: Look, the problem is not LP/MMR or Elo algorithms, the main problem is the algorithm of seeking new players for your game. If you are good, you get trash teammates and vice versa. They do it to counter boosters. But you know, boosters are not using solo, they only play duo. And it doesn't work anyway because boosters have multiple accounts, and there is no real way legitimately differentiate booster from smurf.
Im am not assessing the booster problem here, i am merely touching the subject around LP loss prevention when you get an afk after 10 min, or if you win 4 v 5.
Uraraka (EUNE)
: Imo it is simply best to punish the afk players(and also trolls/inters) like toxic players are punished and players will not troll/afk/feed as often as they do now. This will improve the experience of players and may reduce toxicity to some level.
I also think its the best. I think the best is to "lock" the accounts to mobile numbers so you cant make 100 multiple accounts, maybe only 2 or 3. If you wanna make a new account, you need to delete 1 of your prev accounts. It is much easiar to detect trolling and stop people from trolling in rankeds. But thats my 2 cents...
: Loss prevented with AFK in team and more LP if you win with AFK
Short comment to this post : See the ELO as MMR in this post, its the same thing. The MMR system is most likley based on sort of an ELO System like in chess. For those who are more interested, click this link and watch the formula https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elo_rating_system. In short : Players meet each other for a match and a formula is used to decide the outcome of the game based on their ratings and hence given the new ELO/MMR points after a win or loss. You CANT give someone ELO/MMR points and not "take" away ELO/MMR from the opponent, the formula dosent allow that, if you do so the formula will be invalid and the whole ranking system is at fault. You cant either "give extra" mmr rating just because someone afks, cause the formula is predecided before the game begins on a set of rules.. Again the whole system will get invalid. To give an example irl : Let us say a chess player is really really sick, and the chances for the player to win the game is slim to none, but wins the game he dosent get more ELO rating just becuase he is sick. Im not syaing its impossible, but it will shake the foundation of the MMR system, and you will get artificial MMR ratings just because some people "jump" up and down randomly due to afks etc. Im not saying it shouldnt be done anything about it. Yes it sucks, yes i also hate it, but you need an embedded formula that works in the core to make a ranking system work. If you gonna implement loss prevention and extra mmr you need to make additional formulas to make a work around so the ranking system stays valid. I dont think its easy to do so, even then you need to "patch" the formula for outliners the whole time. Maybe hard post to grasp, but i hope it made a bit sense.
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: "i refuse to gank flaming lanes" - 04.08.2019 Amateur... {{sticker:sg-lulu}}
Maybe you love to help out lanes calling you shit and every garbage word they have. But not everyone can take it. And i am not talking abt normal flaming, im talking abt really flaming with no f reason... they dont deserve my ganks, i rather use it on lanes that respect me as a teammember! yeah even if it loses the match!
ryandub (EUW)
: So you make the other players suffer?
I only gank the lanes who respect me as a team player..whoever who dosent F it m8. I dont care...
MSF Akito (EUW)
: There are some rules in this game. 1) NEVER chase singed. 2) You have a bad game? Flame your jungler! 3) You have a bad game as ADC? Flame both your jungler and support! Funfact: Jgl and Supp are my most played roles. :3 Anyways, never gank losing lanes. Not only is it a waste of time, but its high risk - low reward. People will always flame the jungler. Just ignore it.
Thats the thing i ignore it by not ganking them anymore. People who are flaming and are behind will flame anyway if the gank goes wrong or i "KS" it by mistake..
SepharU (EUNE)
: Down vote this but i refuse to gank flaming lanes
I am stating this : Whoever lane that flames me for no f**** reason then just beeing bad and dont understanding to position or def when they are behind and blame me and my family and everything. F*** it i will never gank. But persons who act like "normal" humans well ofcourse i will help. If it is reportable that i dont gank a lane who is calling me piece of shit noob and every nasty word they can in english well then report me. It is no where in the rules that states that i HAVE to gank all lanes as a jungler!!!!
