Katslayer (EUW)
: Chem Baron Kled
Really good. I like your Kled design.
: Imagine you are support
: Well, I didn't say it's always my teammates fault. But most of the time it is. What can I do both midlaner and toplaner keeps die? Every fed midlaner can 1 shot adc. QSS, GA, Hexdrinker, Nothing helps. And yes, I'm that unlucky. Not just for the game. In real life experience as well. PS. I'm autofilled to sup and I have heimerdinger adc now. That must be my fault too.
> I'm autofilled to sup and I have heimerdinger adc now. That must be my fault too. *Sigh* ... Thats not what I was getting at... Its not your fault if you get a team-mate like this... But will you seriously claim that you meet such a troll pick every other game? Dont be ridiculous... Until this season I was mostly in silver, I know what you can find there... so dont fckin lie here and tell me you dont meet mostly semi-decent silver-lvl players. You arent in Silver because Riot hates you and gives you shitty teammates... they give you teammates that play mostly on your lvl, either skill or attitude-wise. I have won games with Rengar, Xin and Ahri ADC... I have won games where we were 0/20 at 20 minutes. Learn to rotate and make decent calls and turtle for late where 1 mistake can win you the game. Dont whine and get tilted even before you get into the game. Dont start acusing and blamind teammates the second something goes wrong. You are in Silver and until high Diamond people can rarely push small advantages. If you fall behind, play safe, ward, if need be give up farm of turrets (T1 and 2, dont let them push inhib for free) Look, I may not be very nice, but I am trying to help you. But if you just want to whine about your team and think your playing is perfect, I will not waste my time.
: I don't belong here for sure. Probably I've never had a winning Teemo in my team. My toplaner feeds most of the time. The chances are against me. I'm always having those kinds of players. Maybe once in 10 games enemy have that.
Change your attitude. You main Caitlyn with a 40% winrate over 100 games. Will you seriously claim that those 60 losses were always your teams fault and never your own %%%%-ups? You are in silver after 550+ games. Nobody is that unlucky. Accept that you have things to learn and go watch some online coaches (I recommend LS, but not everybody likes his approach) You suck. Accept it. Learn from it. Climb. Or dont and then post more salty forum posts... I dont care. P.S.: If you decide to maybe swap to support, I can give you pointers on what to do.
: There's no way out of silver I guess?
Dont wanna sound mean, but after almost 600 games in Silver IV with a negative winrate, you should maybe start accepting that you are where you belong and that you will stay there until you get better. Also, its silver... the chances you get a 0/10 feeder is just as big than chance that the enemy gets one. Look at your wins with unbiased eyes and asses how many games you single-handedly carry and how many you win because the enemy Riven gave your Teemo 17 kills.
Kian987 (EUW)
: > Nobody wanted to wait 20 mins for a game. I want it. > So, are you ready to wait at least 10 minutes in peak time for a game and more than double that outside peak? Are you ready to wait 20 minutes, only to be paired with an obvious troll that forces you to leave and potentialy wait those 10-20 mins again? Are you ready to spent about 50% of your game time in queue? Yes, I can wait 10 minutes. I am ready. > If the answer is a resounding "YES" to all those questions, then holy shit go find yourself a dominatrix since you obviously have some masochistic tendencies (or at least stronger than the average LoL player). It's the total opposite. We are talking about ranked games. I prefer to wait longer instead of having auto-filled idiots, unskilled players, int-feeder, troll picks, blackmails and tilty guys in my team. I would wait even longer for a game where the MMR is balanced for real. **Quality > Quantity**
> It's the total opposite. We are talking about ranked games. I prefer to wait longer instead of having auto-filled idiots, unskilled players, int-feeder, troll picks, blackmails and tilty guys in my team. I would wait even longer for a game where the MMR is balanced for real. Right... you do realise that removing auto-fill will only lift the problem with the auto-fillers and wont help at all with the rest. also, leave the next few games and get into low-priority q for a while. see how you like it. waiting 30 mins for a game that pops up just in the moment you had to take a piss will surely be a joy.
