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: Why are we allowed to ban champions that are already picked by our team-mates?
The fact that someone is hovering a champion doesn't mean that the enemy team is unable to pick it. If there's a very broken new champion that everyone abuses, and the enemy team has first pick, of course I'll ban that champion regardless of what my teammate is hovering.
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: what are those champs that you choose when you level up?
Those aren't champions you can choose from. Those are your teammates, and you can give honor to one of them. Either for staying calm, leading the team to victory, or being fun to play with. (If you mean the thing that pops up after every match.)
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: i got perma banned for defending myself from a guy who was abusing me
Post chat logs, then we can judge whether it was deserved or not.
: I just won a TFT game in 1st place, but it didn't count as a victory in my provisional games
It happened to me too, and I think I have an idea what happened. I think in provisional a victory may be considered as 100 LP. I remember being on 21 LP, winning a game, then I had to skip the stats. I was still on 21 LP, but I feel like I was 1 division up. Are you sure that's not the case for you?
: is it rude to not honor premades when they honor you?
Depends. I always honor somebody, because it increases my honor progress a little bit. When I'm playing with premades, I mostly honor the premade who was playing the best, but if another non-premade teammate was doing incredibly well, I honor that person instead of my premades.
: there are a lot of pros wannabes who want to hit diamond (at least) and go big in this game i am not joking {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} also you know what's not fun is playing against a hyper fed fizz or zed, or a hyper fed enemy in general grey screen simulations are not fun which pushes us to do our best even in normals with trollish games from times to times if i am in the mood
Trolling isn't the same as off-meta picking though. That's a common misconception in EUW, they think that if someone is picking something weird, that's trolling, meanwhile it's simply off-meta, and Riot even encourages those picks. Like I remember a game where I went glacial Sona mid, and it was that effective that the enemy team wanted us to report Ahri (their midlaner). Of course it doesn't always work, but there's nothing that always works. The only difference is that when you lose playing an off-meta champion, the team starts flaming you for "trolling", but if you lose playing a meta champion, then it's already not considered trolling. Which is kinda sad, I hate meta slaves.
: is that why eune players run a troll comp in normals every game? like playing for fun always make winning against you easier :p and like i said it's purely mmr related there are serious tryhards in eune and "trolls" in euw too depending at what mmr range u play
Yes, it also depends on MMR, but this is what I generally noticed. Also it doesn't matter if it makes winning against me easier. The entire point of games is to have fun unless you want to go pro. People who go out to play football also play it to have fun, and not because they want to be world champions. It's especially true for normal games and fun gamemodes. And this is what makes me hate playing ranked. In ranked, if I lose, I'll get upset. If I win, I get happy about it. But I'm not enjoying the game for the gameplay itself, because I'm too focused on winning. In ranked I would rather take an easy win over a close lost game, even though the close lost game is way more fun to play than completely stomping your opponent without any issues.
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Adusak (EUNE)
: Idea for a new origins for TFT
I actually really like the idea.
: Is EUW harder than EWNE?
Yeah, my friend plays on both, and he didn't want to play Nexus Blitz with us because he claimed that on EUW everyone was abusing tanks and it wasn't fun at all. Then he played a few games with us and enjoyed it, realising that on EUNE people play the fun game mode for fun. I also played on EUW a good while back, and my experience is that EUW is full of tryhards who only care about winning and not about having fun, while on EUNE people actually know how to have fun and aren't just abusing whatever's overpowered currently, instead they're playing whatever they enjoy. Like for example if I was playing on EUW from the beginning and I adapted to their style, I would probably play Lissandra with Aftershock whenever I'm playing Lissandra. Now I either take Dark Harvest, Electrocute or Arcane Comet, because I just find Aftershock Liss unfun to play and unfun to play against.
VIT Laati (EUNE)
: Tried to send our beloved peg-legged friend to help you out, but got no reply.
: Give me 405 rp pls
Why don't you just buy 405 RP?
: Negative attitude around Builds.
Don't mind them, just mute them. I also hate metaslaves.
: Iron solari abusers (tft)
I never noticed Iron Solari being an issue. Honestly to me, it feels like one of the weaker items.
itsnonor (EUW)
Alex Veto (EUW)
: Ranked 20+ chapms (ERROR)
Are you sure you OWN 21 champions without counting the free rotation?
: > [{quoted}](name=Silent Note,realm=EUNE,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=WcdyaMfs,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-07-07T15:08:50.429+0000) > > Why would you forge tokens into BE? That's just a waste. I dont need any of the other stuff :/
Buying champion shards would probably give you more BE.
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: TFT Match Histroy
I think if that was implemented, it should only track ranked games. Many people would have match histories full of 10 minute losses due to afk farming tokens on TFT.
: Riot doesn't know how to use apostrophes
I'm not sure what you're getting at. It's correct.
dino0 (EUW)
: Its not normal just because pros do it doesnt mean i have to do it, simple u call it right thing i call it bullying forcing your will on someone else bcs youre stronger. and right? hell i started playing in pre season 2 and 2 toplane was "right" nothing is right there only diferent from to play
No, it's not about that. It's completely normal and happens all the time in my ranked games. The point is taking map control. You don't win the game by winning the lane. There's no reason for bot to stay bot after they've taken turret, because the second turret is very far away and they'll keep getting 4v2-ed. And if they just play near their own tower, that means they aren't making use of the lead they got, and they are wasting pressure. That's why they rotate top, that way it's easier for them to use their pressure over the map, they take down the top tower faster than the toplaner, get control over the map, then they rotate mid and get the tower there too. It's all about strategy and knowing how to make use of your lead and knowing how to apply pressure.
dino0 (EUW)
: Bot switching with top
Instead of wanting to report people who are playing the game properly and are doing the right thing, you should probably learn how to play the game. It's like if you wanted to report your jungler for taking dragon. Makes no sense. It's completely normal and the best thing to do for bot to swap lanes with mid or top after getting first tower.
