: > [{quoted}](name=Silent Note,realm=EUNE,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=1wOTX1sV,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-09-18T15:08:39.756+0000) > > I don't really understand your Sona example. Why would {{item:3742}} or {{item:3800}} be effective? Her Eternals are: > Empowered Q Auto attacks on champions > Damage healed with W > > None of them is "Distance travelled with E" or anything movementspeed related. > > I have a better example for Sona. "Empowered Q Auto attacks on champions" will encourage players to hit Q Power Chord as much as they can, even though W or E Power Chords are way more useful in combat. I can see people using Q Power Chord in a 2v2 and lose the fight that they could've won if Sona had used W Power Chord on the enemy adc, or scenarios where the enemy is escaping, and instead of the E Power Chord they use Q on them, letting them escape. > Going for the damage healed with W eternal also leads to running out of mana with the W spam. > > Other than that I agree with the general point of the post. Actually tankyness on {{champion:37}} can be useful to lure opponents in wasting valuable CDs on you AND ult their faces easily if they have to get near you in the process. Most often than not opponents knows that you can swing a TF simply by pressing R, so they are kinda forced to try and deal with you if you let them think they can. Not to mention that a lot of supportive items gives you tankyness/CDR/mana (which you want) anyway so it's seldom a bad thing to go for them (i love {{item:3110}} on Sona when there a lot of opponents that may be affected by it).
{{item:3110}} is an item I also really like on Sona, had many games where if I hadn't bought {{item:3110}} we would've definitely lost.. I also kinda like {{item:3025}} when going for Glacial Augment and the enemy has many AD champions. I wasn't complaining about why someone would buy them on Sona. I know how tanky items on Sona can be really strong. My complaint was why people that are going for Eternal progress would want to buy those particular items.
wQApril (EUW)
: Tuto for not get banned
Or you know... Just don't say any of these?
: eternals might hurt this game AF
I don't really understand your Sona example. Why would {{item:3742}} or {{item:3800}} be effective? Her Eternals are: > Multiple (2+) champions hit with Crescendo (R) Empowered Q Auto attacks on champions Damage healed with W None of them is "Distance travelled with E" or anything movementspeed related. I have a better example for Sona. "Empowered Q Auto attacks on champions" will encourage players to hit Q Power Chord as much as they can, even though W or E Power Chords are way more useful in combat. I can see people using Q Power Chord in a 2v2 and lose the fight that they could've won if Sona had used W Power Chord on the enemy adc, or scenarios where the enemy is escaping, and instead of the E Power Chord they use Q on them, letting them escape. Going for the damage healed with W eternal also leads to running out of mana with the W spam. Other than that I agree with the general point of the post.
: 10years=10K-Rp
Or... 10 years 10 RP
11wildy (EUW)
: This is true, but is exactly what Rito wants. Having too much of one resource so people buy the other. This is why I refuse to pay RP for such a rigged system. I haven't heard of a single player who (almost) completely balanced their chests/keys
So what if that's what they want? All the loot you would get from that is worth it for you, so it shouldn't be a problem that they encourage it.
Ritmann (EUW)
: People who Alt + F4 right before the Victory/Defeat screen
They make it easier for me to decide who I'm gonna honor, because I won't honor impatient people who can't wait 2 seconds.
: I want to share my dream with all of you :)
I just turned 22 today, so I had a horrible nightmare that I was balding. Like it really just felt so miserable. Then I woke up, and was happy to be touching my hair for a few minutes. I was still feeling like crap after that. (Yes, I hate aging, I already feel very old and I hate having birthdays.)
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11wildy (EUW)
: I've got 21 unopened chests and no keys/fragments I wish I could afford buying some keys to open them all :( I need the orange essence to craft some skins
Get a pass during an event, and spend all tokens on keys. That's the easiest and cheapest way to get keys.
: I am pretty sure nothing will happen to these guys....
