: Invitation to 10th year anniversary party?
Zedant (EUW)
: Learn to dodge and then what? THats the problem,she just shield herself for half of your damage. THe fact that mage are op af because zhonia exist and aftershock being op af also doesnt help
Oh my god, is it that hard to go kill her in the 10 second window her Q is down early? Really?
: Done. I quit.
Enjoy your future endevours.
Zedant (EUW)
: A burst mage whit an Abnormius shield,which also happened to root for 2.5 second and has an aoe slow,which also does damage.
: Autofill is always activated UNLESS you have been actually been filled (aka placed in none of your 2 preferred roles) within your last 2 games. That's perfectly normal. How the heck does one reach lvl 238 and not realize that...
Not 100% true, if you willingly play support you get it too.
: 10 games in a row i have Autofill Activated WHY?
Because you play mid and top. And dont you get a 3 game protection after the first one? Unless you dodge of course.
: One day people ought to stop losing a game and the rush here to whine about the champ they think stomped them only because, obviously, it's OP. And otherwise they would have, even more obviously, won the game. One day they will. One day. {{sticker:sg-zephyr}}
Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and there is a reasonable doubt to be had about the first one. With that in mind such a day will sadly never come. {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
Silent Note (EUNE)
: Are Star Guardian missions difficult?
2 missions in and honestly so far you can finish the mission in one game.
Shamose (EUW)
: Ripping off a rip off would be just a rip off of the original right?
Not sure actually, but there's an extra added level of cheapness for sure.
Fatal Dot (EUW)
: LoL Mobile is looking scary close to the pc version
It literally looks like they're ripping off a rip off of league.
: Piss off with that autofill bullshit
Really now? I never get autofilled, what roles and times you que up?
: Do the trolls really exist?
They do, but they are rare as %%%% nowadays. Ignore the forum posts, most people don't even know what trolling is. To them: You go in at a wrong time? You're a troll. You build an unortodox item either intently or by mistake? You're a troll. You follow up on a bad trade one of your team mates started? You're a troll. You DONT follow up on a bad trade one of your team mates started? You're a troll. Take a minion or two as support? You're a troll. You don't gang an overly agressive team mate that is nearly always under enemy tower? You're a troll. You DO gang that overly agressive team mate but die in the process? You're a troll. See the pattern? Everything in this %%%%ing game is trolling or inting. People have no %%%%ing idea what actual inting and trolling is anymore.
: which champion will be the most broken shit if they had 550 range.
: OK now i have seen it all
Aren't the camp death timers so low that by the time you do your full clear and aproach the buff it should be spawning? Correct me if i'm wrong but there was a double take strat floating around gold/plat a few years ago wasnt it? What i'm trying to say is: this does not have to be nessecerily trolling.
Rioter Comments
: The Tilt Test actually Tilted me
My results are complete bullshit. "Scarred veteran" implying that i sit in front of lol to 3 am just to get a win. This could not be further from the truth, i RARELY play league more than 3 games a week. And the only way you can see me online at 3 am is when i'm sick or on vacation (most likely being drunk off my ass and not even remembering i've played the next day).
: The real reason league of legends is getting worse.
There were a few creative things that came out over the last few years: Toplaners taking smite, supports heavily invading ect. And what does riot do? Change the thing that made it possible and banned the players playing differently, really sad...
Usalia (EUW)
: Old Xerath
I cant. I cant watch this. I miss dominion so much {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
nasenbaer (EUW)
: My first editing video
Seems decent, but lacks a destinct dose of flaming and ego flexing if its supposed to be league.
PaladinNO (EUNE)
: Still, we can at least look back on the good old times. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WPDtBsQsxV4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E6CRamuAkXc Must have been tough luck to sneeze during a battle back then... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hFy7ocHocd4&feature=youtu.be&t=32
PaladinNO (EUNE)
: Amen to that, brother, amen...
I honestly feel like the old guard you know, the "kids these days" kinds. The game is so different from what it used to be when i first started playing is nearly unrecognizable. Like the estetics is there but the soul isn't. Maybe its time to put my summoner globe on a shelf... {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
PaladinNO (EUNE)
: EAternal$, aka "Pay2Flex". All we can do at this point is vote with our wallets, and not buy any more RP until they realize they're being WAY too greedy. And as for the EAternal$...the old client recorded the same things https://i.imgur.com/25EvZVf.png[img] ...for free.
god i miss the old client...
: Its over 9000!
Huh, a Vegeta meme capping out with his exactl power level when ariving to Namek. Nice! Have a dragonball: https://i.imgur.com/rXF6uH6.png
Silent Note (EUNE)
: Don't think it could be that much worse. It won't be so out of date anymore, and the maintance should be way easier too.
