Silisa (EUNE)
: I guess I do. :3 Exactly. It makes me sad, but that's just life I guess.
meh, maybe i should fight god and change the world by the end of this year >.< but i guess today's my last day on boards too, so take care ;)
Silisa (EUNE)
: To be honest, I am only bothering because I want to keep up with my brother, who is still playing ranked. LoL is one of the few hobbies we have in common, so I am holding on to it until he quits. I find that playing less makes it more fun.
you must really love your brother, that's sweet on the other hand, my friends and family don't have much in common with me anymore, so i know how hard is to keep a decent relationship without much to bridge it though
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: Don't think they said that and this isnt dynamicQ problem, this is new champ select problem.
they did in 2015, before lunching dynamicq when one of the big worries was that in team builder, it took a long time to have a match since players didn't queue as supports so, they "reassured" the community that everything will be ok, that each roles are wanted equally which, just like most things they tried to reassure the community of, ended up as nothing more than a lie but whatever, if i'm gona say next year "riot promised soloq in january 2016" people won't believe me anyway.
Silisa (EUNE)
: I still play normals with some regularity and aram from time to time. Although that is starting to annoy me too. I'm still hoping for DoomBots. :3 It's sucks really. I finally got Nami and Janna skins in HexTech, and I don't have the will to play anymore. >.<
and I've got head hunter akali, but last 2 boxes both gave me skins that were worth 520rp, which means getting essences for head hunter would take even more boxes and more and more, since god forbid it actually dropped something good enough that could be changed for more than 100 essences that and riot's attitude to solo players, made me debate: do i play only mabinogi from now on? do i buy black desert and give that game a try? should i see how tera works? or just move to cs:go and play that during free time after work. lol was decent for "casual" gameplay, that after lv30, you could just do fine with game knowledge. But meh, rito keeps ruining my experience as a solo player in it to much. Good to hear at least you still have fun this, even tho only a little bit xd
Silisa (EUNE)
: "We fuked up but we will role with it" - riot 2016
~~"Where did our playerbase go?" - riot 2017~~ "Ranked is the most popular game mode ever" - riot 2017 Ps: we removed normal queue, draft queue and aram. Also rotation queue since its for rotating game modes doesn't feature in our statistics ^^ tho i'm still debating to uninstall lol from my second laptop or not yet
Eambo (EUW)
: Voting Changes on Boards Homepage
>The main purpose of this change is to encourage people to go into topics and view them, give their thoughts and opinions on them, rather than "judging a book by it's cover" (IE: It's title) then downvoting and moving on. You can mouse over the title and see the beginning of what the OP wrote, and if it seems interesting open it, if not ignore it. Downvoted for stupid initiative. And since rito is unable to recognize mistakes and undo them. I guess I should take my leave from boards as well as i did from the game. Cya
broxton (EUW)
"All roles are equally wanted, and so, dynamicq will be a success" - riot 2015
: Nobody said dynamic Q matchmaking is only bad for high elo. This is an issue everywhere. Dynamic Q is bad for high elo in meaning of auto fill/queue time.
riot said it in their stupid not so round but apparently round, only in their designer's head, table. most streamers also say it a lot "its only a problem for high elo, like dia2 and above" and stuff like that. But the matchmaking with so many premades is a problem for all elos. They just refuse to admit it, sadly. The extra problem for high elo is queue time, combined with match-making.
ThePikol (EUNE)
: how do you guys climb?
a) you get good by good i mean a good attitude like: if your team feeds 10 kills, you don't get all depressed and beat up instead you go: i'm all fired up, ready to kill em motehrfuckers!!!! b) you learn what your main 2 roles do mid - farm, wave clear, roams (this is general overview, not everyone has to to this baring the first thing i mention) top - farm, tp, engages adc - farm, attack move in team fights, stay with your team mates support - DO NOT FARM, peal or engage depending on your support, help more than the rest of your team with vision, your main job is to either enamble your team mates or protect em jungle - farm jungle camps, put pressure on the map by ganking or counter jungling the enemy jungler, help with vision, secure objectives c) get good at farming if you are in the 3 farming positions d) get good at jungle monster kiting if you are a jungler e) do supportive things (for your team, not just the adc) when you support. f) learn what items you can build for your role and hero, and in what situation as an example if you are support and the enemy has 2+ ap heroes, getting a {{item:3190}} is very valuable, but only after sight stone g) don't follow mobafire builds like an idiot, understand what are you building, why are you building it and being able to change it if the game requires you to z) don't forget to use your trinket x) watch your minimap
Silisa (EUNE)
I'm more like this type of crazy right now tho :D
Silisa (EUNE)
: ... Yeah, I got nothing. You make a valid point. _Damn._ xD Our salvation is in ourselves, that's why those who search for it in their surroundings will never find it. Other people can give us support, but they can't solve our problems for us.
