: First Blood gives 100 bonus gold to the kill bounty . If, since his last deah, a champion has earned 250 or more gold from minions and monsters than the enemy team's AVERAGE, their bounty is increased by 50 gold PLUS 50 gold for each additional 150 gold. So if he got first blood, he will have already 100 more. If his team farms good and the enemy team all farms bad (beside of yasuo), he will be worth more money, while yasuo won't be worth more money.
Its still not possible to worth only 450 G with 6/0. You have a 450 bounty with a killing spree (3 kills)
íGengar (EUW)
: The bounty does not only count for kills/assists anymore, it takes farm etc into consideration. Given your example, I assume his Nasus had more farm or objective damage or something.
I know it counts farm too, but being behind in farm gives you same amount of bounty per kill actually. Also, Nasus and Yas both had around 100-110 cs, and no turrets were fallen at that moment
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: >one sexuality (hetero) God I wonder what I've been doing all these years then. Serious note, science has indicated otherwise on both fronts. Edit: To add, just because people disagree with you doesn't make them "anti-straight"... it's just literally what you are trying to present as fact is wrong.
You sure its science? You probably meant pseudoscience. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T9OF62sLWis They get a famous guy, in this case a famous scienctist (Bill has nothing to do with biology or genetics btw), and pay them to say nonsense like this. Actually sad that people believed this.
Shädäm (EUNE)
: Neeko curious
For every anti-straight and "open minded" "modern" citizen here who got triggered, all I have to offer is facts: There are 2 genders and one sexuality (hetero) Waiting for the downvotes and the salt
Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: 1. they confirmed that she's a lesbian 2. I'm pretty sure Neeko isn't a *little girl*
1. yes, modern society confirmed it 2. yes we all know, just like Zoe, she is an ancient whatever hundreds of years old, cmon it wont justify anything when you jerk off to them
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Kalviras (EUW)
: They are thinking of getting rid of the reset as well which is essential honestly now, it should be an electrocute that starts weak and scales later on so late-game champs can use it to boost their kills or early game ones can use it to get more damage late game, right now it's super powerful early game as the damage isn't that much lower than electrocute but on top of that you get a reset on a kill so you can use it multiple times in a fight. The fact that it procs of everything is also a problem honestly.. I miss when you could at least try to kill Heims turrets without them proccing 1k damage of DH on you
I think if they make it to only proc with basic attacks like the old one, it would be solved. Like, its in the domination tree for a reason, its meant for assasins, maybe fighters and adc. I see the problem with the old one being that if you have enough stacks, you are guaranteed to win a 1v1 vs a squishy champ in a way that the squishy target has no chance to defend. With the new one, you at least have to bring them down to 50% before winning the trade/fight. Its too popular and strong, but making it like the old one to be proc only by aa would fix both problems
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: if we had to ban every feeder yasuo or darius nobody would be playing this game at the moment.. bad games are bad games, everyone has those meanwhile obvious inters are actually punished (and fast) regarding soft trolling, that is another matter entirely and very difficult from a progamming viewpoint to handle, it is hard even for a human reviewer most of the time
So you say that 0/13/0 and 6 Dorans Ring build is just a bad game and and it doesnt deserve any punishment. Arent you a secret Riot agent that protects trolls? And dont tell me that its even hard to detect. If I had a bad game, I'd probably try to farm it up, instead of selling everything and running it down mid, but ok, maybe you are right and channeling the salt and tilt into trolling is respectable because they didnt flame at least.
: You can get reported by the enemy team as well. Whenever I see "4fun" players, that just run it down and such, be it my team or the enemy team, I hit that juicy report button. I don't discriminate :)
And what made you think that fun is runnign it down for us? Fun is just not taking it as serious as we would in a ranked flex. But yeah, you are just another one of all these agressive shitposters that jump into conclusions and try to act smart thinking they will be some future lawyers. You view about "4fun" is pretty twisted. Maybe for you, fun is trolling, but im sure someone who is so tilted that they go troll never have fun doing that.
Ehsanelite (EUNE)
: So you telling me, in your entire life you never fed? excuse me but that's bs
Intentionally? Never. Bad game, where I still did my best? Yes, I had.
Ehsanelite (EUNE)
: So you're saying people are trolls if they have bad games? you got 6/17 with tahm kench, where is your perma ban?