They weren't trolls. Vayne's match history is pretty reasonable, she had some good games, and then had this game. She was playing Vayne against a Pantheon, and Vayne is a champion that's weak early and is a beast lategame, while Pantheon's earlygame is one of the strongest ones, but he falls off later. The match lasted 20 minutes, so it didn't get to that part. Given the fact that Pantheon was destroying Vayne early (which is to be expected), Vayne's farm still wasn't that bad. Eve was popping off and got off successful ganks on all lanes. I see Zac tried to gank bot, Eve counterganked, and they got all the kills, putting your botlane incredibly behind, and even after that Eve ganked again, diving them. They were just doomed at that point. Based on the kill map, nobody ran it down once, pretty much all deaths were on your side of the map. I'm also unsure why you're blaming your team when you were playing Veigar, and you literally did the least damage in the entire game. (Even Soraka dealt more damage than you did, and you were playing Veigar, don't know how you managed that.) This is a clear example of a game where your team was simply outperformed by the enemy team, and you started flaming them despite you being completely useless.
: 95% of the player base can not play yasuo
95% of the playerbase doesn't even want to touch that champion
: Which of these is your favorite Ahri skin?
Foxfire for me. Back when I started playing League in early Season 3, that was the only quality Ahri skin. (I don't really like Dynasty and Midnight.) I remember you were able to spectate high elo games from the client, and most of the times when there was an Ahri in the game, they had the Foxfire skin. In no way am I saying that Foxfire Ahri is the best skin, but it's my personal favourite because I remember when it was her only good skin. And by that time's standards, it was a really high quality skin.
: Perma Ban
One question. Did you ever get any punishment before this one?
: How do you beat mordekaiser?
I've seen a 1/11 Morde challenge the ultra fed 9/2 enemy toplaner with his ult, both were on full HP, then Morde walked out of the duel with full health, so... yeah.. No idea what Riot was thinking there. I personally never play toplane, but in mid-lategame all Mordes I see just win duels easily against way stronger opponents.
: Perfect Combo
Congrats! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Kurotsu (EUW)
: You have to put a vote yourself and the results will appear Currently its SG - 8, PJ - 1
Thank you, now it works. Back when I wrote that comment, I wasn't able to put a vote. Clicking "Vote" was doing nothing.
: I have twice more defeats than victories in ranked games.
> And i have 16 wins vs 28 defeats. Yes, it's exacly twice more. Math isn't your favourite subject, is it?
: Can someone tell me why is this happening ?
Maybe they don't know how to play support. Vision is very underrated, it can give save lives all around the map by letting you track the enemy jungler, it can set up for picks, set up for objectives, all that stuff. From my experience autofilled supports only buy 2 control wards a game at max, when you should probably buy around 10-15 as a support. At least that's my guess and that's what I've experienced. Along junglers, supports have the most time to track the path of the enemy jungler, because you don't need to focus on farming, so you can ping wherever you think the enemy jungler is.
Copeaz (EUW)
: Star Guardian Event Reward Disappointment Page - Share Your 'Amazing' Rewards Here
Ahri champion shard (Already have level 7 on her, so meh)
v6dph018N6 (EUNE)
: How to cope with a unjustified ban?
Did you contact Riot support?
: I did all missions in Vs. AI TFT Dosn't count Conclusion: Free chest (Star Guardian Zoe for me)
TFT does work. I did 4 out of the 5 mission by afking in TFT.
: In 2 weak wolds wil start, SG "event" was been made to be 2 weaks event, riot wouln't make a pass for 2 weaks and people woulnt like 4 pass on a row without a break, i belive the SG event was weak cause riot dont have time to do a decent event for 2 weaks only (time between project and worlds)
^This. We just had events for 2 entire months (July and August), now we get a month break before the next event (which is in October). Think we're pretty much overwhelmed with events already.
Akaillusion (EUNE)
: because they made his healing so strong, you cant balance champ with nerfing other tihngs and not touching his main problem, the healing. they're like we will be removing aatrox ult revive, soo what should we give him now? YEAH I KNOW GIVE HIM ALOT OF HEALING!
