iAnimus (EUW)
: I feel you bro. Not a single game on my main role since ages. I also main mid and play support as secondary, I mean it would be ok if one out of three games would be my secondary role support but not fucking all of them. Damn annoying tho.
Yea, but I think no one who reported that problem got clear answer - I'm so tired of playing supp and I still hate dynamic queue. So nothing changed...
badace (EUW)
: after spotting that issue, now i go mid for 2nd and get my 1st picked top almost always, when i get mid i ask to swap and always have positive answer. support is my favorite role actually, but i don't wanna play support if i want go top! as you sad, and i feel it too: i almost started hating supports after experiencing this issue. and now i love them less, tbh. that's what dynamic q did to me and it's rly bad.
I feel a little better now since I found a good adc, but when I want to play alone it's still a pain in the ass, 0 changes to dynamic queue are driving me mad. I mean, playing with random adc is always so stressing for me, especially when they're pinging me like crazy and flaming for their own mistakes :( I even started to learn how to stop playing as supp :<
iAnimus (EUW)
: That is not how it should work. There is a reason you main a role. Getting forced to play as anything else than your main role in 90 % of games ist more than annoying.
I didn't thought someone might reply to my old thread hahahaha. It hurts that Rito didn't do a thing to fix that ;/ I'm still forced to play supp almost everytime :x
Vega1012 (EUW)
: I have the exact same problem. I have ADC as primairy and Support as secondairy. I play an avarage of 9 games support vs 1 ADC. Now i dont mind playing support, but i feel like this new system isnt even trying to find me a game for ADC, because i INSTANTLY get put in a game as support. I like to switch things up and if i feel like playing support i put that as my primairy. So WHEN i put ADC as primairy this dynamic que should really give it a little effort before shoving me into Support.
Playing one role on and on is boring! I wouldn't be happy even if I would've played mid 100% of my ranked games, thats why I don't want to stop playing supp, I just want some diversity :3
vav4o (EUNE)
: Do you want to hear something fun. I was first bot and secondary mid and I got jungle. I don't know is this a bug or other but I can't play jungle.
Jungle is my worst role too! Must have been a terrible experience >.<
DinoZyra (EUNE)
: Hey my favorite roles are jungle/support in this order . Like you In my last 20-30 games I played around 4 games jungle... I'm not a person that tilts , especially in games but I really started to hate support because I'm not looking to improve in my support play , I'm a mediocre support player with only 4 support champions mastered. It's a fun role but when your team is bad you are completely useless. My last 20 games were 7W-8L as support and 3W-1L jungle. After I played around 12 games as support in a row I finally got the chance to play jungle and it felt like I just won the lottery. After carrying 3 games as jungle I said: THIS IS MY ROLE RIOT! I love my jungle and my support but I have more experience and skill with jungle and I can climb way better playing jungle than playing support. If this goes this way all year I think I'm gonna quit ranked , in normal blind pick i get like 50%jungle-50%support , depends on how fast i can write xD. Riot should make support have a bigger impact in the game or to make the adc to be less reliant on the support so the support can do anything else than sitting like a duck in bot lane and protecting the adc after they do mistakes which I think is one of the reasons people don't like support. I mean support is fun but people want to not rely on their team to carry them . I mean in a close game as a support is fun and intense but when you see all your teammates are just bad and you can't do anything about it it's the worst feeling. I'm only playing around 20 games a week and I want to play at least 50%-50%.
Yea, I mastered fast writing "mid" last 2 seasons and now my skill is useless hahaha :D Thanks for your post, and opinion about new queue.
: i always pick top > mid. not that I mind playing anything else, but at least i get my main lane pretty much 90% of my games. And when picking top > fill = 90% support. maybe try supp as main role and mid as 2ndary? xD
My friends who have supp as primary said it's not the best idea ;p
Immolatorgr (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Sinariee,realm=EUNE,application-id=ln3nNJrX,discussion-id=AzIIVUWl,comment-id=001600000000000000000000,timestamp=2016-02-03T21:39:15.987+0000) > > I don't think community and their preferences are the problem here :< I think it's matchmaking and I won't change my opinion so easily ;P I want answers! Eh? I think you missunderstood a bit. I am not trying to sway you from your opinion, I am just stating my PoV. What I am saying is that the majority of people dont want to play support, thus creating more games that need supports rather than any other role. That is what creates the problem in the system, not that the community is problematic (at least for this case).