Glad you agree :p Also, I suppose I'm a bit lucky, but I've found mine outside myself. Tho that was years ago, and now I'm back to being crazy :D
Silisa (EUNE)
: I am not talking about psychology of teenagers, I am talking about the fact that, due to advancement in technology and a forced fast life style, people in general have less patience and are getting more and more used to getting everything immediately. My brother is a hair stylist, and he has people blowing their tops off if he asks them to wait 5 minutes for him to finish styling his current customer's hair. Most of the really impatient ones don't even have obligations to get to, they just hate waiting _that much_. The cause is all around us. Smart phones, instant food, instant coffee, promoting electronic chips with the story that they will in the future allow us to unlock our car or apartment door without a key, or pay our store bill by walking through the door. _________________________________________________________________________________________________ It all serves to prove that we are a community built of emotionally immature people. _________________________________________________________________________________________________ You are under the assumption that people like that want help. Most of them just want to rage and make everyone else feel as bad as they do. I've had teammates who had a bad game but didn't want to rage. They wanted help. They were the ones who were either silent, or who went into extremes and blamed themselves and apologized to everyone. We usually responded by being positive and giving them advice to get them to pull through.
Because "we don't have time, there's something else to do". Or at least, that's why they think, that they don't have time. that's why people in general want everything NOW. That's why they will generally take high risks in order to make shit happen as soon as possible. tbh, i'm also not the patient type, especially in relationships where I'm like "we are doing EVERYTHING NOW" so we skip the 4 months of running after each other's tail. Hence why often it doesn't go to well hahaha and its not teenagers psychology. If anyone feels like crap, they will want to exit that state (unless masochists, but even those aren't all that way). So, if someone feels like shit in game, and they aren't in a mental state to deal with it. They will go "ff this game". As far as wanting to rage, wanting to make everyone feel bad or wanting help. Everyone wants help to some degree. Pain, especially emotional one is not something most people enjoy. And then when that happens you have a few choices: you could save yourself - which is kind of hard to do (i could't for example, when I was really depressed and all that shit, i couldn't do it all by myself; whoever can, they are amazing) you could rely on someone else - which requires someone to be there for you and understanding you (finding someone like that also happens rarely) you could ignore the problem and hope time fixes it - which is what most people do, they just ignore it until the problem becomes major or they forget about it or you could just, make everyone's life just as miserable as yours. If you can't be happy, they won't be happy either. And we will all be miserable together muhahahahaha - which is what the other large part of people chose do they chose because they want that? very few, yes. But most of them chose the final option because they can't ignore what they are feeling, they can't fix themselves and they got nobody to help em. Like, when most people attempt to suicide and go "I'M GONA KILL MYSELF (AND ALL OF YOU)". They don't want to die, if they really wanted to die, they could've just kill themselves quietly at the end of a forest or something like that. They are desperately trying to have someone save them, validate their life value. Same thing with lol players. Most of them don't want to lose games. Most of them don't want to feel bad. But some of them had a really crappy day, maybe their girlfriend cheat on them with their best friend, maybe they got bullied at school, maybe their boss just tried to take sexual advantage of them, or maybe a random person on the street just punched them in the face. We don't know that. We don't really know much about people we queue with. And some of the ones with bad morale/mental state. Will come in games and NOW I WILL RUIN ALL OF YOUR LIVES HAHAHA. Those are also desperately trying to find a way to validate their life. So, making a rant about it. Won't help them. It would help the person ranting a bit, since they vent their frustration this way. But even so, its kind of minor and won't do much. Humans are funny. They are hurting each other so much while searching for salvation.
