: Its a waste of time maining Qiyana
She is dominating in worlds you know...
Surma (EUNE)
: Another good thing I've found is making a lot of assassins and then having Akali with follwing build: Jeweled Gauntlet (spells do critical strike) Infinity Blade (increased crit and increased crit damage) Seraph Embrace (every time spell is cast adds 20 Mana (akali has only 25 max mana).
isn't Akali ability already able to crit?
: Fiora is overbuffed
Which AD toplaner doesn't?
: Still better than some champions. Blue Card is easily his strongest one, especially against disgusting comps or champions like PD/Rageblade/Shojin Lulu. Fiora on the other hand? She's useless.
Fiora is one of the best gold1 cost units if not the best. Obviously if you don't get tier3 on her, don't give her any items and you put her into frontline she won't do much. She is amazing with these items: {{item:3161}} {{item:3124}} {{item:3072}} {{item:3146}} {{item:3046}} {{item:3083}} {{item:3142}} (SoS is the core, rest depends on availability and teamcomp you play) Also, you need at least 2 blademasters with her, or noble bonus (prefferably full) to utilize her on full potential.
DManRimo (EUW)
: About TFT and Nexus Blitz
I play TFT only because there isn't NB and I am sick of SR, ARAM is shit for a long time and the balance changes made it just worse, and TT is awfully ugly and bruisers (which I don't like to play and I hate playing against them) are the only viable picks there. The best modes I really enjoyed were Invasion, Odyssey and Nexus Blitz. TFT is fine for causual gameplay but this glacial/gunslinger/CB meta is extremely unfun to play against and riot doesn't seem to have any plans to fix it.
Cräfty (EUW)
: > All 3 items are fine Are you serious?! So basically, you think that having your units permanently disarmed, silenced and reduced to 0 stars is very fun to play against, hein?! May I remind you that these types of CC have no counter play at all?! Even if you have yordles and {{item:3046}}, the enemy just need a {{item:3094}} and you're done for good. > ...and got into broken state only because someone thought that applying items on onhits (gunslinger, hurricane) and spells is a good idea. That's not the problem. The items are broken af regardless of which team comp is using them. Ever faced **Demon bear** comps with these items (or even normal **demon** comps)?! **Ranger** comps with these items ?! Heck, even **yordles** and **sorcerers** are using them now, especially if the comp has a {{champion:45}} who synergies so well with {{item:3137}}!
Those items were shit tier before this patch. Do you know why? because they were applied only to single unit only from autoattacks and that can be easily countered by unit positioning. The only problem is that lucian with 4 gunslinger trait can apply that on all units in his aa range and that is broken. But the items themselves are fine.
Cräfty (EUW)
: TFT: Please nerf demons AoE damage and burn chance!
?? Draven counters demons and he doesn't need spells. Demons still allows your champions to autoattack and cast spells if your champions build a mana bar from attacking/in between demon passive procs. Glacials on the other hand are broken as hell as your frontline is permanently stunned and won't do single autoattack. On top of that glacial frontliners are incredibly tanky, t2 braum is able to solo tank Draven for 10+ seconds which is long enough for Sejuani and/or Volibear to stun your whole team. Eve is bad. Really bad. Which is why she gets buff in next patch. Aatrox and Varus are strong, but Varus falls off late hard and Aatrox is not tanky and dies fast. There are much more problematic champions/synergies. Demons are actually balanced. Not weak, but not broken either. The advantage of demons is that they are very flexible, unlike Yordles and Nobles. You get decent benefit on 2/4 units, there are 7 demon units with mixed secondary trait which makes them very universal and fitting most comps and you can make demon spatula item as well. Nobles/Yordles lack these options and therefore are weak.
Cräfty (EUW)
: TFT: Please remove Cursed Blade and nerf Hush and Sword Breaker!
All 3 items are fine and got into broken state only because someone thought that applying items on onhits (gunslinger, hurricane) and spells is a good idea.
kimret (EUW)
: AP items are severly overloaded.
Lol what are you smoking. AP items overpowered, mages overpowered. Are you sure you are talking about season 9?