Lack of supports is creating the problem, now I get it. I'm trying so hard to understand everything, but english is not my first language :< Sorry for misunderstanding!
: Actually I wrote this 6 month before the dynamic queue came out. And the wrenchman said, that they have the idea when this happens, that they will add incentives for support players (like extra ip gains)
But I don't wanna ip... I just wanna play my favourite role ;( Giving me bonuses won't change the fact that I have literally 0 fun in rankeds because of how frequently it gives me supp.
Xaytsr (EUW)
: Welcome to the land of eternal supp... Before you stands two doors. Beyond the first lies slightly longer Q times and never seeing supp again. Behind the other is a world of eternal supporting where you will never again play any other lane. Choose wisely youngling for this choice may affect more than just yourself. Beyond that I feel the need to say a perfect fix would be to bring back Team Builder... js...
Choice was not hard enough to be challenging, I wish my queue was longer so I could play supp less! I hope community will understAnd my decision, because it's like choosing betwEen me - and others - playing supp little less or abandoning this role FOREVER! Maybe someday, Riot will see my problem and I will be able to leave the Land of Eternal Supp! (it was fun to write :P)
Teejoon (EUW)
: Yea, same here. I was about to write a post about this. I pick Bot as primary and support as secondary (since they are to only rolles I can play good and have fun with). So far I have played 29 games with the new queue (Normal + Ranked) an I have only got Bot 7 times and support 22 times. Its worse if we only looks at ranked. 1 time bot and 12 times support. Like really? Why do I even have to pick a primary if I only get my secondary? They also took away team builder were I could queue up as Markman and just wait. Even if it took 20min it's more fun then to get in to games and play support. Game after game. They need to fix this. My opinion is that no one shouldn't have to play there secondary more then 60% of there games even if it will mean longer queue time.
So someone is even more unlucky than I am ;/ I never really played team bulider coz 90% of time I play as premade on normals :P
Sunkanx (EUW)
: New system is good but it is broken. I chose 10 times Bot/Support, because i main adc and secondary role suppm and i always get support. Don't get me wrong. i really like to play support, but not all the time in all games. It is really annoying. Not one game i have played something else than support. Riot please fix this. Thanks. :D
I hope more people would write comments like that, at least I know I'm not the only one annoyed by this matchmaking decisions :3.
Immolatorgr (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Sinariee,realm=EUNE,application-id=ln3nNJrX,discussion-id=AzIIVUWl,comment-id=0016000000000000,timestamp=2016-02-03T15:49:39.347+0000) > > But you said it's players fault and in my opinion it isn't :D Your idea with % of games is sounds good. It would be great if somerimes you could just ignore your secondary role. I want to get best of both worlds ;p But now I get worst of supp world xd If you label a preference as fault then yes. I said its a problem not a fault. A problem that is generated by a preference.
I don't think community and their preferences are the problem here :< I think it's matchmaking and I won't change my opinion so easily ;P I want answers!
Vuks (EUNE)
: With how easily achievable support role is right now, I'm considering getting myself into a hardcore training centered around playing mage/assassin supports (Vel, LB, Annie, Pantheon, Brand if I had him, Lux etc.).
Mage supports are really cool in early, but I feel like they loose a lot in lategame because Sighstone is taking one spot for item :P
Immolatorgr (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Sinariee,realm=EUNE,application-id=ln3nNJrX,discussion-id=AzIIVUWl,comment-id=00160000,timestamp=2016-02-03T15:27:33.742+0000) > > You can't force people to play supp - I like it but rest of players doesn't have to. I'm not mad at yall for hating playing supp, but I am mad at system. They should encourage to play supp and change the matching, because as you can read in the comments - it's not only my problem. It stops being fun when all you do is play supp, especially when it's not your favourite role (second fav for me). You dont force them though with my suggestion. You just give the system the option to ignore if you have a certain amount of games, a role and continue searching for a suitable team in the match making with your primary. In effect you penaltise yourself time wise but it should an option. BTW I also supps so its kinda illogical to me to hate them :D Also it gets tiring when you want to play something else in normals and you cant because you pick fill and you are sup again :)
But you said it's players fault and in my opinion it isn't :D Your idea with % of games is sounds good. It would be great if somerimes you could just ignore your secondary role. I want to get best of both worlds ;p But now I get worst of supp world xd
GripaAviara (EUNE)
: The thing is riot should either make support more interesting or remove the snowballing champ mechanic. Because i can tell you why I mainly don't play support: it's the most frustrating thing when you have a decent bot and jax or other top monster that got 5-0 in 10 minutes cames and instantly kills you and adc
Yea, even as tanky supp you have to die a lot in midgame. I think Riot tried to make support more enjoyable some time ago, but now they again forgot about that role(all that adc and juggernauts)
Immolatorgr (EUNE)
: Support and fill = support in the system. Most people dont want the dusty inglorious work of the sup. Its a problem of the player base not the system really. Though they could have made a work around like this (ideally the player would have a say by checking it on and off): Ignore the secondary role if you have a % of games (say 70%?) as it in the last say.....5 days? And continue searching for primary role.