Silisa (EUNE)
: > Just.. why do people surrender that easily? It's the new age mentality. People are so used to getting everything easy and fast that they don't want to put in any effort to actually earn something. So, they prefer to give up rather than try. _Easy way or no way._
that's called "high risk, immediate reward", not new age mentality but in lol in particular, its more about the morale of the players to begin with, the environment is anything but friendly and when the enemy destroys you and make you feel like shit then it all comes down to your ability to deal with it but everyone has a limit, and if that person (guy or girl) had a shitty day/week/etc, they will most likely not be able to deal with it, so they will react in such a way so, if they really wanted to help that person feel better or even win the game the approach should've been different. Then again, its also problematic that you don't have time to assert the situation nor comfort your teammate fast enough to make the game into a win. you could go with "high risk, immediate reward" and try to appeal at one side of feelings that person has. But if you fail -> you totally failed and you could really ff at 5mintues. Tho, if you succeed, you will improve their performance.
: "7 minutes"
>But, and here lays the part which i refuse to understand For the OP read it: it will help you understand, at least a bit your team mate had his/her morale close to 0 ofc, that if you want to understand, if you don't well, it doesn't really matter either way (you generally don't have time to fix things)
: Especially when you try to sneak in a Mejai in your build. Go unnoticed, let the ADC tank everything.
{{champion:143}}{{item:3041}} - leblank senpai, STAY AWAY FROM ME!!!!
: > [{quoted}](name=YourSh4dow,realm=EUNE,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=5mZwA2o0,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-06-07T10:22:23.443+0000) > > OR he just bought all this stuff from Riot merch store.... there is no such a hoodies in the store. It wasn't League of Legends hoodie it was with Riot logo and the iner lining was with red-white-black logos, like the official Riot employees hoodies...
you know people can get custom or personalized clothing irl right? for a decent price, any tailor can do that for you. especially something as simple as adding a logo to a black hoodie/jacket and often fans were stuff that is similar to the people they like. side note: I'm not saying they ain't there. I'm saying it can be just a random lol fan you've seen.
Silisa (EUNE)
: Supports get plenty of attention in LCS, for both plays and fails. And I don't need recognition. Getting a gj or wp from a teammates is nice, but doing my job and winning because I did it well is what's important to me. Also, this support recognition talk is getting old. How many times do you see someone praising the top laner, the mid laner or the ADC unless they get a penta? How many times do you see the jungler getting praised unless he pulls off a Baron steal? You don't. Some people like to type a gj every now and then, some people prefer to not use chat at all, and some use it only to flame. And you don't see hordes of other roles mains making threads and asking for pats on the back. So stop. Just stop.
actually, i really think that its a very good thing to go unnoticed as the support in particular when you play squishy supports i mean, you don't want the enemy mid/assassin to focus you and then kill your adc as there's no peal left soooo, hopefully they don't see ya -*tucks head under blanket*
: There is only one thing I hate about Support: My team. These drooling infants ALWAYS bitch and cry when I die once, but when I get them fed? Does my ADC compliment me for feeding his sorry asshole? No, he doesn't. People are assholes and they don't deserve Supports. I wish more Support mains would immediately roam mid and let bot 1 v 2 instead of putting up with these %%%gots.
you should stop playing sup you sound more like a top laner or mid laner than a jungler/sup/adc player i can recognize that much ;) ps, top/mid player here too top and mid are the best when you don't want to depend on your team mate for your laning phase. However, you are also required to be able to play 1v2 as often the enemy jungler tags along
: Ehm you know? The little nerfs made his lane phase fight or loose as he cant poke at all anymore if the enemy is as good as he is. Plus the items he uses atm are getting nerfed WITHOUT them he is pretty much like any other adc and not rly strong. And the build which isnt strong is the crit build thats why they reverted it as he should be build more adc like again, ah yeah LUCIAN ISNT THE BEST DUELLIST ADC, he gets shit on mid game(unless fed) by vayne,kog maw and twitch, and in the late game by Caitlyn,Jinx,Vayne,Kog maw, Twitch and Tristana.
lucian's job is to rip the armor of everyone in the enemy team, that's why he is seen as very strong right now, that combined with crazy mobility above vayne's level
iAtlantiK (EUW)
: For people saying mismatching is only for Diamond+
people act as if "dynamicq is only bad for high elo" because the people most players pay attention to are ~diamond and so. and even those players "assume" that the system is working great as there's more people in lower elo they can't even believe that the system is trash on lower elos, as they still have faith in riot sooo, it can't be helped. and dynamic q is basic normals draft with visible MMR disguised as "rank". I could easily get to diamond in about 300 games or 500 this season. I mean, I don't really hate dinamicq, I could play around it. And last year towards the end of the year I was mostly getting only diamond players in both teams in draft rank. So, pretty confident I could've hit dia5 but.. I hate that riot shits on solo players and that they kept releasing benefits after benefits for premades. And that's why I've quit.
