: ranked
this is a good meme, i like it a lot i like it very much keep sucking XD
: I wanna say something
: Getting discriminated and treated differently because I'm a girl?
this post has over 1k views and it's been up for 2 hours ROFL
: For me League is dead
TLDR: _"i'm bad at this game and i'm sick of it so therefore this game is officially dead to me and i have to write a post about my feelings"_
BloopyLad (EUW)
: Is it illegal to right "ez" when the game is lost and i've got 0-10?
yes because this is a christian game and we don't tolerate foul language here on league of legends
Squaaazy (EUW)
: LEAGUE OF STOPWATCH | TYLER1 VOICE CRACK ? | Trick2G | Pokimane | Gosu |...
wow as if we didn't have enough of stream highlight leechers...
Last Light (EUNE)
: What is it with all these passive support players?
most of those supports are probably autofilled. u rly can't except them to have big balls like a superior supp main would have now would ya?
: > [{quoted}](name=Riot Eambo,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=wfH1bUM0,comment-id=000b,timestamp=2017-11-20T13:27:51.141+0000) > > Hey yAdVMarico, > > It looks like you were hit by a bug that resulted in you getting the wrong chat logs :-( What you said in the correct chat log was quite a bit more extreme, however please [contact support](https://support.leagueoflegends.com) who can provide you with the correct chat logs and context. > > If you have already submitted a ticket, someone from Player Support will be able to provide you with the correct chat logs once they reach your ticket.
i meant the people (bots) working for riot support, not boards
: Got banned for... Quoting a troll and staying positive, explaining things?
xaxaxaxaxa not deserved but i seriously doubt riot will even bother looking at this again
: That's probably because you are reporting people for wrong reasons and getting your report value nulified.
nah i only report people who legit int. i don't bother reporting for toxic conduct cause i don't mind it :P (just said the reason why i've never had that msg. gg)
: Can we remove the downvote button from every section?
oh yeah I'm down with this. considering most of my comments are downvoted and reported to oblivion because of childish neckbeards :>
ImSpray (EUNE)
: Dont pretend like you know anything mate xd, before 14 minutes I had 120 cs. I last hit fine and during laning phase unless im shoving the wave get all 6 minions so just get off the thread.
well i just i found your problem then. 120 cs before 14 minutes is cool and good. 196 cs at 43 minutes is very, VERY bad. just because you have a nice KDA and because it's mid/late game doesn't mean you should stop ignoring farming. i hear the "i dont farm minions, i farm champions" argument a lot, but you don't only get gold from the creeps. you also apply pressure in lanes. just killing champions and KDA farming/hunting isn't going to make u win any games in long-term. better listen to these tips if you want to make it out of silver :P
: Is saying KMS as bannable as saying %%%?
~~yes! because i am completely offended by suicide, because my friends friends friends friends killed herself!~~ ~~it is a horrible thing to say and i want riot to giv perma to anyone who says it!!1!!1!~~ **no it's not.**
: 10/10 for originality i guess
oh boy i gotta start using that. that was so well done, so funny, so brilliant! bravo!
ImSpray (EUNE)
: I love how I literally debunked everything you said. I had boots until 30 mins which I then switched out for more CDR (Trinity) My CS is that low because early game I had to roam bot A LOT. And late game seeing as I had so many kills I gave most of my CS to the ashe who was 10/12 :) I was the reason for getting 3 towers but Talon can only take towers fast late game ( second most damage to towers after ADC) https://gyazo.com/460427d0eb05c13f86942eba155ce872 most damage in game
don't make an excuse for your low cs because you were "roaming". you can still get plenty of cs regardless of that. just last-hit better in lane
Failman3253 (EUNE)
: Players below Plat should not be able to surrender a RANKED match.
