: Ok, so all of those places are outside of London. So your original statement about 'no-go areas' was actually not true. That's a relief. I actually live in the part of London that has one of the highest % of Muslim immigrants, my experience of living here is somewhat different to how you imagine it to be. I do get very defensive about my city :) I am not 'obsessed' by social justice, as you put it, but I do try to view people as individuals rather than arbitrarily categorising them by race/religion/gender etc. If that makes me a SJW or a bad person, so be it. Anyway, nice talking to you. Have a good weekend.
Try going to these places then. Funny how you tolerate people who have don't tolerate ideology and its followers who are compeletly opposite of being tolerant and understanding. And if these videos are made by right wing populists then why that stuff is happening all around the eu? And going as far as terrorist attacks like charlie hebdo. All major attacks right now are happening after "open border" policy.
Pink n Sexy (EUNE)
: Best feeling in the world...
Welcome to league of legends
Sorâ (EUW)
: I got Perma-banned on my smurf.
That is what you get for buying account instead of leveling by yourself. Don't be lazy.
: Ok, I am not going to get into a long debate with you about this because neither of us are going to change our stance, so it is pointless. However, I just want to make a couple of points: - I didn't say that Islam is a race, I just made a statement about London having a low level of inter-racial tension. Yes, there are ocassional outbreaks of violence that might be triggered by specific groups (EDL etc) or events (Charlie Hebdo etc). - those youtube clips- That is your evidence that there are no-go areas? Videos like this are often circulated by far right groups to perpetuate the mentality that we are being 'invaded by muslims'. I am not naiive, I know that trouble does happen, there are 8+million people living in London after all. But these events are very rare considering the racial and cultural mix that we have. - What is your issue with Social Justice? Surely everyone subscribes to this ideal don't they? - When you accuse me of being SJW I assume that this is used as an insult. You don't know me so please don't make assumptions about me. -Once again...let me know where these places are in London that I cannot go to, I am now genuinely curious
I already mentioned them Walsall, Birmingham, Luton. Some of them might be outside of London, but they are still in UK. And social justice warrior is a person that is obsessed by social justice in negative way. In an extreme form. They get "triggered" by anything. They see racism where there is none. They see sexism where there is none. It is an internet slang, here is the definition http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=social%20justice%20warrior Also if you look closely in these videos you will see that they are not just some small minority. There is hundreds of them.There is huge problem with islam and islamic world view. Also i recommend to you looking up Pewresearch polls in country's from which these migrants come from. These polls show what kind of beliefs these people have. You will be surprised about how ultra conservative they. Do you really think people who live in theocracy with very very conservative society are able to integrate in democracy with very liberal society? They are not and you can see the consequences in real life.
: Try going into a poor residential area with national citizens and it wont be better. Heck, try to go into some regular Areas in East Europe at day and it's not better either. Criminality is not bound to race or belief, but to education, how one was raised and poverty.
Not just your social status is what determinates how you act. It is also the ideology you follow. If your ideology says it is okay to punish homosexuals. They will follow it. If it says that sharia law is something they mut always follow and implement it everywhere, There is very high chance that they will do it. Same thing with any ideology.For an example, if you are a communist then you probably will follow the basic principles and ideas of marxism(what ever they might be) Also, no. It wouldn't be that bad. At all.
: You're probably one of those East Europe guys who helped the SS in killing jews because "foreigners" right?
Nice assumptions. But, no i am not. But you are probably that type of social justice warriors that is okay with millions of muslims coming to EU that are extremly anti semitic ? You know the palestinians. A lot of them really dislike jews. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dYh2a-w0JWI
SentisM (EUNE)
: ***
ayy lmao social justice warriors down voted. So funny
: Just stupid old racist people that don't know any better.
ayyy lmao typical social justice warrior who screams "RACISM RACISM RACISM" when confronted with logic and facts or when somebody disagree with you. Give it up kid. You are just a youngster that got brainwashed by a liberal media and can only repeat stuff that was dictated to you. You don't know any better. You don't know how cancerous and totalitarian EU is. You are probably a social justice warrior who believes that islam is a race and everything is racist that you don't like.
Larry (EUNE)
: I'm Quitting these boards
nobody will miss you bye
Rompanruoja (EUNE)
: A reminder for permanently banned players that you did NOT get banned "for just one game"
We toxic players (including me hehe xd) understand that we are toxic and that being toxic is bad, because riot wants to make their game a little safe space for teens that get triggered easily. And we know we get banned for a reason. The thing is that we simply don't give a fuck. So you can take this paragraph of useless text and stick it in one place thank you.
Mayush (EUW)
: RANKED 4 Premade surrender while we finished nexus
This is what i hate the most about Dynamic Q. You are hopeless if pre-made team decides to flame, troll or just just play like morons.
: add achivements in LoL
This is not xbox live. get lost.
: add achivements in LoL
This is not xbox live. get lost.
Enlight13 (EUW)
: Not a Rant. Just look at it and laugh for a second. I sure did XD
That is because Riots matchmaking system freaking sucks. It is always against you by placing you with bunch imbeciles that can't play properly....You can't be suprised if the community is so toxic at this point when you let people who don't know how to use basic logic and game mechanic/knowledge play ranked games. They don't want to admit how bad the match making is because they are too busy counting that cash. They can't even fix freaking broken servers and remove that freaking dynamic queue.
Buttcramp (EUNE)
: Guide on how to accept a found match:
Somebody should write a script for this.
epoheroz (EUW)
: okay?! That is why it's part up in sections, and you got the choice to just skip pass it!
epoheroz (EUW)
: Aram Behaviour
tldr ? nobody is going to read all that crap anyway
Buttcramp (EUNE)
: I'm dead inside.
crap skin anyway
: Am I the only one having problem with client?
yeah that's because riot servers are crap.
: Looking for buddies to play with
play with me if you want to see toxic side of league.
mustafa2881 (EUNE)
: Should some champions be completely banned for the URF game mode?
: Legit way to get free RP O.O.O.O.O
You can always rob a bank or store to get free RP
damn dude that's quite freaking nice respect{{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}} P.S. tyler1 best player ever. unban now
: Elo boosted accounts. TIME TO STOP THIS!


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