Wyldosis (EUW)
: Fair enough it's all personal preference and opinions. In regards to the champs you see as a problem. Ekko needs to be close to do damage (except time winder which is a similar range to illaoi q) and her ult is on a much lower cooldown than his so you just punish all ins. Shyvana I haven't really laned against but whenever I get one ganging me from jungle I normally kill them before they do anything significant. Kennen is just very squishy so you just wait out a grab then just all in his soul for the slow. If he jumps on you to retaliate an ult will normally kill as nearby tentacles swing at the soul fot the first strike when you ult so you can normally do enough damage to make him either disengage or outright kill. Again ult is much lower cooldown than Kennen too Fizz is a pain tho his e negates illaoi ultimate so you have to bait it before you all in. I find her main counter to be the really tanky sustain layers. Hardest match up I've found for her so far is probably trundle. Darius can be tough too as he can burst faster than you can.
thx for feedback, you really seem pretty good with her ^^ if you ever want, i'd like to play a 1v1 top lane vs you one day to see illaoi power for myself too. tho, that would mean i would have to reinstall the game lolz, and you might no like it since my ranking says plat :( but tbh, last year i've lost a few 1v1s vs a nasus main from silver 5 ^^' tho it was fun regardless, good luck with your games bro ;)
Wyldosis (EUW)
: Actually her strength is pretty balanced most especially when played with cc heavy allies like Leona and veigar. Items like iceborn gauntlet also help to stop those hyper mobile enemies from just jolting away. There are also a lot of things that many illaoi players don't know / use like the the fact that you are cc immune and can flash during the upwards part of the w and r jumps. Also the patch 6.11 changes aswell as the changes to vessel were a huge buff to her with comparable damage now being achieved with much lower ad meaning a full tank illaoi hits much harder. Currently I'm sitting at a 67% win rate with her in ranked. But am winning more regularly post changes.
its just, I don't see what you could ever do vs someone like ekko or fizz or shivana or kennen etc on top lane like, they should have an easy time dodging every ability and hit you back twice as hard. But, good job for keeping such a high winrate on a champion which I believe is in a really bad spot balance wise (underpowered). gl in future games
Wyldosis (EUW)
: Mains in sub optimal position vs less experienced champion
>I am an illaoi main How does it feel to main the worst champion in the game? Where almost everything has a long wind-up and you are stuck in league of mobility? edit: worst as in balance wise >.> she needs a shitload of buffs to be viable
Silisa (EUNE)
: It happened to me too in one game, so I'm pretty sure there is cheating involved. However, I don't know if it can even be detected, since the game I played doesn't exist in any record.
everytime you start a game, a .txt (i believe) or .cfg file is created which contains information about summoner names, champions for each player, map loading data (like buildings and so on). i've unstalled lol and now i'm even at work so, i can't tell you where that's located. But you can send a message to support, ask em where to find the notepad files with information about games as I mentioned earlier. Go though yours that were made for the day you encounter the "game that disappeared) as they are sorted in folders by day iirc And then give said file to riot. I mean, I doubt this will get the hacker banned, but it might feel you a bit better that you can track it down ;)
Rompanruoja (EUNE)
: If you say you are girl, the flamer might use that information when he flames. if you say you are a boy, the flamer might use that information when he flames. If you tell your age, if you tell where you live, if you tell whatever personal information about you, the flamer will use whatever personal information you give them. so stop with the "i got flamed because i'm a girl" already ;_; that's not some special group that should get protected over the others. If you don't want to get abused over some certain personal info about you, just don't give it to them. "BUT I'M A GIRL I MUST BE ABLE TO TELL THAT TO EVERYONE WITHOUT GETTING HARASSED OVER IT" , yea well i'm 27 years old fat nerd guy , why can't i tell that to everyone without getting harassed over it.
its always dumb people that think "I get flamed because I'm XXXXX". Instead of knowing that in reality, if the flamer use personal information, the flame is more effective. So ofc they will do it. And if it happens that you are a girl and told them that in any way what so ever. Of fucking course you gona feel it. That's the whole purpose of it.