: I checked them, there wasnt anything worse than the people from those games said, I reported that one Lucian for afking, and the other for flaming, and wrote that he wants me to die from cancer, and usually when someone is reported and they get punished, u get a message, I have only got 2 or max 3 of those messages ever in more than 4 years. and btw what is worse? telling someone their win rate with that champion is bad, and they should probably change champion if they want to climb, protecting a Thresh from an AFKING lucian that started to blame him, or an AFKING lucian, and after that a Lucian that wants u to die from cancer? Helping them climb, protecting a teammate vs someone who wants u to die from cancer, or flaming their support after being afk.
Yeah, I dont care if your logs were better or worse compared to your fellow players. There isnt a flexible threshold for toxicity, its fixed. If you are more toxic than what is deemed acceptable, you get punished and it doesnt matter if someone is more toxic. Also, you only get the message when your report triggers a ban, so it doesnt message you on chat restrictions. and even when your report ends in a ban it doesnt always tell you. Also, my point stands: Chaaat logs, chaaaaat logs. Cmon man Im bored at work.
: Chat restriction for 25 games.
Chaat logs, chaaat logs!
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: There is one more downside that people don't realise longer Qs does and it's the fact that matchmaking quality drops. When system can't find players it increases its mmr range.
Allosen (EUW)
: I dont know what long Queues are or how Autofill works, I Main Support.
Rioter Comments
Rstonius (EUW)
: Advice from an ADC to Supports.
I dont see why you only adressed supports in this post. If neither the toplane or jungle is required to pick a front-lane, or take the teams needs in account, then neither is the support.
: Syndra is fine according to Riot
Orianna is also seeing a lot of pro play without getting nerfed... > Yes true. Riot is favour to woman (sexy) champions. Oh, jeez, you're one of *those*... I can literaly hear my braincells imploding.
: Can you stop assuming that calling lower ELO players trash is ok because you're higher???
The guy is a Yi main in G5 after +300 games and he ended the game 4/9, he probably needed the ego boost. I know I would. ______ Also, If you actualy let someone abuse you the a whole game through without using readily available options ( as in mute, report, move on, I dont mean flaming back) to mitigate the damage, you dont deserve pity.
Murder1us (EUW)
Enter key: Use it. This is unreadable.
: Aku the demon soul
The true dmg on ult is a bit OP, other than that, this concept is pretty good.
: Jinx Rework
So, a Taliyah R. Not to mention, do you really want to engage like this with an ADC that has no inherent self-peel?
: This scam of a game is just a waste of time
: Theoreticly both of them would be up or just down. But for the sake of this example let's say they are both up. Still I think it's questionable to contest the dragon. Mostly because arround 10 minutes everyone had backed already. So that means this kata is extreemly fed. Not to mentioned that the first blood turret gold is still up. So unless the tp is used as a tool to contest the first turret I can only see it go backwards if the trade doesn't involve a a shutdown of the two bounty targets. What is also worth to mention is that the team that is behind doesn't have a tank so that makes it even more risky to go for a dragon play with a kata involved. You basicly have to burst her down and that's not really an easy task when behind towards this point.
I agree that contesting the drake would be a bad idea, I just wanted if theoreticaly you could leave them the drake, wait for them to back (as most people do after drake) and try for a fast push bot with 4ppl + TP from Fiora if need be. But since Poppy could follow I am not so sure of the plan anymore.
What is the state of TP on Poppy/Fiora?
rEKama (EUW)
: Aurelion Sol summoner name?
DavidBowieInSpace Not sure if its not too long tho
: Tyrias, Titan of the Vale
This is a really good concept. Tho I think the R-empowered E would be a little too OP.