Wasn't that the reason we got this hung of junk launcher to begin with instead of the legacy one?
Rioter Comments
: Play Draven like Perkz
So we're supposed to play Draven like an ex midlaner?
: Pardon? She is not resting her weight on her toes, but on her stomach.
Exactly, ugh, lemme elaborate: The girl in my picture has a similar foot angle but standing up, with her weight on the tips of the toes. Ahri on the splash is on her stomach with no weight on the foot so why would her leg possition be any more impossible than the ballet girls?
: Final thoughts and a goodbye.
Enjoy your future endeavours.
: While standing, it may be possible, though while laying on a tree, it is nearly impossible to have such a foot angle. If you would truly like to compare, try having such a foot angle while laying down in such a position yourself. Unless Ahri has no bones, that angle should not be possible. Not pretty to look at either, to be frank.
Wait so carrying your weight on the toes straight like that is more plausable than having your leg like that with no pressure? I think i dont understand.
: Please fix this impossible foot angle (Elderwood Ahri)
Not that impossible. https://staticshare.america.gov/uploads/2018/01/20170726_104926.jpg
: The new Star Guardian skins
Lets wait for how it plays out, seeing the skins and as well as the teaser FB post i am thinking that Zoe, Xayah and Rakan are in some sorth of deep shtuff and Neeko (the only one that looks unaffected by dark) has to save them. I can even see that with a bit of effort they would throw a 'gangplank' situation at us, that once the event concludes the skins will turn bright and colourful and the darker ones will be chromas to commemorate the event.
: give me one reason Draven's q dmg shouldn't be nerfed
If he's that braindead why dont you play him yourself and become challenger rank 1?
Kurotsu (EUW)
: Craziest lore that a lot of people don't know?
Well i'm not sure if its exactly unknown lore but: Trundle's mace is actually Lissandra's ice. Braums shield is actually a door. Only reason Galio protects Demacia was him seeing Poppy pass by his creators shack (wait, that applies only to old galio...). Katarina is Casio's older sister. Sivir and Azir are related by bloodline (ancient grand grand grand grand something). Aurelion Sol is a god of creation. There are still two Darkin missing, the ones we know about is Kayn, Aatrox and Varus.
Pixelbits (EUW)
: Report calling? Who did I call?
ignore, that was a reply to a different post just accidentaly typed it here.
realKano23 (EUNE)
: I miss pre-rework Ryze
which rework out of the 7 he had are we talking about?
: Unbanning old accounts.
They tried that, didn't work out, wont be trying again.
: yep i am the 0.000006 percent most toxic player
if this is a "i've been perma banned" post than no, you are in the 0.000006% that can't take a hint.
: Wow. This is quite impressive. In that I'm impressed by how much misleading, pseudoscientific, unsourced and straight up false bullshit you managed to pack into one post. 1) First of all, your claim that league is particularly targeted towards teenage gamers is completely baseless. You just say it is, and then move on, without providing any sort of explanation/proof whatsoever. For one thing, afaik riot does not provide any official information regarding the age average of their player base. Every statistic we have however, points decidedly to the average being above 20, which does not exactly support your claim. For another, I can not find any element in league's gameplay that would specifically target teens. The gameplay has more depth and requires much more strategy than things like Fortnite, and the narratives surrounding the game are usually mature in tone. 2) Despite how you and the overly reductive article that you linked make it seem, teenagers aren't psychologically damaged or impaired. While they are more prone to exhibit certain behaviors than adults, the differences between individuals are much more pronounced than the differences between the same person as a teenager and as an adult. Your character doesn't magically turn into something completely different once you hit 20. 3) Who the hell cares about EA or games that exploit toddlers for microtransactions, this has nothing to do with league. 4) Yes, ranked is frustrating by design. Because competition is frustrating by design. One competitor has to lose. The only difference between ranked and any other sport is that since games are shorter and played in quicker succession and at a higher frequency, the effect compounds compared to a football match where you only feel the frustration of losing once. 5) That's not how you use the word "commiserate". 6) Most people on here claiming to be addicted are "addicted" in the same way that self-diagnosed teens on tumblr suffer from [insert psychological disorder of choice here]. Most are full of crap. 7) League is not designed to get you banned. It is solely your responsibility to get your shit together, and if you can't do that it has nothing to do with some imaginary neurological deficiency you suffer from due to being a teenager. It just means you're an asshole. And getting older ain't gonna fix that. Rant over.
