Kurotsu (EUW)
: My only Nexus Blitz problem iiiiiiiis
This is an alpha in almost half the map is just emptiness if you take a second to look around, they're probably gonna fix the textures and make the map feel wider later down the line.
: My biggest problem with Nexus Blitz
Yes please, literally a yasuo in every game as well as a bunch of other cancer picks I'd rather live without.
: Elementalist Lux Skin in Nexus Blitz
Good point, no reason not to give value for money for the people who bought that skin outside of SR, while they're at it they should do the same for aram and tt
Colyeses (EUW)
: Kalista: Rend should trigger Martial Poise
I feel like this would be a nice change, I never understood why her e stopping her is even a thing, like maybe they intended it to be an execute but then whats the point of the slow lol.
Kubajz (EUW)
: Server down ?
: New Akali Bug
That's not a bug, they even state in the champ spotlight that her E has infinite range if you hit the first cast.
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CJXander (EUNE)
: I cannot support Jhin
Jhin is a pretty popular carry, and as a general rule of thumb the more popular a champ is the more likely you are to run into people who don't know how to play them, especially with an adc kit as dramatically different as jhin. He has the potential to stomp lanes, especially with an aggressive peel heavy support and have a massive late game presence with bullets that chunk half the hp of any squishy each, cc and a long range chase and execute. No idea why people are saying he's a bad carry, he currently stands at a solid 51% win rate (which if you've been keeping up with the current bot lane meta, really is pretty good for an adc) and as someone who almost picks him exclusively whenever I play bot lane, hes a great pick provided the person playing him has enough of a brain to learn they're not playing their traditional auto-spam adc and positions, retreats and engages accordingly.
Lari (EUNE)
: Get Level 3 on a champ to be able to play in ranked game.
Yes please, Id understand them not being able to prevent first timing in ranked back in 2014, but now we actually have a system dedicated to leveling champions, would be a very simple restriction to add and a very effective one at that.
Rismosch (EUW)
: Meh the music is mediocre.
Well, to each his own, I still think an event based on them would be appealing to most, even those who aren't a fan of their music
: You do realize that there is no Metal-Band named "Pentakill", right? https://www.theguardian.com/music/shortcuts/2017/aug/06/pentakill-how-a-metal-band-that-doesnt-exist-made-it-to-no-1 The music was done by Riots in-house composers.
At no point did I imply pentakill was a real band, PROJECT is also not a real corporation, yet they made an event based on that. What exactly led you to believe that's what I meant?
Rioter Comments
: Proof that intentional feeding detection does not work via in-game reporting.
Looked him up and am actually frustrated on your behalf, I just wish we would have something similar to the tribunal JUST for the cases of inting, Riot can handle the rest.
: The next step in League cosmetics
Reminds me of the way BattleRite handles things, and a skin would kind of operate like a bundle of all the items that come with it, my only concern is how would the names of the characters now be displayed on the loading screen with these "custom skins"
Kurotsu (EUW)
: Press Spacebar to accept match
This is the kind of thing we all wish we had but never bothered talking about, upvoted!
: why are you pointing on him for being toxic if you dont have any valid proof? that right there what you did is also against the laws fyi
I believe he meant he tried to justify himself so that I don't end up spewing hate towards him, not that I was toxic myself already.
Buxtata (EUNE)
: It's really heavy on GPU though. It puts the same emphasis on mine as running the game in high quality. I think if it isn't gonna be optimised, there will be many people that won't be able to explore it without hard-spikes, tried it on my work pc as well and it's impossible to navigate lolz.
Really? I found to be able to run it even on my phone (which isn't that great), pretty smoothly.
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: No thank you. No need to encourage people to play champion they s@@k at just because they want to get the bonus essence. Most of the players are already convinced that some champions are a freewin because they are told so, and the worse part is that when they finish a game 0/10 they don't even realize that they infact s@@k, but instead they come here blaming the meta, RioT, trolls and whatever other thing or people they are raging against at the moment.