The one that knows where control panel is situated ;)
: No SoloQ for you!
best thing about pressing the uninstall button. You can't see the shop specials.
: Guess that means it's a bad way to detect for such a girl as she's searching for... Well, logic broken, by yourself :D (10 out of 10 = All)
you don't get it. maybe not all felines are cats but if you look for felines, you will find cats eventually and not dogs or wolves haha as in, if you try to hit on girls that are surrender by plenty of other girls, they are most likely than into guys. As in, I haven't heard of a single bi/gay girl to have a large group of female friends, then again, what do i know ^^' I'm a guy afterall byebye *waves*
: 3 of my female friends are always with groups of 6-10 males, while been solo girls in that group and they aint either Bi or Lesbian, so i dont see how that's logical XD
i haven't said "all girls that hang out with guys are lesbian or bi" I've said that out of everyone that were lesbian or bi, they always had a big group of guy friends. Haven't heard a single one of them say "I hang out with girls". Kind of like cat are felines. But not are felines are cats ;)
: Mostly yes since they dont give me crap about video games.But i am not butch :P
ic, thx so far 10 out of 10 girls that were bi/gay ages 16-25 that i've talked to. Generally hang out with guys than girls irl. So, maybe when you go out and see a chick that's surrounded by a large male friend group, try talking to her ;) it might help your search a bit
: Searching for a girlfriend
this is just a random question from me (I'm a guy). You mostly hang out with guys irl even tho you are a lesbian (or bi), is that's correct?
: Zed has the dmg advantage over her early and has better poke. Liss can win pre 6 too as she is a semi hard counter but she isnt that great vs him early(due to that being a strong point of him) Zilean can be rekt if he makes mistakes ryze too. Lulu diana malz and irelia trash him yes, but veigar gets trashed mostly ._. Zed zones him pokes and all ins. Sivir is way to vulnerable to be played mid lane
Sivir is less vulnerable than most immobile mages (including stuff like brand, lux, etc). Zed pokes pre 6. True. Zed has more damage pre 6. True. Zed can't win vs Lissandra pre 6. True. Why? Because she just wave clears and when she took to much dmg (~%50hp) she just recalls and comes back with full mana, full hp and a ruby crystal or cloth armor. And at this point, its over. While Zed can't all in and win against Lissandra in early game because: A) she's ranged so he needs to show up to her B) she can escape with E C) she can kite with snares and slows. The only thing Zed can do is poke her. And as mentioned earlier. You get a free recall and mana back as lissandra due to teleport. And that's why, Zed can't do anything to you if played properly (as in, wave clear, push, and recall)
: Liss is a semi hard counter as zed usually wins til 6 And after hexdrinker he isnt a good target anymore :/ She is strong as hec vs him but her early sucks hard compared to zeds The reason zed is banned is because adcs lost 70% of their counterplay vs him
you play lissa wrong. She's not weak to Zed till 6 because: Lissa runs with TP, so she essentially has 2 life bars. Lissa pushes harder than Zed. So you can force PvE till lv 5-6. After that you keep on pushing and roaming. Your job is not to kill Zed. Your job is to provide utility for your team. That's why. Lissa hard counters Zed. As Zed can't ever win (kill) Lissa. And Zed is a hero that is required to win (kill) enemies so he can snowball early game or split push in mid to late game. Both of which Lissa denies. And in team fights, she provides more utility. And her split push is better since she brings TP compared to Zed which is forced into ignite every game. That being said. Its not mid laners that want Zed banned. Its ADCs and supports as its pretty difficult for them to stay alive vs him. There's plenty or hard mid match-ups for Zed: Zillean, Ryze, Lissandra, Lulu, Diana, Malzahar, Irelia, Veigar, even sivir
Icy Spectre (EUNE)
: ***
well, i uninstalled yesterday now i'm just here watching the forum drama :D
Icy Spectre (EUNE)
: Or more like, they made a joke as they don't see anything wrong about it...