Silent Note (EUNE)
With this luck you can start playing TFT, you will climb easily.
Vayneished (EUNE)
: TFT questions.
Yes all onhits like Cursed Blade, Sword Breaker or Hush are applied all on spells and all (additional) attacks (gunslinger, blademaster, hurricane) and CB stacks. As for glacial you need 2 glacial units to have chance to stun/onhit.
: Why would they remove the damage that’d make them useless.. Her spiders now proc the demon buff, which is where the damage is from... before that change she was near useless only used as cannon fodder in shapeshifter comps.
No he means that if you lose to 3star Elise team after she summons 4 spiders you lose 10 more hitpoints maybe more. It is super broken and I try to get Elise every single time because she is freelo from this reason. Just throw her away after you get into top 4 haha.
: let alone the hilarious Aatrox rework , why dont they just delete Aatrox and simply make a new champ
But they just did exactly that. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
Orvvadasz1 (EUNE)
: How does one defeat Tham Kench on top? (If you are not Quinn)
: When you get a lead, it's important to know how to use it, the cs and kill lead gives you a lot of power, but knowing how to use that power is a completely different story You have players that are 19/2 but will still not be able to 1v2 and on the other side of the spectrum you have players that are 3/0 and that will completely outplay the enemy team 1v5 A gold lead will give you an edge on them, you can use it to easily win your lane but if you want to hard carry with that lead you either need to have a lead so big that the enemy team can't do anything against you, or you need to have really good mechanics and decision making People who smurf in iron and brozne games obviously don't just win cause they have a gold lead, it's because they're really good at the game and can easily use that lead to carry games against bad opponents But telling people that to get out of iron they should "just get better" is actually really bad advice imo, not that trying to improve your micro play is a bad idea, just that people will just take it badly and it's overall not realistic to expect people to just improve their micro just by being told to, that comes with experience On the other side, again, getting a cs lead does give you an edge, and if you always get a gold lead, your team will always have an edge, meaning that statistically, a team with you in it has a higher chance of winning, slightly higher, sometimes you'll get bad team-mates, sometimes the enemy team will get bad team-mates, it's 50-50, so if you always win your lane, they have 5 people who **might** do bad, while your team can only have 4 people **might** who do bad What that means is that statistically you should slowly climb up the ladder as long as you get a gold lead on your laner You don't need a 97% win rate to climb, most people climb with like a 52% win rate Overall this is a very sloppy explanation imo (I just woke up) but I hope you get what I was trying to say EDIT : I just noticed ur diamond and not iron, in this case yes, normal games are very different than iron solo queue games, your mmr gets mixed with their mmr and you get missmatched games where you'll have iron players against silver players, diamonds against gold etc etc Normal games with premades of vastly different mmr are a very bad representation of solo queue
I dropped from grandmaster (but okay flex doesn't count, but I was d1 100lp in solo about month ago). Even when playing champs I do know like Teemo or Ezreal I could not carry these guys. I could just not fight Yasuo or Irelia or Akali with the same ammount of kills they got on my teammates. And because this elo likes to group around 20min and I could not do shit in 5v5 vs 3fed players when it was just me who got kills/cs lead on my side and I couldn't splitpush because fed Yasuo/Lee Sin/Akali/Irelia came mostly even with backup so I couldn't even hope for 1v1 outplay, I just lost unable to do anything. When all my lanes fed I couldn't do shit. I wonder if T1 could win those games because I just gave up.
: Yes i think having the golem there first would have helped a lot. But you are also right saying that this Draven was just pushed into his corner and unreachable. I was kinda hoping that my assassins would somehow still jump to draven and attack him, but I guess that is just not possible
It is the disadvantage of assassins. They are extremely overpowered but when the game gets to this phase where each players has 7+ units, frontline often doesn't move an inch because they are too close to your non-assassin champs so carries stays in corner (and having no other champs than assassins means that enemy units keep their formation and you can't access backline either). Also it seems that the longer the assassin jump is the better chance to get to carries which again doesn't happen in lategame because there are too many champions so you cannot stack all your champs into opposite corner (and the best layout is to put your assassins on the lowest row horizontally).
