Renold (EUNE)
: Ranked promos???
It happens to everyone so just keep on grinding.
VoIdymort (EUW)
: dreadnova gave him a short beard. why not this one too?
No you see.... eh never mind i'll just leave.
VoIdymort (EUW)
: everyone saying how it's Graves and here i sit thinking...
If it's {{champion:41}} then where's the beard? Like you can take away the cigar but the beard?
: Timer for how long we have to honor someone (helpful since we can't honor more than 1 person)
> sometimes disappear without warning, would be nice to have a timer for the honor screen - You have like 50 or 40 seconds to do so. The timer is below the player portraits in the honor screen.
Minikyle (EUW)
: Key Fragments
** KEY FRAGMENTS** > **I'm spooked about key fragments. Can you give me all the changes?** > > Sure can. First, they drop through Honor now. The idea here is to give them a proper home, rather than just having them drop through arcane calculations at the end of your games. > > Get all your key fragments by doing two simple things: Playing games, and avoiding Instant Feedback penalties like chat restrictions and bans. That's it. It's an intentionally low bar, because we want you to get your stuff. You don’t need to be honored by teammates to get keys. Individual honors are connected to other rewards like loading screen flairs. Keys can drop whether you win or drop the game. Key fragments no longer drop at end of game screen. They'll hit while browsing the client or on login. ** Do I get more or less key fragments with this change?** > > The overall number of key fragments you unlock isn't changing, but the drops should feel more evenly spread across the month. Key gluts and droughts should be smoothed out.
AngelChanel (EUNE)
: Broken Star Guardian missions
You have to do the missions in hard mode (Onslaught).
: Your Shop appears to be messed up again
Nah seems fine. But i think it's missing something , the re-roll button.
: Eune as a server and haters on west
> His current Elo is Diamond 5 and my Elo is Platinum 3, which he means only would be like a gold 3 on euw. Honestly i think it's bs. It's the same thing as NA>EU or NA<EU , where people claim that if you are plat in NA then you would be gold on EU and vise versa. And yes you can claim that climbing in NE is easier then EW and vise versa. Sure it is because you already hit (insert rank here) on one server and you have the experience and mechanics to do so. > here's a lot more flame on the Eune server than Euw I haven't gotten to ranked yet and most likely will not on EUW this season but as far as normals go you still get the flamers and the trollers and so on but yes EUW at least in normals seems more chill. > 1. Do u mean there are any differences in the lower elo of both servers? Now i haven't played ranked myself on EUW but some guys i have met who claim to have acc's on EUW and in same elo (diamond) say that there is no diffrence between NE and EW until you hit diamond and up where you get more players who play this game competitively. > 2. Would u say its true that I would not be able to get Plat 3 on Euw? Well we won't know that until you try.
Sstigma (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Sidnas,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=9ziNAAYY,comment-id=00000000000000000000,timestamp=2017-09-16T07:49:54.589+0000) > > I know , everyones been trough this. Yes it&#x27;s not fun to get rekt / destroyed /deleted but what can you do. Just keep on playing and changing your play stile , learn from your mistakes and in time it won&#x27;t matter if you&#x27;re playing with a (insert rank here) guy or a dude under lvl 30. We can complain about it and let Riot know that their matchmaking system is a joke so they might do something about it...
Yea you could do that but lets be real they wont.
Sstigma (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Sidnas,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=9ziNAAYY,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2017-09-15T20:43:35.203+0000) > > Why would you? You learn way more from guys who have played this game for years. > > As for why , well when i leveled my account the closer i got to lvl 30 the more i had to play against lvl 30s and it&#x27;s just luck , like there&#x27;s nothing you can do about that , i feel your pain , here take ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つTAKE MY ENERGY. You don't learn if you don't even know what to do...Nor farming or warding.... And it's a huge impediment to win a game without having to try hard, you know... This matchmaking SUCKS. GG RITO.
I know , everyones been trough this. Yes it's not fun to get rekt / destroyed /deleted but what can you do. Just keep on playing and changing your play stile , learn from your mistakes and in time it won't matter if you're playing with a (insert rank here) guy or a dude under lvl 30.
: Permabanned for THIS CHAT? (rly?)
> Is it really necessary? I guess i will sue RIOT for scamming me like this. I paid like 300+€ on this account, and you close my account for minor behaviour misfits. You broke the rules , doesn't matter how much you spent , they can "do whatever the f they wanna do" Another one bites the dust.