You can't force people to play supp - I like it but rest of players doesn't have to. I'm not mad at yall for hating playing supp, but I am mad at system. They should encourage to play supp and change the matching, because as you can read in the comments - it's not only my problem. It stops being fun when all you do is play supp, especially when it's not your favourite role (second fav for me).
ShadWooo (EUNE)
: this is real issue and needs to be adressed by riot
: I play support as first choice and fill as second. I don't mind playing support, in fact I love it :) you can play a lot of diverse champions considering team comp and wombo combos ;) if you dont like it as much just do a bit like i do sometimes: I play mainly an Annie support, but I play it in a way that early game I support, but mid to late game I play like a regular AD champion (I hope thats the correct term XD). My masteries and runes build aren't even support based XD Remember, I said i play this occasionly because sometimes I wish i could mid, but I understand that there are milions of better players out there so I tweak my support role ;) you sould too if you are playing too much support and don't want to. Try to make support diferent and it won't just feel like "oh yay, i'm playing support again! (sarcasm)", you will actually enjoy it! That beeing said, I agree that you not getting the chance to play your main role often sucks and that I think it was easier back in season 5 to get said role. Sure you'd get a lot of "mid or feed" or "mid or afk", but i rekon you could still play your role 80% of the time if you asked your team m8s ;) Hope my views are worth something for you all, peaceeeeeeee ^^
I love playing mages, that's why I also like to play supports like Nami or Morgana! I have 5 mastery on Nami and Leona and sometimes I have lots of fun playing supp but sometimes it's not just about fun. Frustration on supp can rise really high, since you do nothing when your team is bad.
: Its not system fault. The main reason is in players. Most of players for unknown reason want to play mid all time. Also there is small number of players who want/can play support, Soooo....
It's not my fault if I like or don't like playing supp/mid lol... Is it bad I have best kda and winratio on mid? Should I feel bad for it?
GripaAviara (EUNE)
: ofc they are not trying to give you mid ! because the system instantly knows: 1000 players want mid in your mmr range, and 2 players want support. So he gives you the fastest solution by far. I don't know the algorithm but the idea of 2 roles is to give you the faster one while prioritizing the main role. If the situation was 1000 players want mid and 900 want support, then maybe you would've gotten support. Don't want to play support? Then pick MID-TOP in the game you don't want to pick support. It's that easy
I won't argue with you anymore. You can't understand my first comment then stop yappin. If more people will start having attitude similar to yours all supports will quit someday...
GripaAviara (EUNE)
: No, the primary and secondary role mean if there is a shortage of both almost equally, you go to play primary instead of sec. Mid is the most popular, for a Mid-ADC role, you can end up waiting over 10 minutes for a game, as for a sup, you get matchmaked in max 2 min. Do you notice the difference in shortage?
I wait 20 sec max (but mostly it's instant), really. That means they're not trying to give me mid - they see someone with support picked as secondary role as someone who MUST play supp and that's not okay!
GripaAviara (EUNE)
: Yes. Because supps are rare Support is an unattractive role because if the adc it's an idiot and farms all game and doesn't follow your directions when to go back or to join you in an assault, you become useless. Same thing happens if there is hug lane pressure and your team ignores bot lane, you are again useless. All this things make sup role very frustrating in lower div. I've tried going sup and ended up full of rage because the players can't team up. There are so many games when the most teammates team up was 3 because someone always had to solo farm or had to go rambo before the teamfight
I enjoy support but I'm not willing to play it in 76% of my games, 10 times in row (maybe I use that sentence a lil too much). I feel like Riot is loosing support players with situation like that. I'm not in the mood to play support so much, and I will never be so I think I will have to stop picking it if there's no answer and Riot acts like there's no problem.