Jesi Oni (EUNE)
: Can he one-shot Sivir with shield? Is this leap considered ability or on-hit? 😅
He can oneshot a sivir with E up, Morgana E up AND being ult healed by soraka.
: ADCs?
And top laners are delusional crybabies, your point being?
: sadly Riot either doesn't care or isn't smart enough to understand that people are starting to get pissed at them
I'm not sure how much it is Riots fault though, Tencent are 110% grinding their balls for the last penny.
: Addiction
I'm not. Don't play nearly enough to qualify as addiction. Spend on league like 5 hours a week max.
: Why Eune is so bad server ?
I don't know, can you?
Angrex (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Sefi,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=KfojYxV8,comment-id=000c000100000000,timestamp=2019-08-18T08:18:47.082+0000) > > Playing devils advocate here: I remember Vayne once released being advertised as an "ranged assassin", does that not apply anymore? CC and burst ruin her day badly so i dont see how she is a problem in general. Similar logics apply to all others, i mean look at Jinx, pitifull CC, no escapes and little to no defences, she sould die from a light breeze. > > I mean throw a Rengar at any of these "broken carries" and they'll shit their pants guaranteed. If you're walking alone as any of these champions vs something like Rengar you deserve to lose. ADCs were never good 1v1 except few champions like Vayne and even she shouldn't be walking alone and do a coin flip 1v1. ADCs were always the most powerful in team fights. BTW Rengar is a bad champion right now (his jungle clear sucks, his 1v1 potential early game is bad, he rellies on getting himself fed, he has no real disengage in his kit, etc.). Assassins suck in general, there's a reason they're almost never picked in professional play (except Qiyana cause she has good AoE CC and damage with her Q and R).
Exactly. So why is it such a problem dealing with them in a solo (1v1) lane? That's what i dont understand.
: > [{quoted}](name=Sefi,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=KfojYxV8,comment-id=000c0001,timestamp=2019-08-16T21:15:31.289+0000) > > Yeah try going bot with graves, kindred or quinn and tell us how that goes. I would think poorly but you might prove me wrong. Graves is a jungler than can be played adc but he is horrible in being adc and a jungle in this meta Kindred is amazing she practically melts everyone and kites quite well and shes primarly a jungler not adc but u can play her adc and still have success with her there The same with quinn shes a an adc thats primarly played in toplane and she is not doing so bad if she gets a lead But i am just talking about adc that can goo anywhere like Vayne , Tristana , Lucian , Jinx , Ezrael and Kaisa those are the adc that are actually broken and pretty much auto win lane wherever they would be playing and can be played in every role with great success. But there is some adc who dont auto win games like the other ones i mentioned some examples would be Twitch , Kogmaw and Varus
Playing devils advocate here: I remember Vayne once released being advertised as an "ranged assassin", does that not apply anymore? CC and burst ruin her day badly so i dont see how she is a problem in general. Similar logics apply to all others, i mean look at Jinx, pitifull CC, no escapes and little to no defences, she sould die from a light breeze. I mean throw a Rengar at any of these "broken carries" and they'll shit their pants guaranteed.
Cypherous (EUW)
: Have you tried making sure your LoL folder is added as an exclusion in your security software because i've never seen a patch reset anything that wasn't announced far ahead of time like the runes reforged release
It is. and i dont understand it myself, its literally just league, after every patch my visual settings get changed. The FPS gets uncapped and my details setting go to either high or medium (on all points) no idea why. The game looks nice like this sure but i prefer stability over eye candy. A stable 60 FPS is for me way more valuable than a bouncing 80-190 FPS.
Rabin0witz (EUNE)
: Just do a simple thingy C:\Riot Games\League of Legends\Config Right click on "PersistedSettings" At the bottom left Attributes: Read-Only > Check/Mark it > Apply > Ok And you are done
Alright, i tried that, thanks, lets see if it works next patch.
Rioter Comments
: "called"? People still play blind? Anyway yes as an adc main I've never found it easier to get my role in ranked...and never hated it more. Planning on making a video and write up about it and possible fixes for both that and other major problems in the game to hopefully get some of these changes I'm proposing considered for the pre season changes.
You know they wont right? Riot doesnt give much weight on changes proposed by the playerbase unless we cry about it for a few years, just look how long we waited for replays and voice chat.(still waiting for voice acrually)
: U saying that while adc are the most broken role and everyone of them can go bot mid top or jungle because it works I think adc actually need nerfs not because they are too broken
Yeah try going bot with graves, kindred or quinn and tell us how that goes. I would think poorly but you might prove me wrong.
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