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: because the game is more of a casino. if it let you climb where yu wanted to be, then there would be no grind, it wants you to keep playing to get up. the matchmaker is specifically designed to get everyone as close to 50% win rate as humanly possible. it will fk with you for 10 games or so, then let you win for a bit, then you will get dominated for a bit more after.....its built that way....dont you get it?
Not supporting the matchmaking of riot BUT : Having a 50% winrate is the norm. Its not rigged. You only have a higher winrate if you are climbing. When you hit that sweet spot where you belong you start losing more, and eventually balance around 50%. If you want to climb further you have to improve your game/skills or whatever.
SepharU (EUNE)
: Which are the hardest champion to carry with as adc, mid or top?
Cool. From what i can see in the answers kalista is def the most weakest adc as long as you dont have a team comp around him!
: Do you mean which ones are more team dependant or which is hardest? Adc definitely Kalista in both categories. Mid... Aurelion Sol perhaps Top I don’t really know honestly, personally I’d say gnar atm
I mean who are the hardest to solo carry with.
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SepharU (EUNE)
: Streaming @ twitch channel "Sephlix" soon (Silver league) EUNE!
Thanks for all who added me. I will upload video clips on the channel Sephlix with all the nice plays i see in game with people who want to stream with me. Keep on adding and pls follow channel if possible. Thanks.
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: After reading this I guess what you learrned is copy pasting something and selling it as your own idea
Well,if you are talking about the previous post. I also wrote that. Seph80 is also me. (Sepharu/Seph80)
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Shamose (EUW)
: Why would you though when you can flash to the side? I mean you can do it. but it just seems not worth it.
I know i can. Just wondered if it is possible to flash to his back, just cooler.
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: There's a reason why you are in Silver 4, and it has nothing to do with "smurfs" or LoL being F2P.
Im not talking about me beeing in silver4. This post isnt any flame or a cry post. Just a simple plain question.
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S0urce (EUW)
: I feed and troll the next 200 games
I agree with you that its a game and it should be fun. My father told me : Son, wanna have fun playing football?Go play the little league, where no one give a %%% abt if u win or lose. Wanna play serious, join a serious team who gives a shit abt winnin, work out, gain knowlegde, and find fun in winning matches.
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Declined (EUNE)
: Greetings SepharU, For cases such as these I urge you to take a screenshot first, and then contact support. When you do [contact support](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/requests/new), please include as much relevant information as possible including: - A brief description of the issue - His Summoner name - The screenshot. - Match link to the match where he acted this way (for support to manually review his behavior during that match) I would like to give you props for not divulging his name here on the boards.
I have submitted a ticket and prt screen of his status. He has the same status stil.
Vsec Exile (EUNE)
: Prt screen and send a ticket to support, you should have reported him ingame
I reported him in game for like 2 weeks ago. i also decribed what it was in comment. Nope, stil playing. And i refuse to think it was just 1 game when his status msg is jews+muslim = oven..Thats what he wrote the whole game also.
