elin990 (EUW)
: What do you think of LVL 30 going away - turns into infinity
This is in no ways a new thing. It was announced, what, a month ago? It is a needed change. There are tons of veteran players who have a six-digit number of IP. On the other side, there are all the newbies who can hardly afford a single champion. With an actual level system (not the tutorial it is now), Riot can direct us better level-up rewards.
Rismosch (EUW)
: I love the League Community <3
Overwatch is overrated. I play in gold elo and the playerbase there is just so absolutely sweet. If only everyone here understood the importance of a friendly environment
Eambo (EUW)
: I kinda like this graphic that Cactopus put together. He did a lot of research, huge amount of time dedicated to this, and it really shows: http://imgur.com/a/9mErK Real talk though - we're not holding out on Solo Queue for any reason other than we want to make sure things are ready. As has been said elsewhere we had planned for the 14th of November, but we removed that date to give us some room incase there were issues - and there were (MMR issues). Once we're confident that Solo/Duo isn't going to break, it'll be out. For what it's worth, it's actually been enabled in Japan as they don't have draft or flex, but it suffered from similar MMR issues so we wanted to iron all this out first. We know there's a lot of mistrust around this, and the feeling that we're going to cancel it, but I assure you it's coming as soon as we're confident it's not going to fall over - we want to release it as much as you guys want it, but we don't want it leaving a sour taste in your mouth if it has issues upon release :-( We really don't want this release to slip past 6.22, and we're trying to ensure we hit that deadline. On the other side though, releasing something that doesn't live up to your expectations can be equally as bad (The MMR re-placements was extremely shitty, and we know that).
I feel you.. What a job to be a rioter in the EU boards.. {{champion:32}} {{champion:240}}
: Tell Cactopus (whoever he is) to stop making graphics and to start coding testsuites. To release new functionality that has not been properly tested is a bad habit. Specially when you have that flashy test-farm, use it. Just an advice, look for those lines of code: def test_sh1tty_queue_placements(self): pass And replace "pass" for a proper testing. You're wellcome.
Leave EUNE/EUW boards and visit the real thing - _NA boards_. It's the largest one and has the most rioter attendance - and less pointless salt. _**Also, Cactopus is an amazing memer don't you dare**_
k4nd17r33 (EUW)
: yes
Pretty stylish 4 month sneak lol. Back then everyone loved Overwatch
Rioter Comments
Metharius (EUW)
: isn t 1 bitcoin = ~500€ ? how can you pay LoL's small feature with that ? better convert bitcoin into common currency 1st
Bitcoins are usually measured as mBTCs(milliBitcoin, 0.001BTC) and Satoshis (0,00000001 BTC). No one is actually using whole Bitcoins. :) [More information for ya](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bitcoin)
: It's not being removed per say... dynamic queue is becoming ranked flex and a second queue which will be more or less old solo Q is getting added. So no matter what your opinion is on dynamic Q it should be good for you... if you don't like dynamic you have solo and if you did like dynamic you have flex.
I'm still gonna play solo in flex queue xD
Coxis (EUNE)
: Hi SzQ, Have you tried playing on the TR server? I think you'll have a lower ping on that one since it's closer to your location than EUW/EUNE. :)
Everyone speaks turkish there - I think it could work but well.. you know.. :P
Riot tmx (EUNE)
: We know about the problem and the team is currently triaging. Please keep checking our Status page for more info.
Thanks for always staying calm and collected Tmx - that must be a hard job in these Boards. Whatever is the cause, hope you are able to fix it soon :)
Atlinvalyn (EUNE)
: Oon siis ite istunu 20min loginiscreenis. Alko ongelmat hetiku tuli se host migration.
Ongelmat oli imo pahempii aikasemmin. Katotaan ny mihin tää eskaloituu. ps. downvote squad? ok
Atlinvalyn (EUNE)
: Eune vähä kusee kyllä :))
Viimeset puol vuotta, tekninen puoli, jees. Palveluntarjoaja muutti hetki sitten jenkeistä Saksaan - kaiken pitäisi mennä paremmin tästä lähin. (Atm en btw pääse matsiin en sitten millään. Anaalista) _Perttipersereiältä on vissiinkin jääny snickersit syömättä ^^_
: So, I've Discovered I Can't Play Against Trynda Or Yas.
{{champion:157}} is one of the best duelists in the game - of course depending on your elo. {{champion:23}} is a simpler one. Tanky matchups are the best against both in toplane - especially {{champion:54}} imo. Consider some ranged cc champs also. Mages? {{champion:127}} {{champion:13}} {{champion:85}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:133}} And yeah. Ask your jungler to gank you often. They generally push a lot and thus are easy to gank. Also squishy and snowball hard so shutting them down early game will really mess their whole game.
