: You know what is working flawlessly? Shop. Coincidence? I think not. RITO MONEY ADDICTS.
Not affected by player tracking system. Shop has a seperate system in place to prevent problems like this.
: nah, i would still have reported him for rank shaming ;) my rank should be of no interest in you during a game, if you feel the need to point it out while playing it means you're trying to discredict my play hence flaming me, so here, take my report please, thank you
True, have to agree. Not everyone does however unless you add hardstuck. He would have slipped the through if he wouldn't use a word that triggers quite a bit of people and thus reports
: idk how can i reach gold .... with all those afks / feeders at promo
Simple. Dont play promo straight after getting to promos. Take a break from the game entirely and just spend time elsewhere(a singleplayer game, draw, read a book....idk whatever you do outside of computer works better than inside pc, if you dont have anything to do outside, then singleplayer games, preferably those you passed). You see when you go to promos it's better to go in relaxed, play 1 promo, if it's a loss, wait another day and try again. Brain needs a break, and since promos tend to have people who just want to throw, instead of playing like g5 scrub you have to play like p5 scrub, in other words, literally at your A game. And best way to be at a game is to relax, not gi e a shit, listen to music and play with a fresh brain
KonradPab (EUW)
: I pointed it out in other answers. Stating a fact is not negative. You can choose to get offended by it but it is on you. The excuse of "they were flaming me" doesn't really fly either. It does. In context that i pointed out and you wont debunk.
Then you are not better than them. You're out. Period. Better play a singleplayer if you can't be a decent human being
: > [{quoted}](name=KonradPab,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=ZcGgPZhu,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2018-08-27T09:25:46.899+0000) > > flaming them back? rank shaming? thats implying alot for stating a fact. "hardstuck d5" is rank shaming plain and simple, not implying anything here > Calling someone ranked d5 is a fact. maybe, i'm not saying he wasn't an hardstuck d5, i'm saying that is rank shaming like, if i was calling a fat guy fattie, or a guy on a wheelchair handicapped, you know, those things are seen as negative behaviour bud ;)
Remove "hardstuck", problem solved
: If you type the word "Banana" in champion select search, it should auto-locate Soraka.
: So what you think is true is worth more than the avrg. over hundreds of thousands of games? That's a pretty strange approach
Altáir (EUW)
: your most abnoxious champ ,why and how do u propose riot adjusts him(which will never happen) ?
For me? Zoe definetly. Atleast she has some clarity. I dont approve her death trap(yes i name her E death trap) removal tho. Part of her kit is the ability to zone hard. I'd focus mostly on her w...or well rather remove the summoner spell influx cause that mechanic is just plain cancer
: [Discussion] [Case example] Is toxic behavior punished?
If there is anything the ifs can improve on, it's by punishing both participants. For that to wor' tho, the ifs has to detect the second participant and right now it can't do so automatically, so reports are literally needed to trigger those screenings. However, i've been trying to work on a solution to this, so far everything has led to abusability exept one: reporting a player triggers screening of all players chat logs in that game (this change has to go through unknown to community). However this also means that the system has to be rebuilt to handle the new workload AND seperate the cases. Which in itself is quite a challenge.
: It is obviously ritos fault. I cant say you %%%ed up in chat so ill just ping.
You screwed up before entering the game already -.- Like cmon, people are not robots. People make mistakes. But if you flame them(including questionspam them or pingspam them), you should get your acc banned right away instead of lousy chat restrict if that
Shädäm (EUNE)
: Now you talk like no player ever uses it the right way. But yeah, when i see someone %%%% up (which i see a lot from these apes), i will ping them questionmarks. I mean, if they use the ping, they are not flaming at least. But good idea, lets take that one way in which players can express their feeling in a less toxic way away.
So you ping question marks to distract yourself and the allies even further instead of actully using the pings to communicate? Get out!
Shädäm (EUNE)
: This community has two parts. Toxic-but-decent and Intentionally feeder. If you bann one, only the other will remain in the community.
: Examples?(I have an average laptop don't say stuff that needs a buff pc like For Honor,COD)
Cod doesnt need buff...hell, pentium 4 can run cod
: ... Just grow up...
