Ymir (EUNE)
: Ranked Rewards Policy
Well the season is over and all got their rewards (almost all). THANK YOU RIOT for punishing us not once but multiple times for things you already punished us for. Not only you did banned us for 2 weeks or gave us 100 games chat restriction, but you punished us AGAIN, months after our ban for no reason, and not only did we not receive the the solo queue rewards, but you punish me for my 5vs5 ranked team, likle are you fu**ing SERIOUS??? Months of hard work to go to play 1 with a 5vs5 team, never even opened the chat box as we were on skype, tryharding our asses to win master and challenger elo players, and you deny me my reward for a bit of flaming in solo queue that happened months be4????? I already lost my respect for this community a while ago, cos ppl buy accounts, get boosted, go ranked to troll and afk/feed (and if you say something you get banned), but from now on I wont have ANY respect or trust for this company as well. If some friends invite me to play I will, but for them to play with them, I'll never again play for my own will cos this game with these rules went over the lvl of full retard mode. Thank you for myking me waste an entire season of hard work on ranked for some "toxic" messages toward trols and intentional feeders, you just made THEM win and motivate them to go on with that kind on gaming behaviour.


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