Arzin (EUW)
: Best kills with lulu is whene adc is low, you "e" enemy sup, he goes back and you "q" and kill the adc XD made this like 3 XD. Like 2 months ago lulu couldn't e the minions, right? The problem isn't just who plays lulu, an team that has a litle knowledge about who she works makes all the difference. 1 game i made perfect e-q. cant do it any more XD its so hard Why she hass less cc? Because of cd?
Her cc scales from ap if I remember correctly. At least w whimsy scales
Arzin (EUW)
: yeah, i played her as sup on ranked, and i got 4 elos down... thinking maybe i just had bad luck and played more. Now, i just play her on normal, and I think the atack speed lulu is more stronger. Isn't this stupid? the troll build is bether XD and yous till can sup as weel whit your w/e/r
Well, you CAN climb with her. Hell, I climbed from silver V to gold 3 with only Aatrox xD Lulu is not bad. She just needs further knowledge - being one of the harder supports. Imo she needs minor buffs but I have still won a couple of games lately by just steamrolling teamfights. Attack speed lulu is ok given her W steroid. However, it's considered a troll build and doesn't have the amount of CC her counterpart - ad lulu has.
: him?? Lulu is a he??? xD
Well, Finnish doesn't have his/her differentation.. Only a neutral pronoun 'hän' I tend to forget :'D
Arzin (EUW)
: so you agree tht she isn't that strong any more? & she is so fun to plsy...
Agreed. I mained her for a couple of seasons - both in mid, top and support. The 'buff' user furordivinus27 is referring actually nerfed the shit out of her early game. She is still really good in some particular matchups and team comps but she is highly team-reliant. That's why I wouldn't recommend her for low elo solo players. The reason why lulu was 'nerfed'/'buffed'/'nerfed' was intended for pro play. Lulu was an overly strong flex pick (can be played in multiple roles) and they wanted to balance her around her support role. That's why she got the attack speed component for her w. Ardent censer is strong with her btw! However, she is barely viable even as a support anymore - again depends on comp. I continue to play her because I have played her a ton and love her design. (and I love the frustration from enemy renektons/nasuses/jaxes... They hate it)
Infernape (EUW)
: She just got buffed a couple of patches ago.
She didn't. That 'buff' destroyed solo lane lulu - this is where all her mains agree. (mostly the Q dmg falloff) The buff actually affected her late game which is kinda ok now if you are going machine gun lulu or have some hypercarry adc.
Almighty (EUNE)
: Well done! I am at 250k on Soraka and just 1 token away from unlocking Mastery 7 on her. And for Sona i have 110K but need 3 tokens. _Almighty._
Heh.. I have the needed tokens for 5 champs.. {{champion:131}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:133}} {{champion:266}} but atm I have only managed to get the needed blue essence for aatrox :p Gongrats for your achievement! The algorithm is weird with supports - it's actually hard to get those. I only managed to get my tokens for lulu while playing her top xD
: HAA. GAAAAA...............................I mean...................umm,congrats on your achievement brah. Know how the hunt for S'es feel,trust me................................................... (Almost half a million mastery on blitz,one token for lvl 7)
Play blitz mid and you get an S immediately :p
: Riot Cosantoir i think he means the yellow cache one ? I wonder it too is it coming out next week ?
It's confirmed to be released later on - for the hype!
Vionicesca (EUNE)
: Lots of people complain, yeah. But how big a percentage of the actual playerbase is it? Pretty sure the vast majority of people are silent because, like me, they just don't give a shizzle about which Q we are using.
Most players are casuals who have started playing more for the sake of queueing with their friends - that's healthy imo. I'm friggin tired of all these DynaQ complaints.. -_-'
: Do you think everyone takes part in every single vote. Every single platform has a majority that dislikes DQ and that applies for EU/NA and others. even EU streams are disliking DQ.. And that is with all its EU fan base spamming Twitch chats. EU lcs streams insult DQ. everywhere even youtube EU stars and reddit EU posters. As you can see here, majority participating here and in all other polls were always won by those who disliked DQ in its current form... and that says something.. unfortunately riot is not a responsive company. The sample size is based on the fact that all community platforms largely are against DQ, that is all major league chats, video's, streams that is the majority of places that the community voices itself. now you are claiming there are alot of people silent that didn't take part.. well there are also alot of people who dislike it that didn't take part.. yet always DQ is still losing in votes. If u dislike the result and claim oh.. DQ is fine its just hated by vast number of people accross many community platforms, thats just active denial that there is a problem. DQ needs nerfs and needs to be fixed. or There needs to be a soloQ. because the current DQ allows people to be boosted and earn far too much LP. destroying the ladder.
