: The problem with autofill is those trashs that get autofilled in a role they have no idea how to play and they know that and they dont dodge expecting to get carried. Those garbage are the problem with autofilled.
Even if you dodge you will get autofilled next game. Doesn't matter that you dodge, you will ruin a game for other players anyways. People can learn up to 2 roles. That is why we can pick 2 preferable roles. The rest is too hard for us. We are not pro players, we don't have the liberty to learn every single role and every single champion. Autofill makes no sense in my opinion, because when somebody plays autofill he will ruin the game for 9 people, which is the same as inting. Autofill = inting.
Rioter Comments
: It was like this before and I didn't whine. I am cool with waiting. I can watch some anime or read manga. 15 or 20 I can wait. I just hate autofill. It doesn't make sense when 4 people in your team are autofilled and don't know how to play their roles. It feels like having 4 yasuo mains in your team. Not a single game is enjoyable. I can wait even 30 min if the game would be at least a little bit enjoyable.
Also you would think that autofill would give somebody support if there are no supports. Guess why there are no support players. Because I get 3 support mains in my team.
: there were not 5min where like 15m, 10m+ in every case, also you and others say will not mind but if it will happen you will come her and be first to whine
It was like this before and I didn't whine. I am cool with waiting. I can watch some anime or read manga. 15 or 20 I can wait. I just hate autofill. It doesn't make sense when 4 people in your team are autofilled and don't know how to play their roles. It feels like having 4 yasuo mains in your team. Not a single game is enjoyable. I can wait even 30 min if the game would be at least a little bit enjoyable.
: Remove autofill on ranked
I don't mind waiting another 5 min to play if I get my role.
: Critical Error
I have the same issue but with tft only atm. Wtf.
Pxerkza (EUNE)
: you don't care about being good? so you only care about climbing? go buy a boosting service then and demote yourself out of the boost 1 week later because you don't know how to play in that elo yes there are people that don't belong in their elos do you want to be one of them?
Where did you get that from? I said that most master players don't deserve to be there. That is all. I didn't say ANYTHING like "i don't care about being good". I am saying that most master players aren't good. Dude, by mmr farming even I was plat 1 and was about to hit diamond and then I didn't want to play anymore so I started playing Yugioh instead. Getting good enough is only accessable for a small group of talented individuals, not for us so I don't even try to progress anymore. Most I can get is probably diamond. I wont progress more than that. I am just not talented enough. My talent is on plat level coz I am shit at the game.
Î Ram Î (EUW)
: TFT is too RNG
They are changing it. Wait a lil bit. Also it has to be a little RNG because this game mode is based around RNG. It will be more balanced next patch but still will have a lot of crazy rng moments. You were unlucky as %%%%.
: Which 4800 midlaner is better
Diana is shit. Irelia is more rewarding and has complex combos and gameplay. Diana needs a rework and riot works on it. If Diana will be in meta, it would be only because other champions are shit. Irelia is in meta in almost every season.
PrototypeV8 (EUNE)
: Tahm Kench
The nerf is comming this patch.
: why do i win 17 lp but lose 21 lp?
Your mmr must be bad or you get enemy teams that are worse than you and you lose to them. If you lose vs weaker teams you lose more lp and if you win with better enemies then you win more lp. Or as I said you mmr might be shit and you get less lp coz of that. You need to win more in a row.
Pxerkza (EUNE)
: https://na.op.gg/summoner/userName=PANTS+GAREN+ONLY please stop with the conspiracy theories yes it's easier to climb on a fresh account but you are just as capable of climbing on your main boosting services exist for a reason because it's possible to climb any account out of any elo
Yes. My point was that its longer to do it on a bad account. And pants is a good player but most of master players just abuse mmr farming. They are trash. You can easily see who is a good master, grandmaster and challenger player by looking how they play. Most of master players are worse than platinum players, they just abuse the system correctly. Of course there are people like pants, dom,tyler, qtp, scarra and many other challenger players, ex-pro, that can do it whenever they want, but there are also people that don't belong there. That is why Dom and Pants are so frustrated. They have to play with boosted monkeys that don't belong in that elo.