Don't ever expect an immature person to grow up. They just wont. Especially those who should stay in psychiatric facilities
: Players of this community are fking mental
Well...it's brutal...but sadly I can't downvote what is becoming normal in european servers. I quit eune long ago and i'm thinking of leaving euw as well.(dont bother, different name there). Just too toxic, even in plat. I rather play payday2 xd But you forgot the toplaner who was so braindead he kept splitpushing even when the enemy was at our nexus thanks to constantly 5 man diving us.
Misa Dantes (EUNE)
: So, playing "supp" that does every single thing to sabotage the adc and then says, "wtf this adc no dmg". Well it is kinda logical to NOT have items/gold/dmg if all the resources went to some other place. I don't care about winning, even if I lose a game, but both me and my supp/adc did our best as our roles demand, I had a successful game in my books... The enemies were just better, gg wp to them. :) And move on.
Thats pretty much a dumb support who doesn't even know what ancient coin is. Sadly, most of league playerbase is like that :(
: Please Coxis, no official footage from behind the scenes {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
Hmm....what if I bake a tasty dish FOR the squirrels{{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Misa Dantes (EUNE)
: Trolling Supports?
Trolling support does everything he can to throw the game or just not contribute to a win at all. So basically thats griefing, report, write in the box, move on. Off-meta picking AND carrying the game most likely is not trolling. More than likely in that case you are dumb enough to get caught off position all the time. Off meta picking and just being bad means he would be such dumb anyway. We all get supports who sleep or don't know what the hell that role is for anyway. You'll see support main in the top and he will make the enemies game a living nightmare. You see a autofilled support playing meta support in botlane and it will feel like he is just trolling, even tho most likely he just sucks. Not to mention those who suck and play something like malphite or lux. Basically they don't know the role and thus don't know when and how to contribute to lane dominance(not to mention snowballing it into lead). With autofill and position select around, this is pretty common. Since with draft pick it was pick order, and last pick ended up always being support...rarely somewhere else, more of community knew the role
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: yes, but current rune system has a lot more choices.
Do you know what FLAT means? > [{quoted}](name=Enjutsu,realm=EUNE,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=LfcoNqAj,comment-id=00020000000000010000000000000000000000000000000000000003,timestamp=2018-08-23T11:03:35.471+0000) > > That wasn't a reply to you. I think you should see who i was replying to. If the quote doesnt show that, then ofc I assume it was targeted at me when rest of the points are mine. > > in the previous system, you had 1 Keystone, maybe 2. And that would be? Are we talking about quints or very effective masteries? If quints, then spellvamp, exp(niche), gold(niche), armor, %hp, flat HP, scaling ad and scaling ap(niche), flat ad and flat ap, flat armor, flat mag resist, scaling armor, scaling mr. (those we have as rune) > you get scaling hp by picking resolve tree, at least as a secondary. Ddo you know what FLAT means? % scales differently than flat. % keeps scaling until you build hp items and grow in levels while flat only scaled with levels, but also had faster impact. > > You know i could make up the same arguments and mention all the things that previous masteries and runes didn't have as an argument why it was worse. Lmao, do it. There are alot of things MASTERIES did not have, but runes had quite a bit. The only thing really new here is inspiration keystone and triumph. Also lethal tempo. Everything else falls under mastery tree which in itself was a problematic system to begin with. And thats why i stated my arquements on runes and excluded masteries. Since, as a masteries rework i consider it success. As a runes rework, total failure. Riot combined runes and masteries, trying to create more option, but instead they ended up creating less options. We need runes back, but not in a way for them to become le permanent stat again, but in a way where you can pick early defence advantage and still reach horrifying late if you don't get shut down in the midgame. The midgame is literally missing from runes. And the early game is like lategame. You get ahead, you take turrets like minions, you win. You get shut down, you can't defend, you lose. There is rarely any comebacks, because that really requires for runes to actually have a more noticeable kick in effect than those that currently we have.i mean, half the runes are not even there if you pick em(looking at you, conditioning).
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: yes, but current rune system has a lot more choices.