Ok.{{champion:33}} Thank you for taking your time on your comment. Most of your content I agree with but imho the system is working better than a year ago. >DQ needs nerfs How does one _nerf_ DynaQ? >needs to be fixed. With this I'd have agreed with still a month ago. They fixed the main problems for me in this system already. Care to explain what aspect of DynaQ are you referring to? >soloQ There has never been a pure SoloQ. For example botlane synergy is hard to execute without premade. That's why even before DynaQ there were often 2-2-1 games duos being mid/jung and adc/supp most often. >boosted With this I agree. However, is playing with duo with a player with similar skill level considered 'boosting'? I'm against all premades over 3 divisions from each other. That's boosting, duoing is coordination. Premades are always matched against harder opponents than they would if they were soloing. Me being a gold 3 scrub often duoing with my gold 3 friend(support main) have never won a single 4-man premade I was in (the opponents were fucking diamonds). _I hope you did read this and give some thought for it. I'm ok with you guys disagreeing with me - this I only my point of view._
Riot tmx (EUNE)
: Hey guys, we indeed have some issues with our IP carrier partner (the company which takes your traffic through Atlantic to our data center in United States) and that is causing wide connectivity issues. We're in touch with this company and work together on making this connection stable. Please check the Status page for most up to date updates. Sorry for the inconvenience.
Thank you for responding! _There have been quite a lot of problems lately, though. Are they all related to your IP Carrier?_
Sevixys (EUNE)
: Thousands of upvotes in a game having 70M playerbase. Those 'Thousands of upvotes' let's say 4K, is only 0.006% of the whole playerbase. That argument of yours is ALWAYS invalid. The sample size might be valid if the polls included more variance in the players attending them, geographically. Usually those are either NA scrubs or UK scrubs.
Also, while boosting IS a concern, **it's not more common than when DuoQ was a thing.** Actually now the matchmaking gives you harder opponents than before if you Duo. For example, I've never won a single 4-man premade match when I've been in one of such.
: its not just on the boards, Lots of people complain on youtube, reddit, twitch, twitter, even fb. with thousands of upvotes. Complaints about dynamic que are everywhere.. facts are that riot is just not responding to its community. DQ needs to be balanced, boosting is now common and public ...being boosted is now a everyday thing with DQ.
Thousands of upvotes in a game having 70M playerbase. Those 'Thousands of upvotes' let's say 4K, is only 0.006% of the whole playerbase. That argument of yours is ALWAYS invalid. The sample size might be valid if the polls included more variance in the players attending them, geographically. Usually those are either NA scrubs or UK scrubs.
Hansiman (EUNE)
: Before Dynamic Queue was introduced, we saw threads almost daily popping up with complaints that you couldn't queue up with more than 1 extra person in ranked. So if they remove dynamic queue and introduce solo queue again, the only thing that will change is that people will demand dynamic queue back, instead of solo queue.
Personally, I'm content with DynaQ. Being only a gold 4, I might not be high elo enough to have the needed judgment, although I would be one of those who complained for the removal of dynaQ. _However, I hardly ever end up against 4 or 3 premades. When I end up with them, they are chill as f***_
k4nd17r33 (EUW)
: Personally I blame Riot's ineptitude due to recent changes of hands of their company to Tencent. They lost touch and will need time to recover it
..Tencent has major holdings in blizzard also - is overwatch really that bad?
Ferogriff (EUW)
: Aatrox is the worst champ in league since he was out
1v1 me bruh! {{champion:266}} _Oh, you are West.._ Where I agree with you I that he needs some minor QoL buffs (basicly while resurrecting - he should not lose all the stacks immediately)
Rioter Comments
Xêm (EUW)
: Where did they say that
And his kit doesn't work in jungle, he would be forced in Kled form which is trash (passive doesn't apply to jungle monsters.)
MorbiusV (EUNE)
: Hmm does that mean i have a good MMR ? or that they have a low MMR ? Also i cant play a ranked with my friend that is platinum,but it can match me with platinum in the same team ? thats stupid right ?
Your premade is decided by LP which is completely different than MMR. MMR is the thing that really does the matchmaking. Most likely you have a high MMR. Check it from here: [eune.op.gg](http://eune.op.gg)
MorbiusV (EUNE)
: Weird Matchmaking(Silver-Platinum)
It's all MMR. My friend is Gold IV but gets matched against high plats.
: Easiest way to exit silver is to play Nasus because no one will actually know how to stop you from stacking. You have a choice, you can split push or group up. In higher elo all what u can do with nasus is to split and pray to god that your team will do something when enemy send 3 or more people for you.