If you took the effort to investigate my match history for mistakes, and you found that match, you could just take the time to look at the game type of that match, and also the games I had with Tahm Kench before that. Also, to be banned, I'd need to be reported first, and the fact that I was playing with 4 of my friends and we were just having fun makes it pretty impossible. Bad point, try again dude
: ***
Thank, you appreciate it
FleaLess (EUNE)
: 1. that is yasuos first time trolling, so i guess you had some impact on him thats why he feeded in your game 2. same deal here, in his match history this is the only game where he left 3. guess what, this is the only game where he left 4. ok this guy have a few games with a lot of deaths, but nothing unusual 5. same as the 4th guy, a few games here and there but pretty normal scores what i see from all this is that the common thing in all 5 player is that they are all played with you 1 game and they tolled only in that 1 game, i cant see the chatlog from match histories but i can imagine the chat and i think YOU should be punished, NOT them...
Wow, geez. Punish me for having trolls in my game. Now thats something new I've never heard before.
: you're right i was agreeing with your post, till the last sentence, it seems to me like you're complaining that you can't flame back a flamer as far as i would love to bash a toxic player head into the wall and engage him on a chat at least, like any other tilted player out there, from a league community viewpoint that won't do any good, so the only mature thing to do is mute and report
EXACTLY. By the way, you can take the last sentecne the ironic way or the literal way. My main problem is, as I said, that Riot sets rules and summoner codes for us to follow, while they fail to do their own job on maintaining a healthy air in the game. As another person said, every kind of unsportsmanlike action the players commit all reflect the healt of the game. And in a game where the tocix is the majoritiy and the rest is not even the sportsmanlike but the neutral players that neither respect or disrespect. And only the little little minority is the real truly honorable palyers that are honorable not because they palyed good or becasue they are suport mains but because they have a tone that can bring peace, they help others outside of game problems, and boost others morally, even enemies. I've met players like these, and man it was so good to play with or against them. But sadly, its a 1 out of 0 100 games experience
: i'm not saying the system is perfect i'm just saying you're supposed to behave like you would in any other case (restaurant example) you don't get a free pass to harass toxic players back just because "it's a game" or because "they started it", just like those arguments won't hold in real society, they won't be valid in the league community either
Yes you are not wrong, but I dont understand why you say this all. I've never made a point saying: bullying is acceptable if it wasnt you starting it. My whole post says the opposit. Im referring to players that feel hurt in their pride if they have to respect the enemies or act sportsmanlike. I wasnt even talking about harassment on the first place, just b ehaving overall. Probably waht bugs you is the last sentence. By that, I didnt mean that you can disrespect bullies (you can hate them all you want tho). I meant that Riot shouldnt expect respect on the battlefield if they fail to provide acceptable circumstances. Everyone has toact nice, but when you encouter someone who ruins the mood with toxicity and harrasment, its Riot's fault. Its our responsiblility to remain sportsmanlike, but its Riot's job to keep those who cant reamin nice out. And if they keep on failing in their part, they shouldnt expect to us act like angels in our part
: >And lets not talk about toxicity. If we were given a tool to ignore and defend against flaming, then why is flaming punished most agressively oh right, we can mute a prick that has pissed us off, so he should be tolerated, yes make sense! here take a gun to protect yourself from robbers, hey now it's legal to rob houses, we have given guns to people to defend themselves!
> here take a gun to protect yourself from robbers, hey now it's legal to rob houses, we have given guns to people to defend themselves! Bad example, bad point. You are given a gun to stop criminals, not to ignore them effectively. The mute option wasnt made because its our responsibility to take, or not take harassment, but just because we can avoid it, that doesnt mean its allowed now. It was given so you can avoid it until the end of the game where you can make your report. If we were able to report players in game, and deal with them in the course of the game, muting would not be needed. In many FPS team games you can get reported and kicked from games, therefore those games have no need for a mute option. Your reasoning was so dumb and pointless that I cant really explain it anymore for you to understand.
: someone is harassing you in a restaurant you're supposed to harass him back or contact the authorities? respect your lack of common sense
I dont know what does this has to do with all this, but I can still answer. Well obviously, a mature grown mentally balanced person would not harass back and in case if needed, would contact the authorities. But as you can see, this game and community is far from a realistic place. Here the authorities are lazy and try to do as few work as possible, by just letting every case slide. Here, you can also mute harassment, and if you dont care about the community's well being, you can just go next without making a report. Also, in a restaurant, if someone spits into, spills out or eats your dinner they draw consequences and will be dealt by the authoritioes automatically. Meanwhile i the game, you can get away with actions like those, if you did it for the first time or made it not so obvious. Authorities that actually care about a community's well-being investigate cases thoroughly and not let everything slide just because it would take too much concern.