Tell me where did I talk about masteries? Also qhit being delusional. You only have 3, maybe 4 keystones you can choose from. You only have 3 or 4 runes per tree you can choose from You can't invent your own playstyle, because one of the runes is just too broken and has too much in them so it's nerfed to the ground, the other one has nothing in them So it's useless anyway. And then there are runes that even the nerfs wont help cause they are just too universal. Thunderlord...i mean electrocute being one of those. I don't see SPELLVAMP anywhere. All I see is mechanic similar to this but being close to useless. Using spellvamp keystone to clear the jungle without a single pot used gave huge advantage(but also unique disadvantage). Now, you get the damage anyway but you get something that resemblss spellvamp but doesn,t kick in after 3rd takedown. Lets talk about resistances. 10 resistance+% after 10 minutes or 30 resistance right away against burst? I'd take the later. Since burst is earlygame problem, not lategame.Even tho it is still relevant lategame, thanks to defensive items it does fall off. It's why hexdrinker is literally the best item for any ap matchup. And why banshee and seekers armgyard are pretty much useless early. Too much pen vs not enough resistance to choose from. Even a tank gets nuked by assasin early unless it's someone like malphite or rammus who has built in resistances. What's worse is the grasp keystone. It's literally only good if you get close and otherwise it's useless. Aftershock, again close range. Those resistances wont help against divers who just wait it out. You are literally 1 spell short unless you make a move yourself every time it's up and straight out afk when it's down. Resolve tree only works on heavy cc champions like lissandra. Everybody else like lux, nid, hell even ashe and illaoi got gutted in resistance department. (it's why illa is overbuffed and still underperforming. No resistance=kited to death before even getting to target. Once she's on you, just afk if you can't flash/dash out) Guardian? Lol that keystone is good for supports, especially enchanters, but it's in defensive tree while enchanters scale off of offensive stats. Not to mention inspiration has very few options for supports and for everybody else...useless to barely useful. Then there is also the fact that precision tree is a must for adc's for them to even work, but since they don't have the ad, that tree is now useless as primary and only barely useful as secondary. You literally go domination with electrocute, have utility or don't play adc at all since you don't scale at all and attack speed is useless. And that leaves only a handful of champions from a roster of what? 20? Armor pen and magic pen only exist in either too effective items(hey duskblade and sorc boots) or niche pick items(hi {{item:3814}} and morello ) I dont see any rune or item that has scaling flat hp. Scaling % is there thankfully, but it has become useless for the lack of runes you can combine it with.
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: what about them? because some of them don't exist any more new runes are bad?
It's more of a matter of actually having a choice vs the illusion of choice. The later goes for current rune system and the former to the previous rune system.
Mr Hubson (EUW)
: But from something out of meta? I want something fun, and something what is a bit worth to main. (Yeah i can main Yi tank supp, but it's not worth, but i can main Tahm kench supp and it's worth atleast a bit)
Offmeta Tank vise: maokai and sejuani. Zac also works, sort of, but is easly punished. All of them rely on using their skills and abilities as counterengage supports(kinda like a mastered morgana does. And morgana can go full tank, she just exels with guardian now instead of aftershock) Bruiser vise: Nidalee with void staff and rest tank or ludens eko and rest tank(or ardent censor and rest tank). If void staff, then poke= you must utilize your max and mid ranged q effectively. If ludens ekko, then you are using ludens passive to poke through w instead of q and such maxing w first is more important. It's also your warding tool and has it's limits. If ardent censor, you max e. Your main goal is to give a attack speed buff as soon as the first damage has landed. Your e doesn't heal much, but extra attack speed from ardent and your e can make a huge difference in equal trade or a dead adc. Nidalee also has a nice sideeffect of getting more focus the more annoying you are. My usual build paths and ending times on ludens echo and void staff build: **Void staff** {{item:3301}} {{item:2003}} (x2)>》{{item:3158}} {{item:1027}} {{item:2031}} >》{{item:1026}} {{item:2033}} . I use corrupting potion, as it gives the ability to use porion both agressively for extra damage or for utility through mana and hp regen). After I have corrupting potion, i rush void staff and take either a catalyst or {{item:3024}}. My second item is always boots, cause nidalee support depends so much on mobility and positioning in the nick of time. You want to aim for clutch snipes, unrivaled vision control(only teemo rivals you here) and stupidly strong scalings. However you are prone to getting