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I need to talk to someone who has power in this game , moderator or something , they want us to obey the rules , but they dont ! Of course I had rage, you think that was fair? why didnt they show whole chat of everyone? to see the flame from WW , yep that was flame , I think autist and everything that was in chat , most kids dont even know what it means but they use the word, How is this chat toxic or mute deserved? I see it this way , people like this who think this chat is offensive are clearly boosters who dont know how t play and cant handle the game , and report like this , after they feed they afk , they flame and they still can report , coz why not ,that ww had 1/13 if I remember correct , and I never Flamed him , he was very very confused, typical booster in a ranked play alone without the premade , I need to talk to someone who has some power in this game Or I will repost this until I do .
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