The hell did all of this come from, the BE was just a suggestion the reward could be purely cosmetic, and by your logic people just in general should not be playing new champs, that tangent at the end sounded more personal than relating to the topic.
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Akaly main (EUNE)
: if rengar is a splitpusher, why dont we see every trynda jungle main crying? not a lot of them, but i really dont see how it could affect rengar so much more?
Because trynda finishes his jungle item first, unlike Rengar, and hence is not affected by the the minion gold reduction! Why is everyone ignoring this point, its literally the crux of the argument.
: > [{quoted}](name=Sir Pouncealot,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=qudQLinf,comment-id=0000000000000000,timestamp=2018-07-19T10:27:43.290+0000) > > I think you're misunderstanding, Rengar doesn't build the item by then, I just said it hardly affects regular junglers, but snowball assassins like shaco and rengar who just never build the jungle item are suffering for doing well. > > Please stop trying to justify this change as a good one, the community surrounding this champion on reddit, other threads, and riot themselves blatantly stated how broken this change is for the 1% of people who play snowball assassins, and I happen to be of that 1% So why you even open a thread about it to begin with? You have your cut of people who seem to agree with you already, so what's the point in asking our opinion? You want more people telling you how clever and right you are? Sorry if so far this seems to not be the case.
I was referring to thread made after mine, I didn't even look through the boards before writing my own two cents.
: Splitpushing is done in the mid game. They will have their items till then. Pretty simple, we adapt.
I think you're misunderstanding, Rengar doesn't build the item by then, I just said it hardly affects regular junglers, but snowball assassins like shaco and rengar who just never build the jungle item are suffering for doing well. Please stop trying to justify this change as a good one, the community surrounding this champion on reddit, other threads, and riot themselves blatantly stated how broken this change is for the 1% of people who play snowball assassins, and I happen to be of that 1%
NerOne7 (EUNE)
: The Anti-Funnel Jungle Item Change
As a fellow Rengo main I absolutely feel you, this change was not thought through.
: It's lane minions, not jungle monsters. There is no point in taking lane creeps while ahead, you just go counterjungle. A jungler's main income wasn't taxing anyway. This only disables funnel strats and maybe some other smite lane (non funnel) cheese picks. It's an ok change.
To preface, even riot thinks it's not an okay change, they stated this was meant to be a brutish fix for the time being before they find a better one by the start of S9. And it's true that it doesn't affect jungle monsters, but bruiser and assassin junglers are no strangers to split pushing especially after they've full cleared, they shouldn't be punished for doing so because they're ahead.
Rioter Comments
: I got my well deserved bann.
: > [{quoted}](name=Sir Pouncealot,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=YbBmiYlp,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-07-07T09:14:34.708+0000) > > 6 years ago, when I first started playing league, I had to, of course, pick a summoner name, me being 12 years old at the time I decided that the name "power of sexy" would be absolutely hilarious and clever. > > Suffice to say, I regretted the decision, but name changes are far too expensive for me for them to be worth it. > > Yesterday, however, I was playing a game with Rengar in the jungle, and around mid game, our 0/4 talon bot lane, who was two levels below everyone else, decided he was entitled to a red buff. Obviously, I went over and smited it, which resulted in a torrent of abuse and flame. > > claiming I "stole his red", and that I should be perma-banned. > > So I asked what he could possibly report me for, and he said he would ban me for my name. > > He reported me, and the next day Riot decided to give me a free name change :^) > > Henceforth, I shall be known as Sir Pouncealot, an aspiring Rengar main hoping to get into gold. > > Thank you, toxic talon. Welcome to the club. Did you happen to see my name?
That's a fantastic name good sir!