: I have exactly the same problem. I'm picking mid as primary role and support as secondary role. After queuing for 3 seconds! i get my support role... I want the queue to try to put me in my primary role. Well 3 seconds... that didnt last long... I would wait a minute for my primary role. Then you can put me in my secondary role. But the way it is now is kinda disrespectful regarding me. Not even giving me the feeling of fulfilling my wishes. I hope riot will work on this problem. I would appreciate it if someone has a link to a statement of riot on this topic if any exists. And i want to add that giving up the support role is not an option. its my best role (even better than mid cause i played it during s5 exclusively). But this season i want to play mid too and it should be possible to get the position you want. in a competetive environment you shouldnt be forced to drop your best roles because you have to cheat on the system.
Exactly how I feel! My wait time is so short I feel like Riot is ignoring my primary role. Sometimes when someone queuedodges I am put in 5 lobby's... every time as support (had something like that yesterday) so I really feel Riot is not even trying to find a game without midder. Mid is my best role and I see on my page that I win more when I'm playing it, so I feel like they won't let me climb. I know good support is a worthy teammate but tbh it is much harder carrying as supp :(
: Im sorry but if you dont want to Play support, just pick another dann role AS secondary? I dont get this whining at all. You can change your roles after each game you know? Just dont pick fill or support AS one of your roles und you dont have to. There is nothing riot can do about it. Longer queue times wouldnt help at all. Or do you think more support players nagicaly appear just because you wait longer?
Is this that hard to get? I WANT to play support, but it's my SECONDARY role so I should play it LESS than my primary role, and it's the other way around! Do you want to make all support players quit their roles? Is this only advice we, support players, NOT mains can get? With comments like that you're not making any difference...
D1nzu (EUW)
: Top as primary, mid as secondary = Always top Jungle as primary, mid as secondary = Always jungle etc... Fill = Always support RITO PLS
I am scared of picking fill :x Now I know I shouldn't be cause I will get support anyway :p
Ulriah (EUW)
: Yeah this is very messed up, I think nobody would mind if we had the option to spend more time in queue in order to get our primary role. If you don't mind the RNG, fine, but if you prefer your primary, wait a bit more, fine by me. This is especially stupid for normal games, Team Builder allowed you to play whatever role and champion you pleased, albeit at the cost of waiting for a while depending on the role. If you want to learn a new champion now, you need to rely on RNG and pray that your champion doesn't get ban if it has a high ban rate. The community wanted a TB system for ranked so that people can play their most familiar role and not rely on RNG (pick order). Instead we received the same crap with just a different aspect.
I think it's a good solution! I always wait only couple seconds, but I don't mind waiting longer... like really longer.
: That shouldn't shock you in the slightest. The majority of players know that Mid is the most popular role in the game and Support is the least popular. So if you set your primary as the most wanted role in the game, and set your secondary as the most **needed** role in the game, the system is going to end up forcing you into that secondary role because there are countless amounts of Midlane players, but a much much smaller amount of support players in comparison. All you can do is deal with it or set your secondary to another role that you like playing. Riot is looking to improve the system to push you for your primary role most of the time, but that is when que timers start getting crazy.
I'm not shocked I know support is most needed role, but it shouldn't mean I have to play it in 76% of my games as secondary role :/
: 10 support games in a row? i am currently on a 17 game support streak (primary role is top....)
I hope someone will notice this problem, cause I know a lot of people are forced to play support more than they should.
: Yea ,the other day I saw the same thing. Quite annoying. I wanted to play primary:top/secondary:support and it always went for the second option which was support so I changed it to primary:top/secondary:mid (not because I wanted mid but because I know that toplane is less occupied than mid so theres a big chance for me to get top). And I am sorry but a system made for the convinience of the pleyers where you need to trick the game so it can work properly is quite the disfunctional system.
That's right, I just want some answers if they will work on that, cause - as you said - it is dysfunctional.
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: I switched from support as my secondary to jungle, i don't mind playing support, but not in majority of my games.
100% correct! I like playing support, but from time to time not ALWAYS :C
: Dont realy have a problem with this. im first = top and second = support mostly get top.
Glad you're getting your role :D I wish I would be that lucky!