like urf, the "joke" that year was "so strong" that it became more than a joke, it became rito itself
: While I also dont like that attitude from Riot, DynamicQ isnt that bad. Yes its horrible for diamond players and above, but Riot is 100% aware of that. As for the rest of Divisions, DynamicQ is pretty much perfect. Just give it a year for Riot to figure something out. BTW, instead of complaining, why do you actually give some constructive criticism, aka, feed back. And by that I mean, send Riot feed back that is actually helpful, instead of the typical "Fck U Rito, Dis, SUXZ!" (This is a general response, not just targeted towards you)
i highly disagree wit the riot is 100% aware of the problem you, as a player, play....... most of the time, as an ................... individual. all the video was about was "team" and "friends" and "people". To put it simple. If someone that has few friends to none, come to the game and see that by playing as solo they get shafted. And everyone else that plays together with friends get rewarded they will be presented with 3 actions: -quit, since its pointless to play solo -find friends -ignore the problem if they do 1st, then they are gone, riot suffers and the community suffers. And its the easy one to do as an individual. if they choice 2nd, then that's more difficult especially as it gets harder and harder to trust people in this degenerated society where everyone betrays everyone. and if they chose 3rd, then the "problems" will slowly rot their soul till they quit. As this game cannot sustain itself with just teams (2,3,5). It will slowly get in a more and more shitty situation. Day after day, month after month. And riot is on a time race with the patience of the players whom chose the 3rd option. And as more games keep coming, they gona have some better and better competition to deal with. Sadly current season is in a whole lot of mess even without this entire dynamicq stupidity which only makes solo players feel bad. Whatever, I'm uninstalling when I finally get home. Tho gona take a while till i pick a new hobby, but oh well. Got to do what you got to do.
: Personally I am completely against telling new players not to play ranked. I mean...what is ranked? Ranked is nothing but a game mode with an competitive focus and a visible ranking. In my opinion it makes no sense to set a minimum skill requirement for that. Just compare it to "real" sport. Do we forbid children to compete in sports tournaments because they are way worse than adults? No, we don't, because it's totally okay if they compete with each other, even if it's on such a low level. Being competitive has nothing to do with being on a certain skill level, which is why it doesn't make any sense to exclude anyone from competitive sport just because he is not as good as very experienced athletes/players. There is only a problem when experienced and new players are playing against each other. Of course one solution for this is to completely shut down competitive matches for the new players, but imo that's a shitty solution. It's way better to simply do it like all other sports do it and just do the obvious thing: Don't let new players and experienced players compete with each other. In the case of LoL this would mean to adapt the starting MMR to something that is closer to the actual players skill. To be honest, I don't know why Riot has set this value as starting MMR and I am not even sure they do. The "1200" is number that is several years old and since pretty much everything changed since then we can't be sure at all that the starting value is still 1200. And even if it is, maybe there are reasons for it. Maybe 1200 is actually the average skill of a new player (sucks for those who are worse, but you have to pick SOME number). Maybe it's supposed to make sure that smurfs don't stay in low elo very long and ruin games there. Maybe the starting value already considers your normal MMR in some way. Be that as it may, my point is that if the starting MMR is the actual problem then that's the place where we should look for a solution and not just exclude unskilled athletes from competitive sport. No other sport does that, it makes no sense.
what is ranked? same thing as draft mode, you just need a few more extra unlocked heroes ;)
: Which is more cringe worthy? #1
I don't see the problem. Left is a random guy being like "wtf mate?". As in when someone does something you don't quite agree with. And on the right is a random girl being like "I'M CRAZY". As in NOTICE ME SEMPAI totally normal day to day situation
: 30 cs ahead = win lane for me. Getting 30 more cs is possible almost at every elo if you know how to farm.
