: >Losing a game while playing said weird character does not mean the character is trash in this position. Sooo.. what is your winrate on these "viable" supports?
I don't know if there are winrate stats for every champion regarding my profile alone cause i never bothered to look at them, but even if there are, is there a distinction between playing the character as a mider versus as a support? EDIT: I found it. It shows (for the current season) 64% winrate as a support with Ahri. Below is the image: https://i.imgur.com/LhSGsIg.png In case it matters, i am Gold 2. Obviously these picks become less viable the higher you climb and play against better players.
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: The right decision doesn't always win and the wrong decision will not always lose. But in most cases if you know how to look for it, there is a clear right decision. In your post your first point is just saying that you are not doing this to troll, which is fair. Then you talk about how your decision draws flame to you, and you finish your list by saying that people should just learn a play style which they will only use when they get randomly teamed up with you. Interesting. You lightly mention it, but you don't go into details on the most important aspect of your post: the **trade offs**. Kill lanes have always existed. They have been built on the idea that exploiting the weak early game of the ADCs is a solid plan and bringing unusual champions with high kill potential can do this very well. But even among these kill lane champions some are more efficient than others and simple math can tell a lot about it. The reason why Vel'Koz, Xerath and Brand became popular "support mages" is because they have very strong combos, good kill potential and most importantly: high base damage, so they don't need too much money to be a threat throughout the whole game. The two champions you listed, Ahri and Diana definitely fit the first two criteria: they have strong combos and good kill potential without question. However when compared to the mages i've listed Ahri and Diana rely way more on their items for their damage. Brand and Vel'Koz in particular only need 2 items to be a major threat even in the late game, while the same cannot be said about your picks. So you are picking unconventional and subpar options because you like those champions. That is fine, basically every OTP player does this, but just keep in mind that you are essentially asking your teammates a favor. Moving on. In your 4th point you talk about how people should adapt to the situation, which is a fair stance to take. As a game-knowledge focused player myself i honestly think that experiencing new and unusual situations can provide valuable learning experience to players and ultimately help them become better players. However, yet again you are only lightly touching one of the two problems in the situation: 1. Losing some CS as an ADC is very damn important, especially with the current bounty system. If your teammate you are supposed to support gets as few as 10 CS behind, helping them get a kill or an assist might not be enough of a compensation, depending on the situation. While staying safe and farming less is clearly a better alternative to dying, you are the one who presented these choices to your ADC by picking your champion. You could have picked one where the options for your teammate would have been staying safe and farming a lot vs farming a little less and playing even safer. 2. You have a plan and you pick a champion according to it, which is absolutely fine. However by definition, the meta is where everyone knows what to expect from others and what is expected from them. You want others to adapt to your plan while in your post you have shown no sign of a willingness to adapt to the ADCs plan instead when your ideas are in conflict. Once again, you put an extra burden on your teammates, essentially asking a favor of them. ---------------------- In conclusion: should your teammates rage of flame you? Definitely not. But you should not act high and mighty either. You are not informing the open minded here, you are just explaining that you didn't realize that you are asking people a favor or a bit of blind trust and in return you look down upon them if they deny this to you. Communicate with them properly.
I 100% agree with your points. I don't force my picks most of the time. Usually i end up chosing 4rth or 5th, so i can tell if my character can prove beneficial against the enemy team combo. I also play conventional supports (Sona, Janna, Leona etc.) But my main problem is that people flame before we even join the game and then if we lose, they just blame me while ignoring everything else. Which is laughable. If their Diana mid gets real fed she practically kills me (Ahri) in one R and my ADC together, so i end up with a 12 deaths or something only for them to claim that i fed her. But yes, you are definitely correct in that i should also take my team into account.
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: Why League of Legends is Toxic.
I am a flamer. I will tell you why i do it. Because i get infuriated when i see stupid people. I just can't fathom what in the name of god is going through an Udyr's mind, who, instead of protecting the top inner tower decides to go get blue buff and this %%%%%%ed decision ends up losing us the game. Or when a bot duo remains in lane with 20% hp while the enemy bot is full and jungle and mid is on their way to gank them, while my bot has no ways to escape. Its just nerve racking.
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