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Burn for me (EUNE)
: waaa the league community waaaaa i'm not getting treated the way i want to waaaaaaa
Probably the last thing I care about is how Im gettinng treated as long as the game conditions are normal. I'd ratehr have a team of total toxic flaming dirtbags that take the game somewhat serious, than someone who doesnt care at all and leaves halfway through. And still, what if I do whine about not getting treated the way I want to, if thats the way every player should treat each other. The fact that you make fun of a post that issues the disrespectful way of this community is just disgusting. You just made yourself look no different from those who disrespect the enemy team when they win in a 4v5 matchup. You are exactly the kind that this community doesnt need. PS: Example of sportsmanlike and respectful behaviour to being standard, even wanting to be treated that way is considered whining and selfish
Astis 3 (EUW)
: > League community Is Dota community any better? Is HotS community any better? Is WoW LFR community any better? Is <multiplayer_game_name> community any better? Try out Dead by Daylight, for example, to see how toxic community could be ^^ People's toxicity has nothing to do with game, or it's developers. You can't get rid of toxicity, because it's just a part of human's nature. And you can't fight toxicity with your own toxicity. The only thing you can use here is report. At least Riot's reports system is way better than Blizzard's one, for example.
I can assure you I'ts way worse. And yes, the game does have to do with the community's toxicity. Most of the online game shave short matches, in most of them, the biggest griefing you can do is going afk or just non-participating. And also, in many games you can get banned/kicked from games. In League, there are way more ways to grief your team, and going afk is probably the best thing a troll can do. I've heard my brothers complaining about CS GO. I looked into the game and it wasnt close to the stress a bad LoL game can provide. I also looked into Rainbow6 because my friends said its way more toxic than LoL, but again, it was less stressful, and not because I didnt care about those games in general. On top of this all, and what my main issue was, is even if not League is the most toxic, there is still no other game where trolls play unpunished and ruin games every day without consequences. And also, there is no other game where saying bad words is so agressively treated, even though we all have the option to mute. Yes I know bullying is something everyone fights against now, and that a lot of games insta bann you for racism for eg. but in many games I didnt find the option to mute chat, therefore its totally understandable. Also, another and final proof that League is in fact the most toxic and even Riot knows it: Simply the reason that probably League is the only online game wihout vocie chat (with non-premades). Every other game developer was bald enough to put voice chat in the game for players to communicate more easily. The reason Riot didnt do that is because they knew that players would just use it to wish deaths to each other and call each other reacish things, and with a new communication interface they should have new tool to track voicecaht-logs down, which is not simple and probably not possible. Riot doesnt want to put a tool in the game where players can do things undetected. Every other game that has voice chat doesnt have chaos in them. Developers trust the players and players trust each other. This is what League and Riot lacks of.
: You got it wrong. The reason is correct, money, but the consequence of it is not. Riot is banning people BECAUSE of money (among other things). Toxicity is the second biggest factor for churn (i.e. players leaving the game for good). Players that leave, never pay a single cent again. So Riot tries to prevent that. Given that toxicity is the second biggest factor for this, they fight toxicity. The investment of a single toxic player is way smaller than the money he is costing Riot indirectly by driving away other players. It's absolutely in Riots financial interest to ban toxic player, no matter how much money they spend.
Exactly what he got wrong? You just explained why he got it right. Trolls, afks, intentionally feeders doesnt get banned, because otherwise they would leave the game forever after getting banned for these. However your wicked minds know that players who are toxic and flame are the ones that take the game the most serious and care the most about their matches, so you know you can bann them all you want, they will always come back. This person, representing Riot finally said it guys. Flamers get punished because they will always come back to be money source, but the rest cant be touched otherewise they leave and wont stuff Rito's pockets anymore.
