: to people complaining about key fragment drop rates
I'm here to complain about chests not dropping gibe my petty ass some chests riot
: Not a huge fan of reworks in general :/
The rework that hurt my heart was Soraka. She's interesting but I don't think you can play her as a mid anymore or at least I don't know how. Her E is really powerful aoe root but it requires timing and positioning. She's still fun to play but I just feel like anything besides support doesn't work on her anymore. Her heal takes mana and hp and can only be used on others and she's pretty squishy. Although I love to nyoom towards low health teammates
Noahsark (EUW)
: Looking for youtube team
She roasted you good. Are you looking for someone good at editing or someone to play and bicker with?
sørud (EUNE)
: Youtube videos
This is more of game play with narration. You could write down everything you want to say then get the footage you need. It also helps with what you're actually saying making you repeat the same things less . This one might be because I have trouble with accents and hearing people but you could also lower the volume music. Goodluck
: Art for skins! [To the community!]
The duo boom one looks really nice. Someone help this person out, bump.
Cakrudin (EUW)
: Aatrox Spirit Crusher (Nightmare), Concept Skin, FanArt (Update) - Colored
: Kindred Mask
I'm screaming this is so good so good aaaaaa why isn't this featured this is so good I'm crying I'm in love
Qettu (EUNE)
: I need 13 rp! (So here is an RP art)
I love how her head thingy looks like the M from McDonald
: Skin Idea for Evelynn
How do you get spikes to look mechanic
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alasarcher (EUNE)
: Its calculated based on you MMR and your last season division. It will always place u in lower league (silver to bronze, gold to silver, plat to gold, diamond/challenger/master to plat), wins are deciding factor how low.
Rip me (Thank you for the info)
FriskyBob (EUW)
: No idea either mate, last year i won 6/10 and ended up in silver III, this year i also made 6/10 and got bronze IV, i made it to bronze I so far with only 30 ranked games, provisionals included.
That sucks :c. I hope it's not a matter of kills/deaths because that really takes away from people who play supp/jungle more. I usually tend to sacrifice myself or give the kills to carries.
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shadowolf13 (EUNE)
: RITO pls
that's me after 23 hours
Cenke (EUNE)
: Shaco is really unhealthy
I was so scared for a second, I thought he got the flu or something. But yeah while he is great in early he falls behind in late. Ofc he can change the game like any other champion, constant ganks (which can be countered by pink wards) are really good if he decides to get the lanes fed. Now I'm talking about Silver elo because that's the only one I've experienced, but from every match I've been met with a Shaco who terrorized our team and jg in the beginning, he fell down in late. If you catch Shaco after he wasted his stealth he's easy to kill and he can't really be the engager in late unless the player is good enough to know the positioning, routes and enemies movements. He's an assassin so he's made to go in, grab a kill and get out. He's not particularly tanky and each of his skill relies on knowing the envirorment and positions. I meant to post this like 4 hours ago but opened a new tab and forgot.
Sieklex (EUNE)
: LoL crashes my computer
omg the lines of - are actually transformed into really pretty lines im crying this is good stuff
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