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Jesi Oni (EUNE)
: Nah because those are additional effects and if tank would have bonus ad per hp AND big sword in single item then he would be OP. Same with super attack speed from herald 20% + 15% for team including you (Better RFC) 😲. Now it provides bigger spread of stats.
I dont see a problem. If you think about that the Cleave damage scales from HP only, having AD in it would make no difference. However, as it is right now, Bow actually makes it so you apply the Cleave more times. So does BF Sword actually make Titanic OP? Also, true that whats the point of an Attack Speed boosting item that was no Attack Speed in it.
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: oh I see rito has to get its shit together then
Yeah, I can hear your sarcasm, but why is it okay to be forced to mute the game? This glitch is not intended, its definitely not a feature, so it should be fixed sooner or later
: maybe disable sfx then?
I mainly play Talon, and when I throw a W in a bush or over a wall, the sound can help letting me know that I hit someone, also, Sion ult has a sound warning, just like the whistle fron Predator. If you play without sounds, that takes a way a lot from the game. There is a reason they put so much effort in making good sound effects.
: hey this is hardly relevant to your post but i had to mute voices once because i find varus' grunts too annoying/kinda scary you don't have to mute the entire game just the voices from the menu
Nope, the Voices sound setting applies to the champions sounds, their talking. WW death animation is a Sound effect, and to make it a moderate volume, I have to turn the Sound effects really low, so low that I cant re4ally hear anything. But I just love how there is no response to the main issue from anyone, or anything about the client., Just %%%% this all
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: Some changes to sivir W
"Who's Sivir? Did you mean Lux? We just made a skin what you want"
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näs (EUW)
: thank god thought i was the only one earing this, happened with nauti too in aram, the worst is it's really loud
Yeah it's mostly bad because it forces you to lower or even mute game volume meanwhile sounds are really crucial for gameplay.
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PaladinNO (EUNE)
: Don't worry, this is as basic as it can get. Do you find your folder location for the "League of Legends" application? If you find it, right-click on it and click on "Create shortcut". [INSTALLPATH] is just where you have installed the game on your PC. Should be C:\Riot Game\League of Legends or something, whatever the default install location is. Move the shortcut to wherever you want it, right-click on it, and select "Properties. Then you'll figure it out with "target" and "start in". :)
PaladinNO (EUNE)
: _Alright, hope you copied what you needed from here._
Okay, wait wait... So I found the folder with all the replays, but they are in a .rolf format. I have no idea what a shortcut is, sorry. I'll probably reach out to one of my friends for help... Thanks a lot though. If I was good at IT it would have helped!
PaladinNO (EUNE)
: Basically, there are 2 methods: On-screen recording while playing (I use Fraps), or download the replay (works on a 20-match / per patch limited-basis) and then screen record that for the pieces you want. But post-20 games (without downloading the replay file) or playing replays from earlier patches, that's a no-go. _Which is rather pitiful, as some of us got the harddrive space to store all the required game information and patch changes to make old replays function at any given time._
Oh, yes, thats what I was thinking. If I can download the replay file. Is that accesable through the client? Or Riot just doesnt want us to store games? Im not an IT guy and I only understand the basics at first sight but if I dig myself into something I understand things pretty well, but I didnt spend enough time with this yet. So basically can I acces the replay file through Client, or through browser match histories or anywhere? Thats all I wanna know
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: Well if you did typed a bannable word , you deserve the punishment , sorry but _Ez boys_ is pretty normal for this game . you can submit a ticket and they will tell u the same . I hope you find a happy place in the game .
Well, you know, in my country you can say anything you want, and homophobic insults are one of the most used insults, and if this game thinks otherwise, it can just tell me and ok. But banning a fresh new account without warning is just not fair. But that do we expect from Riot
: You think you're the only one who had such luck with games ? several players before you posted the same kind of thread that you posted _Obv not the same champs you mentioned_ yet they got bashed for it saying " you can carry 1v5" . The reason why most players started to flame and all is that they're noticing other players who do that don't get seriously punished like a perma ban , we're noticing it is working for like low portion of players which is good but the large portion still spreading toxic behavior within the whole server , it needs more work.
What you saay about flaming is not true. The fact that you can actually get banned for more that 2 weeks for one word is just ridiculous. I'm saying this because I experienced the unfair side of the punishing system. I had a fresh new account, and it was around lvl 10. I played a One 4 All gamemode and we lost hard, but I was chill, and then at the end one enemy said something like "ez boys" and I just replied with "%%%". And that was my whole chat log that game, so I definitely wasnt toxic. I just said a word. And without warning, I got a 2 week suspension. So yeah, this is your system that _doesnt seriously punish toxicity_ Its exactily the opposite. And what does it result in? Toxic people will rather leave or grief others non-verbally, with actions in game. This system encourages players to run it down and go afk after a minor inconvinience. And guess what, you can run down 3 or more games in a row and still get away with it. And Riot knows this, but lies to our %%%%ing faces every time we report someone. They are more disgusting that this community actually, and the difference is that they earn money for it.