DemonDrake (EUNE)
: Greatings dear SHERRINKA, **Concept** > His looks are horrifying in the most fun way. With all the international censorship and policies Riot has to skirt around this is as close as we will get to body horror. Hmm that does sound good, body horror, would be interesting if League would have a version a bit more dark and grotesque. > Oh, no, no, nonono, I did not say that. I like Pool Party Graves as much as everybody else. What I am trying to say is that, thematicaly, making Urgot an Adonis wouldnt work. I completely agree, seing {{champion:6}} look like a {{champion:44}} after a spring break with {{champion:27}} would be very strange indeed. Does seem funny if you think about it though > The guy from WW trailer you mention has the stockier beefier build of a strongman rather than a bodybuilder (stronger core, mass shift downwards, less "perfect triangle") I would almost argue you are into fitness and/or artist. Very good depiction. They could make it work, it doesn't have to corpse treatment related, the chemical pumping in his veins could keep him a toxic pumped up state, while having a dazed stary, hiding his Bane power with in. If we would go realistically at everything then champs like {{champion:55}} would be considered pure morons, or have a severe case of nude disorder, like seriously who would go into a fight with Demi gods, Nightmairs, Warriors, Monsters, Void spawn and many more creatures dressed in a BIKINI top? her armor gives her about the same protection as a paper bag against a tank shell. I do like you way of thinking though. I find so many ideas in you statements, even though you probably didn't meant them as such it's pretty fun and quite enjoyable. **Gameplay** *sighs* You nailed it. This is {{champion:6}}'s main problem sorry to say. I feel his ultimate is great but maybe a little tweak is needed. This is the key to his gameplay legacy. Have you seen dragon ball Z, the first thing {{champion:6}} 's R reminds me of the Ginyu force commnader. So how about an R that gives all the same stats, short dmg reduction - but instead Change bodies. He warps reality with such a force during his displacement, that for a short moment they bodies got mangled and change stasis. 1) Make them change bodies and regard change hp bar levels. - This will give {{champion:6}} a great strategic value, doing his best while being on the brink of death. While most adc would stay in lane even at hp lower than a int feeder going mid for the hundred time, Urgot will have his most outplay potential exactly during that time. - A key life saver for those pesky jung ganks or when caught out by enemy team. His short fear will provide the escape limping away with almost 0 hp, I feel it fits perfectly with his concept. - Will make for some unique plays, like going baron taking dmg to be low then flash ulti top lane for insta kill potential. - Will give a unique and interesting aspect to his play style, opting to use it for maximum dmg or to save it for a def move. I feel Hextec can be a big part of {{champion:6}} design, as it's already a combination of magic and machines with a touch of Zaun. 2) Change places with same basic concept but instead of flat hp bar changes, % heal for {{champion:6}} base on his enemies hp and % hp dmg taken from target based on {{champion:6}} missing health. However now {{champion:6}} can reactivate the ability to make change places again! Making both appear where they were - you know not perfect technology, still some issues causing the mangle bodies a bit and location inaccuracy, stuff like that for the concept. - This can be the only tanky mess of an adc, goin in team fights jumping in like a jung to literally steal a champion to the side, where your team will gang bang to oblivion, then just limp away as if nothing had happened. - Making a great mechanic for driving your opponents crazy. And a lot of outplay potential. Let's see, you use ulti quick tp back to base, strategically placed ward. Use ulti again, transport enemy to your fountain, Insta kill. And so much more, just imagine the pure silliness and wanted destruction on the enemies it will inflict, as someone who loves to have a challenging experience I would love seeing some crazy plays. Give it a semi long cooldown, huge range "This is Brofresco and today pimps we are going to be doing some {{champion:6}} outplays, well you might be wondering what those is I'll show you what they are so will try to complete the combo and ugh hopefully get the enemies into out trap and delight in their destruction. So anyway this is what we are going to be doing today...." 