omegali (EUW)
: any idea how someone can send you rp without having league ?
You can ask him to buy you a gift card from amazon and send you the code:
SkyZenith (EUW)
: LoL Folder
Just copy the entire game folder to the new directory and delete the previous one. Then, create a shortcut for "LeagueClient.exe". The game will automatically verify that all its files are undamaged when you re-launch it.
: My client did not update, so I must do the opposite to get it?XD
It's random; some players get it, others don't. I only got it on the PBE.
: How do I get rid of it?
Delete: _%ProgramFiles(x86)%\Riot Games\Riot Client_ (Should be in the same folder the game is installed in) _%LocalAppData%\Riot Games\Riot Client_ _%ProgramData%\Riot Games_
Zmizzz (EUNE)
: New League launcher
: > [{quoted}](name=ShirarezaruEiyuu,realm=EUNE,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=p4uQqvoQ,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-09-19T19:41:32.665+0000) > > Go to a custom game/PT > Delete "PersistedSettings.json" and "Input.ini" > Exit the game you're currently in and go to another one > All settings should have been reset to default All my settings have been reset do default except the mouse one's. This is a default setting or something do you know another way.
Does this issue only happen in League or other games as well?
: Mouse settings
Go to a custom game/PT > Delete "PersistedSettings.json" and "Input.ini" > Exit the game you're currently in and go to another one > All settings should have been reset to default
: I need help changing the language of this Riot client
Delete the "Riot Client" folder that's in the same directory the game is installed in and it will switch back to the old client. Click "X" every time you get a prompt to install the new client. As of now, that's the only way as far as I'm aware...
: Ty for remove me :( ;-; να σε καλα :(
Wait, what? I did accept your friend request. It's just I haven't been playing much recently cause I've been really busy with other things --in fact, I haven't even logged into my account for over 2 weeks... Απλα εχω καιρο να παιξω LoL λογω αλλων υποχρεωσεων. Δεν σ'εχω αφαιρεσει απο τη λιστα φιλων...
RageSquid (EUW)
: Need help deciding on a laptop Best bang for your buck even if you end up having to pay taxes. The 1650 is crap. Not worth spending 1.3K on laptop with such a low end GPU.
: That's got nothing to do with being active online gamer. They are abbreviations from english words that are used everyday. You've never heard anyone say "nice job" before? Or "well done"?
Nope. How often do you type "nice job" or "well done" to somebody outside of online gaming chat rooms? On social media people tend to type the entire thing out or they just use emojis in this day and age.
: ppl don't know what "nj" and "wd" mean?
Because those are almost never used aside from "gj". Unless you're an avid online gamer who chats a lot, you probably don't even know what most of these mean...
: ok i if you want :(
As I said, If you add me I will accept {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: Sad Nobody care :(
You can add me on EUNE or PBE if you want. When I'm online I'm usually down for some normals or TFT, although I've been spamming ARURF on the PBE ever since it came out so I haven't been playing much on my main.
: The cooling system seems to be decent. Check out this review:
Also, Turning GPUs have slightly better thermals compared to their predecessor, so the 1660 Ti should run at slightly lower temps.
DonAttel (EUNE)
: Thank you for your advice. I'll definitely consider this laptop. But what about cooling system? I am so mistrustful about Acer laptops because of Acer Nitro coolers.
The cooling system seems to be decent. Check out this review:
DonAttel (EUNE)
: Gaming laptop for LoL (and some other games too) much better in every aspect and it only costs ~$100 more
Silent Note (EUNE)
: Do you even know what PBE is? It's Public Beta Environment. Every patch is out on PBE 2 weeks before it comes to live servers. The Elderwood and Infernal skins have been out for 2 weeks there, that's where they test if things are working properly. ARURF will come to the live servers in probably a week and a half, but they're testing it on PBE first if it's working properly.
It won't be coming out on the live servers on p9.18
: URF must be back forever and a new map?
Just make a PBE account and play it there:
: URF mode
- ARURF it's on the PBE right now. You can go and play it there. - Even though it's probably my favorite mode, I must admit that it does get boring really quickly. So making it permanent is not a good idea. I'd rather have good old RGMQ back.
: New loading screen?
Shamose (EUW)
: TFT isn't going away.
I know that. It's just that we haven't had a RGMQ for a while now.
Rioter Comments
: The Most Hated Role?
Top lane in general. I've just given up on it entirely and play all my champions in the mid lane instead. Most match-ups are still not particularly favorable, to say the least, but it still beats going top for me.
Reverse (EUW)
: sometimes the use by date isnt an accurate representation, what do they taste like and is the full flavour still there
Nevermind, it works now. There must have been something wrong with the site.
Reverse (EUW)
: did u check the pringles make sure they arent out of date
P: 08/08/19 E: 06/06/20
: I wonder how many people are in-game on 01 January, 00:01 AM?
You do realize that time isn't uniform, right? {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} So, even if it's midnight in your country there's a time offset in the adjacent countries.
Rioter Comments
Rioter Comments
: questions about TWO runes!
A. 1. Yes 2. No, but if you AA or use another spell on her afterwards you will. 3. No, those don't proc DH anymore --the only item that does is {{item:3285}}, which essentially counts as a spell. Ignite doesn't proc it either. B. Yes, SI will proc and you'll get 7 L --although it won't show up in the UI as Lethality. Keep in mind that Lethality can't reduce the target's Armor below 0.
