: Yea, it's a stomp or get stomped game-mode where macro play is flushed down the toilet. I try it every time it gets released, the stomps aren't that satisfying, and when I get stomped I rage my ass off, due to the inability to change the outcome of the game, and waste 10-15 minutes getting farmed like a minion. Guess I grew out of the mode, considered it fun the first time it got released, now...not so much. The frustration outweighs the fun. I can perfectly understand Riot's decision to not air this RGM that often. I got burnt out after only 10ish games, and not feeling like playing any kind of LOL in the next week or so. But then again, if others are having fun, so be it, I don't wanna ruin anyone's good time. Have fun lads.
3 bans for one player, 30% damage to champions and towers. That would be something.
: Buff lethality, nerf tanky champions
Tanks in this season does not exist but ok.
Pixelbits (EUW)
: Ganking right as a jungler always seems too hard for me
Only one way is climbing up and play with people who knows that in most of situations they must start baiting enemy, or fight, few seconds before you gank. Sometimes pinging in low elo helps.
MØrfis (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=AnOffMetaPlayer,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=FflvN9vm,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-10-29T14:21:25.986+0000) > > cant play urf with off meta champs? git gud then can u even tell someone who is 1 division ahead of you to git gud? i mean "git gud " in a fun mode ? %%%%%%ed much?
Ignore this bro. You will get a cancer by reading those plat-and-under salty players. This is becoming from their mentality. I mean, suck in game and still thinking they deserves higher rank. (Of course i am mentioning only couple of people not all of players) MAYBE NOT DIAMOND BUT PLAT AT LEAST, while there is no difference between gold and plat XD... What i am saying is Riot gave the tool for them to pick broken champions and having fun. Other people want's ARURF instea of URF so URF lovers feel insecure and start flaming us. I don't remember any flame when the situation was reversed.
Zepeat (EUNE)
: Skarner buff
I played Skarner and he is balanced. The thing is current meta of bilion dashes, stopwatches, zhonyas, lethality and m.pene doesn't fit this champion. Anyway, this is type which is very dangerous to buff. If i remember well, all his buffs and nerfs, no matter big or small ones, were very visible in game.
: ***
Low IQ? And It say someone whose only arguments is calling someone stupid? I don't care if you're trolling or not cause it's not making any difference. You must feel worthless irl. Only that kind of people are writing such a shit ;).
swtos2015 (EUNE)
: ***
Pointing someones age is sign of being child aswell.
: yes better force players to play shit they never play or like, imagine getting nunu and be trapped in game for 30minutes while being tortured by enemy garen or master yi
Garen and Master Yi? How often you could have garen and master in one team? One time per 1k games? BTW nunu is decent at urf.
: there are bans btw
This gamemode needs 30 bans.
: no one is forcing you to play it, you don't like it? bye!
The thing is Riot have 2 same gamemodes with different settings. Urf is shit comparing to ARURF.
: just bcs you dont know how to play other champions means nothing
Wohoho ok mr. salty EU NE Platinum god
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Jekkler (EUW)
: Master yi unbalanced in low elo
There is like 30 champions who can counter yi easily xD....
: the average game for my jungler: enemy does dragon, my jungler is top farming. this time 3-5 in one game.
The average game when i play as jungler. -Please ward a drake, XYZ champion can do drake right now and i am clearing top after gank. -No reaction. -Infernal drake has been slain. -/all FU better jungler ff gg
: People are calling me a smurf when it's Riot's matchmaking they should be blaming
You are just a hard gold stuck who is better than most of golden players (cause you played a lot of rankeds) but not good enough to climb up. Sorry bro, you must do something wrong. I guess it's because you are good only at Camile and she is not able to carry 4 animals in your team. I have same elo and if i had time to play more rankeds (let's say half of yours) i feel i could make out from gold very easily stomping most of games. Change your champion pool. Camile is not 1vs5 champion. I lost many games at start cause i didn't play league couple of years and i played offroles, then i went to main jungle again, so this game became very easy at gold.
Sephior (EUNE)
: How is that possibile to not get S for this game?
So, ya'all say that it's better to make less ganks and counter jungling and focus on farm camps even when you can steal drake kill 2 people and destroy 5 wards? I thought farm is not so important at all, if you make sick work on lanes....
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takman FTW (EUNE)
: you must be trolling me
Playing EUNE is simple: STOMP or lost. Every single game there are people who shouldn't play rankeds. Only one way to win is learning jungle (ofc in 90% lost games it'll be junglers fault) but if you'll do well you can stomp games easily with mobility junglers like Lee, Heca, Kha.


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