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CMriss (EUNE)
: From what i've experienced, the people who play assasins class and main them are the most toxic. They indeed are used to delete squishes and think can't get killed even thou in the previous fight they penta kill and now got hard CC from lux Q and maybe a jhin W and died instantly. Btw, i've never seen an assasin buy QSS (overrated). Even when they get auto filled, they are the first to call you a noob and at the end of the game, which by no surprise was a loss, you check their profile and be amazed , assasin main , great, just great! i shoud've known.. What i do know and do all the time when i get off role to jungle and i have an assasin top or mid, i pick Xin Zhao and just camp the hell out of the top and mid and snowball them as much as possible. Assasins need a baby sitter, regardless in which team you find them. This class is a high risk high reward, and as you mentioned, they can't belive they can die or choose to forget it driven by the idea that thier champion is very very good and they carried so many games..that makes them "good" players and frustrations hit hard as soon as they get outplayed; difficult to blame themselves bc they are "good" , so who is else to blame? Let me begin ... About the kill stealing, yeah, you kind of want to give them the kill, that's pretty much thier pride. Imagine a 0/0/6 {{champion:157}} and the amount of salt building up :D
In the heat of a gank..it comes time where you need to take millisec decisions. And sometimes you "steal" that kill cause you think either the enemy is sliping away or you dont know if enemy will kill ur laner befor he dies.. Or maybe just because that laner called you "Gank you P**** of S***"...:)
Inishadow (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=SepharU,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=I2yuB5yK,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-01-20T16:31:18.174+0000) > > Yesh i agree. > > Yasous in this league.. > > When i jungle with a yasou mid or top, i feel i have to pay more attention to those lanes. Cause if that yasou dies more then 1 time. He will either start flaming or just go on feed. > > It feels for me that all players who take yasou role just cant believe that they can "die".. > Its like impossible for them to imgaine that.. > > And if you god forbid gank and "steal" the kill cause you either miscalculated or you thought that enemy is slipping away..well..flame starts.. > > Its like almost all yasous..im not saying all, but almost all think they have the obligation to get all kills:) and that my friend is why i always ban yasuo because people can't play or play against him and he is fcking unbalanced late game. + the people that play yasuo are fcking toxic and will flame the living shit out of you or go afk after they died 3 or 4 times.
Every time i get an Yasou in team i start praying...
: You are the kind of ADC that flame the support cause "you did nothing" when you charge straight into a thresh's hook, aren't you?
Did you feel targeted by his post, or did you just wanted to get a bit attention? And where did you come up with this comment by just reading that post?
Èclair (EUNE)
: To be fair this is the exact way the botlane meta is heading right now. People are playing passively, picking champions like Vayne or Twitch and going full defensive Overheal build to just survive the lane phase and then take advantage over enemy team in mid-to-late game. Also, Soraka isn't the best pick to try and bully enemy team out of farm. Especially against nuker who can disintegrate her in the matter of seconds. It was probably the matter of bad matchup.
Im not that skilled with soraka. But when i play her, i poke enemy whenever i can... Soraka in enemy lane is "cancer" to me sometimes... Soraka can bully m8...
CMriss (EUNE)
: Pretty good description i might say,i can relate to this even thou i'm not a jungler, wait, i can put some more: "Don't ban yasuo" kind of stress "I'm plat smurf" i'll carry,no worries! "Why did you not help me?" dies 1 vs 4.. "The 5 vs 5 mid meta at 15 minutes" and an average of 30 cs.. I only played for one season and i know that this things will never change, it's part of the online gaming community. But at the same time, it's kind of good to have a very good yasuo in your team which by accident might be platinum and he can quadra kill at 15 minutes with 30 cs.
Yesh i agree. Yasous in this league.. When i jungle with a yasou mid or top, i feel i have to pay more attention to those lanes. Cause if that yasou dies more then 1 time. He will either start flaming or just go on feed. It feels for me that all players who take yasou role just cant believe that they can "die".. Its like impossible for them to imgaine that.. And if you god forbid gank and "steal" the kill cause you either miscalculated or you thought that enemy is slipping away..well..flame starts.. Its like almost all yasous..im not saying all, but almost all think they have the obligation to get all kills:)
Last Light (EUNE)
: What is it with all these passive support players?
indeed i have some sups who understand to poke, while enemy adc is last hitting, but mostly i have sups who are passive and just standing there and only engaging if i engage first, or i have sup rambos. Rambos who just dont give a f if ur 1, 2 or 3 km away from a potential fight or even in base..they just dont give a f, and just wanna engage like 24/7.
