Seeko94 (EUNE)
: Way overpowered . Ok he is a boss in the game but when it comes to SR outside storylines he should be in a balance to other champs . Like Sett can alone 1 vs 5 . This is so stupid .
Pixelbits (EUW)
: So why did Riot decide to make Sett ridicolously broken?
Way overpowered . Ok he is a boss in the game but when it comes to SR outside storylines he should be in a balance to other champs . Like Sett can alone 1 vs 5 . This is so stupid .
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Uraraka (EUNE)
: Which role/lane feeds more in your games?
: League Eternals (yet another Forum-Thread)
Trust me i did write about this and somehow some kids under 12 years old just downvoted my post . I totally agree with you . Like if they wanted to make money they could've thought of other ways . They have Team Fight tactics and it can earn them money . But Achievements for money they gone way too far as only monkeys who pay without their parents permission or rich kids would actually spend money on a useless thing to show off even when they are in Iron 4 . Riot should think over it again as eternals cost for RP i'm fine with that but make it permanent and with Blue essence too not only twice a year with chroma Shop . Uniq eternals and common eternals i'd say give us the Uniq one in events from missions which is way more fun to keep playing the game . NOT 590 RP as a price . I don't understand how could they think of this a way to earn money .
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Angrex (EUW)
: Kayle still terrible
i'd rather to keep it a super carry late game at 16 . At Least i really enjoyed it at the start . Now it is useless . Like even when you get range at level 6 you can survive a bit but once you reach 16 it's over for kayle always a defeat . Like there is no enough damage and the items for kayle really costly . Specially Nashor Tooth . It need to lower its price like 200G.
: Is getting +13 LP and losing 14-15 LP normal at D1 60% w/r all solo?XD
it is normal . D3 and above once you start climbing above D3 then you will start gaining 13 LP . This is a type of grind for LP . Riot don't want any person to reach Master and above . They just want to limit it as possible and keep it as a dream for everyone . The system is garbage in my opinion . This is why i never bothered Climbing above D4 for like 7 seasons . But now this season i'm trying to hit the master . Trust me the system is a coin flip . Sometimes you get some good team mates with good win rate and it's an easy melt game and sometimes you get boosted ebay accounts and this is a no joke . A real boosted players in diamond ! Then you stuck 4 wins and 4 defeaths etc . The only way to break that is with a good duo .
Seeko94 (EUNE)
: Eternals
First stop downvoting the topic. Idk what is the point of that . Anyway charging people for this poor system now don't tell me new tech cuz idc every other game does have it. Charging rp for it I'm fine with that but limiting it to only to rp now this is Bullshit. There is 150 champ or 145 Idk in the game imagine the amount of rp for someone to obtain at least for 20 champs eternals. I play league and support them by getting skins something I wold see as worth to spend money on. Tbh spending money on achievements is 2019 joke. They didnt bring a solid client yet which majority of people are having issue because of it. Also TFT getiing tier 3 dog or even TFT skins sets are not enough money making.? People do enjoy the mode and I say it is rising up. So next step pay for TFT achievement. Also we all know that people can show achievement from icons from missions. Idk they start mixing things up like the start of this season .
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Seeko94 (EUNE)
: The problem i'm not a streamer and my pc can't really help for that . I wish if i can make videos and proofs. But as i said there are scripters in the mode .
I don't like searching in google for this staff but here is a proof . Even ELiteVipers the website for cheating and staff started a forum for team fight tactics and there are AutoBots that build by themselfs an autocombo etc .
: Can you make a video about it, screenshot them or anything?
The problem i'm not a streamer and my pc can't really help for that . I wish if i can make videos and proofs. But as i said there are scripters in the mode .
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: Your MMR isn't dertemined by KDA, DMG, CS and other things. Its determined by Wins and Losses.
So it is basically a grind garbage system which someone should just quit and stop playing this boring game .
: can i get exp from tft?
not yet . until next update they might fix this .
Seeko94 (EUNE)
: TFT new weekly mission
A friend of mine finished 2 missions and his client crashing now everytime he log in ..... He can't enter his account anymore LOL
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: You know it said 1 of 1 when it started right? They just added that with split 2
No it started 1 of 2 . You need to check again as i told u .
: Should they add more prestige skins to the prestige shop ?
Since you can play TFT and get coins in the in the event pass then why not ? Prestige skins are great for people who like to collect special skins which others might not be able to have it . Also it comes only once !
: TFT draw mechanics
Not true and it's all RNG . Luck
: This is not the season ending LMAO its the split. A ranked season is 3-4 splits long now but not just 2. It ends in november as allways
true but this year its going to be only 2 splits . So new season gonna start in 27 days . As u see it says 2 of 2 ! Not 2 of 4 . You can ask riot for further info .
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Smerk (EUW)
: Date wasn't announced yet, but most likely as usual, near November
Nope you are totally wrong .
