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: > [{quoted}](name=Semirk0,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=aNx3s1Ej,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-01-02T12:16:47.647+0000) > > Yes it is a bullshit. Here is my [report card]( I was told by the support: > > "As my colleague mentioned, we have reviewed your case and deemed the 2 weeks suspension as being correctly placed for trolling/griefing and creating a bad experience for the other players." > >. I want to look at the replay. I want everybody to see what made them ban me. But they refuse to provide me with a replay of that game or clip that made them ban my account. If you have a way to obain the replay I will gladly watch it and learn what I did wrong to not do it again. But I honestly have no idea why I got banned. You can have the replay yourself after the 14 day bay- i think it will be still there( not 100% sure), but after every game you have the replay in the game client, so after your suspension expire you can try and make a new topic with the replay or something.
I think it would not do anything. The support is refusing to tell em the exact reason why i am being suspended, They refuse to provide me with a replay. They even completely shut down the ticket i made about this question on support. After the ban i could get the replay but i believe riot is only able to ban you for your past 20 games but i am not quite sure. Anyways, i have been bullied, humiliated, judged by the support. I have nothing to do until the i get the replay and even then it will be all over. From what i am seeing i think i am done with this game. I've been playing this game since the winter in season 3. I got suspended and punished for the things i did in this game. But after being treated like this I had enough. Getting banned and not even being told what the ban is for just that is is deserved? please
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
As I said, i don't care about any legal stuff. If this is how riot wants to treat this kind of situations, whatever. All I am asking for is a little integrity from a gaming company as big as this. We already know riot can't employ balance team. But treating a long term loyal paying player like this is unacceptable.
Rynor (EUW)
: Ask him how does he know Riot System since he isn't an employee. They were 4 premades and ypu get group report for nothing. It is bullying and you got punished. Asking for a refund because you got bullying isn't criminal. Save all your chat logs, emails and proofs. If customer services called you toxic, save it too. It is bullying and berating you a victim. Cyber bullying laws are more severe now. Go check legal advise , they would be more suitable to advise you than people from the internet.
Yea but i don't want to go to court just for some 14 day ban. I just can't understand why is it so hard for riot to either tell me what I am actually banned for or just simply unban me. If they feel like banning my 500 euro account omg go ahead. Don't expect me to play your game anymore but i am not going to make a big deal out of it. I am just surprised by their behavior. Refusing to communicate with me and treating me like garbage even tho i am the one who got harassed in game.
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
I don't want to follow anything. I am only speculating about the reason my account got banned, since i can't get an answer from support, or any answer at all.
Rynor (EUW)
: Group bullying is supported by their system. If more players report you and you single report, it is you who get ban. Check my posts: [Post 1]( [Post 2]( You already know how it is ingame. I had multiple players attacking me personally on this board, they didn't get anything. I have told someone that he is intolerant towards those holding different opinions because he called me toxic attacking me personally, got suspended for posting. I made a post to show evidence of my suspension here, post got deleted and suspended again for displaying private player info. The screenshots are post replies from this public board. Example of one the public post [here](
Well, thank you for the information. I have absolutely no idea what to do. It's my first time seeing the system abused like that. I honestly don't even want to play this game anymore. It's sad enough that you can't even criticize your team if they screw up. But if I have to fear or getting bullied by random premades who decided to bully another player and even riot supporting it? Aren't they supposed to punish the bullies here? I seriously got bullied, harassed, banned without explanation and they refused to provide any assistance on that matter and outright told me to stop asking about it and I can't do anything about it? What if this was permaban for something i something I didn't even do?
Lynnedin (EUW)
: I am guessing one of your teammates send in a ticket to Riot support and then you were manually reviewed. That may also explain why Riot support doesnt want to explain your ban in more detail because the chance of them wanting to overrule their colleague’s earlier judgement is very slim. You are basically screwed at this point.
Okay so you are saying that i am scewd becuase someone, who even flamed me and did worse things than me decided to take it to support? Am i supposed to now go on a support and make a ticket every time i do a play that my team doesn't agree with just to not have a chance of randomly getting banned? I just want to have justice for once in this game. Shoudl i go now on support and report every single player on my team for flaming me and inting? Is this how riot imagines suspension system to work. One guy randomly writes on support when he is the one who is flaming and feeding and he gets somebody else banned?
: So here is the thing, you muter them at the start of the game then started acting solo (going to top and take his farm etc) They were probably telling you not to in the chat. The support was asking for help but you didn't see any of that because of the mute. Of course, anyone reviewing the game would see you as trolling.