oh piss off even a low bronze knows when a game simply isn't winnable. please get off your high horse
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
by unbanned i meant "lifted from the on-sight ban". not getting his actual accs unbanned. it's close tho. wording choice was just wrong :S and no, i did not comment like he has the on-sight ban. all i said is that if he gets a massive fan following then he'll be shielded from the punishments and with good luck also from permabans
archerno1 (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Sipilä on hauska,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=6BciPaWh,comment-id=0001000200000001000000000000,timestamp=2017-11-12T17:58:51.524+0000) > > go play some NA solo queue, find pros to play with, make them and mad and i swear and i repeat I %%%%ing swear they will flame u and they'll get away with it :> > > we're talking about pro players here m'lady. not every pro player is a streamer or every streamer is a pro Everyone on NA, OCE,EUW,EUNE,BR and all other servers are treated equally when it comes to punishment. Its same system.
archerno1 (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Sipilä on hauska,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=6BciPaWh,comment-id=00010002000000010000,timestamp=2017-11-12T17:47:02.720+0000) > > as i said before in my comment to the other twat, every western pro player ever is shielded from toxicity from riot Well you can also say that you saw aliens and that they gave u super powers. That doesnt make it truth. Do u have any proof? From what i know western streamers were treated equally to everyone else, if not harsher.
> Do u have any proof? go play some NA solo queue, find pros to play with, make them and mad and i swear and i repeat I %%%%ing swear they will flame u and they'll get away with it :> > western streamers we're talking about pro players here m'lady. not every pro player is a streamer or every streamer is a pro
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
> The amount of outrage dunkey's and Tyler's bans created would hint at the opposite. the toxic kids who admire toxic ppl like him were raging about that. not the whiteknights > But that's exactly what you said above. Because OP surely isn't subjected to their same treatment -- hence, getting a following will not benefit him in the slightest, since he's still allowed to play the game on a new account. what i mean is that tyler1 isn't getting his banned accs backs. he's being lifted from the on-sight crap. OP doesn't have the on-sight bans now does he? EDIT: someone just reported my comment be4 this 1 and now it got deleted. thanks for that :>
: this level reward is so good (lmao)
it's utter shit, and TO THINK that there's fanboys defending riot's actions... :> absolute bongers.
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
every western pro player ever is proof :>
: No, what you don't understand is that Tyler1 and co have received very different bans along with their ingame bans. Not only did they lose their accounts, they were also banned from creating new ones. --- OP however is still free to create those if he wants to... If Tyler1 gets unbanned, his **indefinite** ban from playing League will be lifted, but he will **never** see the actual banned accounts again! He has to create new ones.
> He has to ~~create~~ **buy** new ones. FTFY
Smerk (EUW)
: I guess you're talking about Tyler. You're seriously misinformed in this case, he won't get any of his banned accounts back. He just will be able to stream League again with any of his new accounts
not only him (yes, i know, his getting unbanned from not being able to stream league, not from the actual game itself) but other personalities in the league scene are literally shielded from toxicity riot (and most likely you) will call bs out on this but it's damn true.
: Why would you think that changes anything? Noone ever got unbanned because of public request.
being a famous member of the league community gets you a shield from any punishments from inting and toxicity and other shenanigans. tyler1 (he's gonna get unbanned) is a very good example out of this, along with tobias fate and gross gore.
ImSpray (EUNE)
: Meme me daddy
full build Talon (without boots, understandable) impressive KDA (i'll bet on the fact that someone did more dmg than you) level 18 (oh boy) game most likely went past 35+ minutes (talon's late sucks ass) demoted to silver 5 (LUL) CS: 196 (OMEGALUL) http://i0.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/original/001/234/765/971.gif this whole thread was a meme itself, friend!
: Camille broken as hell.
or maybe the player is just good. or at least certainly better than you. http://i0.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/original/001/234/765/971.gif
Rhaégar (EUNE)
: Reforming Proof
get a massive fan-following on twitch or youtube and have people constantly spamming on reddit on how you're reformed. that's the only way riot unbans permad accs.
: Wait 3 years? I thought we were talking about the goold old S1/S2 days. :D
didn't play then, but i've sure as shit heard it was great
: If i play from euw on eune how much ping will I have? I can only handle up to 130
my ping is the same in eune and euw. it fully depends on where you're playing from. just make an acc on eune and test out your ping in a bot game. that's what i always do.
: feelsbadman
make an account here on EUNE serves and then grow a tumour in your brain from all the dumb shit you'll see here. no regrets.
: League has changed a lot...
