Eambo (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=StormbringerLoki,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=oETfakl9,comment-id=00020001,timestamp=2016-04-20T19:44:21.158+0000) > > I thought that Summonernames become selectable after a given amount of time. Am I wrong or is there a special rule for permabanned accounts ? > > Your Loki Permabanned accounts are exempt from this - their names will never be freed up.
Nice I learned something new on the bright side :D
Sharebass (EUNE)
: Not really, apparently people wishing me cancer for swapping lanes with singed that didn't get ganked by ww on purpose to help him atleast a bit is normal but when I defend myself I deserve it more, I'll behave better this time
Countering fire by fire is a stupid idea, had to learn the hard way :D
: Ouch, that hurt, didn't it? :/
Not really, apparently people wishing me cancer for swapping lanes with singed that didn't get ganked by ww on purpose to help him atleast a bit is normal but when I defend myself I deserve it more, I'll behave better this time
: i dont think you understand, a permaban wants to tell you not to come back.
You'll never get rid of Sharebass vampirekid, I am eternal
Eambo (EUW)
: Hi Sharebass, You can request the deletion of a permabanned account using the normal method as mentioned [HERE](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/202647784-Account-Deletion-FAQ). Note that as far as I'm aware, your summoner name will not be freed up (this will forever be "permabanned"), but your email should be reusable from my understanding. Player Support will be able to advise for sure on that one! :-)
Thank you Eambo, will do
duckarp (EUNE)
: Change its email to a different address.
I don't want to create a new address :{
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: [BUG] 2 of 5 enemies ingame completely invisible (as if not there), but could kill me
Hit the repair button in your launcher, it seems like your game files are f****d up, although your game should just crash with a bugsplat message in that case,...weird
ZartarUK (EUW)
: Some Tips for bronze and silver players for the last few games to get promoted.
Great points man! Also wanted to add that in silver you are best off by focusing the most in the early lane on your own gameplay, not on your team,{of course in the mid game you have to strat, i'm talking about early] watching your lane only and roaming when YOU see the opportunity and not when your mid or feed tells you to do so, if someone flames you the best defense is to mute him and go on with your lane matchup, if there is a fire you don't fight it with fire because that will just create a huge wild fire that will kill all the innocent animals in the forre-wait, got into it too much, whatever, this simple point made me climb without falling down even once, i was stuck in silver for a long time before realising this
: Nice Icon btw. {{summoner:31}}
: I find it harder to climb with a duo actually. I feel like I play worse for some reason when I do have a premade partner. And yeah I know the feeling. Last season I was Silver IV cos I hardly played any rankeds aside from my placement games, then towards the end of the season I decided to try and get to gold for the rewards, and managed to do it in under 50 games. Sort of the same story this season except I'm aiming for plat this time round.
Nice :D I will try plat next season, started too late again, think it's about time since I play from preseason 1
: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S9RVS8cjNN0
: Very bad lag for over a week now, is it just me?
If you can't see anyone else posting about this then the problem is at your side
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Zerelous (EUW)
: Bard, yasuo, kindred - Never pick one of these, please.
> [{quoted}](name=Zerelous,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=JP06bbJF,comment-id=000b,timestamp=2015-10-16T13:22:21.395+0000) > > Bard, yasuo, kindred - Never pick one of these, please. Kindred is pretty good but people cant play them, i focus only on stacks and when i have 6 i start roaming everything spamming my passive to get atleast 10 stacks, if you get those around 15 min it's a gg, just spam attack speed - hurricane first, you dont even need AD with that passive dmg, in a normal game i soled baron nashor under 5 seconds for example, and i only had attack speed items and movement, in all for one they are beasts, it's a shame people don't know how to play them yet
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: funny that its not any different from any other pet (nunu's willum, quinn's valor, yorik ghouls, etc). wolf gets ordered around with 2 spells and that's it. yorik even orders ghouls around with more than 2 spells, and its yorik not ghouls nunu orders the yeti around with 4 spells, and the champion is nunu, not the yeti same thing here, kindred is lamb and she's a babe
You just said it yourself, KINDRED, not the lamb,kindred represents the twin essences of death, kindred is wolf to his lamb, lamb to her wolf, death, kindred is a spirit that took on the form of lamb and wolf for people to have a comprehendable form for death, it is not female, nor is it male, it is not both, it is a force of nature everybody must meet, it is death, not a she
: Just wait till my girl Kindred gets released <3
