carotSLO (EUW)
: Game 1 In-Game carotSLO: gj mid omg carotSLO: gj carotSLO: tresh1!?!?!?!? carotSLO: TEDSH!!!!!!! carotSLO: control wqard carotSLO: wtf shes alive"!!!! carotSLO: buy controlw ard carotSLO: awwt for drake carotSLO: wait for drake!!!!!!!!!!!! carotSLO: WARD DRAKEEEE carotSLO: DEF ;KE"!!!!!!!1 carotSLO: why focus sup!?!??!?!??!?!?!? killl jungler!!!!! carotSLO: ffs carotSLO: omfg my utly!!!!!! carotSLO: i need more viison carotSLO: play safer carotSLO: wow really carotSLO: omg comon carotSLO: come mid hes tank!!! carotSLO: kill ashe carotSLO: garen kill me before we do carotSLO: see he kil me!!!! carotSLO: i cant do nothing vs garen carotSLO: he silence me carotSLO: garen tank carotSLO: tank 100% carotSLO: RGEAT!!!!!!!!!!! carotSLO: this garen omfg carotSLO: nice fed carotSLO: pomg carotSLO: omg carotSLO: mistipe carotSLO: awrd more baron carotSLO: WARD I NEED VISION NOOOB TEAM OMFG i could ace them carotSLO: i need viison1!!!!!!!! ward mid!! carotSLO: kaisa help carotSLO: i could utly and zonia!!!!!!!!!! i failed zonia carotSLO: becouse i ddidnt have vsion carotSLO: gj tema ofmg carotSLO: i cant ulty carotSLO: she interupted my utly omfg carotSLO: team!!! carotSLO: def me at drake i pinged drake carotSLO: i must ulty them i need good positio carotSLO: DEF ME!!! WARD MROEEEE carotSLO: gj draius omg carotSLO: nobody sup me carotSLO: ward more jungle i need viison carotSLO: sup ward more jungle i need viison to ulty carotSLO: or im useless carotSLO: team with me!!!!!!! carotSLO: KAISA!! carotSLO: i need adc!!!!!!! when i utly!! carotSLO: we have no adc :( carotSLO: rgeat carotSLO: better top win Post-Game carotSLO: this bot omg carotSLO: he could help bot and mid carotSLO: i babysit bot and they were so bad Game 2 Pre-Game carotSLO: i main fiddle carotSLO: me too carotSLO: i main fiddle carotSLO: i dont want people to ban fiddle In-Game carotSLO: who? carotSLO: who? carotSLO: i have 2,4 oon fiddle on eune carotSLO: ok carotSLO: ard my lbue carotSLO: thx carotSLO: ZIFGGD??"!?"?"!?21 carotSLO: you blidn!!?1 carotSLO: why?!?!?!?!? carotSLO: ok bot gj thx for help carotSLO: he stole my blue!!!!!! im tiltted!!1 carotSLO: ok gj carotSLO: we lose this game i think carotSLO: im tilted carotSLO: i won jugnle and this ziggs and bot carotSLO: 4 bot nice carotSLO: zed lvl 6 gj ziggs carotSLO: reprot ziggs carotSLO: i was fighting jungler and he was mid doing nothing carotSLO: zed came and killed me carotSLO: wtf ziggs carotSLO: report zigs plpis!! carotSLO: zigs inting feeding carotSLO: i try carotSLO: we need drak carotSLO: zigggs!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!??! carotSLO: utly do somethign!!!!!! ffs carotSLO: i was baiting him!!!! you do 0 carotSLO: adn lost drake!!! carotSLO: really omfg carotSLO: cant you kill them!?!??!? carotSLO: i wont waste my flash carotSLO: told oyu comon carotSLO: i had utly and zonia carotSLO: help me do blue first lol carotSLO: i could ulty them carotSLO: i had controil ward there carotSLO: i had control ward carotSLO: they cant see it omg carotSLO: we killed malph carotSLO: could kil them all carotSLO: i dint even ulty them carotSLO: i awrded all jugnle carotSLO: HELPEM!!!!! you blind?!!?!??!?!?!?!??!?!?!?! i pigned help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! carotSLO: do drake all carotSLO: nooo omfg reallly ward drake!!!!!!!! carotSLO: great carotSLO: wrd drake!!!!! carotSLO: i said all do drake!!!!! why figth mid? carotSLO: we had goo dstart then zigss lost it carotSLO: jinx afk reported carotSLO: i wont jungle omg carotSLO: do something carotSLO: had to waste my flash carotSLO: i dont want to waste flash for 2 kils carotSLO: zigss youre foult carotSLO: gj team 0 help again carotSLO: i go in and you!?!??! carotSLO: i could kill her izi carotSLO: def me carotSLO: omfg relly carotSLO: drake?!?! carotSLO: bot lost drake again carotSLO: žgrat team carotSLO: 0 warded carotSLO: bot lost drake mid lost game carotSLO: report mid Post-Game carotSLO: i won jungle and this ziggs trol carotSLO: ruin the game carotSLO: so what carotSLO: my team dont help me carotSLO: so not my foult carotSLO: you trol carotSLO: i was owning jungle carotSLO: and then you left me to die carotSLO: i warded all carotSLO: i stole all enemy buffs carotSLO: nice adc dmg reall Game 3 In-Game carotSLO: ok gg i lost jungle carotSLO: thx kassadin for help gj carotSLO: and top too gj carotSLO: i invaded and got blue carotSLO: shacko was low carotSLO: izi kil carotSLO: you just farmed mid and top 0 help carotSLO: darisu came to help carotSLO: you dint carotSLO: top didnt help carotSLO: nice lvl 6 gj kasa carotSLO: report kassa int carotSLO: you inted and give him kill carotSLO: i need farm tolvl 6 carotSLO: so i can utly carotSLO: or im useless carotSLO: he got lvl 6 before us gj carotSLO: gg lost game carotSLO: Ž carotSLO: my team trol dotn help carotSLO: one more hit lol carotSLO: gj again carotSLO: you didnt help me do buff carotSLO: i pignd for help carotSLO: noone help me shacko was free kill carotSLO: my toplayner never help carotSLO: you let them kill me carotSLO: DO DRAKE!!!!! carotSLO: you didnt help me carotSLO: instead do drake you fight leolne!!! carotSLO: i could steal drake!!!!!! carotSLO: my team fight instead do drake!! carotSLO: they trol carotSLO: we need drake!!!!!! carotSLO: first drake then kill carotSLO: im best fiddle carotSLO: adn you dotn help me carotSLO: you lost this game carotSLO: gj caytlin dont def me gj carotSLO: my team dont def me i need vision carotSLO: cayt full hp farm carotSLO: cayt farm instead chase carotSLO: i had flash carotSLO: report my tema carotSLO: 0 hel carotSLO: im best fiddle eune and they dont helpme carotSLO: nice fed carotSLO: i can type no problem carotSLO: im fast at typing carotSLO: i canmultitask carotSLO: so fed really?1 carotSLO: nice fed top gg carotSLO: k carotSLO: ks carotSLO: so what carotSLO: report kasssa for int carotSLO: he lost this game carotSLO: you give mid free kill carotSLO: i could get lvl 6 first and ace the, carotSLO: i main fiddle carotSLO: nice fed gj carotSLO: my team do 0 dmg carotSLO: becouse nobody protected me carotSLO: i utly draius and you dotn protect me carotSLO: dod rake carotSLO: gj kassa dont help carotSLO: i had utly carotSLO: ward drae and blue!! carotSLO: ok so i can also nit carotSLO: ok good to know now Post-Game carotSLO: so thats why people int carotSLO: hope you get banned kassa carotSLO: he just int carotSLO: kassading carotSLO: inted carotSLO: he give free kil mid carotSLO: and help xerath become lvl 6 carotSLO: you shold really get banned carotSLO: you trol carotSLO: play better next time carotSLO: i had mos cs in my team carotSLO: kassa 72 farm really? carotSLO: 72 farm carotSLO: you have the worst score 0 gold carotSLO: im not charity i dont donate buffs never carotSLO: you just didnt help carotSLO: i won jungle carotSLO: and top didnt help carotSLO: i got blu buff carotSLO: you was farming mid carotSLO: darius chased me carotSLO: i could get buff if my team help me carotSLO: darius helped you carotSLO: my team is blind carotSLO: youre reported for taht carotSLO: i pinged for help carotSLO: and nobody help me carotSLO: so youre problem carotSLO: it was ther buff anyway carotSLO: we didnt lose nothing carotSLO: with bad team i go bad score carotSLO: youre welcome carotSLO: becouse my team trol carotSLO: youre bad carotSLO: youi never helped me carotSLO: and you inted carotSLO: i could get lvl 6 and win the game carotSLO: we pushed lane we could kill mid and shacko carotSLO: and darisu when they came carotSLO: but he died carotSLO: look replay carotSLO: you can watch replay what kassa did carotSLO: mid carotSLO: i took jungle camps enemy carotSLO: already carotSLO: i know how to play carotSLO: i helped you push the lane carotSLO: you could help me jungle
Bro, you literally never shut up. No wonder you got banned.
Seeko94 (EUNE)
: I like it so far but less RNG . if they implement items into a shop for purchasing then it is way more fun and more related to league of legends and Riot games .
That would be good. Though, personally, I'd tolerate rng items if I at least had control over which champs I get.
The K (EUW)
: the fact that this slot-machine is gonna get a ranked ladder. If this stays rng like this, it's gonna die. Plain and simple, even the people who love the mode right now, will grow tired of rng based nature of this cringefest of a game mode. Tactics, strategy, meaningful decisions are non-existent in this. I't about RNG, about those spins. Whether you will be able to get the stuff you need, or not. This has potential, BUT not with rng in it. AI needs improvements, Riot's weakest part(looking at you BOTS), Targeting like mentioned before, RNG need to be either removed ENTIRELY or severely reworked and rebalanced so it doesn't fu*k up anyone anymore. Currently there is no way to express yourself in this game mode other than spamming emotes. There is no skill floor or ceiling, there is no room for skill at all.
Your last sentence sums up my stance very well. The only "skill" in this game is the ability to abuse what's OP at the moment... But all things considered, it has great potential, were they to tone down the rng by a substantial amount. Unfortunately, as things stand now, it doesn't seem too likely, at least in the immediate future...
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Fhaca (EUW)
: Why is it forbidden to hope for death to other players?
The problem is that if u actually get tilted enough to tell people to go die, u don't deserve to ruin their time.{{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
Leyruh (EUW)
: Why aren't all Champions available as BOTS in Practice Tool and Custom Games?
Because they'd need to program a set of instructions for how to correctly use their skills, which for champs like Zed, Yasuo, Zoe would be very difficult and time-consuming.


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