: Unbalanced team in duo/solo rank for eune server(at least)
Dont worry, no measures will be taken agaist this palyer, or changes made in the system. Whats more, you will get punished and your post will be taken down for "shaming". Welcome to Riot Games justice system
: So you're suggesting them to manually watch every game that has someone got reported for inting lmao really ? do you realize that hundreds of thousands of games are played every day and most of them ending with at least one player reported and you want every single game of those to be watched by a human just to make sure if the guy in fact trolled so he gets the punishment.. I'm not defending Riot but come on dude let's be more realistic here..
There are obvios cases on both sides. You can also look into gold, and cs. Someone who got dumpstered 2v1 on lane will probably try to catch up on some point, and they have all the data to detect whether the player actually tried or not. And there also those cases where one player gets fed up with the other and reports them for inting. As I said, there are obvious cases. But where its not, and not even the numbers will tell, yeah, let them look into every game. Maybe even ake a whole team dedicated to that. Its their job and responsibility to keep the game safe, and every time a troll ruins a game, they shoudl get paymant withdraval, because they werent diont their jobs. At least this is how it works in real life, but Riot is so drifted off reality that they might now even know what "working" means.
: Can you suggest a way to tell if someone with a 1/10/1 score is trolling not that he's bad or got camped by a premade jungler ?
Just look into the game. Yes it might sound like a lot of work, and this is the reason they get away. Flaming and AFK are detected by the system automatically, this is why they get punished almost instantly, but when it comes to doing things manually, with your own human fingers and eyes, its immediately hard and wont work, right Riot?
: exactly :) . I might sound like hating on Riot but they only made the system this way just to milk the living shit out of the playerbase. Even they can't live up to their standards. They are sexist and racist in the office but we are the ones that have to behave ?
Well, im not acusing them of anything (but I do believe that they are big sexists and pervs, i mean, how else would they make those splash arts if not from dirty fantasies). Talkign about this topic will always sound like hating on Riot, becase reality is so negative. Abd about milking playerbase, thats only natural. Every company, does that. Its the way of business. And whats most tragic, is even the LGBTG+ community is prior to the game community, because they design a whole champion just to sarisfy them. We finally have a lesbian character but those feeders afks and trolls are still out there unpunished Riots priority order btw: 1. money 2. LGBTQ community 3. Lux and Ahri skins 4. game community
: > where we can report players after and only after they already trolled and lost our game. And even after that, its not even guaranteed that they get the punishment. Do you know what I can guarantee ? I can guarantee that if someone inted for the first time in the past 10 games HE WON'T GET PUNISHED. I can also guarantee that if you soft int you can get away with it for at least 50 games.
But the same doesnt apply for falming tho. It doesnt matter you have a tool to perfectly avoid harrasment, they still go aggro on flamers, while those who troll and inflict salt and toxicity in games get away with it
Dardasim (EUW)
: If it were up to me, I'd permaban people for missing one cs.
Dont worry its actually possible, if you are a high elo streamer with lots of haters that make a reddit thread about you trolling
: Everybody that plays ranked knows how stressful and obnoxious it can be to stay in a toxic environment where you are getting punished for having trolls/inters/ int afk's etc. by loosing your time and LP. The system is made so poorly to do its job that I am thinking that this was exactly what Riot was intending to do. To make more money from players that make new accounts instead of thinking of a REAL solution to remove/reform THE REAL toxic players. The system is punishing the victims that are constantly playing in this toxic environment, the players that are trying to climb with someone inting in his 20th game in a row, someone that is trolling/inting because you decided to push his lane after successful gank (people actually int/troll for such reasons) and in the end of the day you are supposed to stay calm ??? Get out of here with this nonsense, do you even believe your own words ? Have you played league to understand what are the competitive players going through every single day ? Or do you think they are on the same ground as the casual players who don't give a %%%% whether the win or loose ? Also let me tell you something, If the trolls/inters/int afks were harshly and often punished as ''flaming'' is then nobody would've complained because people would've been able to hold back for 1 game and get the satisfying report feedback message to release some stress that you had to go through in these 20-40 min. You are forced to loose your time and elo because Riot's shitty system is too focused on banning the victims instead of the real problem. Also let me tell you something else, you might think its impossible to find a way to punish trolls/feeders because daddy Riot told you but I am 100% certain that with our modern technology this shit won't be that hard to do. Its just that Riot are too busy swimming in the money of the addicted permabanned ''TOXIC'' people to make a functional AND FAIR punishment system. I expect you to grow some balls and reply with a REAL message, YOUR thoughts and not repeating the same bullshit that Riot gives us...
