: Stop caring what others are doing or playing and focus on your own game! Stop trying to dictate what everyone is allowed to do or not do in game.
well i only care if it absolutely stupid cause if it doesnt work then why ruin the game for other people
: "My profession?! You know, now that I think of it, I've always wanted to be a baker." "Yes, a baker." (c) Panth
excuse me this quote is wrong let me correct it for you "My Proffesion?!?!?! You know, now that i think of it I've always wanted to be a drug dealer" "Yes, a drug dealer u mad bro?"
: Art commission for RP [EUNE only]
: But you can play AP fiora. She does scale with it after all. If she didn't scale then you may have a point but you don't.
sigh..................... Are people really that stupid holy shit i mean like things like fucking AD Ryze or other stupid shit that doesnt work in ranked
SlenderSoul (EUNE)
: Can you make puns about every single champion?
OK MORE PUNS TIME OH WAIT I F-URGOT{{champion:6}} i am aiming to be the most popular forums man basically i have no life and i am undead {{champion:30}} and i am bored because i cant find anything to do in summer so have another shi**y post
: You are right . Im flamer and im not afraid of a fkn community which cares only for money . They dont give anything free . And only they ban for a words. Go fuck ur self plz . Go fix ur fkn noob people then talk . When you face a polish man in ur team . Wait wait wait do you read all the chat. ? Do u see that we flame for a purpose ??? 1st a polish man isnt communicating with team and feeding why dont u ban him ???? Answer meee . Ban the source not the parts . I just noticed that all .coz i faced alot of noobs and no one helps . Even riot says we arent responsible . Yes u are dumbs . And wait who cares for your ban i can buy new account for 30€ . And gold instead of buying ur idiot stuff . Rp rp rp . Go fuck ur self . Cheaps .
Savage Devi (EUNE)
: Confirm to me that these people don't receive _chat restrictions_ and you'll have a point. Go on, I'll wait.
yes people do receive chat restricts but what about the ones who go ap fiora in ranked INTENTIONALLY and feed the enemy 20/1 in 10 min into the game what about those?
: Sigh and riot still thinking that toxicity in chat is the biggest problem in lol smh. Making up all sort of retarded statements and uselessly banning pepole who show the most minute signs of negativity/unsportsmanlike behavior in the chat, while real game-ruiners arent even in danger of getting punished.
: ***
so first of all i didnt as today i played with a toxic player who was racist towards me and kept flaming me and blamed me and my premade for loosing the game when we really didnt my friend went 7/5 while i went 0/8/15 [support] and the flamer went 2/5/5
: "Steal your farm" I guess nobody told you but you don't own the minions. I have seen so many ppl quit their lane and go troll because I cleared the wave so that the minions will die to the enemy turret denying the enemies cs and xp and reseting the waves. You are probably more toxic than those you are talking about. (I am guessing)
i guess you didnt understand 1 wave is ok 2 waves alright but staying for a solid 7 minutes in the lane is not ok
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SlenderSoul (EUNE)
: Can you make puns about every single champion?
now i have a question for u brave [AURELION] sols do u wish for the grandmaster at [arms] puns to make new threads and share his wisdom for the other uncorrupted and normal human beings and turn them into the dark side and show them the techniques on how to kill yours- I MEAAAAAAAAAAAAN the techniques on how to become a SubHuman Filth like me?otherRYZE i will show them how puns are made and that fizz is a a balanced champion with lots of counterplay especially if ur an adc ALRIGHT IF YES THEN {{champion:80}} WITH PLEASURE {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} IF NOT THEN ummm i guess u beat m- {{champion:202}} CENA i will go spread my corrupted arrows {{champion:110}} to them eitherwayse so basically ur opinion is useless and this whole message is absolutely useless and i dont know what to do with my life so yeah "TACTICAL DUNK INCOMING"Slenda the Artisan of Memz
SlenderSoul (EUNE)
: Can you make puns about every single champion?
Oh and i forgot one ITS NOW MY TIME {{champion:26}} hehe i suck
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Opchinor (EUW)
: I more and more get the feeling that Draggles is the biggest {{champion:48}} on the whole Riot staff ...
: I'm so sorry.
Yisus Christ AND HIS NAME IS JHIN CENA Aurelion SolRyze Over the AhriSona Malflight airlines yasuo is never locked out as he always HASAKEY last but not least DOORIUS get it? cause he opens doors with his axe? doorius the door opener? i hate myself http://prntscr.com/af64pj


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