3) Make it a snatch and grab ulti. Using his mangle mechanics a temporally anomaly breaks into the fabric of space sustained by his aparatus, normal man would be ripped to shreds but Urgot has been trough that and so much more. Physically appearing at 2 places at once, taking a modest dmg for his trouble. Casting spells and moving, while his initial place fears for a short duration stacking dmg on the enemy hitting all at once when R finishes buuuut being able to do things like - Perfectly fits into his idea, the Executioner Such senario You prepare to team fight grouping as five gonna go mid and school the enemy on how to team fight. Le Wild {{champion:6}} appears. He takes adc You screem in agony as he transports them a modest distance, where they are promptly discharged and to add insult to injury he transports the body back. You scream and rage and {{item:3070}} but there is no going back, look into his cold dead dazed eyes and see {{champion:6}} is captain of this ship now. Use it in team fight now, for the low price of your Ulti you can have not 1 {{champion:6}} buuut 2 {{champion:6}} . - "Ya dough I herd you like {{champion:6}} , so we gave him an ulti that gives you {{champion:6}} on top of your {{champion:6}} . Effectively for like 10s giving you a close 6v5 senario." - {{champion:6}} don't need reinforcements, {{champion:6}} IS the reinforcements!!!!! - In Soviet rift adc {{champion:6}} ganks himself. The more I think about it the more I like it. I want {{champion:6}} to be a rage inducing cluster *censored* for the enemy while providing such laughs for players and team alike. I look forward to your response, please share your opinion I would very much enjoy hearing it. Good day summonner. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
While you do have some good points, I think in the terms of design you are pushing too much into the conventionaly cool, badass cyborg/Bane kind of fantasy, while I am definitely leaning toward the, as you so nicely put it, dark and grotesque. I am not sure whether you are familiar with the Warhammer 40k universe, but I will provide pictures to clarify my point. So, what you are describing/hinting at in term of appearance reminds me of the Skitarii : http://i.imgur.com/BUcNrkT.jpg These are enhanced warriors equiped with cybernetical augments that fight for the Legio Cybernetica (in LoL universe would be substituted for Noxian Hextech Engineers). They are pumped full of combat drugs, exchange their limbs for mechanical replacements if they lose them in battle (or if they feel like it will give them combat advantages) etc. They are cool, they are badass, I like them. But, what I am much more in favor is this thing: http://i.imgur.com/HLJpWpU.jpg Now, *this* is the stuff of pure nightmare and I love it to death. The Wh40k lore for this thing wouldnt fit LoL, but what I am thinking of is: We would keep the lore fairly close to the current one, Urgot was a relentless warrior, sustained many injuries, lost his arms, legs and had them replaced with hextech augments. In my version he was at this point a regular cyborg, two arms, two legs, just normal humanoid shape. Then he was killed. The Noxians decided to ressurect him. But, there were 2 paths for that - Necromancy or Hextech. Since there was no consensus which method was better, it was decided that both the best Hextech Engineer and best Necromancer both shall present their best plan. So they do and it is revealed that while the Engineer has all the technical details down, he can craft new limbs, spine, everything, but cant guarantee that he can bring back Urgots consciousness, which would mean that Urgot would be just a mindless robot with some flesh and skin pinned to it. Meanwhile the necromancer is sure he can bring the body back to life, but since he cannot magicaly regrow limbs and heal damaged organs, it would just mean that Urgot would come back to life only to immediately die to his injuries again. So it is decided they wil work together, Engineer fixes Urgot and then Necromancer brings him back to life. They set up a lab together, Necromancer is brewing a life-giving concoction in a vat and next to it is Urgot suspended in the air, while the Engineer repairs his body and installs new limbs (the lifting mechanism has spider legs, just a hint). When they are almost finished, Engineer has only the leg instalation and Necromant must add only the last ingredient, something goes wrong. Its not known if it was a demacian act of sabotage or just bad practices, but suddenly the crane that held Urgot up topples into the vat with the unfinished concoction. Exposed electrical wiring short-circuits and everything explodes. Later, when the fire has died down, onlookers see a horrid shape making its way through the wreckage. They hear the steps of multiple limbs and when the smoke clear the most dreadful thing is revealed. A corpse-pale torso comes