Its the effect of "solution and prevention". As you can see, we have no tools for prevention at all. A few examples: We could prevent trolls from getting into games, if we had votekick from selection. Players wouldnt have to dodge because their role was stolen by a stubborn salty kiddo that is on a 5-game lose streak on full tilt. Appearently, this tool would give too much power to players and would get abused in the wrong way, according to Riot. Instead, we have a report tool, where we can report players after **and only after** they already trolled and lost our game. And even after that, its not even guaranteed that they get the punishment. Another example is the accoun trading sites. Riot stated that sharing or trading accounts even if not for money is punishable. To prevent accounts from getting traded for money, they could shut down account trading sites and groups on Facebook. For some reason, this is not happening, instead, they hunt for accounts that have beed detected to be boosted/traded/bought after they already have been payed for. I can even believe that Riot themselves participate in those trades and they benefit from them.
GLurch (EUW)
: >And lets not talk about toxicity. If we were given a tool to ignore and defend against flaming, then why is flaming punished most agressively? It's not punished "most agressively". In fact, if Riot *detects* an intentional feeder for example, they give them an immediate 14 day ban and a permanent ban upon continuing. Flaming first goes through: - a 10 Game Chat Restriction - a 25 Game Chat Restriction - a 14 day ban with a message clearly stating a permanent ban will come upon further flaming and only then will they actually issue a permanent ban. It's different for racism, death threats and hate speech in general, these types of behaviors skip to the 14 day ban stage immediately. The reason for this is that the community reports these kinds of behaviors the most, indicating they do not wish to see it, at all, in their games. However, 75% of the people who get a chat restriction already improve their behavior afterwards and don't even have to go through a 14 day ban or similar. You'll also have to beware that it's not like Riot only punishes flamers because they think it'd be nice to do, if there existed no one to report the flamers in the first place, they wouldn't get punished. However, since Riot Games sees that the majority of the community reports toxic behavior like flaming, it's obvious that players wish for this kind of behavior to vanish and as such, Riot Games somehow needs to get these flamers to stop flaming or remove them. The way they're currently doing it has proven to be the most effective so far, that's why they're using it. >Meanwhile we are exposed to 30-40 minute long stressful games which we cannot surrender because of one player who is determined to make our game hell. I'm 100% sure you can surrender with 4 people voting yes, since that's the majority of the people in one team. You only need 5 players if you want to do an early surrender. >And after this they get away woth it, and Riot still dares to send Emissaries to tell us they all got what they deserve. Just to clear up possible misconceptions, I was not sent by Riot Games and I do not work for them in any way. I'm part of Riot Games' Volunteer program, but due to the nature of a volunteer program, I do not get paid or anything and we do not work for Riot Games either, we're independent of them. Riot Games could tell us that we should tell people to buy their merch and we could still ignore them and just... not do that. --- Also, yes, I'm not going to argue about their effectiveness of punishing intentional feeders on purpose. It's a given that their current system is definitely not the best and lacks a lot of improvement. However, if I were to simply complain about their system, I couldn't really achieve a whole lot, it wouldn't fix anything. On the other hand, I also can't think of any other better solutions than their current system. Hiring people to watch millions of games being played every day 24/7? I very much doubt Riot Games has *that* much money for this to not end up in them losing a lot of money without being able to somehow get it back. A better automatic system than the current one? Well, I can't program, but I can imagine that coding a program analyzing playstyles and determining what is intentional feeding and what is not to be pretty hard, because the main difference between intentional feeding and simply feeding is the intention behind it. To 100% accurately detect someones intention, you'd need to analyze the processes in their brain and their thoughts. This means if done inaccurately, Riot Games would ban a lot of innocent players, and because the first punishment intentional feeders receive is a 14 day ban, that'd be really harsh on the innocent players. I think that the amount of players complaining about getting unfairly punished could very well be higher than the current amount of people complaining about "no one getting punished at all". That means Riot Games needs to find similar patterns between intentional feeders. Now, if running under a tower is intentional feeding, what about bronze players who end up dying in a stupid tower dive? If running to the enemy base as soon as the game starts is intentional feeding, what about someone trying a proxy tactic? And there are probably many more problems than just those I could think of right out of my head while writing this.