Kollery (EUNE)
: lol, thats cause in eune, there are so few supports in low elo. Eune queue role priority(most needed to least needed) Support Bot Jungle Top MId
I play vs plat and golds, all of them are in silver now after placements so I don't think it's real "low elo" but idk, I know no one wants to play support :(
Hannsen (EUW)
: Strange thing. I always (except the mentioned few times) get a game instant and I'm support. Maybe try to not fill but select an other role.
I'm waiting 5sec and always getting support o.o New queue is weird...
: idd, they should stop calling it secondary so players know you'll just end up in the role that's most wanted at that moment. As it is riot's just lying to us with this 'primary' 'secondary' crap
Yea, like title says - it shouldn't be secondary support it should be ALWAYS support >.<
Hannsen (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Abigfatarmpit,realm=EUW,application-id=ln3nNJrX,discussion-id=AzIIVUWl,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-02-02T22:48:32.962+0000) > > [...] As we all know Support is one of the most hated roles out there by players, not exactly popular. [...] Still I don't know why. I love support. Maybe there could be a few more interesting champions. In my opinion Bard is in the moment one of the few supports that are worth to play - he requires skill and it makes a lot of fun if you can play him.
I like support so much I don't want to change my secondary role, but it's only advice a I'm getting ;(
meowsuo (EUW)
: I found an NA boards thread about the future of the new champ select but a tweak on the numbers so you get your primary position more often isn't listed there yet. In the comments you can find people with exactly the same issue that you have, even with the same position picks. I will list it for you, so you can take a look at it if you are interested. That's the thread: http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/riot-official/zJ4kqlHZ-the-future-of-new-champ-select And here's the link to the comment chain: http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/riot-official/zJ4kqlHZ-the-future-of-new-champ-select?comment=0039 Just read the comment chain and you will see that other people have exactly the same problem with the current system as you have and at some point Riot will probably adapt their system to match you more to your liking than it is currently. {{champion:157}} meow
Thank you so much! I just hope Riot will see our problem and will work on that! :D
candoodle (EUW)
: this also compounds the problem but honestly until riot fixes this ive started lying about my secondary and putting top instead of support. i dont mind playing my secondary role 50% of the time but this is just stupid as it is now
I know! And I want to know if Riot is working on that! I know people who enjoy playing support, but don't main it feel really bad with that new queue :<
: Less preferred roles have high priorty. You are picking most preferred role / less preferred role. If u want to play Mid try to pick Mid/Bot.
I already told someone I don't want to stop playing my 2nd fav role - which is support. I really liked the idea of putting supp as my secondary role. I just wish I could play him in 40%, or even 50% of my ranked games not 76% as it is now ;) You would want me to play my best if I was your teammate, and I won't play my best playing adc, jungle or top! I perform best at mid and I'm pretty good at supporting, and I want to keep it that way.
Somateri (EUNE)
: Lmao and i cry about 4 times jungle in row xD Primary mid and secondary jungle
I started shouting at my computer when I saw I got support again :< But someone queuedodged (thank you random player), and I thought "instead of playing and being mad I will do boards suggestion" :D
1v9 Unit (EUW)
: Pretty much, yes. As we all know Support is one of the most hated roles out there by players, not exactly popular. So if you boil it down to statistics like 80% of the players that your finding in your game, there not choosing support as primary or secondary. And if that happens and you have support as your preferred choice, guess what? It's obviously going to put you as support. And with 80% of players not wanting to support, it's going to give you it for a majority of games. Then there's guessing that someone DOES want support, another 10% maybe more probably have it as a second choice, just like YOU. Meaning now theres a coin toss between you and him, on who gets support. So increase that 80% further. Simple (TLDR): If you don't want to play Support for the next game, Pick a different role. Your saying it's your second favourite but complaining about playing it. So yes, you'll have to choose a different role.
My wait time is really short (mostly couple of seconds) because I always get to play supp, but I really don't mind waiting longer and getting my primary role more often. I think it would be good solution, at least for me... I don't want to stop playing supp, I know LoL community needs support players. And btw, I thought new queue will be great! I pick my best roles, and play them at least equally frequent. But I played 76% of my games as my secondary role (yes, I counted ;p), shouldn't it be the other way? Only solution you guys have is start playing my worse role, which won't help my teammates, and me climb ;/
: then dont pick it
So I should stop playing my 2nd fav role? Yay, great advice :)
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