: people defending riot 24/7 on forum
It's a decent game where spending money gives you no advantage at all, and the game itself is completely free. The lores are insanely unique and very well worked out. They make great music from all music genres. They make very high quality cinematics. Their collab with Marvel is also working out great, and Marvel is selling those digital comics for money, while Riot is giving them to the players for entirely free. That's the key word, free. The game, the music, everything Riot makes aside from some in-game costumes are for free. And you can even get paid content for free ever since Riot created Hextech Crafting. Riot is offering you so many things for free, and you can decide whether you want to play the game or you don't like it. That's why I see absolutely 0 reason to hate on the company. Playing the game is free, and you always have the option to leave the game if you don't like it. But seriously, why do you complain for free things? Like if someone stops you on the streets, gives you a watch for free, are you going to start complaining that the watch you got for free isn't made out of gold?
: %%%%%%ed Chat Restriction/Report System
If it was getting adapted to kids, people would get less bans for being toxic. Mature people know that flaming doesn't advance the game in any way, doesn't help your team, and literally doesn't achieve anything, however kids think flaming is cool.
: Token Stash
You earn way less tokens if you don't own the pass. The pass gives you 18 tokens for first wins of the day, so each day you spend not buying the pass, you lose out on 18 tokens.
Pixelbits (EUW)
: A request for a full gameplay footage of a high elo ADC solo carrying a lower elo iron/bronze game
Watch Tyler 1's VODS. I hate that person, but around 4-5 months ago, he had a bet vs Yassuo on who can climb higher from unranked in a month. He played adc like 97% of the games, and on Twitch VODS you can see full footage.
: Rework Kindred ult
I think this way her ultimate just goes to show that she can indeed control death. The concept you want is already used for Karthus.
Askarth (EUW)
: 150 mission points compensation not granted, there is a guy who has 2300 points in TFT
Blakex13x (EUW)
: getting fed up of being banned
> you know what %%%% you im uninstalling not gonna waste my time That's a wise decision and helps out the community! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: What is the best and worst time of the day to play ranked?
Around 8am-1pm during schooldays, because the kids are at school.
: so riot want build a league of legends world?
Riot has been building the League world for 10 years now. With deep, detailed lores, a world map, events happening in this world, regions, special places, all that stuff.
: Boards users how do you handle your irl jobs
> Do you downvote your customers that you don't agree with and potentially roast them kappa > Seriously is the paycheck worth changing your behavior so much $$$ > If you don't change it much how do u get away with it? I don't get what you're exactly trying to ask here. > Do you find it mentally or physically exhausting? How do you find time to play league? Mostly mentally exhausting but can also be physically exhausting. Well job is only 8 hours at max, so you have like 10 hours of free time. (I didn't count sleeping as free time.)
The Fifth (EUW)
: I wish there was a better way to thank you for taking the time to write this down, I'm sure many other people out there share the same thought. So thanks again and keep being awsome! {{sticker:sona-playing}}
Thank you for the nice comment! {{sticker:sg-kiko}}
: > A positive post And the drama? _-_ This is the stuff we all encounter but we can't remember because our mind is busy with the other game where someone feed, flamed or rage quit. Cool idea: Try to focus on a single story, give more details (10-15 lines per story) and make your own "Silent Note's Stories #1" posts. I will read them for sure.
I don't want to spam posts, also, looking at the downvotes, people already didn't quite like this one either.
Chaethaon (EUW)
: Game crashes when Lulu transforms me into a rat
Lulu really needed that buff, she hasn't been played in professional games in a while.
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Łûx (EUW)
: This is a really good suggestion ! ^^ ty ! ^^
No problem! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Łûx (EUW)
: I'm looking for a new name can someone help me !? ^^
Already gave you a suggestion on your other post. (TripleRainbowGuy, it's an available name.)
Łûx (EUW)
: I'm looking for a new name ^^
TripleRainbowGuy. Because Lux has a double rainbow, another rainbow for homosexuality, and the guy because you're a guy, and because the name "TripleRainbow" is taken already.
: why do people keep saying PINK ward
Because we had pink ward before it got replaced by control ward.
AdamX69X (EUNE)
: Adding skins to the champions in tft
I don't think it's a good idea. Would make it more difficult to identify certain champions that the enemies have. Would make the gamemode a little pay to win, because the more skins you have, the more time it will take for your opponent to identify the champions and count have many of them are left in the pool. Also, what about champions you have more skins for? Which one would it automatically equip?
: that's because Frozen mallet makes your unit a Glacial. Why do you want to put it on a Glacial unit, if he is already Glacial ? lol It would literally be useless as its the only effect on the item
Did you even read the post?
: Except I don't see those as having much value, there's realistically a 10/1400 (or less) chance that it's something that would have value to me so like, might as well just clear it all at once and see if I get anything
I personally really enjoy opening them, it's like opening Christmas presents, you never know what the box contains. I give that much attention for each chest/orb, that before I open one, I always pet/rub the head of the Sona figure and the Poro figure on my desk for good luck charm.
: it's more time consuming tho
Don't look at how real my following example is, it's only for example purposes. Let's say you work 100 hours to get a slice of a very delicious cake. You worked off your 100 hours, then you get the slice. Would you eat it as fast as possible to not consume much time, or would you eat it slowly, enjoying every bite of the cake you worked hard for?
: I opened 3 chests at once and got :
Open them separately. That way you get way more excitement out of opening the chests.
: TFT need matach history.
Just screenshot the post-game screen?
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