Sorry, not even gonna read it through. It all failed with this: > It's not punished "most agressively". In fact, if Riot detects an intentional feeder for example, they give them an immediate 14 day ban and a permanent ban upon continuing. Flaming first goes through: a 10 Game Chat Restriction a 25 Game Chat Restriction a 14 day ban with a message clearly stating a permanent ban will come upon further flaming I didnt say they cant detect trolls, they just dont judge them because they say it was just a "bad game". Also, on this account, I got a 2 week bann after flaming for the first time. No harsh words, just toxicity. I wrote to Riot Support and one of them said it was well deserved and not gonna be reversed, and then I met an honest Riot Supp. Specialist who admitted that the system failed to give me the warning chat restriction TWICE, so I got a 2-week right away. I got cucked from awards unfairly for the whole season, because the system thought its fun to give out 14-dayers after the first tixic game. The system fails at every minute, the employees are either lazy, or have no idea what trolling means, and they probably have no insight on how stressful a game with a "bad game" having player can be. This game is the worst kind of drug. Its awesome in general, but the disconnect between the game developer and the community is what ruins it. At least between the casual community, because as we all know, Riot are big buddies with the NA streamers and competitive players. They treat the rest as a mass that they have to satisfy with Lux, Ahri and Jhin skins.
GLurch (EUW)
: Let's view it from a different point of view: What exactly would be the difference between you and your Shaco support or the enemy who flamed you if you were to just flame back? There would be no difference, you'd just join their cycle and others would only perceive you as another toxic teammate, just like your Shaco support or the flaming enemy. That's also why you'd end up getting punished, just like the Shaco support who went afk will get a leaverbuster, or the toxic enemy team would end up getting first a 10 games chat restriction and if they continued a 25 games chat restriction, a 14 day ban and in the end, if they are still toxic, a permanent ban. You aren't expected to "respect your haters and bullies", but to handle it professionally and instead of seeking personal revenge, staying calm and reporting them to the proper authorities, in this case, Riot Games. You don't have to respect them, you only need to stay quiet and keep calm.
I know Emissaries believe everything Riot says, but I've played this game long enough, and encountered way more trolls than I should. And from all those afks, intentional feeders and flamers, I only know a few that actually got banned after they trolled my games. Riots system lacks human insight when it comes to punishing trolls. All they look at is stats, build and chat log, and if all of them are in the "bad game" zone, they just let it be. Im not even gonna argue on the systems effectiveness, because this system already proved me everything. I've seen too much players getting away with mildly tremendous stats, just because they didnt do those obvious troll actions, and according to Riot, running into enemy base or under enemy turret defines trolling and amything different is either not trolling or a "bad game" And lets not talk about toxicity. If we were given a tool to ignore and defend against flaming, then why is flaming punished most agressively? Meanwhile we are exposed to 30-40 minute long stressful games which we cannot surrender because of one player who is determined to make our game hell. And after this they get away woth it, and Riot still dares to send Emissaries to tell us they all got what they deserve. The only thing I hate more than the trash of the community, is Riot lying to us every second.
: Actually, I'm not sure if riot even has the right to take legal action against acc trading sites. Depending on where they're located, I don't think riot can actually force them to be shut down. The only thing they can always do is ban accs. But even in the unlikely event that they actually did collaborate with such sites, rito has clearly and repeatedly stated that any form of acc trading or sharing will result in a ban. If you still go ahead and buy an account anyway, that's on you and your stupidity.
Lol? Like, accounts are Riots property. This is why Riot has all the right to permabann ann account, no matter how much money you have in there. Riot employees maintain the server for these accounts and they own all rights to it. And trading them is basically selling the neighbor's apple you took from their apple tree. Its the best example I can give, but i can assure you that they have all the rights to shut down sites like this.
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Febos (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Shädäm,realm=EUNE,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=cAvE3wEw,comment-id=0008,timestamp=2018-11-28T12:14:21.236+0000) > > instead of turning down illegal account trading websites They do.
