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: In general, you shouldn't rely on information on 3rd party websites, like a wiki, if they don't have any sources backing up their information. All information on Clash and the prizes can be found here: As you can see, it says nothing at all about a 1350 RP skin shard in the Support article, so it's not really Riots blunder, but the blunder of... the people who didn't remove possibly false information from the wikipedia. This has nothing to do with whether or not the prizes were adequate, but participation in Clash is voluntary. You're not required to and in the end, it's still a game. I highly advise you not to play Clash again, no matter the rewards, if it was really so stressful and such a waste of time for you. Games are supposed to be for fun (even if the fun lies in the competitivity) and if you find yourself impacted by a game in a negative way, it's better to just stop and take a break or do something else. It's possible you have a different opinion than me, since this is after all just my personal advice, but I could never force myself to do something that'll only cause me pain if I don't even get any satisfaction or achievement out of it in the end and neither do I think that's really... healthy.
I appreciate your point of view and advice but I would like to clarify a few points.. It was so stressful because I felt cheated at the end by the rewards , If I had gotten the 1350rp skin that I thought I would get , I would have slept happily . I'm used to competitive play , I have been in many tournaments before in other games , I did not start this discussion because I felt stressful toward the 2 games . And let's say for a moment that the rewards in the wiki are fake and it's my fault for trusting a 3rd party website ( which might not at all be the case ) , why didn't riot include information about the rewards you gain if you participate in the clash on their website ? I checked there first before anywhere else , when I didn't find anything, I had to rely on 3rd party websites for information . surely if had known that the reward might be a ward skin shard instead of a 1350 skin shard , I would never have gotten through the trouble . let's say I had done the above , never trusted wiki and participated in the clash without knowing what I may or may not get It would still be a problem because of course I would have thought that I would be getting a decent award for my trouble which later on I would find out that it was not the case
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