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: > [{quoted}](name=Shädäm,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=U5vBtOoL,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-02-22T22:35:57.911+0000) > > No amount of reported and banned players will give you back the LP you lost or the time you wasted on lost matches. So basically, you know of the mantra of, "Mute, ignore, report, move on", but struggle with the latter of the four components of that mantra? Look, I get that the kind of people you describe are frustrating, I really do. But if you really cared _that_ much about "time wasted" to this degree of regret, you probably have better things to do than playing online games in the first place. > As long as we have a system that doesn't reward individual effort Blue essence and profile xp. (unless that's not what you meant, but that's still on you for not really clarifying) > all the effort put into lost games is for nothing, and reporting is pointless, unless it makes you feel better Sure, if you conveniently overlook the idea that reporting at the very least brings a misbehaving player closer to a punishment. Or don't tell me you're in that unfortunate downward spiral of thinking, "I don't report because the system is useless", but then fuelling that attitude when the reverse ends up happening?
A game where all players played properly, everyone tried their best and the team that found a way to best the other won, is a game where the experience itself worth it. You learn not to make mistakes that you might have made and cost the game. But when someone just tilts out or leaves halfway through, what do you learn from that? What mistakes you made in that game that lead to defeat? Probably that you queued up... The XP you get after games is determined by the lenght of the game if I'm right, and only the old system gave BE or IP directly after a game. And yes, i didnt clerify it because i wanted to be short. I meant rewards on ranked progress for outstanding individual effort. I do report. But the only cases where report is worth something is when its toxic in-chat behaviour, because thats easy to detect and punish. When it comes to trolling, griefing, basically anything where one practically prevents victory is something Riot dont really bother to investigate, so yeah, when you report a troll it's not guaranteed they get what they deserve. And that's the issue..
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: League of %%%%%%s
One thing common in all these ranting losers is that they are not even able to speak the easiest language in the world properly.
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: Smurfing is against the rules? Where exactly does it say that?
I heard it somewhere, but it doesnt exactly say this. I heard that if your "smurfing" is really only to stompc lower elo players, than its an unsportsmanlike behaviour, which i can totally understand.
Shädäm (EUNE)
: Matchmaking is essentially bad and will never get better
About player-influenced issues that affect games, we cant deny that most of them are predictable from the selection. Actually, thats where the second most salt goes down, and that is the only place thats yet undetectable. If Riot maybe monitored selections, or made us able to report players there, or maybe even kick some unpleasant players that only spread negativity even bfore the game started. Many online team games have votekick option, that gives a little bit of power to the players as well, and we might not feel helpless or powerless after getting trolled or kept hostage over and over. Also, there is just nothing that motivates players to report unsportsmanlike behaviour, or not to act unsportsmanlike. Trolls get into your game, you lose and everything happened. You lost LP, you had a bad time and maybe even suffered mentally. Reporting a player wont give any LP, time or experience back. All you ensure is no more players get that one troll anymore (and either that isn't guaranteed). At some pont you all might have realized that reporting is just even more waste of your time, and maybe even get to a point where you feel like you just dont matter, as this whole game is about flipping the matchmaking coin, and the team without trolls wins. Rewarding individual performance with rank progress would give those unlucky players hope, that they matter and all that effort put into a game that was lost in a selection actually worth something.
: While I agree with a lot of what you say, let's not kid ourselves here. A lot of the problems with the matchmaking are the player's faults. Every time a player uses a smurf account they invalidate the matchmaking system. MMR Boosting also negatively affects the matchmaking, as does duo queuing. Could the matchmaking be better? Probably, and I actually really like the slight increase in LP by getting S ranks, but at the same time the players bear some of the responsibility as well.
Well, smurfing is actually against the rules, but you cant prohobot creating new accounts. And what you just said actually confirms my discussion. If we considered performance when deciding someone Matc made rating, people who have created new accounts would climb back up to their original ranks faster, therefore you'd have less "unfair" games of Silvers vs Diamond smurf. And honesty you say Duo queing affects matchmaking negatively when they have a limit of maximun one Rank diff. between the two duos, meanwhile, playing solo as for eg. a Plat you can get matched with "high" Silver. Thats two rank differences, so dont tell me duo queing is a problem.
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: > [{quoted}](name=Shädäm,realm=EUNE,application-id=ETj6EdvQ,discussion-id=nuQTTyTN,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-02-17T18:37:59.431+0000) > > No, that wasnt the hotfix. The hotfix was about the +gold/second, that it only applies when an ally is nearby. Or correct me if im wrong. It only specifies generating gold, so I assume the tribute passive doesn't work either without an ally, otherwise the hotfix would be point.