i usually get ahead by like 6 kills and still manage to lose the game then i get behind like 3 kills and then i win honestly, i'm so bad when ahead :(
CJXander (EUNE)
: Because usually people that use "Rito" have a very common habit to badmouth them when something goes wrong. rito should blame themselves
ThePompf (EUW)
: Im going to quit
he quit too and after that he had the highest win ratio in 4 roles. be like graves, quit smokign and win life ;)
vhcvieira (EUW)
: Pls rito make this dream come true
sry, nope, here at riot we spend many resources and about 4 months to make a simple skin we already have our products scheduled until 2022 kappa
: The problem is when your jugler acts strange . Its true that its my responsibility to win my lane. I cant blame jugler for not ganking ,i am supposed to know(same time my adc also) how to keep the lane at a "safe spot" and not pushing . However its totally awkward what i see sometimes ...I make a risky trade (lets say i am mid) and we both got 100 and makking recall jugler decides to towerdive alone even if he knows that is risky..He ends up dying and literally ruining in some case that lane. This is bad since the time no matter if he gets the kill or not he set my lane behind for the next 4-5 min.Ok he got a kill but i got...maybe not even assist for that. Or i see couple times yi jungle failing to gank and then pressing his q and getting a whole wave even if he knows that \there is no point to push the lane at that point.In that case i am losing gold + getting my lane jugler doesnt care about that he just fail a gank so he get 100 gold as a reward . I would prefer 100 times to get the jungler away from my lane if he is doing these plays since the time i prefer to play passive and not agro . Getting camped > 80% my fault , 20% enemy team just rushed a really good play which there was no way to counter it (most of the times this may only happen after 10min). Losing lane solo :Again my fault .This happens either because my champ is bad(getting countered or its risky ) or terrible missplay. However when my jungler decides to do a 1-1 trade its not my fault that i will fall behind at cs (he gave 300 free gold for him).If he doesnt come again soon that lane might be over under some circumstance.
>Its true that its my responsibility to win my lane. tell me how I'm supposed to win my lane when the enemy shaco comes by every 20 seconds? ;) Your job as laner is to a) farm b) not die (generally if you don't over extend for point A, you can avoid dying) c) put pressure on the map by pushing your lane d) chip damage the enemy tower e) roam to other lanes to help them f) vision control Its not your job to "win lane". It never was, never will be. Your job as jungle is to a) farm jungle creeps b) don't donate buffs to the enemy team c) control objectives (depends on jungler hero type, some focus on objective control) d) gank (depends on jungler hero type, some focus on ganking) e) provide support to your lanes f) vision control Its not in your job description to "win a lane" either. Nor is it to gank or kill enemies. But, for example. If the enemy jungle camps like, your top laner. Then the enemy jungler sacrifices time to do that. If your laner survives, it means that your laner won a few seconds (10 or whatever) of time when the enemy jungler is behind you. So, you got to do something with that time, generally you either counter jungle the enemy or do a gank of your own on the other side of the map. What sucks is: when the enemy jungle camps one of your lanes and you do nothing but farming your own jungle. That's like me, as a laner, do not leave my tower range and whenever my hp drops below 80% I recall. Sure, I will most likely never die. But I'm losing my tower, my enemy laner gets exp and gold advantage over me and they can roam. Sadly, its more easy to see if a laner does bad as (enemy gets exp advantage, tower goes down, enemy has more gold and most likely roams) vs a farm only jungler. Because we actually lose turrets if we play like we don't give a shit for our team. While the jungler doesn't have any turrets to protect.
Warderino (EUW)
: Any normal person would be creeped out by that. If anything, because the person didn't say who he/she was and added all the details, hinting at some kind of shady deal like a sneaky way of offering a boost for money or worse.
if the entire provided information is accurate, any normal person would be curious how the other person obtain said information even if its a pact with satan or a spy camera attached to him/her and regardless of which one it was, until this moment in time, the person telling them all this has not taken a single negative action towards them despite having a lot of information. So, if they wanted to kill/rape/bite/cutoffarm/hack/steal$/kidnap/drug/etc from them, they could already have done that. Plenty of time by now. if there's a tiger out there, and your head is in the mouth of the tiger. You don't get the luxury to call it creepy or trying to hit the tiger. You either remove your head asap from there or go "good tiger good tiger"
: That is sadly correct. Oh. And don't just bundle me into your definition of introvert. I am one as well and I have no problems communicating by text. I just prefer being able to see what my teammates say and being able to actually commend. Oh. And we're going off topic, so how about we just don't? I'm not here to make an enemy. I'm here to have an intelligent discussion about a subject that interests me. Good day. And good luck.