to light, blue weins and green fluid-filled wires criss-cross the dead flesh, the face behind a rebreather seems to be contorted into a mask of unimaginable pain. Bent metal pierces the body in ways that couldnt have been intentional, some seems haphazardly welded to the frame. Where legs should be the to corpse ends in a cluster of wires wrapped and tangled around what seems to be sad remains of a lifting mechanism with spider legs. _________ Okay, so this is my take on Urgot as far as lore/appearance goes. I havent put that much thought into abilities and definitely didnt think about the ult, as I would keep it as is. But I kinda like the HP swap, but I think it needs a little balance, like Min/Max dmg that it can inflict. Or scaling like X flat HP + % currect HP, which would incentivise Urgot to use the ability as en engage and not an execution. I would probably change his W shield so that it scales with nearby enemies, so when Urgot ports in the middle of enemy team he gest a bit more protection. The slow on AAs could stay, or it could get other cooler effect like Armor-shred or Grievous. I like Acid Hunter (Q) and its lock-on mechanic, so maybe I would incorporate that in the passive. Somethin along the lines of: > After 10s (or 5, not sure which is weak/OP) of combat Urgot gains **Cant-think-of-a-name**, reducing incoming Damage by 15% and allowing Urgot to auto-lock Acid Hunter on nearby enemies. I would maybe reduce the range of his Q so he has to put himself in danger if he wants to lock onto the ADC. This would leave his E to be a completely new ability. An AoE would be nice, but I cant really think of something really original. Well, this is all from me for now. Glad we are having this conversation.
DemonDrake (EUNE)
: Oki I admit this was kinda of funny. Alright corpse on tubes and machinery, can it be like a zombie? You can't deny his looks are horrifying and not in the fun way. Think about other champions, like WW with his recent rework, we got from a point and click big bad wolf a generally unique champion, that looks nice, has an awesome backstory and even fits in his lore, "gene-splicing", sure there were a bit of changes, but why not. There are always personal tastes, but just try to imagine, fine you don't like buffed and mention a corpse. Wouldn't you want a champ more like the guy in the ww rework trailer? he wasn't a fitness maniac but still pretty swollen? Or more of corpsy feel? like a cyborg zombie - say it out loud, you can't deny it sounds awesome. - Hey Chuck - What's you Jhon, aw I see you have a new champ, hey what is that? - That my friend is a Cyborg Zombie Keep it going, let say you rework Urgot, what will you change, add, modify. I would happy to hear your opinion.
> You can't deny his looks are horrifying and not in the fun way. His looks are horrifying in the most fun way. With all the international censorship and policies Riot has to skirt around this is as close as we will get to body horror. > fine you don't like buffed Oh, no, no, nonono, I did not say that. I like Pool Party Graves as much as everybody else. What I am trying to say is that, thematicaly, making Urgot an Adonis wouldnt work. The guy from WW trailer you mention has the stockier beefier build of a strongman rather than a bodybuilder (stronger core, mass shift downwards, less "perfect triangle"). I approve of that, it would be a good basis for Urgot. Problem is, that if you cleaved that guy in half, sewed him back together, replaced all the missing parts with machinery and pumped him full of formaldehyde and other stuff, plus accounting for the natural bloating and loss of muscle tonus, you would get a very very Urgot-shaped man. > Keep it going, let say you rework Urgot, what will you change, add, modify. Well, Urgots biggest problems are tied to his gameplay. He is kinda clunky, outtdated and belongs nowhere. I think all ADCs outrange him (except a lvl 1 Tristana and bs like Teemo ADC, but lets not go there) and he has no mobility to make up for it. He is sorta tank-ish, but not enough to make him survive his own ultimate etc. His best lane seems to be top, but I dont know why would you pick him over something like Quinn. His most iconic feature is his ult, so if we wanted to keep that, I think it would be better to optimalise him more for the Jungle/Toplane rather than ADC. I also like the Q - E synergy, but it makes him feel more like an artilery ADC, so I can imagine it getting scrapped. His passive is pretty good, I would keep it and his W is kinda uninteresting and helps very little, but could probably be improved upon. I have no concrete ideas as I have only every played Urgot in ARAM, but what I know is that league definitely has a place for one gross malformed undead kinda-cyborg.