> League has changed a lot... indeed it has > I started playing on June 2016 wait what. i thought we were talking about the good old S3/S4 days. oh how i miss them. you should have seen how league has changed in 3 years instead of just 1 year.
DZerk (EUNE)
: how to get 3grills in a shell nut G3T GUD
Ludwech (EUW)
: Wow! That worked out so well! 69 E-Girls in only 10 Minutes! You forgot to send a Nude, that works out even better!
> You forgot to send a Nude, that works out even better! you'll have to do that after step 7. or after ur done boosting them :>
Flu Shot (EUW)
: Looking for Egirls to play with
that's not how u get egirls bruv the real guide is this: 1. have your rank above diamond 5 (also known as git gud) 2. make a twitter account based on ur league account 3. remember to put "high elo ____ main" on your bio 4. follow egirls and other famous league personalities on it 5. tweet a lot of shit and post selfies of urself. 6. wait for an egirl to dm you on twitter 7. profit. now you'll have an egirls to play with. at some point, they'll ask you to boost them for nudes. then you know what to do. hopefully that was helpful :>
: Has there been a sudden spate of toxicity?
HELL. YES. seriously. i've never seen more kids raging and whining and crying and being a total arsehole than in S8's pre-season. literally every game has some douchebag just spamming ez or wishing the C-word on someone's family and someone banging _(f-wording) _ someone else's mother. it's actually ridiculous lmao.
Piløt (EUW)
: I am disappointed
nah bruv. i will continue to shit on and criticize this game 'till i die not because i want to blindly hate on it, but because i want to see it improved. criticism is the only way to improve something. if no one tells you that you're doing something wrong, how do you ever do it right?
: Honestly considering quitting LoL
just quit lol. probably one less shite player in this game but don't quit because of the new runes. quit because u want to preserve your sanity :>
osmogen (EUW)
: Volibear
voli's been absolute shite for a long time. i'd recommend finding someone else to main. riot seriously forgot that he even exists. i know i did.
: who wants to see a boobie streamer?
: I've noticed that recently players in solo and draft are less toxic
bahahahahahahah normal drafts and blinds and every game-mode (other than ranked. it'sthe same as before) have never been so toxic before. ARAMs. blind picks, drafts, ascensions, twisted treelines, all of those are toxic flameholes filled with rats atm. all the toxic/whiny kids who play ranked with their balls sweating are playing norms atm (since ranked doesn't matter atm) where they just flame everyone. seriously. i have no idea how do you get non-toxic games but however you do, i need them asap.
: Reached level 31... Bye Bye League of Legends.
yeah goodbye. see you again in 2 weeks.
: From 14 days suspension to honor level 5 (it's possible!)
well of course it's possible what the %%%%. ur acting like this is something special, even though league is filled with toxic brats who have a lvl 5 honor. (another proof of honor system just being the "MVP" of the game award.) good on you for becoming a honorable player tho. respect.
abixbg (EUNE)
: RIOT seriously overestimated the playerbase intelligence
90% of the league playerbase has a single digit IQ. nothing new here. it's even worse here in EUNE, where it's 97%.
: Wow people are so salty and toxic
anything new in the summoners rift? cause this is old news. people have been toxic since the big bang when ur playing new champs and u suck with them. communicate with pings. that's all you need. /muteall and ur gucci. trust me.
Sakenai (EUW)
: Am i the only one who thinks this game became 'for-pussies-only'?
welcome to league of legends 10% are natural flamers and overall ultra-toxic 15% are whiny neckbeards/whiteknights. (most of those also rant in reddit and here on boards :> ) 30% are cool people but get easily frustrated and thus proceed to flame 5% are ultra-friendly players and actually honorable 40% are just brain-dead in the head and they say nothing in the game. also, they tend to feed.
: Best birds in league.
{{champion:34}} ain't none better
Gamuran (EUW)
: Zoe, i'm ok to be your boyfriend
alright chris hansen, where are you when we need you?
: I will never try hard in this game, unless my team plays as much as me.
: Need your opinion on a chat-log.
his teammates were a bunch of whiteknighting neckbeards if they actually reported this... or just complete monkeys. yea, he may have been whining, but everyone does that. literally everyone. even the holiest whiteknights of our world do that.
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