: TFT Draven is OP
Level 3 Draven? lol that is just unbeatable, first time I see it. Didn't even know it is possible. Eitherway assassing are super broken early but they usually lose in late because it is too easy to put the main carry into corner, and stack the frontline in front of him. Unless the assassins oneshot frontline that player will win because the 2+ items carry will delete assasins one by one especially because of space-block - half your assassins was not able to attack at all. But I think that in the end what decided the game was item difference - he had 3 items on his main carry where you had items scattered amongs multiple champions and basically all the items you got were bad for the assassin teamcomp. Maybe if you had 3 good items on Zed it could make a difference. Or replacing Lissandra with Shen to get Ninja bonus. You could have probably won it if you positioned your units in a way that Kennen, Brand and Lissandra are next to enemy units and assassins are in opposite corner. That way the golem gets summoned in front of them and hopefully would drag enemy Draven aggro. Your assassins would jump on enemy frontline (which is not what you would normally want) but tanks in TFT aren't as beefy as in SR so those assassins might be able to delete them fast enough. But it probably wasn't winnable from start.
: He clearly said a 100 cs **lead** , meaning 100 cs more than the enemy laner And people in iron and bronze have like, 3 cs / min, if you just farm correctly at like 6 - 7 cs / min, nothing too fancy, you get a huge lead on the enemy lanner You also want to look into punishing the enemy laner, he goes for a creep ? slap him, he gets too close, slap him, get them low and then if they recall u can further ur cs lead, if they stay you can punish them with a kill That's how you carry low elo games, you cs properly and bully your laner
I was playing in iron/bronze few games as I found premades of these ranks. Yes some of the players have bad cs score, almost all of them feeds miserably but I saw some guys who were able to get plat level of cs there and their rank wass iron/bronze/unranked. I actually couldn't carry these plebs at all. They fed so hard that even with 3 kills and 60cs lead on Teemo I couldn't do shit especially when enemy had full lethality Lee Sin with 18 kills (or they surrendered 4:1 despite I was telling them we can win and I can carry it but I need time). And in one game when I picked Talon enemy unranked mid picked Renekton and I lost lane so hard. That guy was better than most d1/master players I played against. He had challenger level cs. He was warding our jungle and roaming with enemy jungler constantly. He was tower diving me in a way I could not outplay him at all. He didn't miss single ability (though that is hard to do on Renekton). He took all tower plates and first tower and helped with dragon and herald. I could not do shit. I really wonder how would Tyler1 carry that. I was even trying splitpush with Teemo. The most common mistake in this elo is that enemy team cannot finish the game so I tried to just go into sidelane hoping my team will buy me some time so I can get level advantage and gold avantage. Not in a single game I was able to do that. Enemy most fed player came the moment I was close to their tower, sometimes even more peoples shown up and stopped me while my team was just stacked under our mid tower doing nothing. Likewise when I played bot I was not able to dominated enemy that hard. Either my premade iron support was screwing plays and giving free kills when not recalling with me and trying to engage on enemy to prevent them hit tower for no reason, or enemy jungler was permanently visiting my lane so I had to play more safe or I simply died several times and got behind as Lucian against silver Kaisa. And then enemy grouped with uber fed top and mid and I had maybe 1 item completed. So I am really not sure you guys actually knows what this elo looks like. Granted these were normal games but I don't think ranked is that much different.
: To the guy who just played klepto sona toplane in my game
You lost to klepto Sona top? {{sticker:sg-zephyr}}
Backstard (EUNE)
: Just got demoted to bronze
Riot is celebrating now. Finally they get you where they want you to be.
: What's up with this community?
Game is toxic and super onesided so it is just natural players became more toxic than ever.
: Kai'sa is a perfect example of overloaded design.
Which of the last new champions weren't overloaded? Even most reworks were. This is new standard and if you are playing old not overloaded champions it is your own fault.
Use Growl (EUW)
: Teemo Changes, Idea, Treatment & More.
