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GLurch (EUW)
: Riot didn't state anything specific about this. They say [in an article about Chat Restrictions]( that you only need to play matchmade games. So, if you play Ascension, the amount of games you still need to play should theoretically go down, but I can't confirm this. Hopefully you improved your behavior (if it even was that bad) and have fun on the rift!
The problem is someone hacked on my account and played and it wasnt me now i must get down the chat restiction
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PaladinNO (EUNE)
: >Starting at level three, Honor Capsules start to drop as well. You can expect an Honor Capsule to occasionally drop instead of a regular key fragment. >##**Honor Capsules require no key to open and unlock a couple key fragments at a minimum. ** >Beyond that, Honor Capsules give a moderate chance at champ shards and a rare shot at the now Honor-exclusive skins Medieval Twitch and Grey Warwick. The two skin drops are permanents, and unlock the champion if you don't already own them. ;) _If it's any consolation, I too have stepped in it when not reading all of what it said on the tin._ ^^
Hahaha i guess i didnt readed that occasionally :D
: Both.
Thanks for answer because on site it says that you might expect Honor Capsule instead of keys so i was confused.
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: What monitor and GPU are you using? Also, what interface do you use to connect the monitor to your PC(HDMI, Display port, VGA, etc.)?
Generic Non Pcp Monitor,Nvidia GeForce 9600 gt 512 mb GPU and i think HDMI
: Try this: Right-click on your desktop > Display settings > Display adapter properties/Advaced settings Under "Monitor" enable "Hide modes that this monitor cannot display". Reboot and see if the issue persists.
Hey bro thanks for helping,when i go to monitor tab hide modes that this monitor cannot display is grey and i can't check it/enable it,what do i need to do.
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: I have the same issue from yesterday when I patched to 7.15. Until then everything worked perfectly, but when I patched, random lags started occuring.
same and on every site is says my PC can run on high idk what to do
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: If you were on a laptop, you could've changed the way your computer uses your battery. On my computer, it is normally at "power saving", which gives me 10-20 fps. If I turn on "Performance" mode (I got a program that came with the computer when I purchased it), then I get 90-130 fps. Idk if it is the same on PC's.
On my PC there is high performance in power setting but i dont know if it gives me more fps? :(
: Are you on a laptop or stationairy pc?
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