Yea and what? I muted them because they were flaming me even in champs select. I am not gonna get harassed just so i can read one thing they actually tell about the game in 10 messeges. I did what i think was correct, i told them I am going to do it. Are you really saying making a play and not listening to your flaming team is worthy of 14 day ban?
: That's only for the instant punishments on racism, homophoby or similar as far as I know
I think they can detect inters aswell. I had a few games when my team would run it down mid and after I reported them they would usually get banned by the next game and the card would pop up that the penalty on my report was issued.
Lynnedin (EUW)
: I dont understand how you got to play three more normal matches before you were suspended for 14 days. Doesnt the system review games within 15 minutes (from a ask riot) after a match has ended? Almost makes me think the match was manually reviewed and you were then issued a suspension.
Maybe, I honestly have no idea. The game after that i was playing the same day right after. Next day I was playing two games with friends, then when i got back to play the third i got banned out of nowhere just for this game.
: Riot doesn't delete posts. The board moderators do. And only when it's either in the wrong board, are extremely toxic or, likely in this case, naming and shaming. Also, did Riot Support actually tell you not to, or to not spam support with messages? Because new tickets push you to the back of the line.
> Any further insistence on the matter might bring the immediate closure of the ticket as we have manually reviewed the case and deemed the 2 week suspension as correctly applied. > If you have any other concerns please feel free to open a new ticket and we will do our best to assist. I replied that i wanted to at least know why I am being banned because I honestly have no idea. After that they didn't reply.
: So when a team is flaming and trolling, you are still forced to ask them nicely when you want to make a decision with the goal of winning the game? If(big if, as there is no way too prove it) the story happened as described and that's a correct punishment, this is outragous bullshit. Do you really think a player needs to ask permission from a flaming team to make a play, if that play is done with the intention of winning? No matter if it was a good or bad play. If he would have flamed back, you would recommend muting them and tell him, he was banned justly for flaming. Now a player muted them and you would ban him for not communicating?
Exactly my point. I made a call i judged to be a best for this scenario. I told them what I am doing. I played the game to the best of my ability with only intention to win. I didn't int, troll or grief. Ofc I don't remember everything I said and did during this game, that's why i asked them to tell me what I did wrong. But, I am banned with 0 knowledge of why, only with a word of support that it was deserved.
Hansiman (EUW)
: So after top dying once, and your support taking some farm; you decide that you are going to abandon bot leaving your support at a disadvantage, then steal tops farm. From what you're saying, you're not giving anyone in your game any choice. You made the decision, and then everyone just has to cater to your commands. Just because a person dies once, doesn't mean their entire lane is lost. Nor does it mean it helps you just running up there to solo the lane as the ADC. Honestly, by what you're saying here it does sound like you were trolling, which is punishable. You weren't trying to work with your team. --- > After a day and almost 500 views, riot even took down my previous post. Your case is Player Behavior related. Not Technical Support. That sub-board is for players who are having technical issues with the game, something you're not.
I see your point and it's my bad about the board placement. About the trolling. In previous post I explained my decisions. I was harassed by all 4 of these players since champ select. My support was stealing my farm. I honestly didn't care if we would swap with jax or swap entire lanes (me fiddle top, jax bot). I told him I was going top after I recalled and decided it would be the best thing to do in this situation. I forced my team into a good play. It's like starting an objective and your team doesn't follow. Do 4 players that didn't help get banned because they didn't listen to the call. Does the person who forced a call get banned for trolling because his 4 teammates didn't listen? I did what I could to win this game, Every play I made was correct and i will stand by it. If you think making a call that 4 other pleople don't agree with worthy of 14 day suspension it's your opinion. But I think it's not.
: If you are telling the truth and you were only banned for that one game and only for intentional feeding than that ban is bullshit. But how can I know that this is the truth? Just can say that this single game is far from anything I'd call intentional feeding based on the stats alone (no way too tell if there had been 1 or 2 intentional deaths but that seems unlikely)
Yes it is a bullshit. Here is my [report card]( I was told by the support: "As my colleague mentioned, we have reviewed your case and deemed the 2 weeks suspension as being correctly placed for trolling/griefing and creating a bad experience for the other players." I've explained every play I remember from that game that could be seen as trolling behaviour. Ofc you don't have to believe me. I want to look at the replay. I want everybody to see what made them ban me. But they refuse to provide me with a replay of that game or clip that made them ban my account. If you have a way to obain the replay I will gladly watch it and learn what I did wrong to not do it again. But I honestly have no idea why I got banned.
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