Check here my thoughts about Teemo: https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/ptA0Amrx-teemo-can-rarely-be-a-lane-bully-anymore?comment=0006 W needs to be removed. Seriously that ability is absolute garbage. Compare it with other similar abilities: Teemo W - 20% speed buff at 1st rank, high cooldown Garen Q - 30% speed buff at 1st rank, AA reset, cleanses slows, low cooldown Zilean E - 40% speed buff or 40% slow against enemy, can be recast instantly via W, low cooldown Twitch Q - 10+ second steath, 10% ms or 30% ms towards enemy, 30+% attack speed after breaking stealth Hecarim E - 25% speed up ramping to 75% speed, ghost effect, dash+knockback+bonus damage Nunu W - immunity to slow, almost unlimited lenght, huge sped buff (increasing over time), damage and knockup Lulu W - 30% speed buff + 5% per 100AP, 25% attack speed bonus at 1% rank, can be cast on enemy to polymorph them which is one of the strongest forms of cc Teemo W is absolutely the worst ability in entire game. Anything will be better. You actually get more movement speed if they replace it with skillshot based damaging ability. Because if they do, this allows to go for Phase Rush rune (which is not viable atm as it results to huge damage drop) which grants better and stronger effects than current W without losing damage.
: Is Volibear a good support in low elo?
The answer as always is that no Volibear cannot be played as support. At least untill he gets played in pro play. If that happens suddenly it becomes meta, spammed by everyone and generally considered as super overpowered or straight up broken. Exactly like with Lux.
: Play Glacials into assassins and assassins get demolished.
https://imgur.com/a/GmxBBe3 Check this out - the assassin player won (despite what the screen says that is bug as it doesn't update if you watch till end), and by large margin. It wasn't even close. Sure that player had only four glacials but 2 more champions and two guardians guarding his ashe in corner and solid frontline with several items on them. And assassins weren't allowed to jump on his ashe because assassin player positioned his two tanks into center and yet they evaporated his frontline in seconds. I mean this gues doesn't even have full assassin comp, just three of them. 6 champs when others had 8 and he beated us all.
Nutzilla (EUNE)
: you can counter them with pd as it gives crit evade, plus put ranged bodies in between or around carries, like lulu or morg with pd or frozen heart or some other tank items.
Pd doesn't help against spell damage so it doesn't really work. Never worked for me vs assassins. I don't even build it anymore.
: Play Glacials into assassins and assassins get demolished.
I played against glacial comp and I didn't even had assassin comp just level 2 Katarina and she completely wiped them alone. That happened because his units were in left corner and I position mine into right corner. That meant that all champions moved into middle of map and Katarina could jump behind Ashe. And because Ashe was focusing my tank, that Katarina just stomped them. Glacial doesn't have big DPS which is its main weakness, so I would say assassins counters it as long as you have solid frontline and assassins will be able to jump into enemy backline without being attacked by them.
: What's Your Favourite TFT Champion?
Weathers (EUW)
: TFT Assasins
Same here. No matter what I always lose to the assassin teamcomp and I don't see any counterplay. Hell I even played "full tank" teamcomp with wild and brawlers and still got stomped. In early you don't know who you will be playing against therefore changing unit placement is bad idea. You will then lose to non-assassin comps if you reverse carry and tank positions. Furthermore without 3 rapid cannons it seems impossible to counter the 1-3 tanks in farthest corner + 3-6 assassins strategy. If you start on the opposite side, your units will break formations and get isolated which makes assassins' job super easy. If you move your units - assuming you know you play against assassin or you just try luck - in a way that all units will be close each other (and enemy don't manage to notice and counter-counter that) it will avoid that but it still grants assassin free access to the backline as your carries will focus tanks and won't switch target before the tank they focus will be dead. And if you reverse the position of the tanks and carries if the assassin comp has some tanks themselves, especially those with void buff and kassadin,, carries get demolished as well and assassins doesn't seem to have a problem against tanks in backline either, it just takes them little longer to finish them. Last time I tried it 3star 3item Khazix jumped on my 2star fiora and oneshoted her, then he used 2 more autoattacks on 3star shen and despite shen was under effects of spells he got oneshoted by Khazix spell as he was isolated and that was the end.