Oh I can assure you they dont. There is a site thats been giong for about two years and still is. And it has ads everywhere. I get their ads on op.gg and Youtube. The site is selling accounts for EUW, EUNE and NA. Big %%%%ing business and Riot probably doesnt shut it down because they participate in it. And not only that they most likely earn a lot of money from it, but they also punish and close accounts that have been bought. Literally scamming playsers. Disgusting
heacarim (EUNE)
This is actually a really good example of how Riot doesnt try to make a change, but just keep on punishing players. Dont eg tthe wrong idea, im not protecting this idiot So basically, instead of turning down illegal account trading websites, they just punish palyers that turn out to have been bought accounts. Riot has all the right and authority to punish and sue people who trade League Accounts for money, but they dont do that, instead they let it keep going and just bann everyone who buys them. I could even imagine Riot making a deal with them and participating with them. Shame on Riot in this case
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Shamose (EUW)
: Are you an ADC? Take vayne. Are you a Toplaner? Take Fiora. Are you a Jungler? Take Yi.
Simple as that lol
: I think people that do league to themselves 6 hrs a day are more tiltable than players that play 1 hr a day. This is more of a problem with the direction of the balance team in general.
I think tilting has more to do with the person itself. I have good examples for this. Have two friends who play almost as muc has me but they never ever tilted, but then there is me. Im a meme among my friends on how easily i can get tilted, mostyl on teammates. And then there is another of my friends who barely plays one game a month, but he can even get tilted on that one so much that he leaves Discord halfway through the match. So Its realy not about playrate What differs in players with different playrate is not the ability to tilt, but how serious they take the game. If I grind this game for 10 hours a day, I probably see it as a part of my life, not to mention those who live off this game by streaming it. Meanwhile, players who barely wanna waste an hour per week on playing it, might like the game just as much, but it doesnt play a big part in their daily life, therefore they can leave a game without remorse or any second thoughts. This is why I agree with matching players with same playrate, because not your MMR, rank, in-game performane, stats or winrate can show what your playrate can, which is how serious you take the game!
Haze97 (EUW)
: True this. The players I come across do not know what the basic objectives to win a game is and seem to mess up despite me giving them an early lead and an excellent early game through ganks. A lot of these players don't wanna research on how to get better and here here for a ride.. Yeah that's what casuals are for. If you're gonna play ranked and say 'chill it's just a game' you deserve to be suspended. This costs those of us who take ranking seriously to take a backseat and question whether it's us who are plain cursed or the teammates who just sail the ship.
> If you're gonna play ranked and say 'chill it's just a game' you deserve to be suspended. Wow, this is not what I meant. But I do agree with the first part. For "casuls" there is Normal Draft, Blind or ARAM. But as you can see, this doesnt keep casuls from playing ranked and say the "just a game" phrase when giving up or starting not to take it serious. What the Emissary said about MMR is not quite right. Lets say there is me, someone with a high playrate, but still with a winrate around 50-52% and in Plat. And then there is someone who plays weekly 2-3 games, has the same winrate (because after all, no matter how much you play, your winrate will always be somewhere between 45-55%), thus has about the same MMR and rank, BUT is much less experienced AND takes the game much less serious than someone who plays it 10 hours a day. This is why you still see streamers getting trolled or having afk in their games, even in higher elos like Dia-Master. Streamers play this game for living, they are probably those who take it to an another level when it comes to taking it serious, but they can easily get matched with someone who is in their elo but barely plays the game, so those players can more easily just leave a hard game or just say "open".
: Balancing teams to PLAY RATE & Division
Me, a player that plays an avarage of 10 games daily could totally agree. Sometimes when I get really bad teammates, I wonder "how are they even this elo?". The answer is simple. They are not bad, or worse than me (usually) but they just dont take the game serious. Riot should realize that rank is not everything when it comes to matching similarly experienced players. Someoen who plays regularly, like 5-10 hours a day obviously takes the game much more serious. Someone who likes the game, plays decent, but doesnt wanna waste so much time on it can more easily give up on hard games. Someone can be Plat and not take it serious while another grinds the game daily for long hours and still be Plat, but there is much difference between them.