Kindred is not a girl, it doesn't have a gender, it's an it, or they
: Giving Out 1 Skin/Champion Of Winner's Choice To 5 Lucky People :D (Details Inside If Interested)
Happy birthday maaaaan!...or woman... or something else? Whatever, 21 sure is great only if you try to make it great, so do that while I write this long-ass comment! ≈ Your Current Ranked Division: Silver III ≈ Are You Happy In This Division? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAA nice one ≈ How Did You Get To This Division: By flaming more than {{champion:63}} , It's hard to control it for me because I only flame the flamers to defend somebody, I know it will just lead to even more flaming so I'm trying to be as positive as possible now. I don't play alot of rankeds because of that, that's probably why I'm still in silver even though I started to play league back in preseason 1...... aaah the good old season 1, best times I had in league ≈ Your Main Champion(s): Since I own over 105 champs and I can play almost all of them pretty well I don't really main anything, I always pick whatever my team needs depending on the enemies mostly in rankeds, I can safely say that most of the times that Zed is available for me to pick I will take him without second thoughts, I love that champion ≈ What Have You Done That You Feel Has Had An Impact On The LOL Community: The negative impact would be the occasional flaming, but everybody can say the same, nobody has ever achieved to remain completely calm in LoL through their whole time here, from the positive side? Well I don't play vayne and I think it has a very positive impact on all the tanks that rush a warmog first of all, hahaha, also when I'm calm and I see somebody playing pretty bad when I have time I add them and play some games with them if they want some help and I try to give them some tips, this one guy always had 60cs max now he farms better than me for example. ≈ State 1 Skin/Champion You Would Like If You Won: I am a pervert so I would like any skin with the ass. No seriously now, I would LOVE project Zed and I would cherish him like he was my spoiled second-born [GoT fans know how spoiled those are]
Tomok2404 (EUW)
: Suggestion for Kindred's Walking Animation
Except Kindred represents twin essences of death, lamb represents death too, the difference between the two is that the lamb arrow offers a swift release for those who accept their fate with her arrow and the wolf hunts down those who run from their end, other than that though, cool idea, have my + anyway
: How is that rude lol
I don't really think it's mean so I don't mind at all and don't get me wrong but what he means by it is probably the fact that this is the first time I'm on the forums and you didn't explain it in a very friendly way :P
: Allowed to Queue dodge?
Because then everybody would leave because they didn't get their mid lane and you wouldn't be able to find a game
Sharegayss (EUNE)
: {{champion:36}}
I like your name
: then that would leave a hole for attack speed junglers. vladimir has been a problem since hes released and riot has stated that Vladimir is the one champion they regret releasing (thats right vladimir was a bigger mistake then yorick and urgot)do you really want vladimir and well as other champions deleted because they "dont work" or would you rather all on hit junglers be forced to go a different item which doesn't benefit them meaning riot would need to buff all the attack and on hit based junglers (or at least things like master yi and warwick) where it was the only thing making them valid. and this could lead to another skarner and ryze and stuff like that. (ps the problem isnt it doesnt work, the problem is it works to well vs bad players and doesnt work vs good players)
It will never work, they tried with 4 different versions of it, my suggestion is completely scrap that thing and make a different one, without the stacking
Cosantoir (EUW)
: That sir is a cool idea.
Thank you kind sir
: You can use any acc on any forums -.-
Why that annoyed face, this is my first forum visit ever, I don't know how it works yet !^^ EDIT: Just tried it and you can only switch between the two EU servers so, yeah, what I said before
zorah (EUW)
: "I'm with stupid" Support Skin
It's surprising how many people here don't realize this is a joke...
Dzsime (EUNE)
: Post it on NA boards, Riot doesn't give a shit about european boards! QUICK! QUICK!
I would have to create an account lol, and I can't do that, it gives me error everytime I try, somebody else has to quote this in there :D
ST Paws (EUNE)
: I've posted this alredy but nothing happened
Hold shift while pressing enter when you open the chat window and it will be sent to all chat when you press enter again
: My idea for sated.
OR, just remove that shit item like they did with all it's ancestors because it just doesn't work
Fang (EUNE)
: Granted though, it'd be a problem for people that are hearing impaired on one ear. Great idea anyway. :)
Tsukiyo is smart and solved this, you can just hear them more loudly on their sides
: please no, im deaf on one side lol.
speakers op? please don't ruin my dreams :(
Arcadeath (EUNE)
: Wait, why didn't Riot hire you yet?
Because I have alot of chat restrictions lol{{champion:63}} {{champion:63}} {{champion:63}}
: You, sir, are a genius :O
Sharebass (EUNE)
: Kindred suggestion
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