The K (EUW)
: TFT = Slot machine simulator
There is maybe too much rng right now and I understand why players comment on that. But comparing TFT to slot machines? That is downvote from me.
Rioter Comments
ShadowDaddy (EUNE)
: TFT is a mess
I like it but there are many issues to solve, the bug you pointed out also happened to me.
Seeko94 (EUNE)
Nice comp! But seriously I don't feel like comp bonuses matter much. I was able to win several games without strong comp synergy just with two lesser bonuses or just one (excluding the 1-unit bonuses like Robot, Exile, Ninja). Likewise when I went for big synergy like you, I was not able to get decent ranks on the champions and lost to just about everyone.
: "Cheating" in TFT thanks to a premade ?
I suspected something like this is possible but I tried to do it the opposite way and my premade was trying to hoard champs other players went for. In the end this didn't work in a slightest though :D. I will try this then. It would be nice if this worked as it woud mean the system is badly designed and needs to change. Which I would welcome it is just gamble currently whether you get 3star or not. Even with not spending gold for XP and rerolling from start to get level3 asap, I am sometimes not able to get single (gold1) champ to level3 anyway and that means fast loss.
: i can't win with pantheon :(
Patheon is missing today's champions standards. 2+ untargetable dashes, ibuilt heal, inbuilt shield, stealth, execute ability, high scalings. He can't do shit when enemies group. His ult is super slow, anyone with t2 boots will leave 2 screens away from it (the only way to use it is for zoning, or far away from enemies so they don't see it or for splitpush). Also, he has no insivisibility nor good mobility and his combo is slow compared to assassins. You won't ever see 2500 damage in 0.25 seconds from Pantheon. Even when fed he needs QWEQignite to kill squishy with full hitpoints. Considering other champions can do 2500 damage in 0.25 there is no point playing Pantheon really.
: Broken Build TFT (very strong) Riot fix this ?
I also won twice when I was able to gather several assassins on high level. With solid frontline you don't need any bonuses at all assassins will run down everyone. That being said you don't choose what will you build, you have to work with what you get and having level 3 reksai + pyke? thats a lottery right there, from 20 games I got level 3 on gold2 champion just twice, never on gold3+ champion in 50 games. In the end levels and items are the biggest factor for winning and both is completely random and you basically no way to influence it.
: They are people who barely played and have little experience. Sure, you can get screwed early game when you get no item drops, it happens to everyone but you can make a comeback in mid/late game with no problems. You just have to play smart, use your priority position in the carousel and build from there. I've played a fair amount of games, had some insane early games and ended up getting rekt by a player who was at the bottom of the standings for the majority of the game. It's all about using your brain and creating synergies that are good against your enemies.
"It's all about using your brain and creating synergies that are good against your enemies." is it really? You don't know who you will face until the battle for second place. Last game I played there were two enemies one with assassin comp and one with wild+guslinger comp. I lost to the wild comp because of the unit placement so I changed my setup to get advantages. Only to get matched with the assassin comp player despite playing against him previous round. And with that unit placement I lost to assassin comp :D. Also, when you get into lategame if you built a comp and enemy is beating you because his comp is naturally good against your comp, there is nothing you can do other than pray for rng effects like Phantom or aoe to hit the right guy in right time. Or you want to tell me that you can just sell all your units and buy different comp? Or that replacing level2 but weaker units that however grants you large comp bonuses with level1 5gold units will change anything?
MadBaron (EUW)
: Why so many people flaming about RNG in Teamfight Tactics?