I agree. It's like when Akali's shroud still had True Stealth, it was clearly the main problem with her kit, and all her other spells and damage got nerfed patch after patch while she still stayed op.
Kurotsu (EUW)
: I have both, and ever since getting pajama guardian I never played the normal star guardian again Especially with the SG Pillow Ward is just so cozy
I don't think I have that ward unfortunately. Also, how do I check the poll results? When I select one of the options and click on "Vote", it doesn't do anything, and I can't find a thing that says "Show poll results".
: Fan favorite champs Riot is too scared to actually nerf
{{champion:266}} got many nerfs, and he's still really op. Having a 52% pick/ban ratio in competitive games after that many nerfs says quite some things.
Salron88 (EUW)
: petition. Lets show riot we dont care about WORLD'S if they dont care about our game.
I've been waiting for this year's Worlds ever since the last one ended. It's fine for them to balance the game around competitive game for a few months around a World Championship. Ranked season is ending anyway, I don't think many people care about ranked at this point of the year. Majority of people already achieved the rank they wanted earlier this year, and if they haven't, these 1-2 months aren't going to make a big change. Also, competitive League of Legends is the peak of the game, that's where they know how to properly play each champion, so that's the best level to balance the game around. It would be dumb to buff the hell out of Yuumi, because bronze players don't know how to play her properly and have a really bad winrate, or to nerf Master Yi because low elo people don't know that if he gets CC-ed, he's pretty much dead. The only real way to balance the game is to balance around the best players. There's no reason to buff an op champion just because they're hard to play, or to nerf a weak champion because they're easy to play and people don't know how to play against them.
Rioter Comments
: Will gold TFT players get after season rewards?
That would make no sense. Why would TFT players get a skin as a reward when they can't even use it?
Kurotsu (EUW)
: Could someone explain the Worlds format to me?
So in group stage there are 4 groups, and teams are put into there based on the place they got in their regional. (So for example the 1st European team can be but in the same group as 2nd and 3rd place from other regions, but they can't be put against another 1st seed.) Then they play a bunch of games, all of them being 1 match games, and the top 2 in each group advances to Play In Stage. That means there'll be 8 teams remaining. The 1st place of each group will be first matched against randomly a 2nd place from any group. Then they play a best of 5, the loser team gets eliminated, leaving 4 teams. Then they also best of 5, you got 2 teams remaining, and that's the finals. It's also a best of 5. (At least that's how I saw it from last year's Worlds.)
: Nothing works in the client
The issue here isn't that nothing works in the client. The real problem is that the client itself doesn't work. {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
ShacoOrTaco (EUNE)
: Than how she copies summoner spells with that red eye? Hmm smart boi?
Than how she copies summoner spells without that red eye in any other skin? Hmm smart boi?
: i didnt said it to anybody trundle said it to me so wrote what trundle said to me
Someone else breaking the rules doesn't give you the permission to also break the rules.
ShacoOrTaco (EUNE)
: Why zoe has?
She doesn't?
: Why i got punished ?
> gay german and nazi + stupid facist racist How would you not get banned for that?
Chideki (EUW)
: You can do them in Co-op vs. AI, I usually find cool ppl there, since everyone is relaxed because it's against bots ^^
That makes me self-conscious. I'd be worried about what my teammates think that I must be so bad that I have to play vs bots when I'm level 230+. Like "Oh, this person is so bad that even after 230 levels still needs to play against bots."
Halk15jb (EUNE)
: U can mute teammates u know?
I don't like muting them. Then the thought of them maybe flaming me behind my back stresses me.
: They are easy. Made 4 of them with 5 games.
I can't do that, because I'm too scared to play anything that's not ARAM alone due to the toxicity. And none of my friends are online right now.
Rioter Comments
: I did them 3 hours ago. * 15k healing * 30 take downs * 3 drakes * one baron If you want to forget about them then you have 20 more games to play to finish them. I don't think that TFT counts to that "play 5 games". As a conclusion: joke missions with free chest (iG Leblanc for me)
Alright, thank you for the detailed mission! I mostly play ARAM, so the towers will take at least 3 games, 15k healing will depend on luck, takedowns can be 1 game, and the rest 10 games, which I may afk in TFT.
