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: You know that you can get that bonus ip for a co-op vs ai game? Even 3v3, which you can pretty much push 1v3 in less than 20 minutes. If you want the bonus so much, start with 1 vs ai game, get bonus ip and then play in a pvp mode.
true forgot that, i actually can do that sometime myself. but i guess you see my point a little?
: You have to have lateral movement when playing against Xayah and her damage will go down by a lot.
I know but I'am aiming more at the lower elos were moving/kiting isn't a easy thing. She is just not working at lower such as bronz to plat because of the dmg output she can do when no one moves around. i just think it is a unbalaced champ for that elo.
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: But it doesn't mean that "everyone gets it". If you don't log in every day then you don't win and you don't get it. Unless you want rewards for logging in and **not** playing, in which case I can't see the point.
If you have to win a game to get the bonus, there is a point going in each day playing,( kind of ). Thing is with the daily bonus is that it's not guaranteed getting it first game, this is a form of an sellout to make people play each day. So if you will get bonus without playing many will not play as much as they do. This is just my thoughts. I tI think the system is good, even that it takes alot of times getting Ip.
DarkG0d (EUNE)
: Did you reply to yourself?
haha, yes. i never really make a topic so didn't expect somone to actually comment. this topic is kind of a joke but still with a purpose of wanting a nerf on Xayah
Simon Sol (EUNE)
: Dear Xayah
Wow what an ideé seams like a very good change to me, hope riot will listen to you and fix it {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
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