Limitless (EUW)
: She isn't fine,she got even picked in the pro scene 1)Her stun works in a stupid way because if I have less Hp than her she can burst me while slowing (adc or squishy) while if I have more HP I just stay there 10 hours and waiting for the stun to end while irelia does 4001401023 damage on AA because of her W 2)she buys tanky but her true damage+fervor make up for the lack of damage 3) (insane irelia outplay kappa) P.S. the game doesn't work anymore like that,you don't buy anymore Sunfire and get free/easy one shots on the adc..
Oh thats just OverReaction she isnt that Powerfull i played as an irelia for quite awhile and She is strong and got strong kit and all but she not That Strong Her Stun isnt long as much as 1-2 Secnds And the fact at that ADC gose alone vs A tank is all ready a mistake , what you expeted to not get kiled by A Tank that can actuly jump on you and you cant brust him down form A far and any Case irelia is not strong as you say she is well blanaced unless riot Wants to Buff her up or narf her but in my opeion and considering All irelias i have seen so far She is not That strong unlike yasuo darius or Reneketon ( About those last two You cant even say anything cuz they are simply overpowered and Desrve a Narf same as yasuo and his abilty to Counter every skil shot in this game )
Limitless (EUW)
: irelia has infinite dashes too,tenacity on cc,lifesteal in her kit,true damage,tanky af but one shots adc,stun longer than my future..yet no one complains
irelia is some how fine , her stuns only takes effect if your health is higher then hers, her Dashs are not infinite she needs to kil mobs/champions to Rest CD what makes it normal and that Same Lifesteel come form her W and its Really isnt that big deal to deal it , the CD is like 10 secnds or so if i remeber right So you can hit her and kil her once that W expires , since she is much more weak after that anyways , the Tanky is just the mata you play on Irliea you can make any champ tanky af Just some champion become more stronger as tanky as Chogath and Maplf , her skill Kit isnt the thing that make her So tanky
: Or maybe reduce the duration of it It is an interesting ability, I don't think it should be changed, yasuo is already squishy enough he requires skill to dash around and position himself
Dash around? you noticed His E is a Dash and its has like 2 Secnds CD and also he can dash on the same targert every 4 secnds or so and ofc also gein dmg and buffs form that dash So Thats not his Parblom
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: Full Screen client
I agree it you also This will make the game look more cool and look much batter...and also Riot will have more Opetions and ways to make the Client even more


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