Hehe {{champion:117}}
Moetaro (EUW)
: premade >>>>>>>>>>> skill. Look for a premade and enjoy the ride.
_Sadly, That is only a na boards circlejerk that seems to have found its way here._ It's true that premades win more games but that's due to better communication and better knowledge of each ones individual habits. For example, I often premade with my best friend who is on the same division with me. Does queuing with him make me less skilled? Imagine if my friend was an utter nob, would that make me more skilled?
: First you must be mega lucky to don't queue with this kind adc or you will forever Bronze [img]http://i.imgur.com/2rhdEr5.jpg[/img]
This happens to me all the time lol :P #supportlyfe
: Best way to exit silver?
**Just git gud!!!** _-a silver 1 who just lost his promos to gold_
: ***
[_deep breathing_] _**Tyler1 reference**_
: I never really used the bush as Garen :P, that is the point, i was more like the pig that did all emotes while runing away because i am so tanky And ye, jumpscare-4-life
The bush Garen was a thing pre-rework. When reworking him and giving him his fancy passive, he had to get rid of something and that something was damage in his E and Q. Before, his E was quite literally 'spin to win'
: Everything can counter Yasuo if you know how to play against him. Example: you can trick him for use Wind Wall(COOLDOWN: 26 / 24 / 22 / 20 / 18) you have free time around 26-18 for do some damage
Vionicesca (EUNE)
: {{champion:117}} with {{summoner:3}} has been working quite well for me.
Uh.. That feeling when you ult-polymorph an ulting yasuo x3
Doomley (EUW)
: too bad people here in plat dont have that kind of excuses ;) They are just boosted.
_**BOOSTED ANIMALS!!1!1!**_ - tyler1 2016
: 500 games in 1 year and half mostly normals and dont forget testing champs. this account i did originally with ranked 30 games. In ranked my experience of afk and trolls were alot more, hence i dont like it as much. i feel like league needs to improve its system and fix it. Remake is nice, but people tend to afk and move around, like trolling to avoid bans etc. there are still way to many ways to avoid the system.
That's why you can't get rid of the trolls/afks - your ranked MMR stays the same. Grind some more ranked games and rise. #koreanadvice
: Ye he is, let's enjo him as long as possible
Don't know why I am downvoted tho.. I don't play champs _meta_ in mind. What I meant was that the new Ryze feels smooth, one of the reason why I play Lulu so much is that she is smooth. After they gut Ryze, I will still play him for his smoothness. :)
: I love this new Ryze
What I like in his rework is the smoothness he offers. The earlier execution was.. Clunky. Sadly, he is ridiculously overpowered as of now and should be hotfixed. {{champion:13}}
: Today especially I've been paired up with people from my banned list who collectively harassed me in the past. It's like someone in riot's staff left his/her post for the summer holidays and all the accounts trolls were released
Rise your MMR. Seriously. Ok, this is a problem but it's a problem for so small playerbase that they won't probably touch it anytime soon.
: I see a lot of players complaining about bots, I feel like I'm the only one playing with 10/10 real players all the time xD The number of toxic players in ARAM seems to have increased tho.
I haven't seen a single bot ever. The more you play aram, the less you see bots - git gud. _EDIT: The OP is Bronze 4, just found the reason why he has bots :P_
: how can it be 100%, if i mentioned 2 games.. and also i played total of 3 games. and 2 of them were troll/afk infested. that is like more then half. overall on this account i experienced out of 25 games almost 40% were including Trolls/AFK this is really high ratio. we are talking about 8 games afk/trolls out of 25 games. that is way to high in any statistics, could be bad luck i hope. seriously dont care because climbing is easy once there is no trolls or afkers. and winning even behind or carrying bad team is doable..IF they dont afk or troll like teemo/Olaf did.
Man, play 500 games and then complain why you can't climb. This is basic high school probability maths - eventually, when you have 2 options(heads/tails), the probability of having one gets more closer to 50% the more you throw. Here, the amount of afks in silver elo/such is way lower than 50%, also it doesn't count because the enemy team will have the same amount of afks/feeders that you have. Some challenger once said something like this: _1/3 of your games is in your complete control, try to win them but remember - your every teammate will have the same amount of 'good games' _
: are you also the type to play ad lulu top it's pretty darn annoying because she can kite the shit out of you with that q slow and about ryze's ult it's not completly useless it's just plain and there plenty of things that wouldve been better and cooler as an ult
No but as an ap she is my go-to against farmers like nasus :) This one nasus was gonna kill himself yesterday cause I launched polymorph every time he was gonna get a stack ^^
: Im horrible at drawing and doing music, I'm good at improvising stories, if u want I can share you the link so u can see an example, but I forgot my EUNE acc to post it there :x
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