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: i get the feel that yasuo cast windwall infront of him and dashed or flashed behind it? cause lee was too close?
Nope, there was nothing to dash to, this all went down in dragon river with Yasuo fleeing towards bot. No flash either, he was simply moving, tossed wind wall ahead of his, and even though the animation for Lees Q hit him square in the back, the wall ate it.
Eveninn (EUW)
: Yeah, while I can see the melee AA hitting while flashing as a kinda Feature, as it has been around for Ages and is consistant, Yasuo wall blocking projetiles that already touch him... is somewhat annoying. :/ Sometimes I'd wish it gets created infront of him (and maybe moves only a bit to where it is now), instead of in him v.v
Thats even the worst part actually. Its why he can block thinks that come from the opposite direction. Its bullsht and Riot needs to fix it. I want to atleast fell outplayed when someone wind walls me stuff.
Slayerific (EUNE)
: Yasuos wind wall and its rediculous delayed blocks.
Just got out of a game where a Yasuo was being chased by a Lee Sin, Lee fires his Q, Yasuo puts Wind Wall in the WRONG DIRECTION and still blocks Q....I mean seriously wtf?
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: shhhh don't tell'em
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: I think you need a change. Not Fiddle :)
: You said it yourself. You're clicking outside of the ult range. So the character will walk to the area to get in range. That's a user error, not Riot. Click within the circle given...It's there for a reason.
Notice I then go on to say I make a very careful second attempt, completely sure I stay within the border, and it still does this crap. Im not saying I may not have messed it up twice before, but this happens way to regularly to be simply user error. Still doesnt change that the ult could use a jarvanification.
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