DemonDrake (EUNE)
: Save Urgot rework - Make it playable. Please!
TL;DR: I dont wanna play a champ that reminds me that my nonexistent gym routine doesnt make me look like Ruthless Pantheon. Slap some huge tits (abs) on Urgot to distract me from that. _______ Seriously, Urgot is basicaly a corpse mounted on 4 legs in a constant state of decay kept somewhat "alive" by tubes and pistons and necromancy. How exacty do you want to make that bangable? Not to mention, its the thing that makes him unique and, in a way, cool.
: Riot make me laugh xd
Look at all that salt.
: Hard Stuck in Gold V
> I have a lot of problems. You say that, but then you list only problems of your team, like that they dont follow your engages etc. Thats not a good mental approach. First problem. Focus on your own faults (you are in Silver, I am sure there are plenty of them) and dont try to shove them onto your team. Your second problem is a too expansive champion pool. Just in your last 20 games we have: {{champion:133}} {{champion:11}} {{champion:429}} {{champion:20}} {{champion:81}} {{champion:8}} {{champion:36}} {{champion:51}} {{champion:421}} . Again, you are in Gold/Silver, unless you get a hard counter against you there is almost no reason to play more than 2 champions/role. Im not telling you to become a one-trick, but just rein yourself in a little. Also, dont go champions you barely know into ranked, use normal games to learn/practice them a little. You have barely any Nunu games played and yet you took him... top? supp? wtf was even that game? did you all decide to troll? Whatever, my point is.. your last normal game was 3v3 8 days ago, if nothing else go an ARAM as your first game of the day just to kinda get into the spirit/flex your fingers etc. This is all I feel like nitpicking right now. If you havent already, watch some free online coaches, I am sure there is stuff to be learned there. P.S. If you like Rek Sai, try giving Skarner a chance. Decent ganks pre 6, beastly post 6. (I see the irony in saying this when before I said your champ pool is already too big). Just, play him in normals first.
: Warlords Changes, Good or bad for adc's?
Fervor + early Vamp Scepter will probably be stronger, but I can imagine the 30% MS buff could be pretty nice for champs like Vayne or Ashe to cement their kite/chase potential.
Rismosch (EUW)
: Well, I just made this for fun. I wouldn't say the post was successful, I mean downvotes don't mean success, do they? But I was successful being entertained by that post xD I think that's a win :D
Well, you wrote insgesamt (is that a word in english, or am I messing up?) 22 words, didnt commit to the joke and gave it away and you still managed to get people worked up enough that they downvote, so all in all, I would consider this a success.
Rismosch (EUW)
: Well, I offended more than expected. I expected that this post will be ignored, but see all those downvotes!! :D
Jesus, you are right. *sigh* You can really succeed with only minimal effort.
Rismosch (EUW)
: I like trolling
0/10 at least commit to the lie. Bit of effort next time.
gravity016 (EUNE)
: New adc champion concept: Simon (the master of needle)
Its not a bad concept, but there are some issues with it, originality being the biggest. Passive - too OP. As MrNiceGuy said, it would be better if it was current mana and energy burn would be scrapped. Q - so would it work like Taliyah Q or more like Ashe W? Either way, not all that original. W - decent. A little like MF Q but I guess not completely. E - Varus E without the grievous, nthing more to say. R - you put Bard Q on an ultimate. I guess it could work, but try to find a more interesting effect for the double-tag.
24thDiK (EUW)
: Sure, so, which part of me would you want to know about exactly? :D
24thDiK (EUW)
: That is incredible!
24thDiK (EUW)
: How does one manage to describe the reasons behind the feelings that one is feeling? {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}} Teach me!
Simple. Example: I feel befuddled. Reason: Your inability to find reason behind your feelings. ______ In your case it could be something like this: I Feel As If I Have To Make An Appearance Reason: I think people on the boards are actualy interested in my posts and I feel pressure to comply with their expectations. or: Im bored, havent posted in a while. or: my crippling sense of insecurity and the inability to find any worth in my life forces me to post on the forums in search of any acknowledgement of my existence, positive or negative. ____ See? Simple.