behind hard. It's why i upgrade my ancient coin to medallion only after void staff. I only upgrade it in second back IF i am already falling behind(can't afford full second buy) or if I am unable to purchase anything else that matters more. Q max nidalee also has a gimmick: {{item:3135}} is the core item of the build, but you can delay that till 25 minutes, as your main job is to survive. As such, you can easly start with tabkyness first, if needed, even a complete tank utility item{{item:3109}} {{item:3143}} {{item:3190}} {{item:3025}} before getting void stafv. Keep in mind tho, if you build resistance like Iceborn gauntlet or locket, you need to also build hp to make them work effeciently. When the game ends at 30 minutes I usually have {{item:3096}} {{item:3158}} {{item:3135}} {{item:3024}} {{item:3030}} +{{item:2033}} {{item:2055}} x3 every back. Q poke nidalee is more reliable on not getting flanked than any other playstyle(exept adc nidalee. Yes, thats a thing.) **Ludens echo** {{item:3303}} {{item:2003}} (x2)->{{item:3009}}/or/{{item:3111}} /or/{{item:3047}} +corrupting potion or refillable potion->{{item:3802}} +{{item:1026}} +hp item. Key point here is getting hp item on third back. Since you max w, you dont have much damage anyway until you get ludens, so you need to make sure you survive as long as possible to make the most use of your spellthief edge and w. You however have huge advantage over the enemy. Placed coreectly, the w acts as a ward. By 25 minute mark my build here unfortunately consists of only ludens echo, boots and half finished tank items. I didnt include ardent censor cause that buildpath is most flexive and always different --- Vi with cleaver and full tank.
Mr Hubson (EUW)
: Most fun to play tank supports?
From meta picks I tend to play leo. Playing her as a peeler instead of engager is definetly challenging, but well worth the trouble, cause people don't expect it
Moetaro (EUW)
: Solo play LOL and brain rewarding system
Dont play for win, but for self improvement. Basically...that goes for doing anything in life. If you do it for gain, you may eventually end up not enjoying it at all. If you do it just to test yourself or just improve some minor stuff that help on big scale, the game comes more enjoyable, as you start to see a different progress. One of the few things this game has helped me to learn was thinking on my feet, in other words, change strategies as quickly as possible and think up new ones if everything else fails. This helps both in business decisions, as well as social interactions. Another way is dealing with jerks. Something I have been constantly doing here is retaliating without actually retaliating.
Kamille W (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=jOhNyP,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=6BAnORpY,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-08-18T18:08:43.814+0000) > > 0/3 and 2/5 is not bad tbh > i wish i had adcs that go 0/3 instead of 8/15 I don't know man. What am I doing wrong? I can't win games even if I go 9/5.
Objective focused gameplay. Stay alive' kill enemies
Kamille W (EUW)
: Someone just told me that I am bad because I am a girl
Just dont say you a girl. And just mute
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: Yes it has balance issues, but you're being here rather unfair here. Old system didn't have as many balance issues because it was boring, there wasn't anything to %%%% up with them. It also had other issues, the way runes worked it forced some champions in very specific rune builds to make them work. Old system also had meta builds, meta will always exist. What makes new runes superior is that it has way more meaningfull options than the old one. Sure it still needs ironing out, but we're getting there.
Movespeed, spellvamp, lifesteal, early armor, early mr, early strong resistances' early tank, early damage, early gold. Late damage. Late defences, late health.
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: I think that's a plus. The fact that old runes were good only for early(minus maybe few exceptions) was a pretty big negative.
Actually, you may think it's a plus, but if the rune choices dictate your whole game, more than likely it will end up the most unbalanced combinations being used instead of those that are meant for certain playstyles. It's what has caused the huge problem with damage and lack of tankyness.
: not really, the one i'm talking about (when the game doesn't recognize you picked a champ or says you declined a game when you clicked "accept" in the lobby) was there since the client was updated
I also havent managed to reproduce that bug.
: i don't see that problem listed in there
All problem started after anticheat patch?
TheBest70 (EUNE)
: I quit
Good riddance
: How to make the game even more fun
Lol? Akali? The girl is trouble only if you cant bait out her w and back off.
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: well yes, but it introduced a bunch of new playstyles. Old rune playstyles mainly relied on rather extreme measures, with extreme sacrifices. Also, they mostly dictated the early game.
But they didn't dictate the mid and lategame. Current runes dictate the whole match.