TigerFist (EUW)
: You openly admitted to stealing the red he had almost killed on his own. Junglers are not meant to stay in the jungle, the buffs are there for everyone after the laning phase is over, for anyone to steal it from another player who may be trying to improve his situation, regardless of how bad they have done up to that point, is a despicable act. Has it happened to you? How did you like it when it was done to you ? I offered how the possibility of your old name could be perceived as insensitive, your original post suggests you agree 'Power of Sexy' is insensitive, as you expressed as a regret & Riot agreed in offering you a name change & your acceptance of that offer. Why defend a different position now ? What are you hiding timmy? It might appear to some as if I'm over reacting; but did you give him any help ? Some people are new, don't play as often as you would like, too young to understand the dynamics of the game or are having a bad game. Why the need to come on here a regale us of the insensitivity you displayed towards him ?
Jungle buffs belong to the jungler, at all stages of the game, the reason smite is even a spell is to ensure the jungler has control over jungle camps more than your average laner, if you've taken a buff without a jungler's help he was either too far away or didn't mind giving it to you. If I chose not to give you a buff for the sole reason that you're going to give it to the enemy in 2 minutes, it's not "stealing" if I smite it, since the buff was never yours, to begin with. I never said my name was insensitive and me saying I'm happy it was changed was because it was a total cringefest, not because of any PC bullshit that you somehow derived from my original post. I just stated I ganked his lane TWICE and both times he was either already dead or died in the process of the gank, that is indeed helping him. I'm regaling over him because he exhibited horrendously toxic player behavior and I ended up getting something positive out of it, hence the juxtaposition of what he intended to do and what he ended up doing eliciting humor. If you don't believe that's funny then that's your opinion, but plenty in this thread would be happy to disagree with you. Why are you defending the actions of someone who told me to kill myself and tried to get me permabanned because "he's new or having a bad game". He can't be new because he's at least silver tier as I'm silver 1 myself, and if he's having a bad game, then, by all means, I'm responsible for helping him, and I've done all I can to do that by ganking him, but him taking a red buff despite dying systematically instead of our fed rengar or our mid lane Lucian is just idiotic and is not defendable action, neither is the action of flaming someone once they don't let you go through with that plan of yours because THEY ARE THE JUNGLER AND THEY HAVE SMITE FOR THE SOLE REASON OF SECURING CAMPS FROM ENEMIES OR ALLIES ALIKE.
TigerFist (EUW)
: I have been playing League for several years now, having played many thousands of games and it has been a journey in itself. There is NOTHING the enemy can do or say to upset me and tilt me, what I have found to be true; is the only one's who can tilt me are my own team mates. From your own description I can reasonably conclude Talon was having a difficult time in middle, where you likely did little to nothing to help, with you feeling it necessary to punish his inabilities to conquer his game challenge ( Talon VS Enemy Champ in Mid), by passing by and smiting (Kill Stealing) denying him the red buff, which you felt was rightfully yours as you were the jungler. Very Funny Indeed !... Stealing someone's work and taking it as your own. I would suggest... YOU GET OUT THE JUNGLE AND HELP !... If he loses the game, so do you. As for your earlier insensitive name which you yourself lament, with a little thought; could be seen as insensitive by some who have suffered incomprehensible personal abuse but you felt it necessary to come on here waving your flag of triumph over this newbie player who was having a difficult game. I can only thank Riot for having the sensitivity to eventually change it. I care little for what you call yourself now, I have my own name for you... I look forward to shredding you in the Field of Justice.