Pxerkza (EUNE)
: everyone from the 1tricks of every champion have created smurfs that are at least in diamond that excuse is invalid pants has smurfs and last season i think he was actually climbing higher on his smurf
yes he did on a clean account, as i said, making a clean account and farming mmr is the easiest way to climb and they do that
Pxerkza (EUNE)
: there are masters+ players on every role with almost every champion if not masters every champion is capable of reaching d2
Their way there is shorter than ours from gold. They start from plat 1. Their mmr is so high that in 10 matches they are diamond 3. Then they just play 20 more and get to master. Not really challanging is it? Those who do unranked to challenger know this the best but mmr farming is the most efficient way to climb and if you get a clean account its really easy to get high. Its more difficult the lower your mmr. On a gold scrub's account you might need 100 matches to even reach diamond if you win all of them. Of course they can maintain their rank each season as their route there is short. They need to tryhard in 30 matches and then they are sitting there. If you get there one day you will stay there.
: Oof, I know jack shit about jungle haha The only thing I know is the ward trick where u go ward their raptor and then recall to buy sweeping lense before getting your first buff that way you can get your can clear wards on your first gank that should be on the opposite side of where you started clearing, while also knowing if your enemy jungle is clearing his camps first or rushing a gank
I think i found a way of winning. Its still inconsistant and need polishing but it might work in this meta. I focus on enemy jungler and making his life a hell.
: Do you not have to go triforce with Jax every game? It seems like one of his core items
No you don't. There are many builds for Jax. Triforce is the best one. That doesn't mean its for every match-up ever. And even if you want to build it, sometimes it doesn't work well as the first item.
Pxerkza (EUNE)
: and yet some are climbing and others aren't what is the difference between the 2 groups of people?
: I did it
Now an epic fall to 0 lvl xd Just like me xd
: Spam shaco and you'll climb.
Maybe. Just ... I get Jax players in my team. They build Triforce in EVERY match-up. Even tho it doesn't work in EVERY match-up. It seems that people don't build resistances anymore.
: What role you even play as ?
Jungle. I know its a shitty role now but I still want to climb with it. The thing is this meta doesn't seem consistant to me.
Pxerkza (EUNE)
: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eBDi0iM2kcU " I do the same shit I was always doing"
Funny vid. I said it wrong. I was doing the same shit, until i realised it doesn't work then I tested and did a lot of stuff to gather some clue of what works and what doesn't and it still didn't give me an info of what does work. It only showed me what doesn't and apparently nothing does.
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Haze97 (EUW)
: With that mindset, you must absolutely suck at dating. Either that, or you live in a really conservative society. Online dating is trash anyway, but irl most women don't give a shit about your money. The ones who do give women a bad rep, just like those few select horny dogs who make every man look like a rapist.
I meant online dating but in irl its almost the same. If you aren't handsome or very charismatic then you won't get a gf. And when I say handsome I mean, really %%%%ing handsome, Antonio Banderas type of handsome. Otherwise you need to be charismatic like me, which sucks balls coz u have to tryhard irl xd For man its more like if a girl is average looking then she is good enough and we date her, but woman go after man that are not even interested in them. Then they suffer and claim that man are pigs. Then they understand what they did and eventually go for that average man. Eventually. Not because he is a good person but because he was her last stand. The last choice she had. I hate such woman. I despise them. At least woman I've met were not all like that. I was hurt by woman but there were some good woman as well. The mindset of modern woman is %%%%ed up. Man too, they go for every chick that exists. At least have some pride and go for pretty ones. And what the %%%% is with watching Twitch %%%%s and paying them for doing nothing. Absolutelly nothing. If I had to pay money to woman then I would expect her at least to suck my %%%% but those horny idiots pay for watching ... something that they can do for free. What a waste of money. And when those %%%%s dance they are horrible. They really suck at it.
: Was probably a smurf - I've played against a Qiyana on my level, and I beat the %%%% out of her and then bought off her husband. So - what's your point again?
Every champion if played perfectly beats everyone. Smurf is a smurf because he is better than anybody at that level of play. He could probably do the same with every other champion or better. I mean, she is a champion that cannot sustain dmg at all. Her kit is better for staying on top of somebody so bruser would be a better match here, but for some reason she is an assassin. I don't like how inconsistant she is in assassinations and teamfights.
: Erm, when played correctly she beats the shit out of everyone. I'm not the worst player but I've had the honor to play against a very good Qiyana in mid-lane on my lux. First of all - she hits her combo, you go 100 to 20 within one combo and then she dashes away. 2 kills and that goes from 100 to 0 . And that doesn't even involve the wall shit going on. Trust me - she's an assassin, not a bruiser.
