so playing a tanky support felt nice for a change and I just can't get tired of playing with her. Stopping enemy dashes and trying to stun them is always fun! > > She's mostly played as top and can also jungle. The only thing I dislike is that people can be very mean on losing games and quick to blame me because she's not a "normal" support. Even though I made it to diamond with her! Sometimes the community makes me want to quit this game but that's another topic... Poppy is my 2nd favorite, after my {{champion:240}} . And I get what you say, people are annoying when it comes to losing on a less or off meta pick. I played so many games of poppy support, in which we crushed bot lane but i still got flamed when we lost the game. Same with kled support, and same when my friend played vi support. Oh and counter picking with poppy against a Jax, since he is one of the biggest kled counters, FeelsGoodMan
Kled can outplay jax by playing around his mobility when on top of skaarl. That said, not many know how to do that. Key thing is maxing utility instead of damage
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