: ahahahhahahah dude, you can't even recognise an armor, leave big words like "map awareness" for later, lets say in 10-20 years
Measly cloth armor vs a sunfire cape? Also, i'll quote: "MEANINGFUL ARMOR". a ninja tabi you were going for is nothing more than a small fly.
: > [{quoted}](name=Scrinnid,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=KhEYHzhM,comment-id=00040000000000000001,timestamp=2018-08-16T13:07:03.053+0000) > > Malphite zed is hardcounter matchup in the first place. > Lux-caitlyn is hardcounter matchup to sona-jinx. > Kayn counters twitch. > Teemo and darius depends on which side plays better, as darius doesn't need full combo to push teemo out...or freeze the lane. Usually people dont know how to play vs ranged anyway. Instead of blaming the match up, reflect about your own mistakes. You will never improve with this mindset. > Why didnt even you build any meaningful armor whatsoever? LOL https://image.ibb.co/hN2789/12.jpg not gonna waste more time here, mods keep using their fake accounts to derail topics when they clearly never played the game
Didnt blame the matchup.{{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} If you fail to help the hardcountered lanes, even moreso, with lanes are either hardcountered or at risk of enemy snowball, then that is on you. If you think I never played the game, then how come you built warrior enchancement and cleaver(Thats 2 AD items) instead of cinderhulk(which gives both hp and aoe damage) and rushing armor item. You didn't even complete boots BEFORE 10 MINUTE MARK. Thats like a core item on every laner, even moreso junglers. Mobis and cinderhulk would have been my choice, since in this specific matchup I need to be able to roam around alot as well as clear the jungle and tank some damage, while surviving long enough to kill the enemy laners. 4 bird with 2 stones. I'm not even a volunteer. Just a community member who uses his brain instead of his mouth
: lmao if a video game is frustrating, it's not for anybody
Well league isnt frustrating. Unless you are so stupid to keep playing after few lost games.
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: > And why is that in your opinion? because people can get bored of the game after playing it for a long time especially if they have to play it every day because it's their job. > variety of champions, Do you not like bigger champion variety? > of runes Whatever you like or not current rune system is your personal choice and while current rune system is not perfect it's still a lot better than the previous one, a lot more rune choices, choices that make a difference and the simple fact that you don't have to buy them > reworked champion became linear, you don't know what linear means, old champions because of their simplistic kits were linear, not the new ones. If you want to complain about new champions then complain for proper reasons, don't put in random words you've seen someone else use it. Linear champions are simple champions with limited options if you look around boards people complain that new and reworked champions are too complicated, too hard. Being hard and complicated is what makes them opposite of linear. > Riot wants you to play a thing "That way" and that's it, Often it's more the playstyle that community doesn't like and Riot follows it. > they are balancing the game either around competitive scene (totally wrong), That's not entirely true, yes some champions do get balanced because of pro play and when big events are coming patches do become more pro-play focused, but game is primarily balanced around high plat low diamond
Have to disagree on runes part. The niche playstyles are missing. Also one of my favorite was 30 flat armor early game
: And even SIVHD has left LOL
: Isn't it stupid that a video game be so frustrating? It's not only matchmaking, they also give LP to everybody whatever their merit...
Lmao. If a videogame is frustrating, it's not for you.