Sstigma (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Sidnas,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=9ziNAAYY,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-09-15T20:34:02.424+0000) > > Because normal games and ranked have different mmr. > So a guy who is diamond or w/e rank in ranked , has lets say bronze mmr in normals (just a freaking example) because he hasn&#x27;t played them in weeks/months/years/decades or he&#x27;s playing with his friends who are under level 30. I can understand that but, why do I never play against people less than level 30? I always get them on my team. Before getting into a game I check who am I facing and I never have that "lucky" game... Sometimes we can carry the game but many others we lose because one lane becomes useless and feeds the other team so it ends with a terribly lost game....
> I can understand that but, why do I never play against people less than level 30? Why would you? You learn way more from guys who have played this game for years. As for why , well when i leveled my account the closer i got to lvl 30 the more i had to play against lvl 30s and it's just luck , like there's nothing you can do about that , i feel your pain , here take ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つTAKE MY ENERGY.
: My honnor level.
Ayyy calm down. The season isn't over yet so you still got some to to get lvl 4 and 5. How does honor work , i don't know , i see it as random , that's how i got my levels , didn't even play that much at the start when they changed honor but still got lvl 3 in 3 weeks. Also we don't know what are the rewards for having lvl 3/4/5 honor , so it might be useless.
Sstigma (EUW)
: Tired of having to play 4 vs 5. Someone less than level 30 on my team.
Because normal games and ranked have different mmr. So a guy who is diamond or w/e rank in ranked , has lets say bronze mmr in normals (just a freaking example) because he hasn't played them in weeks/months/years/decades or he's playing with his friends who are under level 30.
Faide (EUW)
: Wanting to climb out of silver. Please Help
Mate , you have only played 79 games in this season and you want to climb? Ranked = grind
mountoya (EUW)
: idk i feel like i cant corect myself in league ... i win my lane 90% of the time and have a minimum of 5/6 cs per mn and a max of 8 , i watch streamers like neace and solorenekton only some LS too but i feel like im a monkey when playing , i never was into the %%%%%ing about m8 cuz its bronze and people are bad on both sides...i think being bronze V for so long have fked up my confidence in league since im prety sure of myself in anything else maybe this is why i need a puh or a tap in the back to boost my mood but i realy apreciate u took the time to respond and read my painful english mistakes too , like u said climbing is slow so im gonna try to put more time in it maybe if i play more with this % ill be able to climb wish the best man :D
You can just stop being lazy =/. And to be honest it's good then you know that you suck that means you can improve and not be like the rest of hard stuck players that usually like to blame their team. If you don't know what to look for then maybe some basics. Don't over chase or overstay , now this will come in time as you learn when to back and when to stay. Go for the objectives , objectives > kills , your kda won't mean shit if you let them scale or get back in the game. Learn to not take free damage , this is usually weary easy to abuse in lower elo as players don't really move around and like to take them skills shots in their face or like to start fights in a creeps wave. If you think you are better then your teammates then don't be afraid to be the shot caller. Also you might go on win streaks or losing streaks , just don't let it get to you , keep on playing or take a day or two off league and chill out. If you want to climb then you need to improve, maybe watch a replay once in a while and think about what you could have done better or just try to identify your mistakes. Anyway good luck and have some fun cause it's just game. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
mountoya (EUW)
: i do feel stuck i mean can u just look at my % i win its not an illusion but with this speed i feel like i will get out of bronze in 10 years if there is important stuff to improve that u can see with my or even taking some time and watching a game of mine i would realy enjoy that ... geting a higher mmr take so much games ? ( bad english sry if it looks weird sometimes man )
Like you have a 54 % win rate so thats not that bad . Well the thing about climbing is that it can be really slow and you should get used to it , cause this is how it's going to be all they way to where you want to go. Now i'm not the one that should watch your games it should be you! Just watch what you did right and what wrong , what could you improve and try to apply it to your next game. Like yes i could see your mistakes and point them out but you have your own play style so you have to think of how you can improve it on your own. Also i'm a support only player so if you want to learn how to play your lane just watch a youtuber or a streamer.
: How to become consistent?
Chill out and enjoy the game . It could be stress or fear of dropping out of gold that's holding you back.
mountoya (EUW)
: im already spaming morde/mf with 62/85 winrate i just feel stuk while i win most of my rankeds ... dats why i asked for help
If you win and you are getting higher and higher how can you feel stuck?
: yeah but wouldnt it be better to see it? like lp on ranked
I don't know , kinda like it that you don't know when you will level up and when you do it's like boom! It's random , you don't know how many honors you have right now and how many you need , stops people from farming them or begging for honors.
alboz1444 (EUNE)
: I think I should do placements first and then proceed.