Problem is there is too much rng. It is semi-random what champion/item you get from first carousel - you have about 5 seconds to choose and those 5 second are not enough to walk to the opposite side of the circle. There are other players choosing at same time and so very often game assigns you closes champion from your position if you fail to choose in 5 seconds. It is random whether you get any item from minion waves. It is random what champions you get from store. It is random if the items you can combine are good for the champions you bought. It is random which player will you fight. (if there is some protection against playing same enemy over and over it is very small or it doesn't work). It is random how much hp you lose. It is semi-random if you will be able to get level3 champion for entire game (basically just one player is able to, others trying to get same champ will not succeed - and even if you check what other players bought and what are they going for and then you select champion that nobody went for chances are that the next round other player get three of this champion and decides to go for it and he will be more lucky and get level3 while you are screwed). It is semi-random how will champion act. It is random who will phantom passive affect. And more and more. Losing strat never worked for me. I got shit champ from carousel, no items, and no level2 on anything so I lost all matches and was able to select first item. This happened to me twice already and ended with same result - yes I could choose first but the item I wanted was on the opposite side and I was not able to get there fast enough, when second worst player in order could act he was right next to that item and snapped it, and that was game over. Twice. Despite I am usually able to get top four, the more I play it the more it seems to me that there is minimal skill involved. I understand this kind of game is based on random but there is simply too much. MadBaron did you ever win with the lose early strat? Because for me, when losing early, even if I actually get some good champs and items there was always at least one other player who countered me and while I was able to beat say 1st and 2nd place after losing three times to the guy with counter I lost all hp and lost.
Smerk (EUW)
: > champion pool is shared with all players and is not refill when players quits, surrenders or dies. That's not entirely correct, when player loses the game for whatever reason, his champions are added back to the pool
Really? weird because it doesn't match what I get in shop, maybe it is because by the time several players are gone you are high level thus the shop is flooded with 3/4/5gold champions but I didn't see any vaynes, tristanas or garens that late in game so I assumed they are not given back to the pool.
Dkiddeh (EUW)
: TFT - How to make this a fair gamemode that would last a long time.
As for the champions and rerolls. From what I figured out the champion pool is shared with all players and is not refill when players quits, surrenders or dies. Champions of cost of 1 has most shards and are easiest to level up to level 3 even if two players decide to get that champion. However with champions of cost 2/3 it is not the case and basically only one player can get level 3. And if each players buys this champ then you cannot get level 3 at all. With champions of cost 4 I was neverable to get level 3 with them. While they are powerful without levels they die instantly if you put them into frontline (which makes champions like Leona completely useless) and enemy will have level 3 frontliners or if level3 assassin jumps to your level 2 draven. btw there is TFT specific forum on NA boards I recommend to post it there it gets more attention.
: People losing their minds over the smallest things.
Yes it is happening, I just did that twice in normal game (not trolled but was not playing, doing jungle or just afking) because in this season game IS decided in champ select almost everytime. I can count even games in this season on fingers of my hand and I played hundreds of them. Games are extremely onesided and snowbally. And most of the time there is no way to comeback especially if you don't have the right champions. Level advantage was never so powerful before runes reforged. Now with each rune scaling with level, even items scaling with level, summoner spells scaling with level player with right champion can 1vs5 teamfight (if his team goes in first and baits out some cooldowns). Good luck getting single cs after you died to enemy gank in toplane while you were shoved under tower and you didn't have tp to go back. Good luck killing fed tank or bruiser if you play mage and you lost your lane. The game is so incredibly one sided that this kind of player behavior is to be expected as the state of the game simply encourages it. So I don't blame players, I blame balance team for this mess.
: TFT is all about luck?
Uraraka (EUNE)
: Who is the best hook/grab champion in your view? Why?
Pyke because he can follow it alone with damage that reduces squishy to 30% or less and ult that secures a kill. He can also hold the hook for quite long which makes dodging very hard.
: opinions on laning pyke after the nerfs
It is still viable, they didn't nerf his damage, his cc, his mobility, his free gold generation passive, his sustain nor mana costs. They absolutely have no idea what makes him so powerful. Those nerfs change nothing even with lane pyke as with {{item:3077}} he has no problems to push the wave and roam.
Nukeman20 (EUW)
: Kai'sa on aram?
ARAM was destroyed with these balance nerfs. Mages and enchanters were already bad because of item changes, now they all got nerfed hard and assassins get buffed hard. No point playing it anymore. Also the mode was shit ever since snowballs were introduced.
: Mordekaiser is actually overrated.
Indeed. I find him easier to play against in teamfight than Aatrox, Irelia, Zed, Yasuo. He is quite opressive in lane but seriously which champ being played i top now isn't?