Rioter Comments
: Shouldn't have expected less of a reaction from the people on the boards, half of the community thinks the exact way though the people on the boards ALWAYS whiteknight riot for no reason, yikes, my bad. Even community "influencers" are starting to voice their concerns. Also, you clearly missed the whole point of the thread.
So using common sense is whiteknighting? You don't like it, then don't play it. But the fact that you don't like it doesn't mean that other people shouldn't play it either.
: The people who downvote the post are the ones who get manipulated into buying bad skins at the cost of having events removed
Or they are the ones that know that just because you don't like something, other people may like it. I could also say that I don't like football, so everyone else should stop playing it.
: Need a account name
Mcgalakar (EUNE)
: Your most silly hope for future?
Silly hopes aren't always silly. I remember when I was 6 years old, my godmother promised me that we would build a robot, which I considered a silly hope. But just this summer, my goal and project was ordering wires, servos, a microcontroller, all that stuff, and now that I've learned programming, I was able to make a robotic arm and was able to tell her that I took her seriously when she promised me the robot 16 years ago. Aside from that, I don't think anything is really silly hope. You can achieve anything if you're trying hard enough.
: The ultimate guide to never get hit by the auto-punish-bot aka "trigger words" [Rioters hate this]
My most memorable games though have been ones where my teammates were so nice and we were talking a lot about life and all kinds of things. These games were truly wholesome.
: New Boots for assassins ?
Flat Penetration: For Assassins, there's: {{item:3147}} {{item:3814}} {{item:3142}} , which give 57 Lethality. For Mages, there's only {{item:3020}} {{item:3165}} , which give 33 Magic Penetration. Non-Flat Penetration: {{item:3124}} gives 15% Armor and Magic Pen, so that's equal. For Armor Pen, there's: {{item:3036}} {{item:3033}} {{item:3071}} For Magic Pen, there's: {{item:3135}} So again, why do you want Armor Pen boots?
: now what tilts you the most
People flaming. Especially in normals while they're playing their 2m Mastery Point main, and you're trying out a champion that's new to you, and whenever you make a mistake, they're just flaming and elo shaming. Like seriously, normals are for practicing champions. This is what made me quit playing SR without premades.
BecaliRules (EUNE)
: Banned for this?
> BecaliRules: trash elo BecaliRules: i go afk BecaliRules: we cant win BecaliRules: STOP PUSHING HIM BecaliRules: sad troll BecaliRules: just report this troll please BecaliRules: this mundo lacks BecaliRules: actual brain cells BecaliRules: troll BecaliRules: this moron goes 1/6 and wants to surrender BecaliRules: pls report mundo BecaliRules: bought account BecaliRules: Report him BecaliRules: bought account? Report calling, elo shaming, negative attitude, insults. Also, Mundo wasn't as bad as you described. 5th most damage in the game, more damage than you did. Also more vision score than yours even though you were playing jungle and yours should've been way higher. I'm not saying he was good, but he definitely isn't as bad as you're claiming him to be. I kinda like his creativity with {{item:3161}} and {{item:3072}}, I can see why he would buy those items. Maybe it didn't work out in practice, but the thought process was reasonable.
Kravixman (EUNE)
: Except doing what you mentioned... like blocking projectiles, booping shield etc... I also molest my ADC if he's playing Ezreal with some spicy comments and writting stories how I pleasure him until he moans... Wait, does this makes me good Yuumi player or just weird and perverted? {{sticker:sg-jinx}}
What the f- {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
Poramies (EUW)
: > easier to play Even Riot marked Yuumi as 1 difficulty. {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
The hard thing about Yuumi isn't her mechanics. It's knowing how to most efficiently be your adc's human shield and how to use your adc as your human shield, and finding the balance/most efficient way to do so. There's a lot of decisionmaking even in her micro mechanics, while Xayah is really straight-forward and simple.
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