First off, the talon queued bot lane and was never mid at any point, the mid I was with was actually a pre-made. He absolutely had a difficult time and was dying every 5 minutes or so up until that point. I ganked bot lane twice as rengar, who cant effectively gank until 6 with a 110 second cd in the early game, first time where he wasn't there on account of dying, which resulted in two kills, one for me and one for his support, and another where I got a double right after he immediately died to their burst because he decided to engage first. If you've ever played jungle before, you know sharing your buff early with someone whos constantly dying is a terrible way to use it, it should be given to a winning lane to allow a snowball or at least someone who isn't systematically dying, because the buff itself would do little to help that person (especially a red buff on a melee assassin lol) and just instead would result in the enemy adc getting the buff as soon as they kill him again. Also, if you're going to call my name insensensitive due to the fact that some people with very particular histories could take offense to it, I could literally propose the same to quite literally any name in existence then, if someone called themselves cornlover69, then Timmy who had been beaten by a corn cob as a child could absolutely find offense in that, that does not mean that the person choosing a name is responsible to account for people like timmy, nor am I responsible for not including a word that is used often in conversation. To top it off, no matter if I give the buff or not to someone, it is my choice as a jungler to do so, even if its the wrong play. Even if it was the wrong play, the individual affected has no right to wish death upon me or report me for an unrelated reason to attempt to get me perma-banned (despite the fact that Im happy that he did). You're entire paragraph is built out of ignorance, assumption, and defense of horrendous player behaviour, all in the name of appearing like you have some justice to enforce.
: > [{quoted}](name=Sir Pouncealot,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=YbBmiYlp,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-07-07T09:14:34.708+0000) > Suffice to say, I regretted the decision why? > He reported me, and the next day Riot decided to give me a free name change :^) LOL??? RIOT IS TRIGGERED By "POWER OF SEXY"? ahahahahahaha omg we gotta meme this
It's just a total cringefest of a name, and I would not at all object meme'ing this :P
Nabbit (EUNE)
: Talon on bot line? I have never seen before! This must be new meta! https://imgflip.com/i/2dl4lv
The memes being birthed from this thread are magnificent.
BootyKitty (EUNE)
: i feel so bad you went from power of sexy to sircringedyourself
To each his own, I think my current name is miles better :P
: Well, that's a way to get a free name change, grats! :D Made my day, thank you. ^^
: _NE'd _ I don't think "power of sexy" was too bad, maybe just slightly cringy :P Sir Pouncealot is beautiful though, I wish I could come up with names like that on the spot. Thank you, toxic Talon. {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
"slightly" is an understatement, I bet the only reason it was banned was the massive facepalm whatever bot was sent to review it inflicted on themselves.
: Fixed it for you: http://tinypic.com/r/23joopc/9
This is actually amazing oh my god.
: Was there any form of information coming from Riot with the free Name Change? Anyways glad to hear that you welcome it. **_Thank you toxic Talon_** (new Meme is born^^)
Just the fact that the name racked up a few reports and that I'm required to change it, probs because autodetection saw the word sex in there and was like "ho boi we can't have that".
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MSF Ness (EUW)
: [Fanfiction Contest] VS Event 2018: The God-King story is waiting to be written!
The Howl of Noxus Aggression, discipline, relentlessness - That’s how the warrior Darius earned tremendous respect in Noxus. With a sinister and strict stare, his mighty and terrifying Battleaxe firm in hand, he glanced out of the stone round arch window. A self-confident grin flickered across his scarred face. He had drastic changes in mind for Noxus’ future, pridefully dead set upon them being successful. He looked over his shoulder as he heard a faint, hoarse laugh. Full of enthusiasm, Draven swung his axes, threw a questioning glance at Darius. “It’s time, isn’t it, brother?” A short, ominous silence followed that question, Darius just gazed into the Distance. He turned around slowly and looked sternly into his brother's crazy eyes, while he stroked the ragged blade of his mighty axe with his bare hand - “It is time already,....brother.” Weeks passed as the Noxian army commanded by Darius and his brother marched through the scorching heat of the Shuriman landscape. Their red banners buffeted with sand and their knees ached with exhaustion. They pressed onward. The harsh, desolate dunes felt endless, half their supplies were destroyed from the earlier Xer'sai attack, and a quarter of their men with them, morale was low and even Darius