You do you man , just giving an example of how i did . Just keep on going even after loosing your first two placement games XD
mountoya (EUW)
: need help stuck in bronze
The easiest way to climb is to pick a role you like to play , then pick your main champ , play your main champ all the time , after a while pick a second champ just in case your main gets banned or taken , climb. {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
alboz1444 (EUNE)
: Should I start playing rank just as I reach lv30?
Hell yea.It's fun. Now i don't know how things are right now after you reach lvl 30 but when i did , i got rekt in every game , like the level of player skill just skyrockets but this is a good chance for you to improve your game and make your placements a bit easier. I had to play 40 or 50 normals before i could play ranked because i needed to grind for the champs.Started my lvl 30 games with silvers and golds , ended up with plats and i must say that after playing against plats in normals and getting my ass rekt , playing with silvers and gold in ranked was really easy. Also don't be scared to play ranked games , at first it might seem a bit scary ,but after a game or two you will see that it's just like a normal.
Rïvëñ (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Sidnas,realm=EUNE,application-id=WtAasNBw,discussion-id=y4sk08E1,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-08-01T08:38:31.537+0000) > > Yes. Nothing&#x27;s impossible :D :( It'd require unrealistic win streaks though
Not really , yes it's going to take some time to fix your mmr and get back to where you were before but if you did it once , you should be able to do it twice.
Rïvëñ (EUW)
: I Need Serious Help ;-;
> Is it possible to raise my back to normal from being this far behind? Yes. Nothing's impossible :D
: Has honor made the league less toxic?
Nope. Maybe it's because i'm playing on EUNE?
: Read this if u cant climb from low elo,....
HOW TO CLIMB FROM LOW ELO Super , duper easy -------> stop being a negative nancy. As for the champs , to be honest doesn't really matter what you play , as long as you don't know how the game works or what to do you won't be climbing.
I think that they might have had their camera locked on them , can you believe that some people actually play like that? Ridiculous ! Anyway what up with these punish posts , like jesus. Can we punish players for flashing their lvl 7 emote in my face? _**And the comments go on like "Yea lets burn the bastards"**_ How about punishing players who don't "cooperate with the team". **_Comments ---> "To the STAKE with them!"_** Like i know we Europeans liked to do this kinda of thing in the past , it might be in our blood , but hey it's not too late to change ! kappa.
: I thought it was the first 5. Either way, yeah, the earlier games matter more, as your Matchmaking Rating is dictated from a baseline of around Silver 5 (approximately, of course). With each new game, your MMR shifts to account for your wins and losses.
It could be first 5. In season 6 i got silver 1 with 7-3 score even though i lost my first two games.
ObyyOnee (EUW)
: Should i climb out of bronze or create a new account ?
Vangüard (EUNE)
: How can i Win can someone tell me
> How can i Win It's quite easy to be honest , all you have to do is destroy your opponents nexus.
CHG Tidus (EUW)
: Yes and no. I feel like taking a break will patch up things for me, but the community itself is the reason and it needs to change. I know I can not do that on my own, but I feel like A, I am missing out on something, and B, I really want to be a good example in League. I want to be something good in the Mix. If I would stop now, thit little good is gone as well, meaning you might have a saltier teammate than me next game. I do understand your point, but I don't feel this is the right step overall right now.
Alright.I get what you're saying but i don't think the community will change , like ever. I been playing this game on and off since season 3 and it's the same as it was back then. I take breaks from the game once in a while , sometimes weeks or months , need to get some air. Also getting back into the game doesn't take that long , max a day maybe two but then i can enjoy again it and have fun. Whatever you decide to do , good luck with it.
CHG Tidus (EUW)
: Why League is so frustrating to play as a single player
I don't know why but it feels like your time is up or you need to take a break from this game. {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
poustotost (EUNE)
: I need some help
If you care about your lp and stuff then go back to normals until you feel like you're back to where you were before the vacation. If you don't care about your lp and stuff then keep on playing.
: Can this matchmaking shit be already fixed?
There's normal mmr and ranked mmr So after not playing normal games for a while a master player will have a bad normal mmr and this happens. {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
: Scripters - why so many of them popped out now?
They have always been here , it's just that some of them are too dumb to understand that you can't make yourself dodge skill shots 100%. Like some time ago i played against a guy that was streaming and scripting at the same time , dude forgot to hide the scripts. {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
: Rankeds
Nope. It's not the champ or mastery level but the player.
Aragøn (EUW)
: [Help me!] How do I stop being so passive and conservative all-game?
Switch to normals or custom games and then just yolo. Make mistakes , go for crazy plays or stupid ones doesn't really matter as long as you can change your game style and not be so _conservative with abilities._ Or you can just pick up champs that suit your style.
