Fathands (EUW)
: He's not the one that downvoted your shitty thread though ;)
: One game in ARURF and...
URF was far more fun when you got to pick your own champion, now URF is fun for one side only, best way is to go afk or not participate in fights.
Infernape (EUW)
: Didn't know Riot has cash cows they try to milk by hiding the actual game behind microtransactions and day one DLC. EA and Ubisoft are far worse than Riot.
thanks for downvote, here I ll downvote your comment | what about pay-to-play events? | they cannot satisfy the players | and they won't give them what they want | peace
: If you finally get Gold V, are you still classed as a Noob?
Noob is more term for a Newbie(my opinion) if you still care about others opinion you ll have to deal with it, usually gold players are way too cocky with their elo and that's one of the reasons(not by myself)
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: Stop pick Kayn in every single when you don't know how to play him
He is a new champion,people want to experience him,I buyed him and I can say he is very great but very vulnerable, so you need a decent amount of skill to keep you alive.
Zaichis (EUW)
: How to get ganks from your jungler
Jungler doesn't have to gank its an option, jungler s mission is just to clear minion camps
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: I don't know. Even if they share the same ISP and IP range, riot can immediatly check that the IP where both accounts normally log from is different. Maybe they played together in the same address (lan party/lan house/cafe).
LAN is legal,playing from same computer and having 2 acc linked directly is banable offense since its considering smurfing(aka Griefing)
: Keys how to get them?
You get a key fragment(very rare to drop since system is broken) when you collect 3 of them you unlock a chest which is rewarded for S grade earned by your team8
Sontax (EUNE)
I agree with you since i lost few games too because of Irelia,she s way too powerful.
: umm no, what you mean is newb, noob is specifically the term to insult other players. newb refers to a literal new player
yes it is,it was explained by few gamers,the "noob" word origin
: Things you shouldn't do in League
Most players are using "noob" word for insulting a player that can t or doesn t know how to play League of Legends,but "noob" actually means newbie (or new players),and "ks" word was made up by some bronze players in 2013 i guess,it spreaded fast like cancer.So Noob means new player,stop using it for insulting others
: Hey, im a begginer artist who loves to draw stuff and i would love to draw Mon, and by that i mean i would like to draw his concept art and not super detailed splash art, if thats ok with you? If you accept i will need you to describe Mons looks, or just leave it to my imagination.You will have the right to use the art when im done :)
Sure here s he look:Something like Nocturne s head but different eyes,they are darker,also there are spikes on his head,his body is bones from metal,he doesnt have a weapon,he have indentical ww s hands just metal :)
Kiraiy (EUW)
: Kitty Cat Katarina will be there - even if Riot won't
{{champion:107}} -Have a massive big rocket getting up
Trias000 (EUNE)
: Game lagging, especially in teamfights
Same symptoms too,I launch the game i need to wait 3 mins to get logged into chat,shop is dropping all the time,also in teamfights lags
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