You are in gold. There are no good players out there.
Haze97 (EUW)
: If League created a dating site.
And it still would be like every other dating site, which means all men would want to %%%% all woman, but all woman would want to %%%% a selected group of man that have a car, home, a dog, a lot of money, are handsome, tall, muscular and ... they don't want to %%%% those ugly %%%%%es.
JustClone (EUNE)
: YES. This is it! INVISIBLE, MOBILE IRELIA! WITH ROOT, STUN, PUSH... I was wondering what this game lacks. Thanks for opening my eyes...
Irelia is mobile too so wtf? Also she has a root and push too. And that invi is pretty shitty. I mean, when she goes in she doesn't go out so she would make more sense as a bruser. For now she isn't consistant so i wouldn't recommend her for ranked. She kills or dies, there is no escape here, because her escape is a part of her combo, so she uses it to engage, so its like she has 2 engages and 0 disengage. So she is actually worse than Irelia, but would still kinda work as a bruser. Irelia more broken even without invi.
: Pros all play her as an Assasin.
because they are pros, they know how to get fed on her, because if she goes in she doesn't go out, she kills or dies, which wouldn't be the case if she was a bruser
Pxerkza (EUNE)
: how is it not good? she has burst she has cc she has stealth and has damage tied into her basic attack that is situational Think of Talon with less mobility and with alot more CC
maybe because when she goes in she has no way to go out so she needs to be tanky or super fed
: we dont need another unfun to play against 5 dashes invis spam akali like champ on toplane so please DONT DO IT
I don't want it as well but her kit is made for it.
Rioter Comments
: Stop playing jungle then buddy, it's the hardest role to play. Find another one, trust me
I am good there. I do well. I had somewhere around 70% winrate on my main. What the %%%% happened that I can't win a single match. I know that I've got better than last season and I was plat. Now I can't get out of gold. Maybe this meta is not for me. Maybe I am unlucky. But dude, unlucky in 17 matches. How? This is ridiculous.
: Somebody still wins consistently. Somebody wins the matches which you loose. You suck not because of the game, but because of yourself. Your skill degraded or you dont know how to adapt. So, your winning issue is mostly because of you being bad at this game But I'll agree with other points. Game doesnt work, it is not funm punishment policy is ridiculous, community is awful and so on. I sincerely suggest you to uninstall it and forget it. I came back here only for TFT
The thing is that I don't feel that I could do anything in last matches. I watched them to get to know what to do and there was nothing I could do. I did more than I should. I even made great dives to get more kills than the game allowed me to get but it was still not enough. People in my games refuse to win. They want to lose. They don't care. I don't know how to win those matches and it was like 16-17 matches out of 20 that I had like this. Somebody trolls, somebody ints, somebody afks, somebody gets super toxic. Why are they only on my team. Before they were getting on enemy team as well. Am I unlucky or what? Will they stop? Is this game so unfun that people went crazy? It really doesn't feel like the same game that I was playing 2 patches ago.
Rioter Comments
: Tell me how this makes any f*cking sense. (matchmaking)
I also noticed that in my games. Matchmaking is %%%%ed. Sometimes there are 5 golds vs 5 plat or 5 silvers vs 5 golds. Like, try to climb when you have to carry your whole team, because 4 members are feeding.
: Exactly and that's really sad, cause they do ruin gameplay for thousands of players which are joining the competetive mode for some reason. And will keep on doing it.
Can't we just have 2 banning systems? That overwatch could work if it wasn't for all matches. Maybe just for matches that are reported as "inting". Then that would be actually pretty easy to work with and those cases with "maybe it was just bad 30 games" would disappear.
: not necessarily. people can do things because they can or will. people can change, that is why learning happens or they campaign for change and sometimes they win. the basics of people can change too. the world and people are constantly changing. some things in real life you can revert. if people or animals die, you can revive them if you know how. if not, you remember them and live for them. change the perspective of how you look at something and see it from a different angle
You are too kind. I used to be like this too. Will never go back to it.
: but this is an old way of thinking. people can change if they really work at it. not everything has a reason behind it. but please, keep it civil here
Of course not everything has a reason, but people's behaviour always has it. Whenever you make a silly decision, there is a reason, that is equally silly. The change you are talking about is all learning, the basics of that person will never change, therefore people don't change. You cannot revert something in real life, you can only progress or move on. When people die, you don't revive them, you move on.