himself began to feel the futile ambition of his campaign creeping behind him. However, after what felt like hours, he faintly saw a cave in the distance, a place to recover and rejuvenate with what little they had left, a hope that this conquest wasn't fruitless. In the shade, the battalion regained its strength, ate and spoke amongst themselves, Darius, on the other hand, stood brooding at the back end of the cave system, both hands rested on the pommel of his axe, rummaging in his thoughts, thinking about the future of Noxus, and the massive threat now posed to it: Garen, first Demacian guard, now God-king, a being of immeasurable strength that stood to annihilate the likes of the Noxian people, to create a world of order, of despotism, an absolute nightmare. He could not let this stand, yet even he, despite his strength and renown, felt humbled against his rival, a taste of disgust goes through his mouth. "Brother, when should the men continue the march?" Draven intruded, with his ever so frustrating grin plastered on his face. "Command them to get into formation, I will follow shortly." With that and a final brooding glare into the black abyss that was the rest of the cave, the general picked himself up and slowly walked out into the sweltering sun once more, mind set on one thing and one thing alone: Godhood. Yet, as these thoughts began to swirl, he saw his commanded battalion of hundreds stand in perfect formation before him. Each and every one of them a proud Noxian soul, clad in gray steel wielding swords and spears and each one more loyal to their nation, and their general than the next, all of their collective strength and force of will cemented to follow whatever orders are given to them. Their numbers may have dwindled, but Darius knew they would not fail him. After hours of continued exhaustion, the sun finally set, coloring the sandy horizon in a golden brown hue, a welcome change as the lunar glow began bathing the desert, vanquishing the heat and the searing light. Through the darkness, Darius finally saw the silhouette of what he hoped was the goal he's been tirelessly working towards, a massive structure, made of dark granite and alloy that still housed a shine despite what must have been an eternity of being weathered by sandstorms, with blood red jewels peppering its massive entrance and a height that reached to the clouds, it was here: The temple of the God-king. Darius brandished his battle axe and grabbed a lantern, before commanding Draven and his men to stand guard at the entrance, much to his brother's discontent as he heard his dissatisfied complaints on his way in. But that didn't matter to him then, nothing did, nothing except for finally being able to tear down Garen's vision of a world subjugated to his will. As he walked into the temple his vision was severely limited, the place was so colossal it was almost as if it was built to house entire cities, yet as his aimless trek finally reached what seemed to be the great hall of the temple. The room was in shambles, from long metal tables set to feed hundreds split in half and destroyed to enormous cracks and craters on the bejeweled floor patterns. Yet the centerpiece of this empire of ruins was the throne set high above everything else, ivory white arched and layered with a golden outline above a large flight of stairs, still in perfect condition, still inhabited by the corpse of its ruler. Darius composed himself as he attempted to process the overwhelming sight before him, he felt a small nudge of fear, birthed of the unknown that he has just been absorbed into, but he was no fool, he has come too far to turn away now. With distinction in his figure, he took his first steps onto the spotless ivory stairs, one step after the other the throne got closer, the power of the corpse still lying on it emanating stronger the closer it got, but he wouldn't stop, he kept walking towards it until he was a hair's length away. Both the body and the throne that housed it was sizeable, the fallen warrior no less than double Darius's size and covered in dark, thick armor that from inspection seemed almost impervious, and still the fallen king clenched his axe, smoldering red and shaped like a wolf's head. Darius attempted to hide his amazement from himself and watched the axe sternly, slowly reaching for it before it exploded in a bloody cloud of smoke the second he touched it, throwing him all the way to the bottom of the stairs and back first into the ground, knocking the wind, and almost the consciousness, out of him. As he rose from the ground with his aching muscles, he saw the horror before him: a bloodthirsty wolf so large that its maw alone could devour Darius whole, its fur of a menacing violet-red hue and its growl reverberating off the walls of the room with the intent to kill in its fiery eyes. It leaped into the air and honed onto the injured general, Darius considered his options and with all the might he could muster held his axe towards the beast, and as it connected it knocked him into a wall but left a massive, bleeding gash on the wolf's snout, recoiling it backwards, not nearly enough to kill it but allowed for