cvlan (EUNE)
: Just 11 wins from 20 games ( and 13 games was with S )
Its solo/duo. Solo u cant do much. I am s1 with around 50% winrate. Funny how almost every game I have a good score but still i lose. Last week I supported a s2 dude who had the same winrate as me. Just 50%. I'm curious how we won 8 out of 10 games, and 9 of them he got S or S+ :) And about your winrate, Last game I had afk top Jax, and I lost cuz their top Malphite just got overfed as he had no opponent to deal with. Yet RITO wont do anything bout the LP i lost cuz I lost a 4v5 game. Anyways its hard to play 1v9 in silver. You'll have that feeding team and the enemy team will have that Smurfing dude. But 2v8 is a bit easier, especially if you 2 can do some good combos
Mawra (EUW)
: Game keeps crashing everytime when loading the game
i guess there are too many people having this problem which I do too. well atleast rito doesnt make u wait 20min before every match. I guess a new computer is the only solution if you really want to play this game.
EldoDargo (EUW)
: Hello fellow summoner, an increasing amount of players is experiencing this issue. Unfortunately, there is no solution that can guarantee you that this issue will be resolved once and for all. In general there is a program that interferes with LoL. Try closing everything (background processes/programs), which are unnecessary, close even your browser and check if that works for you. In my case a re-installment of Windows gave me some weeks of error-free gaming but unfortunately the message popped out when a video (non-relevant to LoL) was playing in my browser. Check also other posts i have uploaded an older thread on NA boards where there was a quite extensive discussion on this issue.Maybe there lies the solution for your case
I'm always playing after closing everything, usually just after I restart my pc.. The new windows doesn't work, i've tryed it many times, also tryed 10 and still got the bug. I really think there's something wrong with my hardware but Idk what, All i know is that gpu is allright, since with a brand new gpu i have the same. My friends who are playing lol doesnt have this problem even though they're all with new computers. I also tryed to install hextech repair tool, well nothing happened after it. Just this game will make me stay silver all life, since i'm losing LP and getting leaver buster xD Still, if there's someone who solved this without investing 500$ in a new computer pls share ur knowledge
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Sethoxyde (EUNE)
: is iron-silver created for trolling puspose?
this crap continues.... I know that everyone can lose a game, that there are way better players. Always. but bringing your 190pts akali to ranked and losing to Lux (0/4 5th minute) is just trolling and nothing more. Like if everyone picks a champion that they know atleast at 30% this game would be way more fun. Atleast they wont int under enemy turret o.o
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: you are level 30 that behavior is to be expected from low levels
i am lvl 130 and the same s hit happens. just there's no frickin way to climb lol.
Ditzy Doo (EUW)
: Climbing from bronze4 to silver 3 is still a great accomplishment {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} gj on that !
Once I heard a Youtubes who said: Bronze is harder than Diamond... Well, I kinda think he's right now. Since I successfully quit Bronze I almost always had good ADCs, like from 15min 15cs to 15min 10kills which is a pretty big difference. I know I'm aiming too high since I'm a League player since November last year but I can't wait to go higher and play versus good players!
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: [EUNE] S3 support Poppy looking for duo
> [{quoted}](name=BeastOfCaerbanog,realm=EUNE,application-id=K1Z3OoGQ,discussion-id=MkQia0w0,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-04-05T05:23:30.851+0000) but if you get adc that dies 22 times (along with mid that dies 23) you know it's time to stop giving the game chances to decide your lane buddy for you. heheheheh That's so well known to me xD . Maybe u should play Pyke as I do. atleast you can help other lanes or try to solo carry.. gl with searching
BensoMannen (EUNE)
: silver looking for flex or duo main adc
Well, I am silver 3 and I love to support, just I dont have a good one. If you are not playing caitlyn or ezreal and u dont have any problems with Pyke we can do smth together maybe. Ign: Sethoxyde
Ditzy Doo (EUW)
: Getting Hate for reaching Dia as a Support
Well, im kinda like you, just I'm playing different support champs. Mainly Pyke and if its banned or taken then Blitz. But, hell yea i know the feeling. Even though I'm only s3/after 1 month of climbing from bronze 4 to silver xD ) I know what u're saying, and the most irritating thing is that some guys just dont want to play. I dont even know why they're ADC. As I said, since i'm playing pyke, most of the games I literary give them free kills, just a freaking last hit, and they dont even try. Afterwards comes the comments like 'Report Pyke for KS, look at him he's 15/5/20...' Or what once happened, my adc didnt want to play and fed the enemy because she was thinking Pyke is a middle champ :)))) And yes, just as like you I'm main Veigar so I love to be mid, but it is kinda boring.... like I have to farm like 15 minutes or more before joining any fight so I just prefer to get mobility and roam and help jg gank at early game. I'm sorry for the wall of text, but these things happen, and I really adore you cuz you are diamond, and I was hardstuck Bronze 1 for 1 month. have a nice day


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