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FraCro (EUW)
: RageQuiters,Afk its easy to detect them,but how about trolls? I had plenty of games where they use chat and don't flame,but they troll,like nunu full ap goes in to eve jungle and tries to steal red when hes lvl 1(top line nunu,no smite) vs lvl 3 eve and he fails ofc + eve got fb,then all feeding come from top line.At end almost all of them wrights "GG EZ" "I didnt troll just my team sucks,so they deserve to lose." Troll are big problem now. Feeders,well u cant tell if he ints or he saw that play and failed it,but dieing 5+ times to same champ and still building full dmg build,ignoring advises from team and 24/7 split pushing has to be stoped some how.I lost too much games becoze top line splited all game after there opponents rected them to hard.Well what u expect when 5/0 + tower fb yorick comes bot and your auto does 50 dmg,cuz he rushed armor. And riot should ban first time champs in ranked,to much games i had where ppl pick champ 'cuz they saw some OTP outplaying that champ. To be honest thats a bigest bullshiet u can get in ranked. {{sticker:sg-lulu}} I totally agree whit you,flamers isn't big deal,but whit others there should be added some system to punish them or warn them. {{item:1051}}
For me "trolling" is refusing to communicate with team, but ofcourse throw it in there also as a 5th element.
: The Real Reason for Flaming
I have made a post about this before. I dont care if someone flame. I have thick layer, so i can coop with people calling me idiot, moron or all the dumb shit they can come up with in a game. But when players flame players who dont have this thick layer, you have a world war 3 going on in the chat. So you have 1 "war" against enemy, and 1 in internal in team with either 1 v 1 or a duo flaming 1 player. The one reason that pisses me the most of is the "time" (what i also wrote in my previous post). The time that you have spent climbing up a bit, just to get thrown back again at square 1. You play 2 games. Where you fight your way through to get + 20 lp that you fought for 40 min, and in the next you get a flamer who drwas back the entire team. what do you end up with? 1 h and 30 min of your life wasted to get from +20 lp to end up in -5 lp. For me the time is the most important factor. You give this game time and your patience, and just 1 flamer/afk ruins everything. The minute i see that 1 player start acting a bit crazy, i can just see my 30 min wasted along with -x lp. After you have seen this happening many times in a row, players start losing temper and they also start flame, cause they indirectly understand that this game is a loss. For me you can "demonstarte" the flame in different ways : 1. Flaming 2. Afking 3. Feeding 4. Refuse to communicating with team Reason number 1 is not so bad, cause i have won many games where people flame and curse in game, but all the other reasons have resulted in almost a sure loss, everytime.... For me, you can punish 2->4 harder then 1. In every competetive enviroment people get carzy and say many harsh words (im not saying its ok to type everything in chat). But thats life you have to coop with it. But reason numder 2 to 4 is more offensive for me then number 1.
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Mr Stabby (EUW)
: The only reason I come here is to read those threads. It goes well with my morning coffee and it is good facepalm humor most of the time.
I love this thread:) But almost never open, "Riot pls, why i got banned". Well sometimes i do and you see the things they have pasted and the first sentence is like "Well f*** U" "Well You Suk also etc" And i think.. What u think u got banned for m8?
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: Theres already a tournament realm being done by Rito and just queue solo in solo Q then. if you're good enough you'll climb. it's perfectly fair. I regret wasting so much time reading this. it serves no purpose.
i strongly disagree with you about it serves no purpose. But hey you have your opinion. Q solo in solo Q?i think u just missed that point 100%.
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: > [{quoted}](name=SepharU,realm=EUNE,application-id=00edEA0o,discussion-id=8Ym7Es8o,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-12-31T21:53:03.892+0000) > > I got 2 things that will make u atleast climb out of bronze.. > > Ward, and dont do dumb shit! That's beyond vague, giving advice like that is pretty much pointless, it just sounds egotistical. I will remind you that Silver IV is barely out Bronze, and that you'll often be placed with bronze players when in Silver IV.
Well. I have 2 other acc where i am Gold 1 and Gold 4, so ill stick with the same, Ward and dont do sumb shit!
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