: cant we keep this peaceful? there is enough toxicity in the community already
I am toxic and I won't change, because I believe that people don't change. Every odd behaviour or a change has a meaning behind it or is learned for some purpose, but the main characteristics of a person never change.
: Will there be lol mmo game ?
: I think that Riot's tech department needs to get their priorities straight
Lol. GTA 5 and The Witcher 3 on Ultra. League of Legends 40-60 fps. WTF is going on.
: ***
Not really. It is just a brutal truth. You can choose if you want to get offended or not. It depends from your feelings. The whole conversation was stupid to begin with, because your example makes no sense at all. You are comparing 2 completely different things and saying that they are similar. Sorry if I can't see that similarity. If I call you stupid, then it is my opinion about you, telling you my opinion is an act of offending, which then can be interpreted by you in many ways. And here you are right "The offender is never guilty of offending, because", that sentence was garbage. I was tilted after you demanded an answer by stating that some prisoners would like an answer. Honsetly, I don't care what you think or what you call me, because I am not a snowflake that gets offended by shit like that. There are people in this world that are %%%%%%ed, but should we really not use the word, because of that? Freedom of speech teaches us that we are free to say whatever we like to and if you take it out of context or get offended by it, it is your choice to make.
Inaphyt (EUW)
: League sucks because kills are too rewarding.
Yup. This is stupid. And want to know what else is stupid? It is difficult to take a proper action, because you don't know what is more worth. You can take a tower, but what if the enemy is worth 900g? Killing him would be great, but you can't tell how much is he worth right now. And look at Pyke, if he ults that guy, we are get 900g.
: what's really """"ruining"""" league
{{item:3095}} on assissins gives them more than on adc. It should be removed. Get Stormrazor and Duskblade and see what happens.
BooterLG (EUW)
: What are my odds of getting a permaban?
: Can I get banned for using Kled quotes in chat?
: Comparing Jail to another a form of punishment is not a fallacy, The example is valid, unless you want to get carried away and pretend people should get chat banned for one or two people ganging up on another to file a report, that may not even be valid.
Ok. I will tell you an universal truth "nobody cares". If you get offended by names, that you are called by, then it is your poor judgment. Getting triggered, because some idiot is an idiot is stupid. The offender is never guilty of offending, because he just declares his opinion, while the only person guilty of your feelings are you. Believe me or not, but you can actually control what you get offended by. Summaring: If you get offended, it is your fault. Of course you can report that bastard, but asking for more strict banning is madness. People are so scared of being banned for saying something wrong, that they don't even talk anymore. It is like playing with machines. Banning for being toxic doesn't solve toxicity, fixing the game would. People are toxic because they are frustrated and you should think about that. Every person that calls you by names is frustrated, even more than you. Emphatize with them, isntead of judging. BTW: Your example is stupid. Murder is when a person kills another person with malicious intent. Murder is only in that one particular kind of situation. In your example calling smb a murderer is the same as calling people %%%%%%ed, but murder has consequences and can ruin your life, while being called %%%%%%ed has no consequences and you will play another match, maybe even with the same person. How are those situations similar?
: If you are not guilty of a murder, but accused, would you enjoy explaining to your employer, friends, family, strangers, that you're not a murderer? until the police decide to do thier job and find proof of your guilt or admit you haven't murdered anyone. well then the same can be said about calling people names they may or may not be without proof
There is a huge difference here. Being accused of murder can actually get you in jail. Being accused of being %%%%%%ed can do nothing to you and the one that accuses you is a total stranger. He is nobody.
Rioter Comments
: People's behaviour after games and how disgusting it can be
If you are not %%%%%%ed, why does it bother you? I liked talking with other players, but now people are so scared of getting banned that they don't talk at all. They play like fkn robots. This is not interesting. I cannot even joke with them, coz they won't answer. They take everything seriously and if you say that they are bad, they get all defensive and triggered. They are so tense because they don't enjoy the game. They feel frustrated and have enough of this "witch hunt", that Riot implemented with their banning system. It is easier to get banned, than to get to bronze and harder to get lvl 5 honor, than to get to challenger xd Ok. I will stop ranting from now on. It doesn't work anyways.
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