"commend" google translates it for me as "recommend". So, I got no idea what you wanted to say there. Look, after a while people in your team know how to play the game and they don't need to communicate about every single little aspect. Just like, even in silver, supports know that they shouldn't take adc's cs right? The thing is, if you stop to type stuff. You are focusing on typing stuff. And while you type, you are not focusing on the game. In league, stopping to type can cause you to: lose cs, die, get ganked since you watch the chat/keyboard instead of minimap. It is, by far, a highly inefficient way to win the game. That's why, communication drops the higher you go in elo. You are free to watch streams of famous players. You will see them and their team mates rarely communicating with each other via text. Generally with just pings. Also they don't report each other after games because they didn't write something in char ;) And as far as introverts go = people that enjoy being alone or a small group of friends over being open towards others and socializing with total strangers. The degree of it varies for each individual. In my case, I don't see a point in a nonsense action. Which are: a) typing to much in game. I get stuff like "lets to baron, they have no wards", or "xxx flashed", or "xxxx no summoners". b) honors after game. Generally if everyone is acting decently, you will just click going in a new game without bothering to click on the honor button. Which btw does nothing as a player needs A LOT of honors for a badge.
: You sound a bit like the people I normally report for refusing to communicate with the team. Don't be like one of those people. But you should, if they actually do something worth noting, as I've said. To make them in a better mood, and at the same time you'll feel better about yourself. The human gamer brain works like that. Give someone a virtual award of your free will and you feel like you've done something nice. :P
you are free to report me for "unwilling to communicate" honestly, i don't give a fuck about me getting reported or not. If people want to communicate they ping, stuff like danger, or going there or need assistance, etc. I'm an anti social person by default. Or introvert, whatever definition you want to use. League of Legends community is, by default, one that you can't communicate with as they rage or whatever. So, muting everyone is the key to success. As far as I'm concerned. communicate with others via text? why would I waste time typing in-game instead of trading with the enemy/farming/paying attention to the map? league is NOT A SOCIAL GAME, despite riot's most recent attempts to make it as casual as possible. If we had voice communication where I could actually "play" and "communicate" at the same time, then I would "communicate" more. But for now pings are more than fine.
: I agree that it's rare, BUT, I myself have met a person with the "Great Leadership" ribbon. The Yellow ribbon, in easier understanding words. I myself am in my first rank. EVER. I'm currently Silver II, started in Silver IV, but that just proves that it is indeed possible to meet low tier players with ribbons. (Oh. And yes, I agree that Gold V-I is basically the middle level of skill.)
i've seen every now and then bronze and silver players with ribbons, just sadly, not the higher ranks, in the past 2 years :( then again, its not like i honor anyone anyway. I'm more tempted to just mute everyone from the start and don't give a fuck.
: What I have to do better to finally receive my S?
Sometimes, I feel like riot fucked up on the "rank system". As my example: Had a 24/4/10 Akali game in the definitely not dominion -> A rank (kill participation 66%), 8 kda Had a 31/10/21 Diana game, same game mode -> S rank (kill participation 60%), 5kda And a 13/4/19 Malzahar game, same game mode -> A rank (55% kill participation), 8kda Oh 18/5/11 Rengar, same mode -> S rank -> 49% kill participation 5kda >.< Its fucked up and messed up. It really doesn't seem to look at your performance. I mean, I get it, I didn't get an S in my Akali game that I went 5/4/3. The game couldn't tell I got ganked like 20 times by the enemy Shaco in the first 20 minutes. I understand the system not giving S rank there. But what about the 24/4/10 (╯°口°)╯┴—┴
: Well that's not entirely true. Spazie, Uberdanger, Yanipir, Acclamator. Plenty of high tier players have honor bands, AND got them that late in the ELO. So I'm not entirely sure that's true. But you make a good point. People definitely seem to care less when you're average in the game. Still though, when a teammate does something worthy of notice, then I believe you should honor them for one of the three options. And same for an enemy.
in 2 years of playing above gold 5 level, i haven't meet anyone with ribbons. and i've really played a lot last year. it really feels like honor doesn't exist in average+ elo (I consider g5 around average mark)
: Honoring a player.
NOBODY honors each other in gold+ elo. At least for europe servers. The only people I've seen with honor bands are bronze and silver. That's says something about the community: "you don't give a shit about your team mates anymore after you get average at the game"
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