: When does this season end?
in 27 days . You can check that in the client . If you go to your profile > Ranked > Split rewards and there is a count for the split to end . Once the split ends it is the mark for the next season to start . According to Riot No break between seasons so it means the next seasons with updates going to launch exactly after 27 days . Expect the rewards to be in pbe soon :) Also Victorious skin
: > [{quoted}](name=SaKRaaN,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=lUhIOO2f,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-07-07T13:58:23.780+0000) > I also hope there will be honor system for TFT to allow players get a chance to earn keys and extra rewards They would just use the already existent honor system surely. If you want them to keep the games under one roof so to speak then the current honor system must apply to both game modes. They have already added the beta loot system into TFT so if no major issues come up from it they will likely keep it as that. Merging the games to much will cause issues down the line
True but all what i stated awas basic things that feels it has to be available . I don't mind if they keep adding new skins or new origins skins system to make money as i will support them but still i wanna use my skins in other ways too .
AiFted (EUW)
: Tft has nothing to do with SR, the rewards should be split. Maybe the reward might be a little legend or something similar.
No one is going to grind 2~3~4 matchmaking systems in a year . to reach high elo for an example .
: Getting a victorious skin for playing TFT absolutly makes no sense to me. TFT is not a different game mode it's a different game and therefor definitly should be handled differently.
is it not in the same client ? is it not about league of legends champs ? is it not Riot games ? Than answer is clearly !! so it make sense in all ways .
: why do we get the "defeat"screen when it's a remake?
if you are diamond 4 and above and you enter with a premade it count as a defeat . This is why i stopped ranked in SR which is a waste of time to play Riot SR Ranked games !!
: This is why I hate TFT
super lucky lol .
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MrMalo (EUNE)
: Another thing in TFT are glacials, even though their attacks miss/get dodged/get parried/whatever they still freeze you for 20sec which is pretty op imo
True . The problem is you can't build everything . You can't counter 8 players at the same time which is insane . There is no enough spatualas .
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Sreyes (EUW)
: Bug with Teamfight Tactics
Try league of legends repair tool . Not client repair !! Use the Repair tool you can find it in the support just search for it .
: Ya thats what i thought you meant xD. That item is a bit broken tbh.
Dude really . Like the players only focus on attack speed / bf sword / hp and then armour when there is nothing left . Spatula first if its available which is really sad . Like having 100% hp should be a well play not something against you to lose later in the game because player have item advantage . I agree that items should be game changer but giving advantage to players to pick before me items is unacceptable since its a huge advantage ! As i stated some items really can break the game apart . Even nobles passive can't stand items sometimes .
: What the fook is a cannoneer? You mean rapidfire cannon?
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: Can we get a visual rework for Mega Gnar on the Dino Gnar skin?
Lets talk about janna and how her ugly hair or her vfx looks like . it looks like the beta of league of legends -.-
ShadowDaddy (EUNE)
: TFT is a mess
I like it so far but less RNG . if they implement items into a shop for purchasing then it is way more fun and more related to league of legends and Riot games .
ShadWooo (EUNE)
: Nice comp! But seriously I don't feel like comp bonuses matter much. I was able to win several games without strong comp synergy just with two lesser bonuses or just one (excluding the 1-unit bonuses like Robot, Exile, Ninja). Likewise when I went for big synergy like you, I was not able to get decent ranks on the champions and lost to just about everyone.
just get the damage passives . Also that work all towards nidale which is super super super broken once u land a canonner on her .
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: this mode will be forgotten in like 3 weeks, i don't think it will matter.
no one cares about SR and ranked anymore and its fked up. actually everyone is hyped for the autochess mode .
: Stop giving them ideas to charge more money we all know they won't just add this for free.
there is already beta pass for tft . they will keep it around the arena / little legends for upgrading to max tier maybe as they will add more . Also i'd love to customize my arena with things to be placed later on . For an example a snowy arena and i add some champs outside the arena to make it looks nice etc .
Temmerman (EUW)
: Skins on Team Fight Tactics
i allready did another thread for this with a poll . Yes mostly everyone would love this to happen !!
DrMoreau (EUW)
: TFT feedback - randomness of items feels unfair.
This is why i was hoping if they make a market like the real league of legends game and we can buy items for our champs while we build the origins or class that we wants . Also spending gold could be better this way . This will make players decide between refreshing or getting items a bit more to find champs . it would be more competitive this way i'd say and lets remove the stupid circle where people try to get a champ or item cuz it is just tilting and waste of time and fights . Fighting minions drakes etc would give some special random permanent buffs !!! This is the best thing
Seeko94 (EUNE)
: TFT missioins
Like atleast give us exp to the level so we can get blue essence
: "Cheating" in TFT thanks to a premade ?
this is beta not ranked . when ranked comes start complaining .
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