Otter36 (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Sidnas,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=fo7Et5Yk,comment-id=000100000000,timestamp=2017-06-11T21:15:45.323+0000) > > If it didn&#x27;t effect you , you wouldn&#x27;t have made this post. > If you can&#x27;t take it then don&#x27;t , even if it effects you slightly , just mute and have fun. > {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} It''s "affect" but whatever
I will try to remember the difference between these two.
Sceizer (EUW)
: When your comment is getting downvoted when its a good and helpfull comment
Jesus! Just a second a ago you had 2 up votes ,with the power of the left click i fixed it for the time being . Someone or something is causing this madness.
Sceizer (EUW)
: let's split up and find who is behind this!
If you find something let me know!
xProwel (EUW)
: I usually dont get effected, but it was pretty bad.
If it didn't effect you , you wouldn't have made this post. If you can't take it then don't , even if it effects you slightly , just mute and have fun. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Sceizer (EUW)
: it seems like everybody in this comment section is downvoted I wonder why?
"They" don't want us to spoil their fun. :O
xProwel (EUW)
: What can i do when im being bullied in chat?
'Sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me' If not then mute them.
Oglaf (EUW)
: This game picked up a serious botting problem.
They have always been here , luring in the shadows , biding their time to finally reveal themselves fully and just don't give a F.
: am i the only one?
Either call ghost busters or an exorcist. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
: Do you find league enjoyable
Yes. > why do you guys still play league? enjoyable? for the grind? Because it's random. Every game is different , trolls, feeders , afk , flamers , normal people doesn't matter i am having fun in every game.
: Thats what i did... Kinda... Like... I started B2 (shame shame shame :^) And well, since in bronze noone really coops, i OTPd Kata, Fizz and LB... That got me to silver 4/3... After that, they decided to nerf everyone and so i didnt play a lot with them... So i went back to my main role (support) while at the same time tried to play some games in toplane (Darius, Yasuo) All went fine, i was winning like A LOT... But after i got Silver 1, 100 LP... and failed my promos to gold (because of some trollers) i just been getting people that dont use their brain... I mean, im also silver 2 i know, but there are some things that everyone should learn how to not do... When to roam, when to gank, when to play agressive, when to play safe... etc... But seems like, lately, noone knows that... I mean, even tho i have 68% winrate with kata in 40 games... I know that if i play her again, people will still do mistakes and throw the games... One example of this: Yesterday, i was playing Twisted Fate in the midlane... I went to check Overwolf stats of the enemy team... Draven Had 150+ Games... And i said: Botlane, try to play safe (since they were nami+varus vs draven+leona) draven might be OTP, he has 150+ games... What varus replied??? "STFU" Or my last game (before that lose), i won... But there was one time that my fiora really pissed my off... We killed toplaner (shen) and i pinged for help at Rift... I started attacking rift, she stayed farming top, i kept calling for her "Fiora, come here and help me", she kept farming... When rift was almost dead, she came (noc and shen were already by topside), she attracted their attention... Result: Both of us died... even tho we got rift... What i mean by this is... People should be more focused and coop with the teammates... When someone asks for my help, i go there unless i really have no chance to get there in time of saving them or something... But people around gold seem to not understand basic things ...
Well looking at your match history all i can is you're all over the place. Yes even if you play your best champ someone or everyone or your team will still lose their lanes , to be honest there's nothing you can do about it , it's just a part of the game. What can i say about silver. It's a hard place , you get smurfs , hard stuck dudes and new players , a big shit hole. Honestly the only advice i can give you is that you need to chill , pick a lane that you enjoy , pick a main champ , spam that champ , learn that champ and after you're done with it pick your second champ, < repeat until you have two to three champs that you play good enough. While doing all this, enjoy the game. Like nothing's going to change when you hit gold . Yes you get the boarder and a free skin and a champ if you don't own.But it's the same as silver , just slightly tinny bit better , you still get players who feed , afk and troll , if you're not enjoy this game as it is now then maybe just maybe you should stop.
Sidnas (EUNE)
: > I tried go toplane, midlane, support. And i still cant win more then 2 games in a row Stick to one lane and learn one or two champs no wait scratch that Master them! After that profit.
Or you can create a post saying "I'm silver 2 friendly player looking for a booster.... i mean duo partner". You get a free boost, *cough ,i mean you just play with a friend.
: How To Win Consistently In Silver 2??
> I tried go toplane, midlane, support. And i still cant win more then 2 games in a row Stick to one lane and learn one or two champs no wait scratch that Master them! After that profit.
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