a few precious seconds of composure. As Darius stood on his feet once more, he took charge towards the visibly angered wolf, he leaped into its side, dodging what would've been a lethal bite and slashed at its leg, the wolf's titanic claws however, reacted by cutting his steel shoulder pad in half, leaving a large flesh wound coursing through his arm. He took off the plate and was left to fight the beast bare-chested, it felt hopeless, it had claws that cut through steel and speed defiant of its gigantic size, but Darius persisted, sweat on his brow and adrenaline pushing him to his bodily limits. He charged once more with a roar, almost mindlessly, but as the beast mirrored him and launched itself forward, Darius feinted his attack and dropped below the creature, embedding his axe into its underside. The wolf dropped with a weeping howl and the general stood up almost immediately and in opportunistic fashion began landing punch after punch onto the wolf's snout. The battering continued, but the hound finally took action and with lighting fast speed opened its bleeding maw to devour its aggressor, Darius held the maw open with all his strength, but it was waning. Both fighters stared at each other viciously as they stood in this standstill, the wolf's teeth slowly piercing Darius's arms, both their wounds seeping blood into the cracks of the chamber floor. Darius was supposed to give out, his muscles were torn and his body wounded, but he wouldn't move. The wolf pushed forward with everything it could but no matter the damage he sustained, the general would not fall. Five minutes passed. Ten. Both continued to stare down at each other, muscles aching and waiting for the other to give out, but neither of them would on account that the slightest movement could mean death. Eventually, the brute feinted backward and away, and to Darius's surprise, bowed its head before him, with droplets of blood still falling to the ground, as if it was almost oblivious to all the wounds it has sustained, or the axe still stuck in its underside. With confusion, and then caution, Darius extended his hand onto its head, and almost instantly, the wolf dispersed into the same blood red smoke. The vapor entered Darius through his eyes and mouth, he felt immeasurable agony, trivializing the pain he had just sustained in the fight, his eyes shone white hot as his body was about to burst but as soon as he felt his end approached, everything went black. Upon waking up, Darius saw before him the very same wolf, docile and waiting in anticipation for his rise. Not long after it was clear what had happened. He was clad in the very same armor worn by the dead God-king, he held the wolf-shaped axe, and everything was sizeably smaller, even the wolf which was a behemoth just minutes before. He could feel the power now running through him, his strength felt endless and uncontested, and the wolf, now more loyal to him than any soldier could be. The Hand of Noxus had become what he had hoped to destroy, he had become a God-king. He walked up the stairs to the throne, each thud echoing across the room, raised the axe into the air, and cut the gold and ivory throne, as well as the body lying on it, clean in half. "No more rulers, No more gods." He said under his breath, followed by a booming howl from his newfound ally. A howl so loud and sharp that the entirety of Runeterra was witness to it. Especially, Garen who for the first time in what felt like an eternity, felt a tinge of fear in his heart.
: FOR THE HAND OF NOXUS! [Fan fiction Contest Submission]
Do mind my confusion but didn't the contest rules state that the submissions need to be posted to the comments of the announcement posts? Not the fanfiction thread itself?
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: League is becoming way too complex for casual player
This is a MOBA, since Lol's inception there has been a jungle, different items that did different things and champs with unique kits. Yes champ kits are getting more complex, which is a good thing because it allows you to be rewarded for expressing skill and punished for playing badly this is not the game you look to for simplicity, MOBA's consist of hundreds of abilities that need to be memorized and dozens of actions that can be taken every second to maximize play potential. If you want every new champ release the be another Malphite or Nunu, and have every item be mostly stats, you are absolutely playing the wrong game.
AleckSandrs (EUNE)
: Aatrox Rework that I never asked for...
Well everyone else asked for it lol, the amount of people that actually main and like the current Aatrox, such as yourself, are very few and far between. Most who play him occasionaly or even frequently admit hes needed this rework for a long time.
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: Being dragged down by an afk or troll seems more common than winning with a good team
I think the main issue is that those who would do such a thing just keep making new accounts upon getting banned, making the report system decrease the amount of these people only marginally.
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