Relic doesnt work without a nearby ally anyways, so I could understand the others not working, again, as I said, it would define the support role more.
Sefi (EUNE)
: Laners abuse the item so riot "horfixed" it not to give gold anymore. Wheres my tinfoil hat?
No, that wasnt the hotfix. The hotfix was about the +gold/second, that it only applies when an ally is nearby. Or correct me if im wrong.
Mada (EUW)
: Well, that's like your opinion, man.
It was just an opinion, until Riot proved how much they overlook troling. Few months ago I made a ticket to Riot support about this guy who ran down the game because he died 3 times in a row vs a Riven as a Yas main. His last 3 deaths were running into the enemy team, stopping, starting to recall then flash his Lvl 7 mastery after dying. His final stat was 0/11 and 6x D Rings. Obvious inting. Post-game screen didnt load and I wanted to make sure this guy gets at least one report so I went out as much as to write a ticket explaining everything he did. The guys history was full of games with 10+ deaths with 1-2 takedowns. I kept on following his match history after the report and he ddint seem to stop playing, and it is just annoying, knowing that you can break the rules and ruin a game and get away with it, meanwhile saying the wrong word can give you a 2 week suspension.
Mada (EUW)
: it's worth dying while you mute a pingtard and check if he is in in a group with someone else and mute him as well
And thats the kind of excuse Riot considers totally valid. And why players with trolling streaks keep getting into new and new games only to grief.
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: is the supp slaves now ?
From what I see, its more like buffed, and adjusted. You know how jungle items define the jungle role? Is that slavery? Having to buy jungle items or bring Smite to jungle to be able to level up? Like, as the other commenter said, Its actually a buff if you are a real support main, because you probably know how to abuse the gold proc passive well - which is buffed - and you probably also always stay near a teammate while laning, or in lategame etc...
in10city (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Shädäm,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=RpIJebLP,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-02-13T19:22:16.747+0000) > > I have a guess. Probably because its the begining of the season. This probably controls the climbing speed of those who were Dia or higher last season and those who finally got out of Plat once. So you probably need a really good winrate to get in Diamond at the beginning. Wait what do you mean ? You want to say that if i was unranked last season and now hited dia in 80games im limited to stay stucked in d4 till some boosed nerd who were d5 0lp last season have chanse to hit master with negative winrate ?
Did i say this? No. I was talnking about players with really high elo like Masters and Challengers who get promoted to Plat. They obviously should have advantage over those who just hit that rank or were Plat last season if you know what I mean. Why do you guys always get the worst out of everything
Fiestor (EUW)
: why is lp gain in diamond %%%%ed?
I have a guess. Probably because its the begining of the season. This probably controls the climbing speed of those who were Dia or higher last season and those who finally got out of Plat once. So you probably need a really good winrate to get in Diamond at the beginning.
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: We will see how new Conq works, but if this nonsense from PBE goes live, it will be even more broken...
Now its a Press the Attack that needs 5 basic atacks and it heals too. Just why is this bullshit in the game? Anyone knows the designer behind this crap?
: Honestly it is a BS. I am Irelia main and if I get 2,3 - 0 on top lane, I don't care if enemy adc is 10-0 because I know if I rotate bot or in a teamfight I will one shot him. So adc's are still in a shiiit position with 0 impact to the game until at least some 30th minute.
Im not sure what are you trying to prove with that. >So adc's are still in a shiiit position with 0 impact to the game until at least some 30th minute. Talking about BS... What impact you want AD carres to have? Singlehandedly end a game after they get IE and another Crit item? They are clearly a support relying role, but if you know what you are doing and the enemy doesnt, you can easily carry a game with an AD carry. You cant do that with any tank, maybe except Nasus, but im not saying its a problem, it is how its supposed to be. In a game where everyone knows what to do, AD carries will always have bigger impact then tanks. This whole shit comes from those players who facechecked a bush at around 20 minutes and got instantly killed by a Renekton that is 3 levels above and had 2 more items, and they are like "omg adc in 2k19" "adc ruined"
: Listen buddy, I used to be Vayne main before, Diamond 5 for 2 seasons and she was only adc to be able to carry because of her assasin playstyle. But now she needs more to scale then before. Proly its true if they have somebody to peel for them they can carry but in solo q it's not often the case, since your support doesn't care about you a lot of times. Positioning is the vital thing for them, but if u get caught by enemy assasin or bruiser you are DEAD af, so my point it's not fair that if you are 5-0 out of lane and you easily get oneshoted by enemy toplaner who is like 1-1 with a simple Black Cleaver and still able to one shot you.