: indeed lol. but eh its riot games so dont expect much. they probably wont change this for a long time. we just gotta suffer :P and get afks and trolls in ranked that dont get banned. but if you call someone noob once you get perma banned. nice {{sticker:sg-janna}}
Lmao give me some of the stuff you're smoking
: Those are the principles, you cannot be sure about the exact formula. The interesting thing with my example is that loss was predictable and it happened exactly as the numbers predicted : -malphite dominated the game and completely destroyed zed. -darius, was beaten by teemo (29%wr with his champ against 51%) but still won the game (79% overall winrate against 51%) -twitch (74%/43%) was beaten by me (my overall winrate, 0%, isnt relevant since it s due to not playing/45% with kayn) but won the game. His average cs is 156.5 with twich while mine is 163.5 with kayn and there it was 119 vs 94 in my favor -cait (70%/41%) and lux (63%/52%) completely destroyed jinx (30%/0%) and sona (60%/50%) mainly because jinx kept inting, just like her kda says (3,7/10/6,3) I'm not saying winrate tells everything, but that a couple of numbers can predict who will win
Malphite zed is hardcounter matchup in the first place. Lux-caitlyn is hardcounter matchup to sona-jinx. Kayn counters twitch. Teemo and darius depends on which side plays better, as darius doesn't need full combo to push teemo out...or freeze the lane. Usually people dont know how to play vs ranged anyway. --- There is also their teamcomp. They had 2 adc's and a tank, however they were close to full ad. Why didnt even you build any **meaningful** armor whatsoever? Why did you not gank mid or botlane at level 2? Why you picked an assasin kayn when your team needed the cc? Why pick kayn in the first place, your whole team was squishy AND bound to lose their lanes, so a hard cc early pressure jungler would have actually made a difference(vi, riven,warwick, noc, hell, even amumu, maokai or sejuani) Why didn't you ward the enemy jungle paths so you know when to gank and countergank the enemy? Why didn't you keep an eye on the minimap and still did your blue instead of joining a botlane fight? Why not a single early objective as early pressure counterjungle jungler with high waveclear? Why not play around getting teemo fed so he can delay the game with his shrooms waveclear? Want more? Thats just first 5 minutes
: I can agree with this! That's exactly what I'm blaming lol for. Being forced to beg people or spam udyr shouldn't be required to win.
Udyr? Lol? That weakling dkes nothing against me{{champion:76}}
: or so you think ahahaha (great achievement compaired with being a great human lol)
Which is something your not
: "mAtChMaKiNg iSnT BrOkEn"
You lack something too. Thats map awareness. Stop the blue and go bot. But nooo that blue buff is way more important than a shutdown and kill+turret+drake. Also why chase twitch into their jungle when you can chase him off to river, then go gank mid to bait him out. Just run when the enemy comes?
Akumu7261 (EUW)
: Rise of Toxicity, The "?" Ping and Mindset of Players
Another problem is streamers...you should see their comments when someone is doing bad....and thats where the rise comes from
King Lego (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Scrinnid,realm=EUNE,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=OWOu4hyf,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2018-08-15T13:56:59.136+0000) > > Most people who wish that, don't even realize what they are saying at the moment of rage. It's such a strong psychological state of mind that it even locks the person out of the surrounding areas and also locks out of common sense, if the anger within is strong enough. The person can regret it multiple years later, when he suddenly remembers the situation, but most likely won't even bother calming down in anytime near the incident that made him angry. > > However, while most people do have self control, the people on the internet are usually outsiders one way or another and as such, are more leniant on controlling themself and more compulsed to control the environment(which is something not possible on the net. Not yet) While true, I agree what you said, but there are also those who legit think the same way without even being angry, frustrated and whatnot.
Those people are usually sick in the head anyway and you better hope you dont run into such people in real life.
King Lego (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Scrinnid,realm=EUNE,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=OWOu4hyf,comment-id=000100000000,timestamp=2018-08-15T13:53:00.681+0000) > > It's a high price to play, but a burden that is on you, is on you because you are able to carry it. A high price for something not even worth it. For a game that's supposed to be for fun, this is too far to the next level that people can even demand blood for it? Come on....
I meant your situation. Dont know if its related to game or not(more likely not). As for rest, it's just people being unschooled and unparented
: I did an experiment. Intentionally got a chat restriction on a smurf, said nothing but "Good luck, have fun" at the beginning of the game and "GGWP" at the end of the game. I said nothing else at all. I got from dishonorable to honor 2 in 3-4 weeks. You just have to be a decent human being.
: To recieve season rewards you need to be Honor 2.
It wont take 5 months unless you keep breaking the rules
King Lego (EUNE)
: Is it fair/reasonable to say "fire this rioter"
Most people who wish that, don't even realize what they are saying at the moment of rage. It's such a strong psychological state of mind that it even locks the person out of the surrounding areas and also locks out of common sense, if the anger within is strong enough. The person can regret it multiple years later, when he suddenly remembers the situation, but most likely won't even bother calming down in anytime near the incident that made him angry. However, while most people do have self control, the people on the internet are usually outsiders one way or another and as such, are more leniant on controlling themself and more compulsed to control the environment(which is something not possible on the net. Not yet)
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