24thDiK (EUW)
: I Feel As If I Have To Make An Appearance And I Am Completely Clueless On How To
who are you and why do you feel like you just *have* to make an appearance?
Skidz0r (EUW)
: Actually i was Silver 1 but i stoped playing for a year. Rank isnt a argument son. If you get 10/0 you put ur mid lane underlevel and ur doing pretty well in the game. So whats the point of your argument ??
Jesus, how are you not getting this? In this hypethetical game xFlack is doing great for himself, but his team is feeding and it doesnt look like they will be able to win. So he with his great score will stand in the fountain, or just kill monsters in the jungle and never fight so he can keep his KDA nice rather than team-fight and risk dying. And while I agree you dont need a high rank to understand the game, only caring about KDA and cs is a very bronze thing to do.
: Season rewards and how it Works
You get rewards according to which division you end in. If you start in diamond but end in Bronze (exaggeration, but you get my point), you will get the Bronze icon etc. LP decays in Plat and higher, in gold and lower it doesnt. Season ends sometime in november.
Skidz0r (EUW)
: LP lose depending on your game performance
They wouldnt do their best to win, they would do their best to get an S, which is not always the same. People would refuse to group just so they can get as many cs as possible, everybody would only care about the K/D/A and wouldnt fight if there was a possibility that they die etc. If the grading system was ideal and could perfectly asses how much each player contributed to the win this would maybe work, but since there are some obvious criterias on how to get an S it could only worsen the situation.
: Are the League Of Legends official statues easy to clean! (SERIOUS!!)
Mangekyu (EUW)
: What do you guys think the most important role is/
Early - Jungle Mid - Jungle/Mid Late - ADC (+Support, since they are something of a package)
: or you stop playing and dont annoy the people you are coming just for fight but i said what i think and you arent any riot also they have brain they can guard themselves but i understand you are sharmy, if you good sharmy maybe tehy can give you good skin ;)
Are you... are you having a stroke?
: Riot has no dignity
Well, you can do your part in decreasing the ammount of toxic players in LoL: Stop playing the game.
: Why should be banned flame in online games?
> i think a majority of you, plays league to chill out and maybe also when you are tired after a day of work, study or whatever Yes. And thats why I dont appreciate some egotistical jackass projectile-vomiting his insercurities and frustrations all over my nice game. I sincerely dont care what you are anxious or stressed about, if I can keep my depression from influencing others gameplay, so can you.
: > [{quoted}](name=Arzonv,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=U8iNjhfd,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-03-01T21:56:54.869+0000) > > {{champion:222}} FIGHT. ME. Kinda off topic but jinx is my favorite league female. I surprisingly dislike big boobs more than tattoos.
What do you have against big books? They usualy contain pretty good stories :)
Eveninn (EUW)
: But Sorakam while strong, is hard... Janna is a lot easier for ones not comfortable on bot. .-.
Hm, could be, though I find them both equally easy. The reason I am recommending Raka is that with the reaction times I remember experiencing (and having) in Bronze I think healing damage rather than preventing it is a better bet.
Infernape (EUW)
: The funny thing is I never get autofilled even when I queue up as mid/top. Even then all is good because I own Soraka, Alistar, Nautilus and Tahm Kench.
Good collection. Try your hand at Sona if you feel like it.
Febos (EUW)
: Tip for the future. The "TL;DR" comes in the end. {{champion:35}} support is way better. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
> Tip for the future. The "TL;DR" comes in the end. Doesnt that defeat the purpose of a Tl;DR? > {{champion:35}} support is way better. > ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) *hiss * apage satanas!
: I'd like not to. I fail at landing Q and E frequently.
Well, E is fairly easy to misposition. Its better to layer it with another CC, or just save it to disrupt enemy combos like Kata R or Zed (throw the Silence under the target of his ult, it screwes him pretty well). The Q... hm.... practice? I guess.
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