Never seen a champ that could oneshot anyone with a Black Cleaver, but okay. AD carries are creary not dueling champiosn, they are damage carries for a team, and the ones that are good 1v1 champiosn are actualy hard to oneshot. And why is it a problem that you die when you get caught wuth an ADC? Getting caught is part of the game, its not something only AD carries experience. Mages can get oneshot and killed even if they are ahead. However it is true that mages have tanky items that give a lot of HP and they have items like Zhonya's, but they made the new PD just for that. Getting a shield when you are bursted is kinda op if you ask me, because it disables the only role an assasin has, and that is to all in on the adc before or in teamfight.
: you know they r changing conqueror right? you know they are bringing back crit adcs and hyper carry=hypertank right?
I know, but I hasnt seen anything yet. Funny that it needed one whole season of unbeatable bruiser meta. And I am sure that its not gonna be a nerf, whats mroe, I can even imagine them making it even more busted, so that the famous bruiser main streamers wont cry on live stream again. And sorry for my pessimism but there hasnt been anything in this game that would have made me happy so far this season, besides Victory, but that means the least for me.
DutchPro (EUW)
: Wow tanks lose to a champion category. Yes it's so bad that tanks have counters!!! Let's go back to season 5, you need 3 tanks in your team, all of them can destroy any squishy without having to build dmg or give up any defensive stat. In this meta you can go without a bruiser, you can go without an assasin, you can even go without an adc. And yes currently you can have a team without a tank, just like all the others. But somehow we should go back to tank meta where having a minimal of 2 tanks is a MUST to even have a chance. In this meta doing something other than playing around your adc (the only counter to a tank, at least of the adc has 4 people peeling) is just a free lose. I say no thanks, keep the flexibility
I wouldnt call it counterpick, I'd call it a win pick, becasue it doesnt matter how you play, the keystone is just so providing and promising. The obvious best. And remember when they nerfed a lot of runes, for example Ravenous Hunter, saying "it was the obvious best option in that row". Meanwhile you have an obvious best choice in all the runes if you paly anyone that is AD and Meele, except maybe if you are assasin. Their reasoning never made sense, just like the creation of this keystone.
: Yeah, it's true, Poppy can't easily burst somebody from 100 to 0, but if you play her smart vs those Conq users, like, Darius, Jax, Kled, she can outdamage all of them in a shorter trades and actually that's the whole point of a top lane - push them out of lane and fuccking shove the wave under that tower.
"If you paly her smart" is not something you consider when deciding if wether something is broken or not. What if the enemy Conq bruiser plays smart too? They have more to work with thanks to the free damage from the keystone. No matter how smart or skilled you are, you can never get as much out of a Grasp or an Aftershock as you can get out of Conq.
: Idk, you guys are complaining about Conq and bruisers, and I can agree that there should be some balance, but actually the biggest issue for a longer time now in this game are AD carries, like "carries", it's such a meme, that stupid tank's and their meta you are complaining about to be back, actually they have so much more impact on the game then those poor marksman's. That's the real issue that needs to be balanced, and not to buff things like Sion, Maokai, Urgot, Malphite etc...
Buffs and ners on champions are not because of the role, its because of the position of that individual champion in the meta. "Poor marksmen" is a phrase that makes me sick. The only time adc was truly ruined was with the True DMG Infinity Edge. Now its back to old, where you literally die if you get too close to a Jinx or a Tristana if her support is there. AD carries mostly rely on only one teammate and the others dont matter, but they can still solocarry a game, and we've all peobably seena Vayne 1v5 carry a game. The only time you were able to actually 1v5 win a game regardless of your teams doings with a tank was with inting Sion with Banner, and maybe with Nasus, but thats all, thats 2 champs of that role.
: Ok, so in your opinion Conqueror is too strong. I can't really comment on it since I don't play top lane at all, but if it's too strong, how would you nerf it without making it useless?
See, thats the problem with a Keystone that plays too much role in a champions kit. It needs to be completely changed to be in balance with other keystones, but I dont even see a reason to even keep it. Bruisers can easily go back to PTA or Grasp and stil be effective, or widen their horizon and try other trees. With a role such as bruiser you have so many options unlike Damage Carries who cant really vary the runes and builds they are used to.
: This is such a nonsense. Since I am Irelia main, I agree Conqueror is very strong actually, but TANKS? League is the only game were tanks are dealing this much amount of damage. You can easily beat a Conqueror champion, for example, Poppy with Grasp or Aftershock can 1 v 1 on top lane every Conqueror user.
Many games have disgusting tanks with ridiculous damgage so dont act like its only League again. Poppy needs a lot of things to 1v1 someone. Without the right conditions - such as a close wall or a leap that she can repell - she has only one effectite spell in combat, that being Q. But its not about Poppy now. Listing one "counter" for a Conqueror bruiser doesnt solve anything, and by the way, standing face to face to Poppy with a Jax or a Yasuo and just keep her in combat easily beats her. Just like every other tank.
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