: "Also nobody plays Janna anymore" 8.8% playrate "Assassins have low winrate by default because most players playing them are stupid they get fed and start giving free kills because they don't know what to do in open map resulting in games getting stalled, free barons for enemy etc. etc. That is the only reason why the winrate is low as otherwise almost everygame lethality champs are fed af." Assassins have high winrate by default because many of them have many mains or one tricks who use them too much, you literally have no prove for what you said. "Also, "being better" is laughable term in current oneshot meta. ." This is not a one shot meta since riot decided to nerf damage so hard and overbuff enchanters. "How is the player piloting the assassin better than me playing mage or enchanter if he just oneshots me in 0.20 seconds without counterplay? If someone blind checks a bush where is waiting zed with duskblade and gets oneshot, how is this had to do anything with being better" yes , if you get oneshot after blind checking a bush it means that you have a poor macroplay. "if the Zed is shoved whole game under tower and he is fishing for WEQ combos, how is he better if I dodge that six times in row, but then I fail to dodge once and he will instantly all in me and wins that trade because that combo did 70% my hp? Really stupid term" What about your flash? what about your barrier? what about hitting a stun on him? mages have so much advantage against assassins in the laning phase ( infinity mana, cc, ranged aas and easy access to jungle help) , if a zed hit his WEQ on you and play around your spells and also make sure that the jungler isn't there then use his r to all in you while you wasted your sums he is definitely a better player I don't know what does topping best performance means by the way I only see winrate and playrate.
Infinite mana sure thing. There basically is no mage that I do not outsustain on Soraka mid. But I get outsustained by Zed, Vlad, Akali, Irelia, Aatrox and even Renekton (who is the new bruiser abused in mid) every single time. There are even no good options to deal with assassins - if you try to poke and harass them you will shove the lane and unless you can farm caster minions standing in front of enemy tower from safety of your tower you are easy target for enemy gank as in 2v1 situation assassin can go all in on you even with 20% hp. Yes they nerfed damage, you no longer oneshot without level advantage or item advantage, but whenever you get one or both advantages with assassin, you will oneshot squishies anyway. I noticed you play Katarina. Well I play Soraka mid for 3 years so I have the ability to measure things and I am telling you we are still in "too-much-damage-meta". If katarina gets 2 kills in botlane or countergank mid or skirmish around dragon. Even though I use hp+mr rune, resolve primary, and buiding athenes+mercury against AP champions, when Kata gets Gunblade, she is able to kill me with Q-E-passive proc-gunblade-ignite-R in less than half a second. Considering Soraka spells has small cast time, even if I have silence ready and I use it instantly the moment she uses R I still lose 90% hp anyway. Katarina was always snowbally but ever since runes reforged the snowball is to big. I mean, like every free damage or stat from runes scales with level. Old runes weren't this powerful, scaling runes were not providing any value at first 8 levels. You are playing mostly AP assassins as I see so there are some valid points in your "view" on the meta as MR actually helps against AP assassins, there are several items granting AP+MR for mages and tanks feels impossible to deal with. I am mostly speaking about AD assassins. I mean go look at rank 1 Kayn games and tell me how are assassins weak.
: "Ping 48, had stopwatch still died to rengar jump oneshoting me before I was able to press the button (pressed it but nothing happened) and because I died there instantly he just take tripple kill himself. Try to do that with skarner." I have 70-100 ping and I can press stopwatch before rengar jump. "Maybe this doesn't happen in pro play where they play with ping 0. But in my recent match history I lost all games against double or tripple assassin teams. If we had no tank there was zero, zero counterplay to that, they were just trading kills early, who cares they die, their mobility allows them to keep pressure and starve us on XP." https://u.gg/ take a look at some stats as I said previously to know if assassins are overpowered, if you lost to assassin players it means that they played better that's all. Assassins are getting hard counter by broken enchanters like janna/soraka https://u.gg/lol/tier-list/?role=support , the only advantage of assassins is that they can hard snowball early game, unless they are mechanically skilled with their champion and play well early game they are useless.