: Ok worst elo by far is ..
If think that's bad wait till you reach D4. Boy, you are in for a treat.
: Colorblind issue
If you have an Nvidia GPU, there's a adjustable colorblind filter that you can apply to every game via Geforce Experience. Not saying that they shouldn't fix this --or add a proper built in colorblind filter, to begin with, like the one Fortnite has for instance-- but it might help you out.
Sakushimi (EUNE)
: Maybe another skin for Lux? {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
To be fair, they finally gave {{champion:110}} {{champion:45}} {{champion:56}} {{champion:3}} a new skin as well. And I heard {{champion:26}} will be also getting a new skin too soon.
: _**~~Arhi~~**_ is a good champ I believe.
Rioter Comments
: Kill 12k minions as a team?
In ARAM there's only one lane so there aren't as many creeps compared to other maps. 12k CS is quite a lot; you'll have to play at least 10 games on SR to complete this mission.
CalmN (EUNE)
: Cpu intensive settings
For League (As far as I know): - Client --the new client utilizes the CPU quite significantly, so turning it off should help. - Try setting "EnableGrassSwaying" to "0" and "EnableParticleOptimizations" to "1" in "game.cfg". For all games, in general: - Draw Distance/ LOD(Level of Detail) - Shadow Quality - Texture Quality --In some games, setting the texture quality to low/medium can increase CPU usage as the game forces the CPU to compress all the textures before sending them to the GPU. - Specular Reflections - Tessellation - The polling rate of your mouse --If you have a gaming mouse that comes with its own software set this to 125Hz. Also, go to NCP and set the "Maximum number of pre-rendered frames" to "1"
: boards
Soon, you'll need a PhD in Applied behavior analysis to play ranked.
Rochen28 (EUW)
: Language depend on the Server?
Right click on League's shortcut > Select "Properties" > In the "Target" box add "--locale=ru_RU" at the very end It should look like this in the end: Launch the game and wait for it to update. Everything should switch to Russian after that.
: Please add a way to unbind the 'League Voice' key!
1. Log in to your account. 2. Navigate to ".......\League of Legends\Config". 3. Open the practice tool. 4. Once you get into the game, press Alt + Tab to switch to the folder that you opened on step 2 and delete "PersistedSettings.json". 5. Now -while you are still in game- open "input.ini" using Notepad and change the "m" in "evtShowVoicePanel=[m]" to whatever key you want. 6. Close the practice tool and get into another game to make the settings stick.
: Is this input lag in my head? Driving me crazy
If you have an Nvidia GPU: - Set "Maximum Number of Pre-rendered Farames" to "1" - Set "VSync" to "Fast" Alternatively, You can download RTSS as Xuddish suggested and experiment with the frame limiter and scanline sync options. Also, make sure that all the windows gaming features are disabled and that you are playing in (exclusive) fullscreen instead of borderless.
: Game freezing after every game / on game exit or on game start
: give me cool name ideas !
> ### _UntamedT**t_ Still available
Rioter Comments
: Client won't load past Champion Select (Video Included)
Do you have SmartScreen enabled by any chance? Open the Security Center (white shield icon on your taskbar) and under "App & browser control" ensure that "Check apps and files" is set to off.
: is this laptop good enough for leauge? ^-^
More than enough. It should even be able to run most AAA titles out there at at least low settings at 720p. Although I don't know why they put an Radeon 530 in there since the Ryzen 5 has built in graphic that are about the same in terms of performance. But, If you can find this one around 650 EUR where you live it's worth picking up as it has a much GPU and a backlit keyboard:
DaR1Us93 (EUNE)
: I play in 1080p.On my old laptop I played on 1366x768 because that was the Best resolution on it.
That's odd. Can you take a screenshot (press F12 in-game--screenshots are saved in a folder called "Screenshots" inside League's folder) and upload it to an image host such as
DaR1Us93 (EUNE)
: I can't zoom out
Do you have any screenshots? What resolution do you play at?
: his passive must be reworked. then everything on him ( even his w ) is ok why should a {{champion:67}} vayne who has to build 4 crit items to reach 100 percent crit chance''has a useless 30 movement speed passive while{{champion:157}} yasuo can reach 100 percent by only 2 items has the most op passive ( triple passive _ one shield and crit double count as two) the only thing i can see is that we all have maximum 6 item bar but yasuo have 8 that 2 of them can be built for free life steal or tanky items he is 3 difficulty champion but why they put a passive on him that any noob can get ez undertower penta kill? if they can't rework his passive atleast they can remove his tornado on E+Q combo. i always succeed on dodging his tornado throw but i can't dodge when he uses tornado on E+Q combo then he uses ult and i am dead! it is an option for noob players who play a 3 - star difficulty champion !!!
I agree. Another thing I really hate about his kit is his synergy with champions like {{champion:5}} and {{champion:517}} who can knock you up with their point and click abilities and then {{champion:157}} can follow with an R. There's literally no counterplay to that bullcrap...
: It's probably because he dashes around with his E, you have no idea what he's doing - he has no idea what he's doing - then he dashes in your face and you are dead Nobody knows what they were doing but it felt great for the Yasuo player while you are told that there's counters.
At least we have the "Target Champions Only" setting, which does seem to help dealing with this abomination of a champion.
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