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: That's how things are working right now, the whole thing went for you the same way it goes for everyone else. And what's better, the troll is still doing the same thing game after game, want to bet? :P
Unfortunately, I think so too.
: It likely would have been a coincidence. Rioters won't do things like that. They can't let their personal emotions influence things like this. Also, one line such as "piece of sh*t" wouldn't get you a chat restriction. It takes multiple infractions, and the system takes into account your good behaviour thus far, before it applies things like that.
It was not only one line of course. It was a good 15-minute rant from me. So obviously I deserved some kind of punishment. I just meant that the level of phrases I was using was around that. Nothing serious like aggressive threats or racism. It does not seem to me it took my previous good behavior into account though. 4 or 5 years of honor 5 straight with no punishments for bad behavior ever, and now I won't receive ranked rewards. Raises the question of why even play.
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