Tell me more how Soraka counters assassins because I main Soraka and I play Soraka midlane. Lets take Zed for example - used to be quite easy lane and unless I got camped hard by enemy jungle and I gave kills to Zed he could not kill me at all and was forced to roam. Ever since duskblade was added into game it is ultra hard matchup where I cannot do anything. But that is another topic, no point discussing it. Anyway that is a Soraka with same level as Zed, what is Soraka with -2 (if winning) or -3 (if losing) lvl diff supposed to do against him? I will tell you what, you try to put silence under your carry praying he will not dash or flash or jump out of that place and praying Zed player has bad ping so he cannot abuse the silence bug where you can still use everything when you dash/blink into silence. Even if he is not able to use abilities after he appears in silence he has plenty of time to leave that spot to avoid getting snared and then hit carry with EQ. Assuming Zed lands at least 1 Q (and if he doesn't he sucks and there is no point to even talk about such player) there are two things that happens - either is Zed so far ahead that even though Soraka uses WR carry dies, or carry survives and Zed swaps back to safety with R. Even if he fail to get kill that is still big win as that is major cooldown down sometimes also flash, whle Zed ult is 30second basically with 40cdr (which is easy to achieve with ultimate hunter) at rank 3. Janna is definitely big counter to almost all if not all assassins but also hardest to pull off. The timing on Q (as it needs o be double-pressed) against jumpers is really hard to pull off. Ult is very strong but just the peel itself means very little if the carry is not fed. Also nobody plays Janna anymore and Lulu another counter to assassins was nerfed really hard and despite that she is still often banned by assassin players even now. Anyway you don't even know how to read stats. Specifically Zed is number 1 best midlaner by far in soloQ. He is topping best performance (if you even know what that means) since the Duskblade was added into game. Assassins have low winrate by default because most players playing them are stupid they get fed and start giving free kills because they don't know what to do in open map resulting in games getting stalled, free barons for enemy etc. etc. That is the only reason why the winrate is low as otherwise almost everygame lethality champs are fed af. Also, "being better" is laughable term in current oneshot meta. How is the player piloting the assassin better than me playing mage or enchanter if he just oneshots me in 0.20 seconds without counterplay? If someone blind checks a bush where is waiting zed with duskblade and gets oneshot, how is this had to do anything with being better? likewise, if the Zed is shoved whole game under tower and he is fishing for WEQ combos, how is he better if I dodge that six times in row, but then I fail to dodge once and he will instantly all in me and wins that trade because that combo did 70% my hp? Really stupid term.
: "Now it looks like this is an assassin race, to see witch team will be able to one shot the fastest. It impacted pro players and high elo less, since those games counts way more on CC and objectives" just look at stats and you will know that assassins are underpowered
Ping 48, had stopwatch still died to rengar jump oneshoting me before I was able to press the button (pressed it but nothing happened) and because I died there instantly he just take tripple kill himself. Try to do that with skarner. Maybe this doesn't happen in pro play where they play with ping 0. But in my recent match history I lost all games against double or tripple assassin teams. If we had no tank there was zero, zero counterplay to that, they were just trading kills early, who cares they die, their mobility allows them to keep pressure and starve us on XP. Just tower dive pushed lane. Later just roam the map as 2 or 3 assassin together and oneshot everything you encounter, gg. If you do have tanks then same deal, even against full ad team our tanks could not do a thing. Enemy assassins either ignored them completely and just killed carries behind them with flank or dash/jump/blink/flash or they found the tank alone which resulted in 3second fight which is 2.80 second more than they needed on squishy. If the team wasn't able to react in those 3 seconds we lost baron/elder or they just used that 4v5 opportunity to start a tf which we lost and so we lost a game. Kinda how FW left MSI tournament. I think the only thing you can do against that comp is outdraft. Which just doesn't happen in soloQ and overally it is harder in our games without "snake drafting". EDIT: And those are assassins. there are also conqueror bruisers, another cancer. EDIIT2: I meant AD assassins. Tanks don't have problems against AP assassins. AP is kinda screwed against multi tank team comp.
: Play against Tahm top, that's how the tank meta felt.
Tahm is bruiser actually, same shit as darius or Morde or Renekton. 90% champions just can't take single cs in such lane. That is how top lane works.
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