: > [{quoted}](name=Shädäm,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=nA9jEoFU,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-11-26T09:37:51.080+0000) > > Riot certainly cares, they are just probably slow as f. I&#x27;ve had same players in my team and I also checked their following games. Once I had a Nida jg that run down my lane because she died first blood in river by getting 3v1&#x27;ed. I reported the player but she still played 2 games (in the first she trolled again, and in the next she was afk) after the bann set in. What makes you think they care? Because that's what they say? Do they even still say that? Well regardless of what they say, because frankly they could say anything, that doesn't make it true. The fact is actions speak louder than words and the action I see is that this player has played 15 more games after this tilt I was referring to over the course of 3 days. > The reason is simple. Its harder to detect trolls, because Riot cannot judge by only stats. Afk can be detected by the Leavebuster, and flaming is detected by a BOT, but deciding whether it was real trolling or just a &quot;bad game&quot;, as Riot calls it, is much harder and takes more insight, then just looking through a chat-log for swear words. So you're saying Riot has the best of the best working on preventing trolls like that ruining their game but it's simply too hard to come up with a solution to this? Oh please... Like I said this player was not buying items and was recalling in the vivacity of other players without either canceling or casting a spell or anything. This shouldn't be to hard to pick up even by the simplest of automated systems. > The game happened and nothing can change that now, and from that point its not your concern, but Riot&#x27;s responsibilty to serve the rightful punishment. If I'm playing this game it is my concern. I don't want to constantly be exposed to these kinds of players. But hey we're all still buying RP right?
You are true about most things, I must admit. But you can bet that I, and every other player, meet just as much trolls as you do. I've already calculated that in avarage, I have 1 troll in every 4 games, and that one game is usually 100% lost, so that gives me a maximum of 75% winrate, and I can still lose games without trolls. I've talked to many Player Support Specialists and they all say the same every time. There is one person I talked with, and she was certainly different, understanding and kind. She is the only hope I have in the Player Support team, but as long as I encounter trolls in this game, I'll never be satisfied. Also, if you wanna make sure your report is issued, you can make a direct ticket to Player Support about the case. You can send them links of match history or footage of the player inting. However, sending these tickets will only slow down the process of reviewing incomign reports for Riot. Also, im not an Emissary to talk in Riots place, so I cant say anything for sure.
: How can someone going full tilt going 0/27/2 in three games, not buying items, still be playing?
Riot certainly cares, they are just probably slow as f. I've had same players in my team and I also checked their following games. Once I had a Nida jg that run down my lane because she died first blood in river by getting 3v1'ed. I reported the player but she still played 2 games (in the first she trolled again, and in the next she was afk) after the bann set in. The reason is simple. Its harder to detect trolls, because Riot cannot judge by only stats. Afk can be detected by the Leavebuster, and flaming is detected by a BOT, but deciding whether it was real trolling or just a "bad game", as Riot calls it, is much harder and takes more insight, then just looking through a chat-log for swear words. And also, you met him just once, and there is not much chance that you get matched with him again, its not impossible tho, I have an example for that too. The game happened and nothing can change that now, and from that point its not your concern, but Riot's responsibilty to serve the rightful punishment.
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: ***
Thank you my friend for the wise words.
: I wasn't really interested in Zoe but I really like Neeko. And her Teaser was pretty cool. If you mistake her tail for hair coming from her head, ignore the fact she runs on four legs instead of two, only concentrate on the fact that she is a female teenager yes I can see how she exactly looks like Zoe.
I didnt say exactly. I just saw her appear in a PBE gameplay of the returning Nexus Blitz, and on first sight she was similar while using her spells. That zap or autoattack passive, or whatever, looks exactly the same, and that flying rooting stuff too. Her ultimate is just so generic and nothing special or creative. She is just another cancer combination of life-long stuns, insane mobility and abnormal damage, like Pyke and Zoe.
: Kayn not generic? I mean I like Kayn, but his idea has been done a thousand times over in a myriad of different books, movies and anime. I don't mind that, after all a well executed cliche is usually better than a badly done exotic new idea, but still, you can't claim you haven't seen Kayn's theme and character before.
I said, he is generic and a common type of character, but well made. I could tell you 3 characters out of famous anime that has the same perosnality as he has, but he still has something more to him, that made me like him over all those 3 characters that I know.
: To be fair, I don't like Camile and Ornn plus I find Kayn's persona weak. I like Neeko much more. However, I do not understand how her sexual preferences add to her character. They informed me she likes girls. So what? This fact adds or removes nothing at all to her personality. It doesn't explain something that was off or anything. Maybe they wanted to give a second meaning to her description "the curious chameleon", suggesting she's curious in many ways, who knows. It just seems a little awkward on her.
Honestly, her being a lesbian and this little girl makes it awkward. If the new lesbian champ was some aactualk woman, that you coud imagine having more experience, it would fit much more. For example there is Vi. There is fan fiction of her being a lesbian, and I could actually see that being true, but on Neeko it seems out of character and not really believable
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